FNaF 6: Pizzeria Simulator app

FNaF 6: Pizzeria Simulator

4.6 star

NOTE: A device with at least 2 GB of RAM is required for this game to run properly. Prospective owner of a Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria franchised restaurant, we want you! What starts out as a simple pizza tossing fun turns into something much, much more. Push through the glitchy arcade game to reveal that you are at your own Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria! Browse our catalogs and purchase your first attractions and animatronics, customize your decorations, and above all make sure that all the equipment is working properly before opening the doors of your brand new Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria! After a busy day, wrap up the paperwork and shut down your business (often late into the night as you build your own business!) Be careful, however, of what could possibly lurk in the air vents. If anything should catch your attention, turn your flashlight straight into the vent to repel it, Fazbear Entertainment supplies batteries free of charge to all of its franchisees! The next day, assuming you have survived during the night, reinvest your income from yesterday in new equipment. Develop your little pizzeria, day after day, to see it become an empire of catering and entertainment! Fazbear Entertainment provides its franchisees with all the tools and knowledge necessary to create and manage a welcoming, secure and profitable location. Oh and if you feel up to it, try to salvage some of the animatronics that wander outside your restaurant. They are trying to get in for months now, better not miss on the opportunity to pick up spare parts and rake in some additional revenue. If you detect any instability or aggressiveness in any of them, use the self-defense taser that Fazbear Entertainment provides free of charge to all of its franchisees. This puts an end to the assistance that we are legally obligated to provide. Fazbear Entertainment cannot be held responsible for the disappearances, deaths or mutilations that may occur as a result of operating the Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria franchise. Don't wait any longer and start today! NOTE: Game entirely in English. #MadeWithFusion

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FNaF 6: Pizzeria Simulator App Reviews (2,608)

Fix the bugEvery time I go on it it kicks me off the game please fix it.Score: 3/5

Scary as heckI was playing it when baby scares the heck out of me I was so scared.Score: 5/5

Hard but funIt’s really hard to see what way the animatronics are coming from.Score: 5/5

...Bloody Brilliant Mate!!.Score: 5/5

It’s a good game butThe printer is to loud and when there on my left or my right They stay there until I pass out nerf the scrap animatronics.Score: 5/5

Display mode?Dear Scott, By the way I am a huge fan, and love the FNaF series. I am writing this to ask if it’s possible to add a display mode feature to pizzeria simulator mobile. I would really appreciate if you did this and I’m sure a lot of other fan would too. I love this game..Score: 3/5

AmaizingThis is my favrote game EVER SO GET IT(worth the money also well done creators!!!).Score: 5/5

Well well well.Well well well WELCOME to freddy fazbears pizza. Your in the shoes of a fazbears franchisee buy items to upgrade your veary own pizzeria play games and clean up the bloo-ketchup from our customers! though at the end of every delightful shift you have to go order supplies and salvage those things you salvage may be haunted or at least hostile now let’s take a listen from our franchisee “ it’s fun has difficult especially on Saturday and over all delightful” and before you go take this certificate of awesomeness.Score: 4/5

Glitchtrap?I haven’t salvaged I haven’t bought anything that harms but I still get animatronics on nights.Score: 4/5

It’s goodPlease check out FNG brownie on YouTube.Score: 5/5

Sooooooooo gooooooooodThis game is so cool like when you play the other owns you can do much you can only stay in a scurity area and can’t build so this game is good.Score: 5/5

Amazing butThere should be a infinite tycoon.Score: 5/5

IdkSo I saw markipiler play this buttt idk how to get the pizzas 🍕 in the first minigame.Score: 3/5

ReviewI really love this game but when I play the audio to get Lefty out it doesn’t work please fix this.Score: 5/5

Can you install mods?I have a question about this so about the unlocks menu. Is it there?.Score: 4/5

AnnoyingEvery time I run out of cash and have to start over.Score: 2/5

Best game everThis game I think it’s the best five nights at Freddies game out of the first one but there are some glitches that I like and the jump scares aren’t that scary anymore but I like the game mechanics.Score: 5/5

Love it! But...This game is so good but I highly suggest that the joystick is bigger so it is easier to control the minigames 🕹.Score: 4/5

I beat this game in one dayI do recommend this game it is just that I beat this in 3 hours and no animatronics showed up I don’t know why so I didn’t even get scared once.Score: 3/5

Molten freddyMolten freddy ALWAYS kill me so good u MAKE his AI 1 or something.Score: 4/5

GreatThis game is amazing I love it no problems I recommend it 10/10 it is a good time and a way off not being bored I think if your reading this you should download.Score: 5/5

Good but not greatI love this game but I get scared and don’t want to go of blueprint mode but over than that the game is AMAZING🥳🥳🥳!!! Also I don’t know how to use the computer so can you baybe add a tutorial to the player how to use it? over than all of that the game is VERY GOOD and a great addition to the FNAF series🥳🥳🥳🍕🍕🍕🍕🥳🥳🥳!! I LOVE THIS GAME and I will show you the original animatronics 🐻Freddie 🐰sorry bonnie is not blue🐤 Chica and🦊foxy.Score: 3/5

Outstanding!I love FNaF and the community is overall misunderstood and just ruined by the fangirls of Springtrap and the Gacha’s making ‘sOfT wiLliAm’ or ‘miCheAl x EnNaRd’. Anyways, I’m getting off-topic. Scott, you did an AMAZING job! The animatronics we can salvage look.... SO SCARY! Same with Lefty! Lefty’s jumpscare almost gave me a heart-attack (over-exaggerating). So, what I’m saying is you did a SPECTACULAR job at making the animatronics super terrifying!.Score: 5/5

BEST GAME EVERIt’s even better on the PC very scary and I cannot wait till the brand new game keep up the good work Scott 💙🐰🐻🐤🦊.Score: 5/5

I heard about the new game security gameHey Scott just about for six five nights at Freddy's like molten Freddy scrap baby scrap trap a KA Afton of a rock stars to slap to the better you get Ha Ha Ha it's funny to me but Morton Freddy makes me get strange I was gonna like is that count the ways Freddy a fun time Freddy I have no idea so tell me soon.Score: 5/5

Please can you make FNAF world on App StoreHi Scott you make the best games but please can you make FNAF world on App Store please it looks really fun :).Score: 5/5

Too CoolAt the start of it I thought the game crashed but it was a part of the game it is scary and fun. The game is amazing so now I play a lot of it..Score: 5/5

...Hmmmm this game is...G O O D.Score: 4/5

To good for meWow you do this scoot.Score: 5/5

Yes AMAZINGI made a review on FNaF 1 saying I recommend it but this is WAY better and a bit more scary plus my favorite characters including lefty and molten Freddy UwU When decorating I kinda get nervous 😬 because of night two butttttt— I completed it O^O So this is an amazing game one of the best =3.Score: 5/5

I’m sorry but noOn Night 2 I decide not to salvage molten freddy and how did he get in the pizzeria?! I’m sorry but I don’t like it it’s impossible I WAS NOT EXPECTING THAT! WHEN IM ALMOST DONE WITH MY TASKS HE JUMSCARES ME!!! I’m sorry but I hate it..Score: 1/5

Add infinite tokenIf you are at infant to kens and will get to play anything.Score: 1/5

Very goodNo lagging Very smooth I’d recommend this to people who like horror games If you hate that stuff don’t get this game.Score: 4/5

Read plzSoo I don’t wanna rewrite my previous comment cause I accidentally clicked off so ima just say this game is brilliant Also a tip: Do not purchase lefty unless your trying to get rockstars assemble.Score: 5/5

Great buuuutOk so can I just say that that this game is pretty fun and I am a huge fnaf fanboy and love the other ones but this game was not the best but it’s pretty good. I thought that the restaurant sim was charming, although the security/ job doing part was a bit unfair because I died in the first 30 seconds on night 3!!! Maybe I just wasn’t ready but still. The game overall is really good and worth the £2.99..Score: 4/5

Really hard but goodHey Scott I love this game even though I can’t get to day 3.Score: 5/5

Best fnaf game I’ve ever playedThis game is perfect, the jump scares, the gameplay, the voice acting, but the only thing i dislike about the game is that it’s a bit short, I still love this game with all my heart.Score: 5/5

To good to be true but one thingIt is to good but I have 2 questions one is that it takes to long to download but it is probably my internet 2 is maybe add hw flatscreen.Score: 5/5

BootifulIt’s amazing.. that’s it it’s amazing.Score: 5/5

AmazingWell the 3 screenshots of the same thing is not true just get the game and you will understand.Score: 5/5

GreatI just got the game today on my iPad oh boy it’s scary but amazing I would recommend for fang fans or people that want to try it out.Score: 5/5

RubishIt is just terrible it don’t work for me I die straight away when I do the vent check it won’t let me control it and I shouldn’t of waisted £3 on this.Score: 1/5

With leftyWhen I don’t purchase lefty he still attack me but a great game will recommend to everyone.Score: 4/5

AMAZING!!!!!!!!I just recently started playing and I’m not saying this as in remove it but if you throw every robot in the ally there aren’t any animatronics after you I found about this and it just blew my mind, but if you want money you can do what you want😏 and since I kept dying on the I think it- it’s me again a couple days later, so since I finished I did restart like totally not 62 times yeah heh😅 but the gameplay is just SO FUN I’m actually starting to get better I did a cycle with buying the things from the shop I did the first thing to the last I’m having loads of fun actually and this is definitely one of the most best fnaf game out of the 6(and ultimate custom night) I think this is the best fnaf game because of the tycoon gameplay the strategy’s on luring the animatronics away from the office and the fact you can detect them, also the prices I mean if you want a sassy queen chica of course your gonna pay 71000 dollars am I right and I’m happy about happy frogs, mister hippo’s, pig patches, Orville and nedbear’s prices, get a life haters! I wish I could do over a million stars for this oh I can this might take a while ⭐️💫✨🌟⭐️💫✨🌟⭐️💫✨🌟⭐️💫✨🌟⭐️💫✨🌟⭐️ I actually couldn’t be bothered to type that many stars but you get the point AND SCOTT IF YOUR READING THIS YOUR AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.Score: 5/5

Scott idea...Call ignited chica no hands chica.Score: 5/5

Very good gameBut I shine my flashlight into the vent but the animatronics keep jump-scaring me even though I shined my flash light if this is a bug could you try fix this thank you.Score: 5/5


I love this game but it resetI was playing this game at day 4 and I bought the hospital corner thing and I clicked blueprints and everything just reset, it put me back to the first pizzeria with nothing in it and no hospital corner, the sponsorship even changed I am very dissapointed on this because I love this game please help me because it took me way to long to beat the nights and way to long stocking up on money.Score: 2/5

SCOTT Make A FNAF 7Pls make a fnaf 7 it’s so good just please I’ll do anything.Score: 5/5

Too good for meThis isn’t just the best fnaf game but also the best game ever. At the very start I was stuffing the kids with pizza but then scrap baby comes and just looks at you terrifyingly and doesn’t move until she talks. Also when you salvage an animatronic they come in your vents and attack it’s just amazing and it’s worth your time and money.Score: 5/5

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AMAZINGAwesome game, wayyyyy better than fnaf ar (never remind me of that game EVER). The gameplay is unique in how it’s not like the other 5 games except for sister location, it also has graphics which are good enough for a mobile/pc game and the difficulty is just right (except for Saturday). If you want to play a fnaf game, I would recommend this game as it takes a unique spin on this game making it original. Great game and it deserves a 5 star rating..Score: 5/5

All of these games are just amazing first second Third fourth fifth good but!The ripoffs man the reports don’t get any reports of this no no no no no to the rip offs bad bad bad crater tell everyone to not make those ripoffs Bad like to Cuphead bootlegs.Score: 5/5

Glicht ?When I play the second night there’s a animatronic even if I threw molten Freddy back in the alley.Score: 4/5

I LOVE YOUR GAMES!Please could you make more games? I would love if you would make more because I would pay for more of your games I bought all of the fnaf games Please, don’t listen to the haters because they know they won’t make anything better than fnaf.Score: 5/5

It’s good, but...I cant seem to succeed, no matter what I do. I tried no salvaging, all salvaging, and in between, but it always said “You have not met the expectations.” I’m like, WHAT EXPECTATIONS?! But other than that, very good game Scott!.Score: 4/5

Scott is bestOMG scott this is the most fun game ever but I think you should add a endless tycoon mode. Ps can you please put ucn on mobile.Score: 5/5

Volume won’t work!For every game that I have (this one, 3, and 2) volume does not work! Only sometimes it will work, there are no options for volume settings and it’s really a turn off to not be able to hear the ambience or the jump scares. Please fix this! Thanks! P.S, I LOVE your Games Scott!.Score: 5/5

Awesome but there’s a bugGreat game I’ve been waiting for this!But there’s a bug On the second day That Monitor’s Motion scanning does not work for some reason pls fix this.But AWSOME GAME!!.Score: 4/5

Cool endingI think this game haves a very very good ending because it has 2 endings and please please please please please please please please please please make fnaf 7 and to show you the date is mon Jul 6 2020 Please.Score: 3/5

It’s hard but really really funBEST.Score: 5/5

👍I love all the fnaf games so does ma bestie and I remember being at the park and screaming and throwing my phone because I was scared by Funtime Freddy in sister location and I thought that was scary but this is another level it’s so detailed and sooo fun and scary I love it so much it’s my fav game so far 👍❤️.Score: 5/5

Dear Scott:This game is amazing but there’s a slight problem. For some reason when I play the game on my iPhone there’s no distinction in the audio when I play with earbuds or headphones in. It makes it hard to tell if the the animatronics are on the right or left side of me in my room and is difficult to play the game. Wondering if you could fix this..Score: 5/5

Fun but one problemThis is probably one of the best fnaf games out there. However with the mobile port, you don’t earn money with the band achievements and you kinda need that for the blacklist ending making it almost impossible to unlock it. Also, the graphics look pretty bad when doing the office phase. Worth the money but pls update the game for the achievements and the office phase.Score: 5/5

Recording issues and track padThis game is good, it has 2 flaws that make me think i wasted my money though, first of all i was planning on making a video series about it on youtube but when i record it goes to the top left part of the screen for NO REASON when the recording finishes. The other issue is the stick at the bottom left is unreliable and ended up screwing my runs because i taped a pixel off from it, scott, please fix the recording issue its the only game that dosent work.Score: 3/5

Really fun and creepy!I played for about 20 minutes once I purchased it. I bought a few things for my pizzeria and learned the salvage process and I sat down the second Time to do my office tasks and within 3 minutes I got jump scared. It’s highly addictive! Much love ❤️.Score: 5/5

Elizabeth AftonGetting burnt wasn’t fun....Score: 1/5


Soooooo funThis game is so fun You shud make a fnaf 7.Score: 5/5

Wow love itBut why am I dying it’s my first time playing a fnaf game love it but there is only one fnaf guy I put the vent thing and motion thing but but I die and update this game plz someone tell me how to win.Score: 5/5

I want my iTunes backNo good I want me iTunes back.Score: 1/5

Awesome and scaryHey Scott, it’s awesome but something weird happened. I got jump-scared by Scraptrap when I didn’t salvage him I got scared and confused about that and I think he said “I always come back” but anyway it’s a scary and awesome game.Score: 5/5

IdkSuper good and detailed.Score: 5/5

HOLY MOTHER OF AFTONThis is the best game ever but one flaw can you add another ending where you escape the fire instead of being burned but otherwise it’s a great game 👌.Score: 5/5

So scary it’s awesome!Is lé scary. Is this the last game ur gonna make??? Plz no :<. I literally jumped out of my seat when Springtrap came at me 😂😂😂.Score: 5/5

Fun game!It’s a fun game but it just random restarted from when you first bought it and I’m very confused.Score: 5/5

Too hard 🙁The 5ft night is too hard you can’t Evan win😒😒😒.Score: 4/5

StephenUpdate it.Score: 3/5

BEST.GAME.EVER!!!!!!!!!I have been playing Five Nights at Freddy’s my whole life and this is by far the best Five Nights at Freddy’s game so far. And also...... PLEASE ADD FUNTIME BONNIE!!!! It will be a dream come True. Thank you scott😃.Score: 5/5

The joysticks are too small.I would like way more if there was an option to make the joysticks bigger..Score: 4/5

Spring trapOn day2 I am stuck on day2 because Spring trap keeps on coming at me! and I scan the area and it doesn’t warn me! So you need to fix the game!👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎p.s Afton is spring trap ...🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃And can you make the game less scary?😵but you’re game is good👌and how many days do I have to do? I am only on day 2 can any one tell me how to pass day2!😔can’t pass, keep on dying in the game!🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬and be safe from the corona viris!🦠🦠🦠🦠🦠🦠🦠😵and make the game easier to!😀 very hard now I am on day 10 and there is 14! Risk it’s so hard 💀💀💀💀💀.Score: 1/5

The game has a glitchy restore systemI can’t restore my purchase of the infinite money and fast workers kit.Score: 3/5

IdeaI have an idea so MR.Cawthin can make a new series my buddy and me made our own version of fnaf so please review it plz??ps YOUR AWSOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.Score: 5/5

Kinda hardThis game is the best but one thing that would be better is if you made it a little easier.Score: 4/5

Audio fix pleaseVery good game but the audio on mobile doesn’t work most of the time.Score: 4/5

This game is riggedI didn’t even salvage Michaeltin Freddy but he still jump scares me.Score: 1/5

Decrease Chance of jump scares or remove jump scaresMy son plays the game and at-least an 8 Year old, And the jump scares scares him badly, can you decrease the chance or remove them please?.Score: 4/5

CRaCKI Like The Part Every Time we Miss The Ball Pit Helpy Cracks his back XD.Score: 5/5

A great gameThis is an amazing game of the FNAF series, like all the others that Scott has made, high detail, dark comedy, and the FNAF aesthetic every game has. Also, if you wait long enough, on the “this game has jumps a”scares” warning, there’s an Easter egg that says: and lots of fun, fun, fun, repeatedly. I like that. 😁.Score: 5/5

Nice butCan you please add a camera I am on the first night it’s too hard but still very good scott!.Score: 4/5

Like it loveCan u make a 2 of it also are u makeing more of Fnaf if u stop I will cry like how mlp has stoped 😭😭 but don,t stop makeing the Fnaf games.Score: 5/5

Best game everMe and my friend play this every summer and we digger out theories and watch people play 😊😊😊😊.Score: 5/5

Awesome!It’s AWESOME! It’s sooo scaryyyy!.Score: 5/5

HardI’m a big FNAF fan the game is super fun not it is really hard I can’t get past night 4 it’s fun but way to hard. Can Scott update the game and make it easier please..Score: 4/5

HOLY SWIGGITY SWOOTY HE BE COMIN FOR THAT BOOTYI love it I’m too lazy to put a full review but I want to ask is fnaf world going to come out plz UwU ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜.Score: 5/5

Good but bad joysticksThe only problem i had is that in the mini games the joy sticks are very small and its hard to move.Score: 4/5

Amazing game best ever 👌👌I like it so much here’s a story when it first came out on iPad i didn’t get it but I got it waiting for a month I played it every day and still helpy is funny😂😂😂😂😂😂😂.Score: 5/5

BUGScrap baby jumped me on her first stage when I never pulled up the paper.Score: 5/5

Just sayingScott I was happy that you maid this game but why don’t you make a FNaF game that’s like your still the security guard but you are purple guy and every end of the night you play a mini game but you kill the kids just saying.Score: 5/5

Bug bug bugMy right side is gliching crazy and when I tap the anamitronics it doesn't do any thing and when I turn my iPad it glich out the game.Score: 1/5

HeyoOMG SCOTT your games are the best I haven’t finished all of them though. You should make a fnaf 7. I was talking with my friends saying “Hey Scott Cawthon should make fnaf 7. If I were friends with him I would ask to make a fnaf 7 were u are stuck in the forest (since fnaf 6 burnt down I’m pretty sure) with EVERY SINGLE fnaf character EVER MADE. it would be the hardest game lol Ps. Sorry if I misspelled something I’m super bad at spelling;-;.Score: 5/5

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SalvageThe first night I have, I bought NOTHING for my pizzeria. This was scary for me because right when I was on my last task, scrap traps comes outta nowhere and scares me. I never salvaged scrap trap because I just started the game. So Scott, why make me face him again even tho I never salvaged him but great game and I have some ideas for the game. Pls read this.Score: 5/5

Love It!This Game is too scary for me but it is the best, My in,my problem is that the Joystick Is Too small. overall This is the best FNaF game Ever!.Score: 5/5

It’s hard, like really hardI can’t get past these nights and I don’t know if it’s on the mobile version or idk.Score: 3/5

Good game, but needs some more mechanicsThis game is very good. I like the way it was made, the animations, the design, and the UI. It’s just some of the mechanics. There’s no way to clearly tell when an animatronic is in the vent leading to the office. Make it at least where you can see them. Please, thank you..Score: 5/5

AWSOME!I love this game I like to play it a night to be even more scared so fun.Score: 5/5

:(I bought this and I accidentally deleted this, and I can’t buy it back it says in cloud BUT it just does t download.Score: 5/5

Good but horrifiedLovey wolf it’s okay freddy did not die ok lovey wolf and other people he did not die did u hear it on freddy. 2 ok so phone guy said that u may have saw the older models that freddy and he said we use them for parts see nothing to worrie and you may like But use them for parts they still move and we got to see them not five night at freddy 7 five night freddys AR there still alive..Score: 5/5

Five nights at freddy’s 6I love this game Scott this is awesome content but if you can please decrease the jump scars because tomorrow is my b-day so can you do that with the vent one thanks.Score: 5/5

WHYThis game is probably the worst FNaF gane.Score: 1/5

YAY IT IS NOW ON IOS!It’s finally on iOS. Funny I found this on my birthday August 13 (I think Five days after the 5th FNaF 1 anniversary FNaF 1 came out August 8 2014) I’m glad it came to iOS because I don’t have a pc. This is so awesome. Thank you Scott. Also FNaF will never end..Score: 5/5

Add the map where they areI think they should add a map where they are but where we don’t have to look at it from the computer but overall it’s a good game.Score: 5/5

Fnaf 6 animatronic problemOk the game in all is fantastic and working well but there is one problem in the game sometimes when I do something like salvaging an animatronic or getting an ad for money seems like another animatronic comes inThat I haven’t even salvaged yet it’s pretty broken so that’s the only problem I have in this game but the rest is super good in this game I hope you fix this bug because it’s pretty messed up because they just come out of nowhere even though you only salvaged one animatronic or two just another one comes when I was doing one game I salvaged scrap trap and then somehow lefty he was in and I don’t know how so then I had to restart and now this is happened a second time when I salvaged molten Freddy scrap baby came out of nowhere and killed me this is a big problem please fix this thank you.Score: 5/5

We need less...threats.Ok . I know you are busy with your work. But I don’t like that Lefty is a threat. I know you did do it for the fans but I don’t like it at all. Make Lefty’s risk 1 and I will be happy. Love,Super Horror Girl! P.S. I also want Chica to play the drums!.Score: 3/5

Loged me outLoged me out for,no,resen i spend 5 bucks.Score: 1/5

I need a few thingsHow do I get more money?.Score: 5/5

I like this game butI like this game a lot other there is a lot to do this game one of my faves but the only thing is that on Thursday I can’t pass the thingScrap baby always jump scare me and I’ve been on this for so long and I wish it was easier please do something? :3.Score: 4/5

Really funIt’s really fun but hard and Scot can you add more animatronics to the game.Score: 4/5

LeftyCan you or someone answer this I made sure not to buy any marked down items and not to salvage any of the animatronics and always on Wednesday lefty is always there why Lefy makes it nearly impossible to pass Left moves way to fast.Score: 5/5

It’s really Fun,Fun,Fun,Fun,FunI love this game I’ve bought every fnaf game so far and this is one of a kind I don’t think any other game could compare to this one hope you don’t stop making fnaf games 👍🏻.Score: 5/5

Nice game and very well made! But a few things...So first off, the game is amazing! Very fun and it keeps me entertained for hours on end! The game is difficult, but that's the fun aspect, it makes you practice and learn tricks to survive! Now saying that, there are a few things I find wrong with the game. First off, the joystick is very small, you can hardly touch it with your finger, let alone play the mini games with it. Second, sometimes the buttons wont work, for example I was trying to switch from the vent back to the computer, but the button didn't register my taps. But other then that, great game and I hope new games are made in the future! :).Score: 4/5

OutstandingI’ve always been a fnaf fan since the week it came out, I’m now in 7th grade and gonna be in 8th in a couple months, I had amazing times playing this game. I even found my own great strategies. 10/10 you should get.Score: 5/5


Awesome game but one thingThis game is addicting and so much fun! Just as every other fnaf game. It’s scary too because the designs for the nighttime do look burnt and scrapped. But, I wish the endless tycoon mode can be added. Sure salvage and Closing time tasks are nice and well made but I would play endless tycoon instead of redoing the game just to play again. All that effort and nights redone just for tycoon mode. Please add this to make the game even better!.Score: 4/5

Good for phone. Not good for iPadI prominently use my iPad for games and other stuff so when I got on it was quite disappointing to have a phone sized control for an iPad. It makes some of the mini games almost unplayable. Also the proportions are different for iPad and phone so it cuts some of the clips off on the side and causes a distorted effect in some places..Score: 3/5

It made me download itSo today I woke up to this app on my phone it’s bugged and it made me get the pass with it so idk what happened.Score: 2/5

Amazing game but hardThis game is so fun because you gmcan customize your own Freddy fazbears pizza. You can also salvage animatronics after you beat a night. I also love how it tricks you when you first start the game and the jump scares make me jump every time. This game is so addicting and fun! But some nights are really hard overall this game is amazing I recommend whoever’s reading this to buy it..Score: 5/5

Amazing gameI personally like this game to relax and feel like a pizzeria owner, but I like how it has another purpose. It’s a good aspect how it’s up to you to decide it’s fate, if you wanna chill and have fun or if you wanna take risks, and have fun doing it! Great game, I’m very happy! 😊 Edit: Even if you choose to go and not salvage much, my respect to the game maker for STILL making it scary! Thanks for reading this, have a good day..Score: 5/5

Things that need to happensOkay, this game is good, but lefty can’t go away? I need help he always appears even if I delete him, I watched a video DIDINT work just please make lefty ez.Score: 4/5

Awesome game, one BIG problemSo everything about this game is amazing. Even the animatronics. But there is just one BIG problem that you probably can’t fix, but is still a problem. When I unlocked the ‘Rare Finds Auction’ I couldn’t buy anything because I had no money left. So then I clicked finished so I can do my work. (Btw make sure to turn off the A/C when you are printing so you don’t make as much noise) But, the problem is, is that it is IMPOSSIBLE. I can’t even do printing without being paranoid and putting down an audio so they can go away.And it does not matter what I do, they still jump scare me even though I bought the 5$ kit that gives you infinite money and fast workers. And I only turned on fast workers. And it is still IMPOSSIBLE. I even turn off my A/C until it goes to 98 Deg. So I can turn it back on so I don’t make as much noise as possible. So, can you at least please make the animatronics NOT as active? And even in the future, I will probably get through the night, but now it is just... not possible..Score: 4/5

It’s a very good game but....I’m actually on that upgraded my restaurant very manyAnd did everything for the upgrades on almost everything I had for these items but it’s the animatronic lefte or with a Y but I can’t survive the animatronic with you so before I download this game I watched the video for it and while they were technically right about the anima Tronic‘s but I’m not sure how to get the music box because he is technically the puppet.........so yea ;).Score: 5/5

Terrifying GameplayThe intended goal of a horror game is to spark terror and horror in the player. The game has done this quite well to me. Right now, I am struggling to get the completion ending because I am scared of this game. I am on Friday and have all salvaged animatronics. I am scared of playing of the game now. The sounds in the vents make me want to run, hide, or do anything. The only protection against my death is a mere flashlight and pure silence. I totally recommend this to thrill seekers. The rest of the game is fun and engaging. There were no tedious or annoying parts of the game. Note: I am not a coward. The games atmosphere really scares me. I am someone who goes through haunted houses smiling and laughing. I feel no fear from rollercoasters either. For some reason, this game really scares me..Score: 5/5

To easy to best game, I wasted my money!The nights are WAY TO EASY, And you should make the game longer I WANT A REFUND!! and you don’t even get a good story.Score: 1/5

Awesome And Skill Practicing!This game wa s really run how you get the design your own resturant and manage your own buisness! And the endings were really interesting and salvaging was the best part of the game..Score: 5/5

Beginning best game of my life but now worst game of my lifeSo I went to play your game and for some odd reason it restarted all of my progress for just clicking blueprint mode and then it just crashed and I went to delete the game and download it back and now it just won’t let me download it.Score: 1/5

SO FUN but a glitchI LOVE THE GAME EVERYTHING but the glitch is that when I threw away Molton and William I accepted scrap and threw away lefty and on the last night for some reason scrap baby can just fly through vents and audio lures so please PLEASE FIX IT.Score: 4/5

Nice gameBest fnaf game.Score: 5/5

NOT EVEN PLAYABLEUnless you pay for the survival kit which is 5 dollars, this game isn’t even playable on night 2. I bought the survival kit, yet still was not able to beat night 5 because of how extremely aggressive the characters are. I also got killed at random times. Once I shined my light in a vent to make someone go away, and molten Freddy killed me. Honestly, unless you lower the ai of the animatronics, this game is unplayable. Please not that by giving you one star I’m not trying to be mean because I love the other FNAF games. I gave one star because I want to share my issue with the game. Please do note the issue I have with this game and fix it. Knowing that most of the people who play FNAF games are 8 year old kids, I’d like to let you know that they aren’t going to be able to beat this even if they know the mechanics. I hope you read my review and fix the issues..Score: 1/5

I beat night 3Yeah I beat night 3 witch you probably won’t believe me but I am really good at fnaf games from fnaf 1 to fnaf ultimate custom night I just bought this today cuz literally I wanted to play the final game in series that I have played and this is just the best.Score: 5/5

Scrap baby is impossibleI proceeded with scrap baby jump scared me as soon as I print anything she jump scares me the AI chip is too smart Sorry I don’t know how to write a good review.Score: 5/5

🍏yesThis is a great game I love playing the fruity game minigame and trying to complete it!.Score: 5/5

Its so goodI think that is game is detailed and fills in some of the questions I had.Score: 5/5

Please fix this glitchI don’t know if this is just my iPad or a glitch, but I was customizing my restaurant like usual, and then I backed out and my whole restaurant was gone, everything I bought, gone. It restarted back to the default pizzeria and the game randomly gave me a risk value of 3. Assuming this was a glitch I backed out and joined back and ALL MY DATA WAS GONE. It restarted me to the very beginning. Scott I love this game but could you please look into this? Lotsa love 😊😊.Score: 4/5

Perfection👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌.Score: 5/5

Very goodOne of my favorite fnaf game.Score: 5/5

WhyPut simply, Saturday. I do like one task, and molten Freddy is barreling down my air vents, oh, and another thing, the salvages cheat! They skip attack phases and kill me when I least expect it. Saturday is only made worse by the X2 printer upgrade, I think the sound it makes is why molten Freddy is suddenly speed, the reduced sound is not permanent like the other upgrades, it’s not a bug, supposedly it’s for one day, but not even that!if you die instead of complete the day(?) the advertising tasks go’s back to shredding paper. Sir, all I ask is that the advertising upgrade actually does what it’s supposed to and be quieter, permanently. Saturday doesn’t have to be any less unholy but the paper shredder makes it way much harder than it has to be..Score: 1/5

Why ScottEven though I’m not salvaging nothing I’m putting them all away they are too fat and they’re breaking down the doors i’m trying to put them in the alley eeeeeeeeeeeeee.Score: 5/5

Great game but a lot of problemsFirst of all the equipment is a one time use and they barely even help. Second if you buy security doors then security doors should be added to your office. Third of all the jump scares are way too loud. Fourth lefty moves WAY TOO FAST FOR A FAT ANIMATRONIC LIKE HIM. Why is lefty a thing🙄🥱🤬😩? Why do you have an unlimited amount of money game pass if that just makes the game boring?.Score: 5/5

Connection let’s do itConnection terminated. I'm sorry to interrupt you, Elizabeth. If you still even remember that name. But I'm afraid you've been misinformed. You are not here to receive a gift. Nor, have you been called here by the individual you assume. Although, you have indeed been called. You have all been called here. Into a labyrinth of sounds and smells, misdirection and misfortune. A labyrinth with no exit. A maze with no prize. You don't even realize that you are trapped. Your lust of blood has driven you in endless circles. Chasing the cries of children in some unseen chamber, always seeming so near. It's somehow out of reach. But, you will never find them. None of you will. This is where your story ends. And to you, my brave volunteer, who somehow found this job listing not intended for you. Although, there was a way out planned for you, I have a feeling that's not what you want. I have a feeling that you are right where you want to be. I am remaining as well. I am nearby. This place will not be remembered and the memory of everything that started this, can finally begin to fade away. As the agony of every tragedy should. And to you monsters trapped in the corridors. Be still. And give up your spirits..Score: 5/5

HeheI’m not 12 and up hehe..Score: 5/5

🤩🥳🤩🥳🤩☠️☠️☠️☠️💀👻👻I really really love it the thing is is that I’m really amazed by all of the designs you always make it’s very neat and proper and I really love it and most people can’t do art like yours so that’s something special about you Scott me looking at child souls be like {}{}{}{}{}{}.Score: 5/5

Performanece Lab 🎯Performance Lab ® CORE Formulas support all aspects of human performance, across all walks of life. Boosts work performance and productivity with nootropics for focus, multitasking under stress, creative problem-solving and more. Buy Now!AdvertorialScore: 5/5

It’s Good But There is a ProblemIn Blueprint Mode, I Place Something, it Disappears, Can You Please Fix That..Score: 4/5

I love thisI personally think this is scotts best game ever.Score: 5/5

Best game everI think that this is a great game like all the FNaF games! I just want to help anyone who is struggling. The way I bet the game for completion and graveyard is by starting with motion sensors and then see where majority of animatronics are and then audio them and look in the direction where the other animatronics are. So great game.Score: 5/5

One of the best fnaf gamesI love FNAF always have ever since I was playing 6 years ago, now there has been many amazing FNAF games over the years my personal favorite being FNAF 3 but this game comes in second place. I played at a friends house on steam and it was free and leads me to my question why is FNAF 6 and UCN not free on App Store but on steam. If your reading this can u fix that cause I had to waste 4 dollars on App Store just to download this game when I could have got it on steam for free. It wouldn’t’t let me download the steam app so I had to get it on here instead so please fix this thanks..Score: 5/5

I am stuck but i love this gameHow do you get past night 4? Scraptrap keeps killing me! I can not get past the printing part in the computer work.Score: 3/5

Best game but one problemThis is the best game but the price for the kit is too deer.Score: 5/5

Such a good game must have for your phone to playI lick what u was going for lick making your own pizza Ria best game that you have made in your life hope you have a good 2020.Score: 5/5

It’s goodDownload it u doody head it’s a good game probs the best.Score: 5/5

It’s a good game but could do with some improvementsIt’s a brilliant game and terrifies me over all very fun to play but it could be better if the brightness was up a bit so we can see when the robots move, it hard to tell if they move. Other than that its a good game..Score: 5/5

I love it but....Ok ok ok you’ve ported my favourite game in the series but no, the office is a c r u s t y jpeg FOR NO REASON!!!!! But other than that it’s fun, I feel that the one micro transaction you put in, is definitely an example of how you should make micro transaction: optional, reasonably priced and rewarding. Just like FNAF 1 and FNAF 2 both of which I purchased a long with there survival packs and the games, and felt happy with my purchase. As opposed to feeling forced into it. And the infinite money was EXACTLY WHAT I WANTED! now, if the office’s image quality is fixed then we have an absolute banger of a game on our hands, So 9.9/10 -Ashton Drummond (CEO And Founder Of Ashton Corporation®️).Score: 4/5

New updatePlease make the mogul kit for free just for my birthday Bday: Saturday 5 September 2009 It would be Nice So I Could play this more And it would be fun!.Score: 5/5

Can it be a little easierOnce I was about to get the completion ending but at the last item I was jump scared by scraptrap, please make it easier..Score: 3/5

Best Fnaf Game Ever but there is a problemHey Scott you know how the anamtronics which are in the air vent from salvage well in the second night scraptrap Jumpscared me from the air vent and when I restart the game lefty jumscared me in the first night I need a way were there not trying to kill me so I gets Sponsors. I still love the game though.Score: 5/5

YesAmazing.Score: 5/5

This game is good but...I wish we could just straight up play the pizzeria but with your little game it glitched on level 3 so I couldn’t play! 😡😡😡😡😡.Score: 2/5

VERY IMPORTANTThis game is great I’m so happy it’s on mobile but there’s i giant problem the joystick in mini games it’s so small and unpredictable please change it to a reasonably sized D PAD please make it a d pad I’m trying to get the lore keeper ending but I can’t beat the fruity maze game because I would pull the joystick down but because it’s so small I go up instead and go out of bounds I’m sick of this please fix PS TURN IT TO A D PAD.Score: 3/5

Good, but infuriating because of this.I got this game yesterday and it was really fun to start off with. It went downhill when I started playing mini games. It was SO annoying with the tiny, tiny joystick which is completely unreliable. For games like Midnight Motorist, it’s basically unplayable without crashing at least 5 times. Please fix the joystick and make it more reliable. When I first tap the joystick it immediately made me go up or down and made me crash. Other than the mini games, this game is pretty fun, please fix the joystick. I suggest you make it bigger. Also I love how you added the packs like you did in the other games. I bought the ones in the other games and I am contemplating to buy this one and I probably will once I have saved up enough. Thanks, good game, just please fix this..Score: 3/5

BEST GAME EVER!I really like this game because in the day it seems so fun and happy but wait till you get to the night its as scary as ever. When I played this I couldn’t find any glitches so well done on that!.Score: 5/5

Yes yes yesI love FNAF with a passion, and this game was one of his best. I love all of the series but this one really got me going..Score: 5/5

CoolCool.Score: 5/5

Best game ever and scaryI love this game is better then most of the flat games.Score: 5/5

Best game everThis game is so fun buying everything and stuff but slavgeing is to scary pls clam it down with music or something pls.Score: 5/5

Huge fan of all the gamesI got all the games and in this one (fnaf6) I got game pass that helps me a lot I can’t complete yet because somebody! (Scrap baby) keeps getting me and up to salvaging all them up to her anyways I LOVE THE GAME 💓.Score: 5/5

Good but I have a requestMy request is if there can just be a mode for younger kids where you just play the mini games and upgrade the pizzeria instead of them getting jumpscared..Score: 4/5

Good graphicsThe game has very good graphics.Score: 5/5

The game was great and funThe game is really fun.Score: 5/5

Pretty good FNaF game!So a month ago I bought this FNaF app and it started of pretty good and got confused in some parts like how happy frog had 3 risk but days after got 0 risk but that doesn’t matter I like it and deserves a better rating ((Also! Could you add FNaF world to IOS please I’ve always wanted to play it so could you Scott Cawthon add it please? Thank you! )).Score: 4/5

Probably Scott’s Best Game!!This game is just so fun to play with all the simulator stuff and of course the scary stuff, Scott has definitely improved over the years and this would have to be my favourite game. It’s so fun to have a new aspect of the fnaf series of all the simulator stuff like what an amazing idea its so funny and just overall amazing. Scott I wish you the best of luck in future games keep up the amazing work!.Score: 5/5

Certificates???I love this game but when I got a random ending I didn’t receive a certificate so can you fix that if you do thank you.Score: 4/5

Best FNAF game to exist!!!This was the first FNAF game I played, and I have also played the other ones, but this one was my ultimate favourite of them all!! The suspense and uniqueness of it was so fun to have! I would recommend this game to any beginners to FNAF, and hardcore fans too! My favourite part was the designing part..Score: 5/5

Pls readI am happy that all of the Fnaf sires have came to mobile but I’m worried about custom night, I really will like it to be on mobile, if it was on mobile I will play it every day and all of the other fnaf games and PLEASE BRING IT TO MOBILE!.Score: 5/5

😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭I bought the mogul kit and it didn’t give me the stuff it said it would give you and instead of charging my mum 8$ it charged her 19& and 97c I hate you guys.Score: 1/5

Scam..I threw the SCRAP trap into the ally and he jump scared me in the middle of nowhere..Score: 1/5

Keep getting killed by lefty/Puppet in side leftyHe just keeps killing me like I’m some target of fame it’s so annoy can you please fix it that the animatronics follow the auto call oh.Score: 5/5

PLEASE READ THIS!I played this game since it came out, I agree kids over 8 should play this because peaople that are 8 can get nightmares :< But after all that it’s a perfect game to play I suggest starting by fnaf 1 then 2 then 3 all in order (listen to me, in help wanted..there’s a princess quest..so your the golden girl apparently is Vanessa and when you find glitch trap remember.. he says I ALWAYS COME BACK, LET ME OUT on the coding system..you can even hear it watch the theory on YouTube.).Score: 5/5

What next a movie!This series of games is insane and amazingly good! I really really want a fnaf movie!! With all the jump scares and things!.Score: 5/5

Good but...I have a problem with the lore ending So when I spawn or like 10 secs in like scrap trap gets me. Can you make Saturday not hard and I ran out of tokens and I need them how do get them bye!.Score: 4/5

Scott WERES rockstar golden freddyWe’re.Score: 5/5

5 starsSpeechless 😶 Scott no need to update anything nothing 1.0 no updates though I’m stuck on night 4 so please send back some tips I can’t do it other than that speechless.Score: 5/5

Well done ScottThis game is amazing and I love helpy.Score: 5/5

Best game Scott but there’s a problemGames good but I hate when salvages stay when you restart I just want a new game but scrap baby keeps jumpscaring me.Score: 4/5

Fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun funIt’s scaryer then 12345 but it’s fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun. It’s a really good and cool game but if you don’t like scary games then don’t play fnaf but I like scary games so I play this game.Score: 5/5

Epically horror best I rate it the same withered the rest of the fnaf gamesI have all 8 fnaf games fnaf 1 fnaf 2 fnaf 3 fnaf 4 fnaf sister location and this game and ucn and fnaf ar I like this as the best out of all of them.Score: 5/5

BEST GAME EVER, but one thing..Dear Developer, Over all this game is amazing but I have a little question, ifyou do add custom night would you make it so that you have to beat all 5 nights at unlock it or could you just make is so you can play custom night without unlocking the nights. I would find that much easier and more fun. Thanks 👍😎.Score: 5/5


Idk what to say lolYOUR THE BEST KEEP IT UP. I’ve got four books and three games Mum won’t let me get any more ):.Score: 5/5

BEST. GAME. EVERI’m sorry that I didn’t find FNaF 6 on mobile that quick I checked when it came out but it wasn’t there but even though it scares me on night 3 and I cannot make it past that night it is overall a great game I recommend buying this.Score: 5/5

How to winPlay go to survival part never do a salvage and don’t buy lefty.Score: 4/5

FunI really like the game, but the joystick is really small and I can’t really control anything, and when I motion scan, nothing ever shows, could you possibly fix that please.Score: 4/5

GOdLYHEAVENLy.Score: 5/5

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FNaF 6: Pizzeria Simulator App Images

FNaF 6: Pizzeria Simulator app imageFNaF 6: Pizzeria Simulator app imageFNaF 6: Pizzeria Simulator app imageFNaF 6: Pizzeria Simulator app imageFNaF 6: Pizzeria Simulator app imageFNaF 6: Pizzeria Simulator app imageFNaF 6: Pizzeria Simulator app imageFNaF 6: Pizzeria Simulator app image

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