Rope Rescue! - Unique Puzzle

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Rope Rescue will keep you hooked for hours!
Puzzle game with one finger control. Easy to play, hard to master.
Features unlimited gameplay.
Build your newest addiction!

Thumbs up & Subscribe If You Want to See More ▻ We played a new game today called Rope Rescue and reached to level 40, it was fun ...

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Himhis Kirkovo
Himhis Kirkovo
30 August 2019

ArcadeGo скатился.

undertale sans
Undertale sans
30 August 2019

2nd Yay

1 star

Don’t get it

3 star

This is a good game and it get addictive but every time you finish a level or even die you have to watch an ad. This can get very annoying when you are watching more adverts than playing the game it reduces. It seems the developers want the extra money.

1 star

I've paid the £2.99 to remove ads but it is still showing them. Please refund my £2.99!!

Jose Renteria
Jose Renteria
30 August 2019


i hatw thsisks
I hatw thsisks
3 star

Not bad

suksssss game revew
Suksssss game revew
5 star

If there are to many adds showing turn of the wifi and it will still work and no adds (:

1 star

I just got the game and it won’t let me draw the rope. I wanna give no stars but it won’t let me

pinkey pie jas
Pinkey pie jas
2 star

So hard and boring worst game ever! Gosh! Don’t download this game!

1 star

Even with lots of people commenting and emailing they won’t fix level 166 and it’s broken

3 star

The game is super fun and addicting but after I got past about level 350 it started me over from the beginning. It said I was still on level 351 but it was the same level as level 1.

1 star

If the ads don’t run you off then the amount of times the game freezes will. I love this game! I just can’t play it more than a minute at a time because the game will freeze up and need restarting. Then when it restarts you get another. I get why apps have ads and totally not a problem if the game worked better

1 star

The puzzles are repeated over and over and over, only problem is that they aren’t challenging at all, plonk it down in front of a 3 year old would probably take 2 minutes to figure it out.

1 star

the people artwork inspired by keith haring is compelling, the lemmings-like gameplay is great.... but the abrupt intrusive advertising made me uninstall it rapidly

Chuck Norris
Chuck Norris
07 December 2019

Chuck Norris doesn't wash his clothes. He disembowels them.

3 star

I like this game very much, it’s addicting and sometimes a brain teaser. The ads are rather annoying when they’re 30 seconds and you can’t skip and sometimes they glitch when you choose to watch them for a reward and you sit through the ad only to get nothing in return. Recently the app has been glitching and I’ve had to close the app and reopen for it to work, and sometimes crashing at random points and I lose the level I have just completed.

2 star

Levels are repeated throughout.

2 star

Pretty cool game but deleting it due to there being way too many ads, all 30 seconds long and after every round or two. Really frustrating.

1 star

Herşeye reklam bölümü geçsende reklam geçmesende reklam hediyeyi kabul etsende reklam etmesende reklam stres atmamız gerekirken daha çok strese giriyoruz yapacağınız oyunun a mına koyim

Halil Mentes
Halil Mentes
1 star

Map has glitches can't be passed and didn't fixed on latest update so byby

5 star

Yav karşim int kapatın no reklam zate👏🏻

Edwin Markham
Edwin Markham
07 December 2019

We have committed the Golden Rule to memory; let us now commit it to life.

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  • Relase Date27 September 2019
  • CategoryGames
  • PriceFree
  • App Rating4.5
  • Current Version0.5.3
  • DeveloperCoda Platform Limited
  • Operating SystemIOS 9.0 or later

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