4.7 star

Create elaborate supply chains of conveyor belts to feed ammo into your turrets, produce materials to use for building, and defend your structures from waves of enemies. Play with your friends in cross-platform multiplayer co-op games, or challenge them in team-based PvP matches. Feature include: - 24 built-in maps - A campaign, complete with a tech tree and unlockable areas - 4 powerful wave bosses to defeat - Energy, liquid and item transportation systems - 19 different types of drones, mechs and ships - 120+ technology blocks to master - 75+ different environmental blocks - Cross-platform multiplayer via local networks or dedicated servers - Custom game rules: Change block costs, enemy stats, starting items, wave timing and more - A powerful editor, with tools to randomly generate ores, terrain, decoration and apply symmetry to maps - Customizable map wave layouts

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Excellent game but...This game combines my two favourite genres of games resource management and tower defence and does so seamlessly however I have recently switched to an iPhone 11 from my previous phone (iPhone 8+) and when I reinstalled the game it wasn’t optimised to fit the iPhone 11s unusual display if this were fixed then ied be happy to leave the full 5 stars!.Score: 4/5

Nothing to doI have the right to say this as ive played minedustry on pc when it was in its early stages and ive played classic as well the problem is the fact once youve got everything there is little to do after because you havent added any maps to the campaign in ages, the last update 5 months ago gave us nothing to work with so it just gets boring easily Thats all i have 2 say i will still play the game from time to time but please add more stuff to the campaign i beg.Score: 4/5

1st of January 2021 there’s a bug that came with this mornings updateA new bug came with the new update this morning and now I can only select to build buildings, I can’t select any units or buildings that have already been built, I can only click on the building menu in the bottom right of the screen, I’ve tried every way of fixing it but it doesn’t work, I’m hopeful for a quick fix please..Score: 5/5

Awesome time sinkEasy to drop several hours on this. So diverse and interesting and easy to pick up. It’s amazing how quickly a huge city Like machine can spring up!.Score: 5/5

GoodIt is good but when I lose it is not..Score: 5/5

Latest update broke the gameCan’t interact with anything at all, deleted and reinstalled and problem persisted. 5 star review once fixed..Score: 1/5

Great Game but it keeps freezing!It is a really great game but It starts to freeze once you go on a map and it’s annoying! Hopefully you can fix it asap when you have the time. UPDATE! I went to options to check the frame rate and it shows 2 FPS.Score: 3/5

This is truly an amazing gameI thank the developers for such a good quality game. I love every bits of this, the only downside is that my days are now shorter..Score: 5/5

My kind of gameSuch a great game. However, I am seeing conveyers on my walls and in my dreams. Totally worth it..Score: 5/5

Update UI for iPhone X era and Fix conveyorsThe UI doesn’t fit on my iPhone XS due to the notch, I can’t see the research button unless I change to portrait. Conveyor belts are hard to assign directions, could we have a better system and be able to zoom in closer?.Score: 3/5

Great game. No iPhone X support thoughFun tower defence/resource management game. Shame the game doesn’t scale to iPhones X well..Score: 4/5

Best Mobile Game Ever.This game is a no downtime strategy laced tower defence and i love it. If you do not own this game on every device you have, you are crazy. This game is so good and there are no micro transactions. Once you pay the starting price for the game itself, it is completely free and stacked with literal boatloads of content. You can share your save file across multiple devices, and this game is super complex all with the simplicity of being able to play it while half awake. GET. THIS. GAME..Score: 5/5

Excellent..butVery polished and great fun to play, but is there any chance you could make it full screen on iPad Pro 11 inch if possible? Thankyou:).Score: 4/5

Five butMy Mindustry will not load this has be happening for a day now I really want to play agin so I might have to delete it and start agin which would make me really sad.Score: 5/5

Good Game, Great FunGame is absolutely amazing, finally a decent game on the app store. I’ve noticed my friend who has it on his Samsung has a different version but i’m guessing it’s because it’s more popular there so I don’t mind..Score: 5/5

Great game, if it worked 😑It’s an awesome game, I played it loads on my old huawei, but on my this iPhone it keeps freezing just after wave one=| why I gave it 3 stars (I realise this isn’t a very useful review, I’ll update it when it’s fixed.).Score: 3/5

Fantastic!Best game on the app store currently.Score: 5/5

No grind and no loot boxesA amazingly fun game. Challenging, but not impossible. A decent and long campaign, and NO Microteansactions.Score: 5/5

Oh my lord......This game.... is probably the best game ive come across. Its so fun and theres alot to do! I wish there was a gamemode called Horde where every 10-20 minutes a big horde would come instead of small groups every level. Amazing game tho!.Score: 5/5

Great GameDear Developers I bought your game and can quite honestly say that I’m addicted to it. However, I recently hit a point that left me wanting more, but there was nothing more, save starting over from scratch. Will we be seeing more content in the future? As I said, it is a fantastic game, that, whilst simple in appearance, runs extremely well, and is something that requires inventive thinking to solve various problems. Hope to see more soon, The MightiestAlpaca.Score: 5/5

Best game everThis is my favourite game because it’s strategy based and so much fun but there is more to it than that, it Is so smart and well thought out. You can also develop strategies and base layouts and test them then edit them and go on different maps and you can explore different things to see if they work or if they fail, I also love this game because you can pause it which can give you time to think and build something or develop a strategy so I highly recommend this amazing game especially when it’s so cheep. Seriously this game should be worth more!Also there is no pay to win!.Score: 5/5

Great strategy gameVery addictive though!.Score: 5/5

Love this gameWonderful game that had me *obsessed* for days. The campaign starts of really well but eventually seems run out of ideas, however for the price I have no complaints about the value here. Top tip: if you’ve got an Apple Pencil it works really well with Mindustry 😉.Score: 5/5

Great game but....Love this game but I find it so difficult to play. The controls are a nightmares. If you have fat fingers like me then there is no way you’ll be able to play this game..Score: 3/5

Huge time sinkBargain price for an incredibly deep and complex game. The ability to play on mobile is a game changer. Brilliant..Score: 5/5

Excellent gameRecently discovered this game on the devs website where it’s free! Played for a good 50 hours then realised it was on steam for £4. I brought it there to support the devs and to try and get the achievements done. Now have just found it on iOS so you can play on the move. I suggest you all buy it, well worth the money..Score: 5/5

Spectacularly deep and rewardingMixing Factorio-style resource planning with survival tower defence, Mindustry is damn near perfect and has already eaten several days of my life. My sincere hope is that I’ll be able to find some more for it to eat in the near future. Just magical..Score: 5/5

Fantastic gameHugely recommend, really good tower defence/resource management/base building game with no IAPs.Score: 5/5

Fantastic gameThis is basically a tower defence game at its finest and so much more. You won’t regret buying it!.Score: 5/5

The best game out there... but...This is up there with the likes of Minecraft and many other strategy based games. It has so much potential that I won’t be surprised if this does as good as Minecraft. However, one thing that prevents my rating of five stars is the private servers; the ones where you and ur friends can join. This is more complicated than it needs to be and I hope it will be simplified in the future. I look forward to all the new updates (though it is great as it is). Thank you for giving me hours of fun on both the computer and iPad..Score: 4/5

IPhone X support?Playing in a very small window.Score: 3/5

UI not usableUI doesn’t fit on screen, at least for an iPhone 12 Pro. Shouldn’t be available for sale on these devices until this is changed, as it seems unplayable..Score: 1/5

More than just tower defenceThis is a really great little game. I say little, but really it’s not. Behind the simple art style is a really deep strategy and resource management game. Multiple resources, multiple layers of tech and units to research, and the new campaign mode makes it hugely satisfying to progress. No ads, no pay to win, it’s just what I want from a mobile game. If you like old school strategy like red alert, or new age resource management like factorio then this is well worth trying..Score: 5/5

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Best gameYour game, is one of thee best games, it is just as good if not better the. Minecraft at it’s climax, bravo Anuke.Score: 5/5

NoiceVery NOICE game for people who enjoy anything technical and is a tower defence based sandbox game which is perfect for me as is the discord!.Score: 5/5

Framerate problemI am playing on an ipad air 2, which the developer says is compatible with the app. However, about 30 seconds in the frame-rate drops from 60 to 2. The game looks amazing, like it would be a lot of fun... but in this state it is unplayable... soooo painfully laggy.Score: 2/5

What the hell?Why is this so much fun? Why am I addicted to it? Thanks for the quarantine Time killer!.Score: 5/5

Not updatingSo I’m on a ipod 6 and my game won’t update.Score: 3/5

I stand corrected👏I recently left a bad review because the game was unplayable. Everytime you would try to save, it would either freeze or the frame rate would drop and be way too choppy. I just downloaded the update, and all I have to say is WOW. So much work has been put into this, it looks FANTASTIC. Finally.....I’ve always wanted to play this game and now it’s all polished and has a ton of new features....like the spaceship is really cool, and just how awesome it looks! I only expect the play audience for this game to explode once people hear about it. It’s such a good game. I got it for like 1.99 or something, about a year and a half ago. Developer needs to definitely increase the price....for new buyers only of course, not me. I paid my dues by waiting forever....albeit not patiently. Awesome job!! THANKYOU FOR FIXING THE GAME!!!.Score: 5/5

AWESOME!!!This game is fun, addicting and a little bit strategic. I recommend this to any one, and another thing that’s fun about this game is that you pay once and to in-app purchases. And its worth the $2. A improvement i would add, is that we could choose where we land/spawn in the campaign. It would be useful and helpful. And expand the tech tree, when u finish it it get just a tiny little bit less interesting. Exempt that this game is perfect and AWESOME.Score: 5/5

Its good but has issuesWhen i try to modify one of your maps and make a new one the app crashes and wont let me back in.Score: 3/5

Seems fun?I get about 30 seconds into a game and it bogs down to 2fps for no reason... I’ll change rating when it’s fixed.Score: 1/5

This game is worth your timeWith the 4.0 release the game has changed dramatically for the better this game is one of the few mobile games that can genuinely hold your attention without relying on any gimmicks or addictive gameplay loops, it is fleshed out enough to be able to find multiple ways to enjoy it as it has a well paced campaign, active multiplayer(on dedicated servers), and a easy to use map editor that is fully customizable. While I do recognize that I am fully biased in my statements believe me when I say if you think that you may enjoy this game you will, if you in joy Factorio or similar game you will enjoy this one, and for the price this game is worth your money and your time..Score: 5/5

Colour me impressed.I had my doubts, as I do with any mobile game. Mindustry has laid those doubts to rest. I am very happy with the purchase, im freaking ecstatic over the lack of in app purchases. If you are on the fence over this one, dont be, please just buy it. You will not regret it. Developers like this deserves to be supported, they earn it..Score: 5/5

Such an amazing game!This game is amazing! The idea of building a base for a tower defence in the way of this game is amazing! This is getting a 3 because it freezes a bit too much and it doesn’t let me save... at least add an auto save that will delete if you start a new game.Score: 3/5

A Hidden GemDon’t let the price tag or anything subtle about this games outward appearance fool you. This game is exceptional. It’s not often that you will run into a game that is this well put together. Perfectly crafted gameplay, and a whole lot more..Score: 5/5

Touch IssuesBasically unplayable due to control issues. Not optimized for touch at all..Score: 1/5

Don't sleep on this game!Best bang for buck mobile game I have ever played. Graphics are meh, but the strategy and system building are on point..Score: 5/5

AwesomeThis game is amazing though I’m going to have to give it a meh review as the game does not fit on the screen this is an easy fix and the game was updated 3 months before posting this review showing they are still updating it and I personally believe this is one of the first things you should fix on a phone things are impossibly small and hard to move around would be better if the resolution was the right size.Score: 2/5

Good game... I love it but fix thisAnother thing when it finished updating it would not let me join the game so fix that too and the game keeps freezing like in game on a level and it is very laggy when ever it freezes so pls fix this so I am able to play with my friends again..Score: 5/5

AwesomeGreat job on the game! I like that the game has modding support and is open source..Score: 5/5

Love the game but can’t get updateIt’s an absolutely amazing game, but all my friends are playing version 122, when I’m still on 121, so I can’t join them. Please fix this fast.Score: 4/5

Blew me away.This game is exceptional. I bought it a while back and have played it occasionally. However, the updates keep bringing huge amounts of content to the game with no sign of slowing down. The gameplay is amazing, and i have yet to run into any major bugs. For the developer, I would recommend more awareness for the iPhone notch, as it cuts into the UI on both portrait and landscape mode..Score: 5/5

Fun game with lots of depth, but the UI suuuuuucksThe click targets are too small, and while UI scaling SHOULD be a good fix, the notch on most new phones hides important buttons in EVERY ORIENTATION. LAME..Score: 3/5

ExcellentLook like Factorio on PC. Amazing !.Score: 5/5

Great but hard to play with new updateThis game is amazing and the perfect game for mobile. That having been said the new update makes it hard to play, I don’t have eyesight problems but everything is too small, and the buttons are off the screen. I dunno if there are setting to change this but I tried to find them. Love the game. Don’t love the new update. Would love to hear if this is changeable.Score: 5/5

OkHaha I bought this game even though I own it on steam.Score: 5/5

Pretty good!Would be a five star if it made full use of screens on the iPhone X screen size and the iPad Pro screen..Score: 4/5

This game is amazingI’m only giving it four stars because it has the ability to export saves but not to load them. I was really hoping I could have one campaign on both my PC and my phone but oh well..Score: 4/5

Well doneVery impressed. Been looking for a game like this for iOS for a long time. Apparently it was a desktop first game, however it’s been translated well for the iPad. The tutorial was a little confusing and the ui could be slightly better. But that is minor. Once you figure it out then it’s good. Five full stars. Wish there were more games like this, not relying on pay to win, or gems, or any other tacky addons. Buy it..Score: 5/5

A serious bug !My system is iPad 14.2 and my game was always correct till the version arrived 6.122.1. Now, I can’t put any item although I cleared my data or I download it again. I hope you could fix this bug as soon as possible..Score: 4/5

Worth itI ain’t gon lie to u, first I thought this game should be boring and simple. After playing for bout 2 weeks, bro this game, I would buy it even if it’s $10. Highly suggest it. Recommended.Score: 5/5

Does not completely fit my iPad 11 pro screenPlease make it fit.Score: 1/5

15/10Before the new update this game was amazing. Such a good concept done perfectly. Now with all the added content and the fact that your resources carry over which means no more grinding for late game research this game just got phenomenally better. Would recommend over any other indie game.Score: 5/5

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Some suggestionsI love this game and I always have. It is a mix of challenge and thinking, as most problems can be solved with efficiency in this game, meaning it is more thinking than anything else. I have a few blocks I would like to see in the game or in some form. I would like the command center to be replaced with a Garrison, a place that stores units and can stack together to store more. Bigger units take up more slots in the garrison, and smaller units take 1 or 2. You can click on the garrison (or multiple) and the units will rush into the garrisons upon the Stow command. There should also be more options for commands, like VIP (guarding a specific unit like pulsars guarding a reign) or flank, where they take not the shortest like normal but whatever will get the to the enemies blind side. You should also be able to assign targets that are of more or less importance (I know this is possible with logic, but not everybody is good at it). There is an alternative for the garrison not being a replacement but instead a supplement for the command center, maybe the command center should have a stow command upon which all units go to a selected garrison and overflow is assigned randomly. The aforementioned way is the best in my opinion compared to the others because it means leading separate armies. Somebody could link a dagger garrison to a specific control center, for better army control. You should have a low level of customization like coloring, naming, and stuff like that. What I mean by this is a garrison could be named Blue Squad, and have the color blue on the garrison to specify. With the aforementioned feature of having separate armies the unit cap should be raised by building garrisons and units inside it should not count. Upon a garrison being picked up, it should retain all of its units, making it slightly more efficient to transport units. The garrison should heal units slowly upon entering, varying by size. Overall I think this would make units a lot more coordinated and effective. If you read this, sorry it was so long. I think that Missile Silo’s should be added, and maybe underground units..Score: 5/5

Fix thisI am trying to place drills but the game says no for me putting drills down.Score: 2/5

ExcellentBest mobile game I’ve played to date. How have I not come across this before now?.Score: 5/5

BeUpdate the game to the latest bleeding edge builds.Score: 4/5

Best iOS gameThis game is a successful transfer of a computer to iOS. This is my favorite game on the entirety of iOS. Every iOS game needs to look at this game as a golden standard..Score: 5/5

Awesome!!I love this game! I also play on the computer, which is easier. There are some flaws. 1. Why can’t I fight and build at the same time lol 2. No censors on community servers. I know it gives a warning before you join but you should still add one cause there are some pretty weird people out there Make placing easier. I usually build with my thumb and it’s a pain to build. Maybe a guide or something to show where you’re placing? Other than that this is a game worth 30 dollars at least. Thanks to the devs for a great game 👍.Score: 4/5

It’s very good but I can’t update.This game is very good I love the things that you fixed about it from other replies and that you actually look at them and fix it but now the only problem is that I cannot update to join servers it’s saying I have an outdated client despite the fact that there’s no update available..Score: 4/5

A 2000 hours Gigachad T-Rex of a game for 99 cents!After a few days sunk into this game, I’m sold. Not only is Mindustry’s core mechanics every bit as compelling and polished as Factorio, it’s also got a drastically better single player campaign with progression features that I wish Factorio could learn from. The space and resource constraints also keeps the levels fresh. You don’t really get a lot of chances to build a mega factory with 16 x 16 conveyor bus lanes, rather every level forces you to make the most of the available space and more often than not, you’re spending your time solving pixel-art-sized puzzles to fit your little artisan boutique mining operation rather than load-optimizing and future-proofing your production throughput with unlimited space to expand. It’s different, but just as surprisingly fun. Unit building is also a welcome addition to the genre. I wish I could have more granular rts control over my units and that pathing weren’t so painful over conveyor lanes but it’s still an awesome experience to be on the other side of the tower defense game for a change. Love the game!.Score: 5/5

Adding some productivity to my wasted timePretty exceptional game honestly... I’m obsessed with numbers games where I can micromanage the economy to min-mix everything and this is a great platform for that. The pacing is a bit slower than expected at the beginning, but I certainly don’t mind it. It gives you time to learn the mechanics of various equipment and develop your tech tree. I can’t speak for the late game yet, but I picked this up not knowing what to expect and binged for a straight 6 hours. Seems like a great mobile offering for those who like games like Factorio... with a bit more of an emphasis toward combat..Score: 5/5

Does not workI'd like an update for this game. It crashes and I am not able to play it. If it helps, I use an IPad 2 with iOS 9.3.5.Score: 1/5

GameI love this game it’s so much fun however this morning it wouldn’t load so I deleted it the tried to download it again but it wouldn’t work.Score: 4/5

AnukeIs a true god among men.Score: 5/5

Terrible controlsUninstalled after trying to create a conveyor belt flow in a single direction..Score: 1/5

It was fun until fungal passI’ve hit a roadblock and I give up on this game. I like a challenge but this is too hard..Score: 5/5

I game I would buy on a pc or consoleThis game could literally be released as 60$ in a console or pc. This game is fun and addicting. I play this game until 2 am some days just playing servers and I have a blast playing them. Updates bring tons of new things and are always awesome. As of right now a new update has came out and is amazing and personally I love it. I love this game and would pay 60$ for a console or pc game. It is such a simple game and is fun. Hours upon hours of campaign playtime and servers that never get old. I absolutely love this game One thing though, I understand updates take awhile but I wish they could come out sooner. I do understand that coding is hard and so is designing so take all the time you guys need. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!!.Score: 5/5

Masterpiece!Hi there, I’m playing this game since build 40 that’s means I’m true OG 😂, so I was inspiring of seeing how this game changes with every major update, and now with 6.0 Game completely changed mechs mechanics so that’s changed pvp as well. So probably it’s one of the best game u will receive just for 0.99$. P.S don’t be mad for paying it on iOS cuz on android and windows game is free to play, it’s just cuz of apple’s policy and developing program that’s add additional money for develop. LY ANUKE!!!.Score: 5/5

Does someone know how to help?I love the game but with the recent update and my iPhone XS some of the icons are cut off and hard to access, does anyone know how to fix this? I.Score: 5/5

Great idea mediocre executionSaw this game and was super excited. Cool concept, cool design. 2 hrs through and really underwhelmed. -The Bad “Tutorial” was just lazy developers going “well, just shoot the things coming at your base”. Didn’t really touch on anything that wasn’t the glaringly obvious part of the map. No fast forward or next wave option. And the conveyor belts... the most unintuitive touch controls I’ve ever seen. iPhone XS Max zoomed all the way in and it still doesn’t place on the correct tile. Trying to snake the belts around rocks or anything? Good luck with the corners. Belts ends snap about 20% of the time and just becomes tiresome. I’m sure if you entire plan is to use the belts to run in a straight line only between two buildings they are fine but I found placing them anyway but in a straight line too tedious and time consuming. -The Good Game looks great and runs smooth on XS max. No crashes or lags the entire play session. Also didn’t seem to eat battery but you won’t be able to play all day without a charger handy. I would still recommend giving it a try, just be ready to spend some time trying to get the hang of it..Score: 3/5

Would play much more if there was match-makingI love Mindustry but if there was match making so I could in an instant be connected with a random person play with/against I would be much happier, great game tho would reccomend..Score: 5/5

FinickyI’ve played this on pc and it’s much better and it’s also free but this has finicky controls like placing the conveyors. A better way would make it so you can drag around corners and just drag it around in general. Or make the game controller compatible to make it easier but not all people have one. So if this was fixed it would make it so much easier to play.Score: 1/5

Great game, runs smooth, but...Too much of the screen, and menus are cut off by the phones edges and notch..Score: 1/5

Great gameGreat game 5 stars I have not had any problems with it and it is super fun.Score: 5/5

Wow!Wow....Score: 5/5

Great gameI just got to the end of the current content and decided to leave a review. This game is super interesting and incredibly versatile, and may be my favorite ever..Score: 5/5

Finally paying the devI’ve played this game for years now. Through different updates and different platforms, it has been enjoyable and engaging. I’ve never hesitated less to pay for an app, and dev if you read this thanks making and supporting this gem of a time killer..Score: 5/5

Was better before updateCrashes constantly and can't even place anything, using iPad 4, really fun game sad I can't play it now because of this. Thought the update would make the game even more fun then it already was. Sadly I was wrong. These problems need to be fixed asap. Thanks for reading.Score: 1/5

Great job devsI love the devs continued support for this game.Score: 5/5

Simple good gameThis game is great i was playing it and i found my wife on the game. We were trying to take control of the field we battle for two years. She finally beat me. I knew she was the one I bought a ring and the rest is history..Score: 5/5

5/5Awesome game but with bad iPhone Xs support (some interface is hidden in horizontal mode).Score: 5/5

Can’t place anything or mine anythingNot sure if I’m doing something wrong but the tutorial says to select the drill and click the check mark to place it. I select the drill and there’s no option to place it. A friend of mine also downloaded it and is having the same problem. Not sure if this is an iOS bug or what the problem is, but currently I can’t do anything in the game. Hopefully I can find a fix because the game looks cool, just can’t do anything..Score: 1/5

The notch of iPhones will block some of the buttonsGreat game and very addictive. But with the latest update, the notch and radius corner of iPhones will block some of the actions, making them inaccessible. Hope to fix them soon..Score: 4/5

Only 99 cents??Just buy it. If you’re looking at the reviews, debating over if the game is worth a dollar, I’m telling you to 100% GO FOR IT! Zero ads or promotions, incredible campaign, awesome graphics, MULTIPLAYER, good UI, and not a single thing that I could find annoying. Great on a phone, but INCREDIBLE on an iPad (especially with a mouse!). Just... buy it..Score: 5/5

Good, but controls make it hard to playIt’s good, but on a phone with a notch it covers up some key buttons/commands..Score: 3/5

This game is perfectThis game is perfect. Pure factory bliss. If you think you’d like it, you’ll love it. Get it ASAP..Score: 5/5

Update messed up the game!Help! Your latest update won’t allow me to build anything!.Score: 1/5

Huh.How does one actually PLAY the game—no tutorial!.Score: 1/5

Great but crashes to muchI can barely start the game... but ive been a supporter from the beginning.Score: 5/5

Too much funThis is so complex, difficult, and overall fun, that if I get to a good wave I’ll spend over 24 hours in one match(after saving, of course; I’ve got a life.). I’ve gotten in trouble because of how addicting this is. It’s probably the best game I’ve ever played: endless gameplay, simple but complex, and godly multiplayer. And it’s on and runs smooth on mobile? Yes! To be honest I started on android 5.0, and losing my saves twice sucked. But I mean, it wasn’t all too bad. I also played on PC, which is better, but also 3x the price. One warning though: This much fun may be illegal in your area..Score: 5/5

Bugs with mapmakingThis game is good and all, but there is an issue with map editor closing the game, and it replaces that map with the last one you made that day. It’s really annoying and it kills maps..Score: 4/5

I can’t place blocksI paid money for this game and I was just starting to like this game but then I can’t place anything I can’t select nothing I don’t understand this why charge for a game I can’t even play. Maybe I’ll consider changing the rating if they’ll fix it soon.Score: 1/5


Update pleaseGame broke, can’t build anything. Don’t buy until it’s fixed. 100% unplayable. Fun when it’s not broken though.Score: 1/5

I can’t do anythingI load in the game properly but when go into a map. Everything seems fine but I can’t do anything. I can’t build, and I can’t select anything..Score: 1/5

Good idea, but very unbalanced.Stupid game. Doesn’t matter how many towers and walls you built, enemy just pass thru it all, and destroy core. Maybe on PC this game Ok, but on the phone gameplay worst and actually unplayable. I upset about this game, just wasted money..Score: 1/5

New Update broke itThe newest update somehow stopped the ability to place, or touch allllll blocks and buildings and everything. Can’t play at all..Score: 3/5

Good gameThe update will not pop up for me any help please.Score: 5/5

Great game, confusing update scheduleI only have one thing to say about this game. ITS BLOODY AMAZING! Despite only having it for just over a week I’m already hooked it’s that good. However not but the next day after downloading it I found that I couldn’t join any of the servers as they were on version 122 (for mobile) and I am on 121. I had originally figured that it would be the usual day or two after the update to the servers before I would receive it as well. That update has yet to arrive almost 5 days later. This could just be bad timing on my end or that this might be the usual schedule. Aside from this slight issue it’s a great overall game. Great graphics, great community, and most importantly, creative. I honestly see this game some time soon reaching the popularity of factorio, however despite the fact that the game is basically in early release and things are still being added in and changed I don’t think this game will ever TRULY be finished like for example Halo. P.s Sorry for the long review but I’m not good with words. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!!.Score: 4/5

Best game everThis game is great it feels nice some how not laggy at all the art style is great it’s easy to learn but hard to master 10/10.Score: 5/5

It's sad, I actually really like the gameThis game is great. But when you pay for it, expecting it to work on iOS 9.3.5 (max for iPad 2) and it won't load past the loading screen, it's kind of disappointing....Score: 1/5

ConfusedHow do I update the game? All the servers say “Outdated client” and that I need to update my game, but there’s no update button. Please fix this inconvenience..Score: 4/5

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Great updateLots has changed since the last update, and all for the good. Campaign mode, yes. Mechs, heck yes. Tech tree, yesss. And it’s stable on the newer versions of iOS. Just in time for my long flight..Score: 5/5

Off-beat simThis game has some interesting creative decisions but besides that it really scratches my micro-management itch..Score: 5/5

Great game but has a few bugsEvery time I try to play some of the sectors around impact 078, my game crashes and reloading the game doesn’t work at all. I also can’t play desolate rift because that will also crash my game.Score: 5/5

Pls update!!!Really good two player online game but it would be better if there were more turrets and more mechanics.Score: 5/5

The TD I’ve always dreamed about.This game is exactly what I’ve been looking for in all my years of gaming. I am a massive fan of the tower defense genre and have spent a lot of time searching for a game exactly like this. I adore the sandbox feel while retaining goals. I love the amazing customizability - from map making, to crafting your strategies and blueprints for ease of use. You play through stages with the goal of accruing materials and items. You can replay stages. Each time you bring those resources back to help you in more advanced stages. You also use your collected resources for unlocking new techs on an elaborate tech tree. There is a WEALTH of options - but it’s presented in a tidy and easy to learn manner. Towers. Drones. Many different factory/conveyor sections and pieces. Logic controls on advanced conveyors. Different fuels. Power grids. And I’ve only just started. There is even multiplayer. Seriously. The price for this game is insane. I’d honestly pay $10 for an app like this. I can’t believe I’d never heard of this game before. If you like TD - do yourself a favor and dig in..Score: 5/5

Great gameVery fun, addictive, and engaging. Would recommend. Works on mobile and computer. Use a small percent unlike some defence games..Score: 5/5

Would like to see more updatesGood game would love to see more updates such as new blocks.Score: 5/5

HmmmmmSo I used to play this game on my computer and my phone all the time. But for some reason after finally going back to it it just continues to crash without reason. My first guess was that it had not updated for a while so maybe it’s just not compatible with the latest update. If the devs could somehow fix this issue it would be awesome!.Score: 5/5

This is great!This game is very good. I have played several hours in campaign as well as custom maps and mods with friends. However, I feel like it would significantly improve the game to have a ‘friending’ system. This will enable the user to join their friends online at any time (as long as the host approves). I, as well as many of my friends, would love to have this feature added as we only get to play at school, however we don’t have much time and we barely see each other outside of school..Score: 5/5

Waste of timeI downloaded this thinking it would be great to play but after about 2 minutes of play it’s crashed, I tried reinstalling it and that didn’t work so now I’m stuck with a game that either goes to 2 FPS for the rest of that save or it would freeze and I would have to restart the app with my save being corrupted so would not recommend.Score: 2/5

Great gameAlmost factorio. Disappointed I can't import saves in the iOS version Since writing the review, the app has updated to include the import function. Good on you dev, looking forward to more levels.Score: 4/5

Super goodSince the update I’ve been playing a lot before the game constantly crashes but it’s really good now.Score: 5/5

One of my favouritesIt has been so long since I played a actively good game 10/10 great game I enjoy it al lot.Score: 5/5

Best game everI have been playing this game for the last few days and I can assure you that it is great. The game is lots of fun and runs really well. It’s just like factorio but a little bit better. You get to build factories and defend your base agains enemy’s all while unlocking even more stuff along the way. Over all I would definitely recommend this game and I think the developers outdid these lies on this one..Score: 5/5

Really coolVery worth the money, really fun game :).Score: 5/5

Amazing valueFantastic tower defence game with factorio-style logistical elements. Truly a steal at the price of $1.50!.Score: 5/5

Fantastic game worth much more than its small priceIt’s rare that I bother to write a positive review for anything but this game deserves one. The depth, creativity, strategy and satisfaction are some of the best I’ve experienced in an iOS game, and the small price and lack of any IAP make this a must-buy..Score: 5/5

Needs an update!!!This is a fantastic game although I feel that it needs to be updated for newer iPhones. If possible it would be great to not have the black bars on the sides..Score: 4/5

Can't tell how great the game is, just too goodI can't start explaining how good this app is, before the big update, it was alright, having all the towers unlocked, and all, but now... it has just gotten better and better! The tech tree is in my opinion, one of the best additions to the game thus far, haven't tried pvp yet, but I would think that it would be even better playing against friends! I was dislike it the mechs at first, but at that time I had only the first mech pad, but it gets better, with the drones. The only down side to the app is that on wave 30 ish the bombers start to lag my iPad, but then again, that's what you get with a gen 4 iPad :/ over all can't wait for another update, I know it will just get better and better in time!! Devs, kept up the good work!.Score: 5/5

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