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Suddenly… your baby is upset for days. Crying, sleeping poorly, and clinging to you. The Wonder Weeks tells you when to expect this difficult period and provides you with insights so that you can help your baby through this fussy stage of a leap in their mental development. Join millions of parents and discover your baby’s developmental milestones and leaps with the world’s most popular and best-selling baby app. Discover your baby’s developmental milestones and leaps with the world’s most popular and best-selling baby app: - Apple announced it as the Top 10 “Best of the year 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019” - Most downloaded app in paid Health and Fitness apps - “Coolest App for Moms” Award - “Choice & Gold” Award by users, Mumli - AppRx Awards Top 10 “Children’s Health App” - NHS (UK) – “Best App for parents” THIS IS WHAT THE APP OFFERS YOU: - Learn all about the 10 mental leaps - Gain an insight into the leap - Know which signals your baby could display - See which skills your baby has now - Tips to help your baby - Experience the leaps for yourself by doing fun exercises - Our unique leaps schedule shows you: - When a leap begins and ends - When you will see your baby display new skills - Keep track of your baby’s development and milestones in your diary. CAN BE EXPANDED WITH EXTRAS: - A Wi-Fi baby monitor - The English audio book - The English, Japanese, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Danish or Italian e-book - A range of white noises to help your baby fall asleep easily - Various sounds and music that both calm and stimulate - 350+ extra milestones to keep track of in your diary TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF SERVICE The payment will be deducted from your Apple ID account on confirmation of your purchase. The subscription will be automatically renewed unless cancelled at least 24 hours before the end of the current period. The payment to renew your account will be deducted within 24 hours before the end of the current period. After your purchase, you can manage and cancel your subscriptions in your App Store settings. Disclaimer: This app has been developed with the greatest of care. However, neither the developer, nor the author is liable for any damage caused by inaccuracies or incompleteness of the app.

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User interface is difficult since updateAll the info is still there, it’s still a useful app, but I find it so much harder to navigate since the last update.Score: 2/5

A must for all parentsThe information is excellent and something all new parents should know about! However the app can be a little hard to navigate and could use some work to make it more user-friendly..Score: 4/5

Not worth itNot worth the money. Should be in more detail. Hardy gives you any information.. the internet gives you more and the internet is free. Disappointed really..Score: 2/5

New app version disappointmentNew app is really disappointing in comparison to the old one. It seems to just repeat itself with information and each leap is a copy of the last. The old version was way more helpful and useful..Score: 1/5

Really not worth downloading anymoreThis ap updated from quality a few years ago, to basic and non-intuitive now. All it does is ask questions rather than guide the user through the leap. Yes I have the book. Ap should be free.Score: 1/5

Subscription model screws over previously paying customersHave been trying for weeks to get through to your support team and have now been charged twice for the eBook because of your new subscription model. Not right..Score: 1/5

The book is much betterThe app will do the due/actual date calculation for you but that’s about it. Don’t waste the $15, just buy the book..Score: 2/5

Difficulty to use and not very usefulI found the app difficult to use, provided minimal information and at least for us, the timing of the behavioural changes for wonder weeks was not accurate..Score: 2/5

Great but used to be betterAmazing to understand leaps in real time whilst noticing changes in your baby’s behaviour! App used to be better before they really pushed to monetise it further! Also keen to understand when the next installation will be ready as my almost two year old still shows signs of that dreaded (but developmentally necessary) fussy behaviour!.Score: 4/5

App is quite confusingThe calendar is quite confusing. It doesn’t say which leap is happening on which date and there’s a lot of manual counting of weeks. By the time you get to leap 4 onwards counting 16+ weeks manually is time consuming. The calander has weird cloud symbols but sometimes the colour code starts before the cloud? Not sure which indicates what. It’s unclear..Score: 3/5

AmazingThis app is so helpful and to be honest spot on! My baby has gone through the first leap and is currently going through the second and this app has helped to relieve anxiety and inform me about what to expect ect. I love love love this app. Would definitely recommend for all parents..Score: 5/5

It’s handy to haveThe app is handy to have but all the information is very easy to find on google for free..Score: 4/5

The old version was betterI loved this app until the version 10 update. Now it is confusing, much harder to navigate and missing the key features of what to look out for. If I wanted a diary I would get a diary app. I loved the previous app because it looked forward and gave me hope. Now it is looking backward and just being a diary. Please revert to the previous version..Score: 1/5

I like it but...I’ve been using this app and have found it helpful, but since the last update there’s no way (I can see) to add extra skills or events like you used to. My baby is saying lots of consonants and sticking out her tongue but there’s no way to actually log these things in the app, unless I make a story. Maybe they’re not part of leaps but it would be great to be able to add when these things start happening.Score: 3/5

First time mumMy baby just is between the 8/9 week chart and is super fussy. I downloaded this app to see why and right on cue, it’s a leap! Finally I know why and what to expect. Lovely to know that I’m not alone in this. ♥️.Score: 5/5

Baby monitor doesn’t work..My partner combined paid $40 to use the baby monitor feature for 6 months but it doesn’t work... we scan the QR code and it just freezes and doesn’t load. How do we get a refund ☹️.Score: 2/5

Reasonable appHelpful info and a nice way of recording development as your baby grows. Latest update keeps freezing and not saving when I try to add a picture which is frustrating. Also lost the notes I’d made in the prior version! :( Needs rewording on what you actually get in the app as you can’t read the book as it suggests without paying extra. I would also suggest a chance to trial the extended options- eg the baby monitor- before committing to the spend. I’m interested in trying it, but want to know if it will work for our set up before committing to a 3 month payment!.Score: 4/5

Bravo!!! Well done on the app “Leap”This update has made a world of difference to the app, great job!.Score: 5/5

Dislike the update to appHarder to navigate. Older layout was much more clear and easier to skim over..Score: 1/5

So far so goodIt’s early days for us but so far the leap timing has been accurate and the app is easy to use. Other parents I’ve spoken to also enjoy using this app. I find it particularly useful combined with the book..Score: 5/5

App not usefulThe app isn’t very useful, hard to use and doesn’t give much information. Info stays the same for weeks at a time with nothing to learn. You have to pay more & subscribe to get more, even after paying for the app. Waste of my money!.Score: 2/5

Old chart much clearerWhilst the newer app is pretty, I find the layout cumbersome and the leap chart hard to find. I used the app for my first two children (7 & 4 yr old). Whilst the soft tones are calming, the high contrast old look was better for sleep deprived memory retention - I always feel lost in the new layout. Old layout was easier to find info on what to play with child each leap - new layout has too much wordy science (and I have a science orientated brain)..Score: 2/5

Prefer the old layoutThis new app is so confusing. The old app and layout was much more straightforward and easier to understand..Score: 1/5

Bring back the old layoutWhere have the milestones for each leap gone? I used to love being able to see what my little one will be doing the next leap (eg lifting up rugs to see what’s underneath them)...Score: 1/5

New update terribleI was using this app almost daily and recording milestones and diary entries which I can look back on fondly. With this new update, the filters don’t even work for any entries made prior to the update. It is clunky and when scrolling down through previous entries the screen “jumps”. Impossible to use now. I have given up. Please revert to old version, and bring back option to export information. When I paid for this app mid last year I was happy with it. Since then it has progressively gotten worse with each update..Score: 1/5

ConfusingWhat’s with the update? Where can I find the information I used to? Why would you change a good thing. Useless.Score: 1/5

Poor layout designThe layout design was poor to begin with and now the newest design is even worse and harder to navigate. Disappointed..Score: 2/5

AtualizaçãoAtualização ficou muito ruim porque no gráfico não aparece quando o salto começa, aparece apenas quando termina..Score: 1/5

Love the New updateReally enjoying the update to the app!! So much more insight in understanding the leaps and development!! A friend of mine recommended getting the app to help understand when my twins would transition and understand the signs of their developmental leaps. The update to the app has proved to be a game changer, with the more user friendly layout, the detailed information and the little videos to help give us adults a visual and more in-depth understanding of what our bubs are going through, it really helps take the guess work out of what bubs behaviour means..Score: 5/5

Bring back old setupI hate the new setup I find it hard to work out when the leaps are coming and can use it the way I use too.Score: 1/5

Old VS NewI absolutely LOVED this app and have been using this since August when my little one arrive. However there has been a recent update in which when I am using white noise (heavy rain) it is no longer a continuous and uninterrupted. There is a clear pause when it loops back which is incredibly annoying since it never did it before. I also used to have to ability to scroll through the Wonder Week app itself and still have the white noise playing, but now it stops. As I said loved the app and if these things were to be rectified and put back to the way they were I would LOVE it again and would give it 5 stars no problem..Score: 1/5

Ok until recent updateWorked well before update. Didn’t need to change anything. New update seemed to over complicate things. I logged in after the update and it was difficult to even track and find the week my baby is in. It was pretty intuitive before. Why change something that’s not broken....Score: 2/5

App is now ruinedI don’t know why you felt the need to change the layout of this app but it’s completely ruined now and I have so many entries I have just wasted I’m so angry.Score: 1/5

Not worth itNot worth paying for this app. It doesn’t have much information and isn’t very user friendly. I find other free apps much more helpful..Score: 3/5

Subscribed but don’t have access to any extrasGood app to follow leaps. Very disappointed about subscribing and not gaining any extras though. Waste of money in my opinion. Have tried restoring purchases but still not working.Score: 2/5

This app provides very little besides notifications and a brief description of each leapNot worth the money.Score: 1/5

Extra payments not mentionedExtra payment is required for audio book, monitor, music and white noise. So disappointing!.Score: 1/5

Terrible layoutGreat resource but terrible design and layout. Have no idea where to find anything or look up information, feel like I’m constantly just stumbling upon things by accident and can never find them again..Score: 2/5

Description of leap not updating during the leapThere’s something odd going on and in leap 6 currently, it’s not updating the description. It seemed to work in the previous leaps but not leap 6..Score: 4/5

Odd layoutDifficult to follow. Strange layout. Not intuitive at all.Score: 1/5

Latest updateNot a fan of the latest update, the information that is needed is no longer easy to see / readily available. I’m thankful my son is in leap 10, I won’t have to hunt around the app for much longer. Really liked the old format, was a lot more user friendly..Score: 2/5

Waste of moneyThis app doesn’t provide anything useful. The list of leap signals is just a list of all possible behaviours (eg. ‘more tantrums’ and also ‘incredibly calm and sweet’), the list of skills is completely unrealistic (eg. my 16 month old doing 7 piece puzzles or being able to direct the route to the supermarket). Literally just talking to any other human mother would beat this app..Score: 1/5

Awesome content, navigation design is trickyWhile the content is fantastic, I find this app very difficult to navigate. It be more intuitive. I can never seem to find where my daughter is up to. While I‘m aware this app is all about the "wonder WEEKS", my daughter is 9 months now, and I stopped counting her age in weeks months ago, so calculating her milestones is tricky! I'd love a timeline graphic, where I could easily see where my child is currently positioned and where she is headed..Score: 3/5

Not accurateThe app isn’t accurate and I have other reviews regarding the same thing..Score: 1/5

Helped me mentallyThis app really helps me understand when my little babe is really fussy and why he could be fussy. It helped me put this into a positive light, knowing why he is unhappy because of big changes in his brain and that this is a good change!.Score: 5/5

Such perfect predictor of babies behaviorThis app is amazing at helping your prepare and survive fussy periods with your baby, based on years and years of research It’s incredible how perfect and accurate it is..Score: 5/5

Errors and InconsistenciesThe leap chart does not match the content. For example the tailored leap chart is totally mismatched vs the Leap Descriptions. Also there are editing/grammatical errors too..Score: 3/5

Waste of money and timeDidn’t notice any differences from this app..Score: 1/5

A little sanityIt’s so helpful knowing when your baby is going through a leap. It also helps you prepare for it!.Score: 5/5

Super disappointedWas convinced by friends of older children that this app would help me navigate new parenthood. The information my friends used to get off this app was super helpful and gave you a lot of well needed information. Since the update I can no longer find the information I was hoping for and am finding the app extremely hard to navigate. Waste of money unfortunately..Score: 1/5

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