Mr Bullet - Spy Puzzles

Are you ready to become a hero, spy, and legend? Solve puzzling challenges, show off your deadly accuracy and take aim at the enemies. Come experience the shooting phenomenon.

Use your brain in this unique puzzle game. You will need precise aim and laser focus to take down enemies, ninjas, and many other bad guys you will encounter in the world! Travel to new lands, save hostages, and use unique weapons like grenade launchers to combat your foes. Start your adventure now! The one thing you have to ask yourself is: can you do it in one shot?
 Game Features:

1.        Destroy them all and save the world!
Mister Bullet is on a secret mission. Use your deadly accuracy and precision to keep the bad guys! Whether it is a spy, agent, zombie, lumberjack, alien they are all here to take over the world and only a MASTER can take them down and save the world.

2.        Unlock Epic Missions
So many enemies and levels for you to take down, each with their own unique twist! How smart are you? Can you solve all the puzzles? Shoot bullets that ricochet, bounce, or simply go in a straight line! Use your bullets to make objects fall and explode. Create chain reactions and do whatever it takes to get your target!

3.        New Challenges Await
Rescue hostages, throw grenades at people and go on secret missions. No matter the situation, just remember to make every shot count!

4.        Engaging Physics Puzzler
Only the smartest and quickest can solve all the puzzles! You will need more than just accuracy to make it through. Speed, timing and patience are all things you will need to become the zennest shooting master. Can you get three stars on every level?

5.        Spy vs Spy
Are you the best and most accurate? Battle against other spies in crazy PVP multiplayer scenarios. Choose your weapon and get ready to battle. Coming Soon.

6.        New Features Weekly
Mr Bullet is constantly updating with new unique levels, weapons and other skins. You will NOT want to miss out on the action.
Whether you're a shooter or a puzzler, Mr. Bullet is a challenge ready for you. This is the best physics shooter game there is. Never miss a dull moment with this easy to learn and easy to play game that is almost IMPOSSIBLE to master. Battle notorious villains. Become a legend agent. Start your mission and never stop shooting! Bullseye!

Visit if have any feedback, need help on beating a level or have any awesome ideas you would like to see in the game!

From the Studio that brought you Happy Glass, Flip Trickster, and Love Balls!

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The Red Tea Detox
5 star

I think mr bullet is the best!

5 star

Good fun

5 star


5 star

I love this app so much this is a great app I love who ever made this app this app is so cool and fun I play this game all the time and it comes very easy for me thanks for making this game I love this game so much I can play all day without a stopping no doubt

5 star


dwarven tripod
Dwarven tripod
5 star

Shoot all the dudes! So much fun!!!

cool raf
Cool raf
4 star

It is a very fun game and I can’t stop playing

5 star

Mr bullet is a great game there is only 2 bad things 1: Way to many ads 2: The sounds when you kill the people are gross. But Mr Bullet is a great game anyway I really recommend this game

5 star

The best most satisfying game I’ve ever played

Chuck Norris
Chuck Norris
5 star

Home is where the heart gets ripped out by Chuck Norris.

5 star


the grins
The grins
5 star

Great little time waster. Lots of options.

3 star

I love shooting In the game 👻☠️💀👾👍🏻

5 star


fb is dudu
Fb is dudu
1 star

Çok kötü yüklemeyin iğrenç tek kelimeyle kötüüüüüüüüüüüü

5 star

Oyun. Çok. Karış. Kafam. Karıştı. Ama. İyiki. On. İki. Yaş. Üzeri

Dr. David M. Burns
Dr. David M. Burns
5 star

Aim for success, not perfection. Never give up your right to be wrong, because then you will lose the ability to learn new things and move forward with your life.

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  • Relase Date16 January 2019
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  • DeveloperLion Studios
  • Operating SystemIOS 9.0 or later

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