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Throw your dagger, wait for it to get to the perfect spot, then tap again to teleport!

Every man should have a skill and for Vincent S. Daggerhood, that skill was thieving. Quick with his hands, there was no loot he couldn’t plunder and no treasure chest he couldn’t escape with.

For Daggerhood, life was good, until come that fateful day he was finally caught and in the name of justice, to pay for his crimes, he was cast into the forsaken caverns.

But this is not the end of Daggerhood’s story, for this is the beginning. Filled with the desire for freedom and a craving for retribution, Daggerhood has set his sights on stealing the King’s gold and armed with a dagger he can throw and reclaim by teleporting to its current position, across 100 levels, he’s going to need your help!

Will you answer his call?


* 5 worlds and 100 levels

* 5 unique bosses

* In-level challenges that require the player to collect treasure and fairies

* New game mechanics introduced with each world

* Quick-fire platformer action

IOS Updates: geni.us/wl2qyL3 Follow Us On Social: Our Website: fliptroniks.com Instagram: instagram.com/fliptroniks Facebook: ...

-Fix the three star bug on the last level -Minor bug fixes

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Viktor Trajkovski
Viktor Trajkovski
14 May 2019

Hey man, I just saw your best Samsung Note 9 themes. I went to download Game Doodle but I cant find it. Do you still have the link? I really like the theme please send me the link! Thanks!




Mass Inferno
Mass Inferno
5 star

Just wish there was more. my only problem was the final boss not being a real boss so much as a brutal timer.

3 star

The game is pretty fun just wish some of the ui worked better. Buttons don’t seem to like to register. There’s delays in them a lot of the time when they do. Also the difficulty on some of the beginner modes to get 3 stars and everything is ridiculous. Wouldn’t really suggest spending money on this 😕

1 star

Game is good, but there’s too many issues with the game not saving correctly.

Chuck Norris
Chuck Norris
23 August 2019

When life gives Chuck Norris lemons, he demands oranges and gets them.

Richard Bach
Richard Bach
23 August 2019

Ask yourself the secret of your success. Listen to your answer, and practice it.

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Application Data

  • Relase Date08 May 2019
  • CategoryGames
  • Price$2.99
  • App Rating4.5
  • Current Version1.03
  • DeveloperCrescent Moon Games
  • Operating SystemIOS 9.0 or later

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