Draw Rider 2 Plus

In Draw Rider 2 Plus there is no advertising, all tools in the editor and all customization items are available.

Welcome to Draw Rider 2 - fun arcade racing games in which both time trips and special missions are waiting for you.

Story Mode:
The main character is a guy called Max. Find out his incredible story that begins with a regular bike ride.

Challenge Mode:
The goal is simple - to survive and get to the finish line. This is not so easy to do: deadly traps and obstacles await you everywhere.

Level Editor:
Be creative! Built-in level editor is the main feature of Draw Rider 2. Feel yourself an architect and draw a unique track.

Play on the crazy tracks of other players. Compete, rate and set records!

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Get this game here: store.steampowered.com/app/588630/Draw_Rider_2/ Draw Rider is back! Meet the long awaited continuation of the legendary ...

After a long development, we are pleased to present a new update to the game Chameleon v2.1. In it, we added new levels, many character skins and significantly improved the editor, adding the creation of objects! - Added new levels - Added new sounds in the editor - Added merge objects and grouping, while holding the finger - Added creation of objects and standard objects - Added new character skins (more than 100 options) - Changed text - Fixed selection of objects - Fixed copying object to another depth - Fixed loading levels in Online - Many other minor changes.

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