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Enjoy the freedom to be your own boss and earn money on your schedule. Plus, get 100% of your tips, always. * EARN WITH NUMBER ONE * Make money delivering with the #1 Food & Drink Delivery app, available in 7,000+ cities. * GET PAID FAST * Cash out daily, get free weekly direct deposits, or get daily deposits with no fee using DasherDirect Business Prepaid Visa Card. * START RIGHT NOW * Sign up to deliver in minutes. You only need your smartphone and transportation (bike, car, scooter, or motorcycle) to start. * BE SUPPORTED * Your app will show you where you’re going and when to get there. Plus 24/7 help is available if you need it. * SET YOUR OWN SCHEDULE * Choose your own hours and enjoy flexibility over hourly, seasonal, or full-time work. Start and stop whenever you want. * FIND WORK NEAR YOU * Work wherever you want. DoorDash is available in 4,000+ cities across the U.S., Canada, and even Australia. In select markets, you’ll be able to accept orders from Caviar, too! * RESTAURANTS AND MORE * Make money by completing deliveries from restaurants, convenience stores, grocery stores, and pet stores, too. DoorDash is available in over 7,000 cities in all 50 U.S. states, including Washington, D.C. and Puerto Rico; over 80 cities in Canada; and Melbourne, Australia, with more coming soon. Find out if we’re in your area and learn more here: Caviar Couriers can sign up using the DoorDash - Driver app The DasherDirect Business Prepaid Visa Card is issued by Stride Bank, N.A., member FDIC, pursuant to license from Visa U.S.A. Inc.

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Free International Money Transfer 💸Enjoy high maximum transfers into more than 20 currencies while saving up to 90% over local banks! The cheap, fast way to send money abroad. Free transfer up to 500 USD!AdvertorialScore: 5/5

So annoyingWont even get me off the waiting list. Been a month.Score: 1/5

Door Dash is a scam for Drivers. No respect .The trickery this company pulls on the drivers is so blatant. The strategy is clearly lets see how many new drivers we can trick into wasting gas on 40km deliveries , and outright silly orders . Just come out and tell us all the details of the contract before sending a dash . No beating around the bush ..Score: 1/5

Pas assez payantVous ne donnez pas assez de salaire pour chacune des livraisons les distances au Saguenay sont grandes et ce n’est vraiment pas payant ça couvre tout juste les dépenses d’essence et d’entretien du véhicule, vous vous croyez généreux en nous donnant 1$ de plus par livraison le soir! SkipTheDishes donne 8$ minimum par livraison.Score: 1/5

Best delivery appFor those saying orders take you outside delivery zone, the pay is too low etc you can always decline the orders. Good thing about this app is even if you have 20% acceptance rate you will still receive offers unlike other delivery companies which require over 80%. when you get the job they also give you delivery bags free of charge unlike other companies..Score: 5/5

Not worth itSometimes you get shameless tasks like $4 for 15 kms. And once you reach there you have to come back 15 kms to start searching for orders again..Score: 1/5

Algorithmic ExploitationEverything about this app is designed to pit the poor against one another; Expected delivery times that are impossible to make without reckless driving or illegal parking, rates that are so low you have to overbook yourself to make anything even resembling a minimum wage, break times that punish you for needing more than half an hour? Everything about this is by design to make people who are struggling scramble over scraps that corporations like this throw at us. I have never seen a stronger case for unionization than this garbage system. Tax the rich. Stand up for fair treatment of workers. Don’t let them get away with this..Score: 1/5

Not just confusingThey will scam you...will make U drive 18km and get pay $5.75 😂😅.Score: 1/5

Worst app everYou’re better off working for minimum wage rather than working here since you literally make nothing per/hour claim that doordash say you get paid. I am lucky to get $10 an hour with the way they changed their base pay to $4 per delivery. Each delivery takes minimum 30 mins. You do the math. Also they steal the tips cause we ask the customers and they say thats not how much they tipped and were shocked to know we don’t get the same amount..Score: 1/5

ToVery bad for new dashers.Score: 1/5

Bad supportBad support.Score: 1/5

Amazing doordash compare to other companiesI love doordash its very good company to change your lifetstyle. Good money.Score: 5/5

Worst app for delivery drivers!!I don’t know who is still doing doordash and why? They want you to deliver outside of zone and expect you to return back to zone without any order. They send us 20km outside of zone and expect you to return back 20km, also they will pay on 18-19 dollars max which means they want you to drive 40kms for just 18-19$. I don’t know who is that crazy person behind Doordash strategy..Score: 1/5

Devs: please add what you fixed in update descripThere are so many bugs I find, perhaps fewer in the app going forward as updates are made, but it is opaque and useless to read “minor updates and stability improvements” exclusively listed for absolutely every App Store version update..Score: 2/5

Fuel prices and downtime waiting for foodI only have just over 300 deliveries so far, it’s been my experience that I’m often waiting for for orders past their pick up time, since it’s costing us money, don’t you think we should be compensated when this happens?? If it’s on time, then no harm no foul, even if DoorDash passes the cost of paying us onto the restaurants so be it. I get texts all the tim stating the food is ready to go. This is only true 30-40% FUEL COSTS!!! In Canada its ridiculous!!!!! These high fuel prices should have a percentage rolled into our wages. As much as I like doing this, I could see me taking a job with any competitor they all pay more and are paid for wait times Food for thought.Score: 2/5

HiDriving Lots km but not much earnings.Score: 1/5

AmazingAmazing.Score: 5/5

DistanceI keep getting locations that are so far away and when I’m coming back no dashes are being offered to me until I “get back into my zone” it’s ridiculous.Score: 2/5

Perfect job when you’re idleEnjoying the job. The only negative side, offer pay sometimes too low..Score: 5/5

Too much troublingWe are not satisfied with doordash because it creates too much troubles. After delivery, it shows to go back again to the same zone. How is it possible to go back at no cost?? Are we foolish🤨🤨.Score: 1/5

Can’t schedule myselfThe app stopped letting me schedule myself and I’ve tried contacting Dasher Support multiple times to only be ghosted by the support team. When the support team does respond they lie saying only top dasher have the ability to schedule themselves despite what DoorDash has on the website and what the actual Rewards of the Top Dasher program is stated. It’s been a month since I’ve been able to schedule a shift because of this..Score: 1/5

Overall better experience than Uber EatsIn-app navigation accuracy can be improved. Other than that it’s perfect Happy dasher (:.Score: 5/5

GréâtI tested Uber and t in West Island ofMontreal doordash didn’t stop giving me orders in a duration of 4houes I got 5 orders and made 54$ with Uber I got 1order 4.53$.Score: 5/5

Easy and helpfulIt was my first day and I love it😁.Score: 5/5

AaDoor dash gives us 2-2 order and its took time to delivery food to customer and customer feels that we (driver) going here-there. And they feels we are making their food cold. So DoorDash can work on this issue. This is my first shift. I feel this so i am sharing with you but maybe i am wrong. You guys now better about your business. I am just sharing my experience. Thanks.Score: 2/5

Time wastingIt always give you orders out of the zone with small base pay, then after deivering the order it saying you're out of your zone, to get orders go back to the zone. Then app only allow you to clear the order if you are at specific location. Sometimes there is no reception(network) and you have no choice, then customer service takes almost 10-15 mins to solve this. It wastes alot of time..Score: 2/5

App needs some serious improvementsDriver.door isn’t working…trying to update credentials and keep getting an XML file error…both on phone and desktop. This is the address provided right in the app. The chat box for support hasn’t worked in weeks - using iPhone 12 Pro, updated iOS. There’s too much going on with the interface, couriers expected to input too much - confirm order is correct…really how do I confirm the order is right if I don’t make or pack the food? No order reference number easily visible - use customers name instead…what about duplicate customer names…there’s more than one Mike at there that may order at the same restaurant. I realize these are ‘first world problems’ but come one, clean this up..Score: 3/5

DoorDashJ’adore faire du DoorDash , on y rencontre plein de gens et de restaurateurs . On se promène en auto et on gagne des sous !!! La belle vie ❤️😍.Score: 5/5

Great appGreat company and good pay, Go Dash Go.Score: 5/5

Bad bad serviceLady at loeblaws laval on dagenais (called maxi in Quebec) was rude and not helpful at all. She sent me outside telling me not to worry cause someone would greet me there. I had to knock on 3 different doors outside before another lady answered after almost 5 minutes and gave me even more attitude . Then another 5 minutes passed before I got my order.Score: 5/5

Je suis prêt pour vous !J’adore l’application,par contre les commandes se font rares, si jamais vous voulez m’en donnez plus , je suis prêt à être le meilleur à toutes les jours !.Score: 5/5

Work zone problemsThe issue with this app in some areas in ON canada ,most especially areas that are not always busy, you have to reach a certain percentage of acceptance rate to be able to work any where in ON ,but they take you outside your work zone to do deliveries, how do you think i am going to pick a long kilometer order knowing i am possibly going outside my work zone and i am not going to be able to work when i get there, i have to drive back to my work zone before i could get a order, and by avoiding long kilometers order i won’t be able to reach the acceptance rate because i am going to avoid long kilometers order,if i could work anywhere picking orders with long kilometers wouldn’t be a problem as i know i could continue working when i get there .this is the only problem i have with this app.Score: 1/5

Things I don’t like/likeThe bag is waaaaaaay too small. I use a skip the dishes bag because I had no choice. Plus You don’t get the bag when you start working. You have to work an entire day to get approved for a bag then you have to wait for it to be shipped. The app is sensitive with the pause function. If you accidentally let the timer run out it ends your ENTIRE shift. If you lose your shift there is no way to get it back. The shift scheduling is weird, you can’t edit the times you work you just have to accept available times and schedule fast. There is no guarantee for shifts either In a positive note, the app is easy to understand and the pick up and drop off times are reasonable. I don’t need to floor it everywhere. Plus getting paid every week is nice..Score: 3/5

Outside the zoneWhenever the order received and deliver to outside the delivery zone, I found very often need to come back into the zone empty handed. Therefore, I suggest to make amendment in the system fir those driver able to receive order from merchant and deliver back to the designated zone Best regards Francis Ko.Score: 5/5

Long deliveries with low payYou have been giving me very long deliveries for low pay. It didn’t work out for us. As we need to consider Time + Fuel + Car Wear and tear + Tax. Please review this or call me to discuss it further..Score: 1/5

Great not awesome but almostGreat app but not awesome. When I choose the home option while waiting for an order; I can’t get any orders? I get a notification that I’ve missed an order but not one for receiving an order. So frustrating . Can this be fixed..Score: 3/5

So bad experience !It crashes every time I want to get in the app, rubbish !.Score: 1/5

Cheap!!!Cheap customers, cheap payment..Score: 1/5

Spyware, not responsible!!!Don not use this app, they will make fun with your personal information! You will surprise find that they send you punishment letter as they wish, even you already stop using this app for more than half year you will suddenly find they just send you a email said you are engaging in fraud! How can this happens? Trust me don’t us this stupid app, they are not reliable, they are not responsible, they just play with your personal information for fun. It a company not deserve to be trusted!!! I will never use any product of this company! And if I can choose, I wish I have never had any relationship with this company!!!.Score: 1/5

Don’t botherWorst delivery to work for, calling a zone busy, even adding $1 per order. But there is no orders!! They make you chase hot spot but mins later, the spot is gone.Score: 1/5

Fantastic restaurants and customersI’m always pleased with the experience!💕.Score: 5/5

Lots of bugs & non user friendly interfaceI struggle using this app as it is not very userfriendly and have lot of bugs, being a big company, app should be more reliable and easy to use. On schedule page if one is scheduled between 12:30am to 1:30 am, you cant edit that shift as the tab bar overlay it..Score: 1/5

Worst customer serviceThe customer service has 1 answer every question we ask them: it’s system generated order we can’t do anything. I do not understand why we have to go back to the available hotspots rather than getting an order where ever we deliver. What is stopping them to do so. They use to give $6 min base pay in winnipeg now they changed it to $5.25 for other locations other than your starting point and & $5.75 for your starting point. The gas prices went up they should increase the base pay.Score: 1/5

Excellent network for all your shopping...Good network for all shopping you need. Excellent service....Score: 5/5

Review:I wish you’d do away with the sections of the city and do it as one big area like when I started. Dividing the city into sections lowers productivity. I’ll pick up an order to deliver across town. Being limited to pick ups from my asigned area only, means I have to drive all the way back to the original area resulting in unproductive downtime and extra fuel consumption when, before, I could pick up from the area I’d just delivered to and carry on; pick ups were far more regular. I’m lucky if I do a $30-$40evening (5 hrs) when before the changes, I could easily do $70-$80+. I’d rather take four $7 orders in 3 hrs than two @$10. Not to mention longer wait times for customers while drivers have to return to their designated pick up area..Score: 4/5

Embarrassed At How Bad This App IsSo many points of pain on this app. DD has lost me a total of ten work days in the last year due to an app that did not allow me to accept dashes. They keep updating, they keep breaking it, they keep doing what’s not working. They fix what’s not broken and break what worked. The Uber Eats app is a world better in all ways. Just copy that idiots! All this from a fifty billion dollar company? How do they sleep at night losing billions and being downright poor at their jobs? How? Replace the whole company with drones and a laptop..Score: 1/5

Note du clientQuand un client met 1 étoile on perd 5 point Quand un client nous met 2 étoile on perd 4 point Quand un client nous met 3 étoiles on perd 2 point Quand un client nous met 4 étoiles on perd 1 point J’espère que y’aura une mise à jours.Score: 1/5

App not workingI tr to open the App and nothing happens.Score: 1/5

Works great!Enjoying going around the city and dashing. Doing it as a part time and it's great with flexible shifts. You can schedule ahead of time to dash and can actually cancel or change shifts depending on your availability. They also have an app that is very helpful with all the informations you needed for the delivery. When it's busy then you can make pretty decent pay. There are also days and times when it isn't making very good money but better than nothing when you're just at home and idle..Score: 4/5

CheatingI was told through the app that you will refer your friend to dasher and if your friend completes 125 deliveries you will get 200 I send link to my friend to join him and I have not received 200 $ Talking to many agents , all of them give different answers. Someone will come. In a few days, someone will tell him that he has not used the link. He is lying..Score: 1/5

Dasher support is the worstThe app is fine. But if you have an issue you want resolved the support will do nothing except send you useless cut and paste info from there website. It’s like they don’t care or understand what you are saying they just keep sending useless info. As long as you don’t need support you’re ok. Also good luck finding time slots to schedule yourself ..Score: 5/5

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Constant issues!I try to sign up multiple times a week and they can never get it to work, constant issues with my login no matter how much I contact support. Support doesn’t ever help they just send an email and I follow the steps and I still have issues. I guess they just don’t want employees?.Score: 1/5

It’s great side hustleI love it..Score: 5/5

Low pay, long distancesDoorDash advertises that Dashers generally make $7-10 per delivery. Of the several I have completed, all range between 3-7, with $7 deliveries taking 15-45 minutes. I have been disappointed by the low compensation and long distances DoorDash assigns contrary to their advertising..Score: 2/5

AmazingLove the app amazing service.Score: 5/5

Top DasherNot enough perks to keep me as a top dasher, too many people out there cherry picking and no one wants to tip anymore.Score: 3/5

Computer ran garbageI busted my butt and wasn’t rewarded!!.Score: 1/5

Misleading promotion10 for $250 was not paid, they sent text messages and email indicating 10 for $250 then it suddenly became 15 for $250 in the app. Not good..Score: 1/5

VanessaThank you for everything being around especially during Covid is still gave us a chance to provide for our families and for having the services we appreciate everybody there all the support teams everybody we get a chance to talk to them we have needs for our customers I need to be met and orders thank you.Score: 5/5

AwfulThis app crashed my phone.Score: 1/5

Time formatI purposely did not update my iPhone app for dasher, because the previous version was in 24hr TIME FORMAT! Get it back please!!!! 12 hr. time is for NON PROFESSIONALS. 24 format is used by every employer/employee in the Nation..Score: 1/5

Frozen AppMy app just froze and I can’t get it to do anything..Score: 3/5

Can’t make no moneyI’m driving sometimes 200 miles a night and only making 50-60 bucks.How is that right I did a trip just now for 14 miles and I got paid 3.50 for itBecause the customer didn’t want to tip I feel like I should be compensatedBetter than that that’s ridiculous..Score: 1/5

Soooooo Glitchy & Google Maps 🗑Omg so started dashing again after taking a year off and let’s just say Google Maps suuuucks..Score: 1/5

Very elementaryPretty lousy app that is behind the times in comparison with apps that know what century we’re in. Lousy Map is used in the app so it’s better off just putting in the address of the recipient prior to accepting because the lousy map has to be blown up just to see where it’s actually going. Pulse when there is a legitimate issue good luck getting the support team to take your call and that’s probably because they’re too busy being robots and saying the same mumbo jumbo time and time again and it’s annoying and a waste of time. On a scale of 1 to 10 I give the app a “2”..Score: 2/5

Great new useful toolIt's always difficult to read the fine print but then again I'm no spring chicken. The app is pretty straight forward abs I very much like I can choose which map to use. I prefer apple do this us great. Good job everybody who worked putting this together..Score: 4/5

StingyDoorDash used to be awesome until they started getting stingy with the peak pays in my areas and lowered the base pay for shorter distance deliveries. They’re really screwing over the drivers. Used to be able to reach my daily goals in under 6 hours, now I have to drive around all day. Tbh, just do Amazon Flex if you can. You can finish a 3.5 hour block in under 90 mins for +$60 instead of waiting for people to place orders..Score: 3/5

Easy moneyYou just pick the orders, drive and deliver. Making money doesn’t get any simpler then that..Score: 5/5

DriverBest job and easiest job works, it’s super fixable with my schedule!.Score: 5/5

Door Dash app doesn’t allow for ZIP Codes changeDoor dash does not give you the option from location to location it is whatever the customer picks that as far as it goes it does not give you that destination so if it is over 5 miles we have to take it without even knowing and rough areas that is very dangerous. I would like to see an option on the phone or I can change it and only do the surrounding areas where I reside not elsewhere.Score: 1/5

DasherLove driving dash can’t wait to start making big money thanks for the opportunity.Score: 5/5

Meat a great customer 😁😁😁I’m happy driving!.Score: 5/5

HORRIBLE BLOODSUCKERSGas prices going up and you cut base pay for trips that are worthwhile and then toss a big .75 cents for ten mile orders and call that a favor to your drivers. I no longer will use DoorDash as a customer and definitely will no longer drive for you to pay Tony and his criminal pals millions!.Score: 1/5

Pay your driversPay your drivers more, gas prices going up ‼️‼️‼️.Score: 2/5

Doordash basepayDoordash says that they will pay you extra money now for longer distance deliveries... that is not the case. Not happy with it.Score: 2/5

If you like gamblingYou May spend 5 minutes in line or you May spend 45 minutes in line. Same pay..Score: 1/5

Would give negative 5 stars if possibleIf the app works it’s great. Problem is the app doesn’t work. I have been driving for DoorDash for almost a year. The first 5-6 months I was calling support multiple times per week because I was unable to receive orders. In the beginning they would refresh my account and that fixed the issue (for a couple of days). Then I would have to call back again. Then suddenly every time I called I was told they were no longer able to refresh my account. Every time I called I was told the same “troubleshooting steps”. Refresh/restart the app, restart my phone, make sure I have good signal, move to a different hot spot, click the question mark in the upper right corner which gives the same message every time. “Why am I not getting orders? It’s not busy in your area or we have too many drivers.” When I sit at a hot spot for 30 minutes to an hour during dinner rush and watch other drivers come into the parking lot go pick up orders and leave I know this message isn’t true. Other troubleshooting steps uninstall and reinstall the app, turn airplane mode on, then off again. Talking to support is like talking to a robot that can only say those troubleshooting steps and nothing more. When you say you have done all the troubleshooting steps they simply repeat themselves and tell you again to do those things. They might claim they are documenting your account, but they aren’t. When you call back there are never any notes from the last person you spoke with. So every day before I log into the app I must uninstall and reinstall the app, I must restart my phone and then once logged in, refresh the app multiple times per shift and possibly restart my phone at least one or more times. The app has been working well for about 5 months but within the past 1-2 months I’m back to calling support multiple times per week..Score: 1/5

Unable to OpenSo I had to get a new phone (same number) But I haven’t been able to log into the app in 2 weeks. It crashes every time I try to log in. This is the 2nd time this happens. I uninstall it and reinstall and same thing. So I haven’t been able to work in 2 weeks. I have tried to troubleshoot with bo luck. This needs to get fixed! Ridiculous!!!.Score: 1/5

Great but horribleI love being my own boss in a sense but i hate working for 2.50 per order. Great idea but greed took over and now you only get payed decently if your brand new and theyre trying to hook you once they consideryou hooked the order frequently and quality hit the dirt..Score: 4/5

More moneyToo little money for far rides !!!!! Not worth it.Score: 1/5

Extremely low wages!I live in a large metro so there were usually back to back or multi orders at peak times…but….the rate of pay is so low that your actually losing money if the customer doesn't tip. Example: at a busy restaurant a pick up may have a 5-30 minute wait time, the customer is only 7 miles away in traffic taking about 10-15 minutes to deliver. If said customer doesnt tip (about 30% dont tip) you have only been paid 4$ for the delivery by dash….thats it…So u just made a whopping 4$ for 40 minutes on the clock….DEAR DASH YOU CAN DO BETTER 👎🏽👎🏽.Score: 2/5

Time mattersToo often I am taking out of the delivery zone for so little money and the time that it takes me to get back to pick up a delivery doesn’t compensate me for my time.Score: 2/5

Terrible UIThis APP is so buggy that he makes it impossible to continue working for the app. Also, these guys pay so little that it is so embarrassing to even mention. I made 24 dollars before expenses for 8 hours work yesterday. That’s a paltry 1.2 dollars an hour after expenses..Score: 1/5

Tuesday Re Cap.Crazy stops. Covering the entire city. Some with literally 30 minutes of drive time to get to..Score: 2/5

RonNeed orders that pay more.Score: 2/5

It’s something!In between (I think) jobs right now so I’ve been doordashing full time in Philly. Started a few weeks ago and I have 300 or so lifetime deliveries. I’ll start off by saying the pay is FANTASTIC if you are diligent with this job. Don’t accept the orders that make you drive 6 miles for $4. Just play it smart and you can very easily make upwards of $200 in a days work. I would not recommend Doordash unless you live in a bigger city with a vehicle. That’s pretty much the only way to get buck. Somewhat loving this job!!.Score: 4/5

I’m a DD Driver and...I think that there shouldn’t be a no tip option. It doesn’t make it worth it if you have an order of over $75 and you only get $2 for the delivery. We use our own gas, own cars, and we are the ones going to get your food and deliver it because you didn’t want to go yourself. It’s frustrating when you try your best to go above and beyond for someone who doesn’t tip you for doing it. I think DD should give an option to see the reason for a review. Especially 1 star reviews, so you know better what you did and be able to fix it. Other than those two things, I love doing DD, it lets me get out of the house and get to know the people/town better. Soon I’ll be able to hear an address and know exactly where to go in my town. DD gives me the option to be flexible with my hours and I’m not held down to certain hours which is great being a parent..Score: 5/5

DeadlyThe in app google map is horrible. I can’t tell you how many times I have pulled out of a restaurant and make a turn onto the street and the map tell me I am going the wrong way, only for me to turn around and head the other way and the map tell me I am once again going the wrong way. Now I have to find a place to turn around AGAIN and be on my way. This happens a dozen times or more a shift.. VERY Dangerous !!.Score: 1/5

Low rate deliveryMostly $3 not enough for gas.Score: 2/5

Too far for so littleNot worth the hustle.Score: 3/5

Terrible driver supportDrive about 25 hours a week. The driver support is absolutely abysmal. Minimum call in time is seven or eight minutes. The connections are poor the people hard to understand the answers always are a canned response. Often directly combative and tell you what you did wrong while calling in for help. 90% of the time The problem will not be in your favor.As an example. Arrive for pick up order not even started. The person filling the orders running around in circles not having a clue. Had to pull my order off of a long waiting list. Because he hadn’t gotten to the orders. Waited 10 minutesAnd was informed they were missing an item. Hadn’t started the order. Get a replacement set up. 10 minutes later still not done and asked me where the order is. Turns out he gave half of food away. House remake the rest of the order. During this weight I asked for additional compensation. DoorDash told me they were very concerned and sorry for my experience. And refused to offer detention pay. I then had to request it to be escalated and email sent. Because you can’t speak to any supervisor. And most of the time you don’t get a follow up email or phone call. Good luck.Score: 1/5

You don’t make moneyThe flat payment Doordash gives you is usually always 3 dollars, no matter how big or small the order, and even if you have to drive far. In very rare cases you do get a few dollars more. So I can be driving over 10 miles and doordash will give me 3 bucks to drive that far and then I have to drive back which is another 10 miles so 20 miles total, I get 3 bucks from Doordash, and let’s say the person doesn’t tip. So my total for driving all that time is 3 bucks for almost a full hour. I wasted a gallonish of gas which is over 3 bucks now in my area, so I deduct that from the 3 bucks I got paid from doordash, now I have negative money for almost a full hour of work. Think about it. How much gas you are wasting and how much it cost. I had tons of orders I did in a week so I calculated how much I made from doordash per hour only not including tips, and if came out to $3.50 an hour, and that is not including gas. If I factored in gas, I would most likely be paid $0 by doordash for 20 hours worth of work in a week. The only money I get is from tips and there are people who do not tip. Doordash doesn’t always show you if you got a tip or not. It says the total could be higher after you deliver, so when you deliver and then hope doordash shows you a higher tip and then you get nothing lol which happens a lot, you have negative money. It’s almost always not even worth it to do these orders, in fact it’s not even worth it to do doordash in general. There should be laws in place to keep them from taking advantage of us with their extremely low pay like if they are too poor to pay us money so we don’t make negative money. We all know gigantic companies aren’t poor. Just don’t do it..Score: 1/5

Customer contact informationI would like to have the customer put their phone number in the customer instructions if they want us to contact them directly or if we can't find their apartment..Score: 5/5

Easy to useI like the app and it is easy to use . The only negative is that you have to schedule and that is very hard to do. Even when Dash Now appears somehow other people beat me to it even if I press it as soon as it pops up..Score: 4/5

Base payBase pay too low ,gas prices are up, orders pay very low $3.25 for 11miles!!!.Score: 3/5

Where the tip at?The platform is a great way to make platform just wish people would actually tip. Or door dash increase base pay..Score: 3/5

Love itSo far I amazed at how much I am making with door dash.Score: 5/5

Needs improvementThe app need to improve in many ways,it crashes unexpectedly and you can have a customers order and you have to troubleshoot it yourself- due to the wait time for customer service or the lack of people answering the phone. And then when it comes to delivering they need to give better accuracy on the area you are dropping off to. Especially since some orders are sometimes only $3-7 ,but you go over 6-12miles. Uber Eats is better—this app is good as a second or third hussle or source of income.Score: 1/5

Need to be able to rate customerThe app is ok. Everyone can rate the dasher, but the dasher can’t rate the customer or restaurant. Some customers are just using Doordash to get free food and to continue getting money credited to their account. Doordash rating system of dashers is horrible. If the bag is sealed we can’t open it to verify everything is in the bag. So I get rated one star for the restaurants screw up..Score: 2/5

Problems Lately.I love the app. I love the job. But this past week I’ve been having issues with it. Sending me to the wrong addresses, the pickup/drop off times are off bad, and just minor problems in general..Score: 4/5

It’s not greatDeliveries aren’t paying as much as they used to. Frequency of deliveries is all over the place and the times you do get more orders is while your mid pickup on orders that aren’t ready yet..Score: 2/5

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The worst appI’m delivering with doordash. It’s the worst app ever. So many bugs and every update get worst. Frequent pauses and ends the dash with no reason. When you tell them they just say do troubleshot rather than making effort to fix it and improve their quality. Terrible terrible terrible.Score: 1/5

DDIt is a great company to do deliveries with and Meet new people.Score: 5/5

NavigationIn app navigation should be worked as the compass it’s always to the north. Also give us an option to check customer address directions from the restaurant before pick up the order. Thank you 😊.Score: 3/5

ErrorAfter the last update, dasher can not message or call the customer after arrival at the customer’s location. Please fix this issue quickly as it is wasting rider’s time..Score: 4/5

Please fix appThe app lags.Score: 1/5

IncrementWould be really appreciated if you get us little more of bonuses every month for top dadhers..Score: 5/5

Doordash app’s Camera problemI requested so many times but they are not improving app . , phone camera is working if u ll try to take a photo thru the app , the screen ll b black ..Score: 1/5

Hard to DasherIf you guys let us free to login at anytime and anywhere like Uber and Deliveroo will be better and quickly for everyone..Score: 3/5

AverageI have been using this app for a couple days to dashing around my suburbs in Australia. Your first impression was the app was quite simple and easy to use. I think one of the biggest drawback of this application and this brand particularly in my city is that not many people have been using it I mean the customers. For a dasher like me currently do not get many orders in your schedule time.On average you will get two orders per hour. The second thing DD should improve with this application is timing.The notification come to dashers too early so many times within my schedules, so I came to the merchant and they haven't got the order ready yet. In general this is a working app but there's so many marketing to do or Customers and dashers will drop out..Score: 4/5

ManishLong diastance travelling less money getting.Score: 2/5

Poor customer service, low knowledge on issuesIts been more than 2 months, I'm not receiving payments because of app glitches. They doesn’t understand,exact problem.fed up with customer service, they keep sending same templates which they have for errors, doesn’t understand issue. No response from DoorDash. Please have separate team in Australia and have physical office like uber to reach . Provide details in website..Score: 1/5

Poor serviceMost of the times the time given for arriving at the store is impossible time no one can make it on time and if they want to they have to break the speed limit rule. And if it’s raining they still give the same time as the density of traffic increases when it rains. Also.Score: 1/5

CommunicationSome shop has menu/timetable changes but did not communicate with door-dash..Score: 5/5

Doordash was in good condition no other delivery app can’t beat doordashEvery thing is fine.Score: 5/5

Kingston TAS Service AreaSeek the doordash services could be available in this area soon..Score: 5/5

DDelivery is very less then Uber and should improve app features also.Score: 2/5

Worst amongst deliveryImpossible delivery time targets. You guys should be suid for putting riders lives in danger. For the 3rd time today, the delivery time was before the order was collected- by miles. Order collected at 3:34. Delivery time 2:28. And then 5 types of ratings to take care of with faulty app!? Ediots.Score: 1/5

Confirm bank details (ID)I had the issue off confirm my ID to receive payment for several days. I had to call the line for delivery's (phone number) and they couldn’t figure out what the issue was after explain my issue several times. I think it was an IOS problem Becouse when I used my mums phone (Samsung) it worked. I think it’s a bug. Other then that. I’ve really enjoyed the delivery’s and the work. Other issue is the time should be a little more realistic for those on a bike instead of car. Not all off us have super powered legs and push ourself up hills with super speed..Score: 4/5

Request to keep dash open runHi, It would be very grateful if dashing is made open run to every dasher so that all the dasher could dash in anytime they want and when they are free. Many thanks. Dasher Canberra, Austrália.Score: 2/5

Unhappy DasherThey send mails regarding the promotion but do not add the promotion money after completing the orders. I tried contacting several times but of no use..Score: 1/5

SlowSo slow automatically try to pause wile waiting for next delivery within 1 minute.Score: 1/5

Continuously receiving activation for redcardIn Australia dashers do not need red cards according to the Doordash website. However, there is this constant interruption I have with this window popping up in my app to activate it. I don’t know how many times they need to hear it. Tonight, I spoke to 5 different people about the same thing & each one passed me on to the next support person which wasn’t helping. It’s very very frustrating because no-one has the authority to fix it. This last fiasco cost me a whole nights work. Support needs to be better trained to handle any immediate disruption that arises. Doordash also needs the chat more accessible for dashers whether they are on a live order or not. Life is busy & we are all busy. The biggest thing I’ve found that Doordash is they don’t respond to emails. If they send an automated email saying they will respond within the next day or two then they should stick by that..Score: 5/5

Nice workEasy to operate and efficient management.Score: 5/5

Support is not goodTalking to support is last thing u wanna do as they not gonna solve any issue and some of them might didn’t know how to use English properly! Bad service 😞.Score: 1/5

Delivery radius restrictions SUCKThe new update where if you go out of your delivery radius is so horrible. here in australia the delivery radius’ are already fairly small so it’s easy to get out of it. it needs to be removed..Score: 2/5

UselessApp plays up a lot and when you try and get help from DoorDash they are completely useless in everything.Score: 1/5

You will never reset your passwordWhen we forget pw it will ask you old pw to create nee. What a joke.Score: 1/5

FeedbackIt was good. Can you send me a bag for my deliveries.thanks.Score: 5/5

Simplify the appWay to much button pushing going on..Score: 1/5

Good AppI love this app as a dasher also and as a customer also..Good job 👍👍.Score: 5/5

DeliveryHaven’t received expected orders and waiting time is way more than expected while receiving orders, which potentially effects the rating of a dasher though the mistake is from a dasher end.Score: 2/5

Don’t waste your money.Totally waste of money paying for tools. First two weeks you will be top dasher to understand the system, and if you are unlucky your app will give you no option to reach the help. Also you will be keep offered the orders from 20 km away. So will end up with 50% acceptance rate. You will feel ok for the 2 weeks. Then starts normal dasher, no shifts will be available for you. 1 or 1.5 hour a day shift will be available. But you should check the app 10 times a day to grab that shifts. And then you will get 0 orders in the choosen. Ultimately you can not reach the requirements to be a top dasher as there are no orders. So you will earn 100$ a week with 20 hours on dash. You will be assigned an order from other side of river and while waiting for a ferry they will unassigned the order because you are not moving, and there will be no option to explain the issue to them. So your completion rate goes down. You can’t start dashing half an hour before another dash starts, even though it’s very busy. You need to wait half an hour to start another dash. So if you are scheduled for 1/2 hour shift, you should take 1 hour break. The worst part is the notifications method. A simple text message from a private number is all you will get. And you need to accept an order within 35 secs. If you are driving or even peeing, your acceptance rate will go down. Do not be late to pickup at any cost, even though if it costs your life. They will issue a contract violation warning with the title of “ a customer never ever received the order “ with no details of the order. And gives you the one and only option to give explanation. So you will end up thinking of a missing food, where as it is actually an extremely late delivery. You won’t get another chance to explain..Score: 1/5

Welcome kit screenWhen clicking onto the app to start dashing. You get a welcome kit page come up. It’s soooo annoying. Has been coming up every time I click on for over a month now. Would like that page to go away. I don’t get the welcome kit here. So it’s no point in it being on my page..Score: 4/5

Cannot call customersNeed to updateyour app. I cannot call customers from my phone..Score: 5/5

Supportive teamI found DoorDash support team really amazing . They will help you in each and every way..Score: 5/5

LocationSome restaurant address are incorrect And waiting for long time for one order.Score: 1/5

IT SupportThe app is great but with slight bug issues. IT support took two months to take care of my issue. I forgot about it until I received an email saying it had been resolved..Score: 4/5

Worst dasher supportTry to help dasher do not always tell them we will escalated this issue.Score: 1/5

So bad experienceSix kilometers to the front of the store and suddenly the order was cancelled without compensation.Score: 1/5

Not paid for waiting timeI had to wait 40 mins due to a mistake by the restaurant. Contacted support and they gave me $5 credit. Minimum pay rate for a casual under the Fast Food Industry Award is $27.23. They don’t pay anywhere close to this, not to mention superannuation and car and fuel costs..Score: 2/5

App issuesMany problems In the application.Score: 1/5

Require More implementionSome time shop name not show on top so it’s very hard to find shop as specially when delivery came from big shopping centre like chadston- fashion capital..Score: 4/5

RecommendNice and easy beat way to make some cash on the side.Score: 5/5

Dasher payI had got today delivery of KFC in oakLeigh melbourne at 10 55 am. They told me to pick up order by 11 10 ! I already reached there at given time and now manager of KFC told me that they are only getting orders when driver arrives and they don’t even started to cook. Finally after really long I got delivery at 11 40 am !!! With no extra wait time pay ! This is how they provide pay to there dashers by just misusing everything ! No clarification between dasher and restaurant ever provided ! And that’s how the rating goes down of dashers !.Score: 1/5

Stupid appsIf youre hungry dont order from this stupid will die hunger.the system is stupid.just imagine wait for ages for your food to arrived.better order from deliveroo or ubereats n not this stupid delivery service run by stupid system n stupid owner.Score: 1/5

Waiting timeDoordash is not ready to pay for dasher for extra waiting time it’s really sad that it’s now showing interest towards its dasher partners.😡😏.Score: 3/5

Worst payment and customer service1. Even for merchants mistakes also delivery drivers get the contract violations, if I call to the customer service and they they can’t do anything from there side. 2. When I got order 2.5 kms 7.99$ with including 3$ surge. When I try to deliver that order actual delivery was 8.9 kms. If ask the customer service they said they can’t edit the price of the delivery. 3. I went to the pickup location 8.6 kms. Due some issues restaurant not doing doordash. So I contacted the customer support they said all good order was canceled you will get half amount. Actually delivery address is 0.3 kms from restaurant. I ask the customer service people half amount is not worth it so please give me some more. Because pick up is 8.6 kms drop up is 0.3 kms. Customer service person said they can’t do anything from there side. I have a screenshot proofs also. Worst experience..Score: 1/5

Delivery appGreat thanks.Score: 5/5

Very less customers to place orderNeed to increase customers... waiting period for order from customers is forever..Score: 2/5

Poor moneyLess money not even 1.5$ extra for km.Score: 1/5

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