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@kawaiiberpunk: I don’t understand people who complain about being offered more choice at no expense. Being able to choose gender and pr…

Miska (miska_za)

@_soobinism @yanglixs @haoshome who are you and what have you done with jacob

phoebe 🗝 (clarityskz)

@wickedryeonggu: This is what the seller said : all are handsome. But the most handsome is the one with Tshirt pink and use a bum bag .…

ynel110985 (ynel110985)

@EddieZipperer: The collusion hoax is a prime example of what the left is all about: 1. Invent a narrative 2. Use it to Stoke Fear 3. Sa…

Scheherezade (leslieh707)

no offence to anyone who hast tweeted this but australia and asia deserve dates first i said what i said

eve ; glorias & cats day 🦋 (TYPICALLYCOLBY)

@fascinatorfun: 5/ This is what he said about the critical importance of two lies. The £350 mill pow for the NHS and Turkey joining the…

James Coleman (jphcoleman)

What I find most interesting, as a journalist, is the subtext in much of the reporting/comments by/in the FT/NYT/ot…

ProjectCounselMedia (ProjectCounsel)

@365Smilemore: Someone who really loves you sees what a mess you can be, how moody you can get, how hard you are to handle, but still wa…

mr. Untamed (smokesession904)

Who's Odegaard and what did he "destroy"?

Divit (funSchem)

@usminority: Still no word from @LGBTCenterNYC No call, no email, nothing. Contracts were signed and approved, payment was processed…

Samantha Levesque (Archytorture32)

@who_lols @TornadoPhoenix @BeanfromPa Is there a news article I could read? I tried looking it up but I don't even…

Aaron Calimeri (aaroncalimeri)

@RealCandaceO: Dear America: Race relations in the South are better than they are in the North right now. This is a fascinating, bizarre…

James McDonnell (jmmcdonnell)

@Bahram_Gooor: @annafifield This shows how uneducated & ignorant you are! Women before Rez Shah had no right to appear in public & they…

💎Moonlight💎 (Moonlight_0x)

Ability will never catch up with the demand for it. (Confucius )