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The #1 baby app worldwide! Understand why & when your baby suddenly cries more than usual, is not themselves and… what you can do to help. Your baby is suddenly crying all the time, clinging to you, and you ask yourself what is wrong. The good news is that this fussy crying phase is a sign of progress in the brain! Millions of parents have gone before you in following, supporting, and encouraging the 10 leaps in the mental development of their baby or babies. It is with good reason that Apple has declared it to be in the top 10 of the “Best sold apps in 2018, 2019 & 2020” TRACK YOUR BABY’S MENTAL DEVELOPMENT (0-20 MONTHS) - Learn all about the 10 mental leaps with tips, tricks & mind-blowing insights. - Your unique personalized leap schedule shows when a leap starts and ends, and… it counts down for you. - Discover how you can give your baby the help they need during the various stages of a leap. - Know when you can expect new skills. - Keep track of your baby’s development and milestones in the diary. - Gain insight into your baby’s perception of the world. - Experience the world through your baby’s eyes. OPTIONAL EXTRAS: - Over 350 extra milestones to keep track of in your diary - Baby monitor: Wi-Fi 4G (INCLUDING 7 chapters on sleep from the book) - E-Book (in full or per chapter) - Audiobook (in full or per chapter) - Music to lull your baby to sleep (white noise & music) WORLDWIDE AWARD: WINNING APP: - Declared by Apple to be in the top 10 “Best sold apps in 2018, 2019 & 2020” - Most downloaded paid app in Health and Fitness - Award for “Coolest App for Moms” - “Choice & Gold” Award from users, MumIi - AppRx Awards Top 10 “Children’s Health App” - NHS (UK) – “Best App for Parents” Especially for parenthood. The baby tracker for your baby’s leaps in their mental development. You can keep track of your baby’s milestones and your baby’s growth in our The Wonder Weeks! baby tracker. A leap for you and your baby. TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF SERVICE Disclaimer: This app has been developed with the greatest of care. However, neither the developer, nor the author is liable for any damage caused by inaccuracies or incompleteness of the app.

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Not convincedThis app was recommended to me by a friend, she said it’s amazing and very accurate. However I’m not too convinced as it doesn't tell me anything new or explains to me any of my baby’s behaviour that well. I regret purchasing it and would not recommend..Score: 2/5

Nothing a google search couldn’t tell other infoThe app is awful. It doesn’t let you see the leaps until you are in the actual week that they are happening and there is no other information or anything interactive on the app (other than offers to buy more products). Awful awful would not recommend. Also you can just google the leaps- there’s 10 and they come up with a quick search. I hoped this app would provide more but no such luck, it’s literally what I could google..Score: 1/5

Good but not goodThis app is good and is right when the leaps are happening but the milestones that they are stating that the baby should be hitting are ridiculous! At 6 months its stating that my baby should be walking around the cot and crawling in and out of rooms and so on. I know every baby is different but the skills are so advanced for what they actually should be doing at 6 months. This can lead to think your baby is not developing!! If you get this app take it with a pinch of salt. Its accurate for when they get grumpy and go through a growth spurt but the skills please dont read to much into them!.Score: 3/5

Not very helpfulThis app basically just says the same thing with every “leap” just in a slightly different way. The bullet points you choose for what your baby is experiencing make little to no sense. How could my 5 month old be emptying kitchen cupboards?.Score: 1/5

Good until Leap 4From Leap 5 onwards the predictions are completely ridiculous and unrealistic. I’m a Speech and Language Therapist and in no way would I expect a 5 month old to understand prepositional concepts like in/on/under and to start saying protowords such as ‘ah choo’ for sneezing etc. Leap 5 also indicates that my little one is likely to be emptying cupboard and looking under rugs and in just a few weeks time in leap 6 asking for a song to be sung and entertaining a smaller baby! My baby is on track in her development and is only now starting to learn sitting up. What a load of.... Why not just continue with the realistic expectations?? Quite poor for a paid app having a lifespan of 4 months until rendered useless..Score: 1/5

Hasn’t helped.I’ve followed the “leaps”, 8 months later and I when my baby is in a leap and therefore potentially unhappy or finding things hard, she isn’t. The wording is very strange during a leap. E.g “You are crying more often” do you mean the baby is crying more often?! Out of the 8 months when my little one is having a hard time it’s nothing to do with changes/leaps. It’s, teething, over tired, hungry or bored. I would love a refund if possible, it has been an incredible waste of time..Score: 1/5

ChangedThe app use to be user friendly but now it’s abit complicated to understand, I can never find things as I did before..Score: 1/5

Just tells you when the leaps areI thought this app was going to be super useful but I’ve hardly used it since paying £4.99. All it does is tell you when the weeks will happen, and what they are called. All of the signals for each leap are the same so it’s not very useful. Perhaps I’m missing something????.Score: 2/5

How can you charge people for this crap!They just collect your money and give you some basic knowledge you can read anywhere for free.Score: 1/5

Badly writtenReally badly written context. Waste of money.Score: 1/5

What a load of bull.Sitting here while my baby screams and screams on what is her worst spurt so far and according to wonder weeks she’s fine. Waste of money.Score: 1/5

Fairy pointless app for meMaybe it’s because I did not download it as soon as my baby was born so I missed the first 4 leaps, but since I’ve had this app I find it fairly pointless and generally it does not correspond to my child’s moods/behaviours so it is not even reassuring... Every leap appears to have the same signs and skills and no insight whatsoever in what may be going on in between leaps. I would be disappointed if it had been for free. I’ll keep it and continue to check it in the hope it may improve but thus far a waste of money (albeit a small amount). If I’m not using this right, I’d be happy to stand corrected as many mums rave about it....Score: 1/5

So soNot impressed with the subscription . It was great until now. I bought the book a few years ago and now suddenly I have to pay for a subscription to read sth I’ve already purchased. Crap..Score: 2/5

Horoscopes for babiesThis app is nothing other than horoscopes for babies. Of course if you check the app and it says “leap” you feel better for a bit, but literally useless waste of money..Score: 1/5

UnreliableI barely use this app. I used to think the leaps might correspond with my son’s development but the more he’s progressed the less clear that is to me. Also - functionality... has something changed? I used to understand when he was meant to be in a leap. Now I’m just not sure... one page tells me he’s not. Another says he’s in the ‘magical leap’. But on the list of leaps there is no such thing... and no leap listed for his his age. Clarity over whether you’re in a leap or not seems like a basic requirement for this app. Altogether not a great user experience and not very useful.Score: 1/5

Used to be brilliant but hate the new money grabbing versionI had my first child in 2019 and this app was recommended to me by so many. I genuinely thought it was brilliant. I didn’t mind the small few to buy the app and enjoyed it so much I purchased the book and audio book through the app as well (huge mistake). Gradually throughout my daughter’s first year the info on the app became leaner and leaner pushing users to a subscription based service, it didn’t matter to me too much as I had the book and was happy with that. I couldn’t use the app to track my daughter’s changes because that was only accessible to subscribers, but at least the info was available through the book. However I’m now expecting my second child, I just logged in to take a look. I wanted to re-read the first chapter of the book to remind myself of those first weeks but I couldn’t. Despite having previously paid for the book (no mention of a time limit or anything like that, at the time it was an outright purchase) it can now only be accessed through a subscription model. I’m so cross if I’d have known I’d have bought it through Amazon instead of the app. I have tried to “restore purchases” but that made no difference. Fine if wonder weeks want to change their business model again, but it’s not right to remove a resource someone has already paid for. I won’t use this app with my second. If I can find a second hand copy of the book somewhere I’ll buy it because it is a nice resource, but wonderweeks will not get another penny of my money. This platform has gone to being a wonderful resource for new parents to a big science experiment far more interested in obtaining mass data on child development for their own research than supporting parents..Score: 1/5

A waste of moneyThis could be a crystal ball predicting what’s happening and when with your baby as some leaps cover a large range of time and the symptoms range from being more quiet to being fussy and everything in between. The skills development might fit about the same time but they might not. The app should be free as there’s no added value - I could’ve googled this info/theory for free and I use other free apps for the supposed features offered. Don’t waste a penny on this app, it’s just another ‘service’ taking advantage of exhausted, desperate parents!.Score: 1/5

Not good at all!I bought this app by recommendation. What an utter let down. I don’t know what kind of children you have been basing your findings on but the must be direct descendants of Albert Einstein because there is no way you can expect my child at 11 months to dress himself, copy his own bathing routine with a doll and draw a picture. I got myself so worked up, it is outrageous how you pray on new mother’s anxieties surrounding development to line your pockets. Disgusting and not to mention scientifically inaccurate seeing as the professor lost his university post because his findings were not supported by sufficient evidence DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY LADIES AND GENTS.Score: 1/5

Not user friendlyThe content, navigation and app is not user friendly. It’s not easy to follow or interpret. I regret purchasing it as I haven’t used it since. Perhaps the books are better..Score: 1/5

Lost all my old in-app purchases from 2018…I agree with some of the reviews that mention old in-app purchases of the chapters have been lost due to newer ‘streamlined’ version removing them as a resource. It is sneaky of the developer to do this as I too purchased all the chapters via in-app purchasing back in 2018 when I had my first child and now for my second child I don’t have access to any of the previously purchased content. Surely Apple’s app store should investigate this it doesn’t seem right to remove something you have paid for and feels like a scam..Score: 1/5

Yet another gimmick aimed at new parentsMy honest advice is don’t bother. As with half of this crap, it’s yet another needless expense aimed at first time parents. The first 2 years are hard work. If you’re lucky your kid might sleep ok, if not then I feel for you. That’s all you need to know!.Score: 1/5

LeapsMy baby was born just over 3 weeks early so I had to input his due date rather than birth date. So far none of the leaps have matched him, he is way ahead of when it says he will have the leap as it’s counting him as 3 weeks behind. I don’t think the app should presume that just because he was born early that his development will be slower..Score: 1/5

Used to be goodI used to love this app but since they updated it I find it confusing and really difficult to use!.Score: 2/5

MehSorry but I’m not buying it. I wanted to love this app after hearing rave reviews from lots of people but unfortunately the leaps don’t match up to my daughter at all. I occasionally look at the skills part of the app because it’s interesting to see what she might start learning but that’s it. If she seems a little grumpy and it matches up with a fussy phase on the app i find it’s usually down to an actual issue like teething or tiredness, not “leaps”.Score: 2/5

Good appI like this app. Gives you an idea of what to expect behaviour wise with your little one(s). Plus some ways to get the best out of their developmental leaps. Only thing that I’ve found; is that the timescales aren’t set in stone. Sometimes I find my baby boy goes through the leaps early and finishes early. I guess it just a really good guideline of things to expect from little one. Not to be taken as gospel..Score: 4/5

NopeThis app is stupid. Of course it can’t predict a baby’s behaviour, all babies are different. It has never been right for us and we’ve had it for months and months. Don’t bother with this, just follow your babies cues and you’ll do just fine..Score: 1/5

No help from help deskLeft a critical review. Told to get in touch with help desk. Did this. Was told to turn device on and off again. This didn’t work. No more advice. Poor through and through..Score: 1/5

Baby doesn’t follow the leaps on this appMy baby does not follow the leaps on this app so it’s a pointless purchase. Even if he did I’m not really impressed with the app, it’s basic..Score: 1/5

Hate the updateI loved this app with my eldest daughter but it has changed so much and isn’t easy to navigate at all. Way 2 complicated compared to how simple it used to be. Edit - who is louise?!.Score: 2/5

Can’t help but feel it’s a bit of a conI bought everything the app had to offer, but when the app changed it wants me to buy it all again. It just tells me that it’s restored, but nothing is restored and then gives me the option to purchase them again! I wouldn’t buy it because they can just change the app and you’ll have to do it again. I still gave 3 stars because I think it’s incredibly useful to know roughly when and why your baby is being extra fussy and I do believe the app offers a good service to parents during this time. One of my babies had very short leaps (2-3 days?) whereas one of them they seemed to stretch the whole hog (if not more!) so it shouldn’t be used as a law, more of a guide. Very useful tool..Score: 3/5

OK appInformative but it doesn’t share any science behind the leaps. The app is Ok but not the most amazing one.Score: 3/5

Waste of moneyI just dont think its worth the money. It basically tells you what all the other baby apps tell you but it charges you 3.99 for the privilege. There is other ‘tools’ like sleep schedules and diarys etc but nothing that other baby apps dont give you. Personally i would recommend the medela app which is also free.Score: 2/5

Unrealistic expectationsSaying words at 6 months old? Seriously? This app is causing a lot of confusion and anxiety in the new parent world as it says ridiculous things like “you say your first words in the right context” at 6 months. It’s also very widely used hence people think it’s accurate, but it’s not. Also the leaps never come anywhere near when the app says, I’ve confirmed both these points with other parents too..Score: 2/5

Waste of moneyNothing useful.Score: 1/5

It’s Ok..I am not impressed with the app. It does give you some info but it isn’t that life-changing as advertised..Score: 3/5

Waste of moneyBought based on the high star reviews and a recommendation but have found the app to have zero use. The leaps and skills are not matching up to my baby and the app is horrible to navigate. I don’t understand what you are paying for with this app, I wouldn’t be happy even if it was free. Have emailed support for a refund..Score: 1/5

Not suitable for twinsI’m very disappointed in how this functions for twins. I have added a profile for both of my babies but when I make a change on baby A’s profile (e.g. ticking off a new skill), this also appears on baby B’s profile. This renders the entire app useless for me as I can not keep track of my individual babies progress..Score: 1/5

DisappointedHad heard a lot about the app but felt it offers very little..Score: 1/5

There’s not much info on the appWouldn’t have paid for this app not much I fo.Score: 1/5

I love itSo informative, really helps me understand what my little one should be doing and why!.Score: 5/5

A load of rubbishPointless app. A bit like reading your star sign, it says what you want to hear to make you feel better about your baby’s growth spur symptoms. Just read online and save yourself the expense of this app!.Score: 1/5

Don’t Take This App SeriouslyWhen my baby was first born, I downloaded this app because I was so curious about her development. As time has gone on, I’ve noticed she doesn’t follow the leap windows at all - just has good and bad days like every human. Then I discovered Wonder Weeks isn’t even really based on science as the study was carried out on 15 caucasian cisgender families. When the research was later replicated, it couldn’t be proved. Really regret my purchase..Score: 1/5

Difficult to navigate and instructions are unclearI was recommended this app by a friend and decided to give it a go. My baby is 7 months old and I found it extremely difficult navigating the app and understanding what I needed to do in terms of setting up his skills etc. Really disappointed.Score: 1/5

Loved it, but not it seems brokenLoved being able to track the skills each leap, but today it seems the sleep/nap log doesn’t work. It just shows dots so won’t be able to keep track of the baby’s naps. Shame really as I don’t really want to download it again.Score: 3/5

Terrible and strange appI find the app messy. It’s not intuitive at all. The milestones are ridiculous. Suggesting a child under 1 should be doing something a 3 year old may only just be attempting. I found this app very strange, lost interest so stopped using it.... I’ve found great information easily else where for free..Score: 1/5

ConfusedThe app should have had a tutorial about how to navigate around the app. It’s not clear or there’s no structure..Score: 1/5

VanishaGood guidance and reassurance. Love this app as it makes you be prepared for what’s to come.Score: 5/5

Confirmation biasLots of people recommend this so you can explain why your baby is unsettled... but really, it’s because you’ve seen they might be, so that’s how you rationalise it. I purposefully only check it when my baby is particularly unsettled and it never aligns. The fact they say things like “your baby may sleep more OR less” (duh) and “your baby may feed more OR less”. I mean please. 2 stars rather than 1 because some of the info is interesting (but doesn’t align with my baby, who does some stuff WEEKS before they mention it).Score: 2/5

Do not waste your moneyA little like a growth spurt, once you know the signs, it is all the same. Every leap the signs are identical, nothing new to learn and consistently the timings are inaccurate. Maybe the book is better, but I’m not going to waste my money trying to find out..Score: 1/5

Not helpfulHeard a lot of people talking about the wonder weeks and was even recommended it by my midwife, so I bought it to help better understand my babies development. Unfortunately my baby just didn’t follow the leaps at all! I’m guessing because every baby is different some won’t follow the leaps but I just don’t think it’s worth the money at all. It’s hard to navigate and understand what’s happening, the signals are very vague and apply to every leap. I don’t know why there is charge for this app?? There isn’t any advice offered on how to cope with different milestones etc It was interesting to understand what she could be learning but since my baby didn’t follow to leaps it didn’t apply to us. Hopefully it works for other people..Score: 1/5

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StupidBabies will develop their abilities at their own natural pace and rhythm based on lots of factors including their genetics, their diet, their environment, and the adults who interact with them. So this app trying to tell me why my baby is crying is absolutely absurd. I feel sorry for Anyone who falls for this crap..Score: 1/5

Very accurateThis is app has been so helpful with understanding the “stormy” days with developing children. The leap chart is accurate and is a great tool to have..Score: 5/5

So reassuringI can say a lot of stuff that everyone else is saying so I’ll tell an anecdote instead. My 2 month old has been very stand off-ish with my husband lately and he’s been really bummed about it. I tried to tell him that it was normal that she would be clingy to me but I think it didn’t really sink in for him because he thought I was trying to make him feel better. Not a day after we had that conversation, I get an alert that my girl is hitting a leap and one of the defining points was that she would be much more clingy to me and shy with everyone else. I could see a weight lift off of my husband just having that reassurance that this is normal and temporary and happening exactly when it does for just about everyone else. Thank you for making our newly chaotic lives a little bit less anxious..Score: 5/5

DisappointedNot giving as much information as I thought it would.. Very little information. You can just go on the internet and find even more information than what you have on the app. I don’t know what all the hype is about.. Not worth the money.:(.Score: 1/5

Waste of moneyAt first it was helpful until after the baby’s 4th month. the milestones got really ridiculous and the signals got so repetitive (eg, “baby cries more often”).Score: 1/5

Too little informationI could have read about leaps anywhere on internet and not pay for it. The timing is also off, our baby had her leaps on totally different dates. Other than the info on the leaps, which are only a few, there is no other information. Not impressed..Score: 2/5

Not a fan of the updateI really liked knowing how many days until the end of the leap. That was taken away and now I find the app relatively useless. Don’t really like the diary feature either. It’s confusing..Score: 1/5

Not worth the HypeThe timing is always off and doesn’t tell you how to cope with the Leap.Score: 1/5

Can I get my money back?I paid $7 for them to tell me that he will go through something at this age. Yeah, I know. ThTs why I downloaded the app. I’m looking for answers, this does NOT give you answers. Simply tells you when they might go through a “leap”..Score: 1/5

So accurate!10 months old and this app is still always so accurate, it’s almost scary!.Score: 5/5

Life saver!!We absolutely loved having this app at our fingertips for both of our kiddos. Whenever they seemed “off”, we would check and sure enough, they’d be approaching or already right in a “leap”. It was so reassuring as new parents. Lots of great info but easy to navigate..Score: 5/5

Great for first time parentsThe app has been helpful at understanding what’s happening and when to our baby. While every baby is different, knowing what may be coming has been really amazing..Score: 5/5

Not worth downloadingIt tells you what the leaps are but doesn’t give you tips for how you can manage them and the signs are also extremely vague. They are always the same signs for every leap pretty much. It’s not worth downloading in my opinion..Score: 1/5

Super annoyedI got this for a little knowledge (even though it’s all google-able) but also for the added white noise. But once you pay the $5.50 for the app they then want you to pay $17.00 to have the “more” page for 6 months..Score: 2/5

Super application!Super application et c’est vraiment intéressant de lire les nouvelles compétences de bébé! La seule chose que je rajouterais serait les poussées de croissance :).Score: 4/5

Great app - using it again for second childGreat app that al parents should download!.Score: 5/5

Love this appLove the app, I find the update much more user friendly and clean design..Score: 5/5

Need just a checklist not another baby journalHonestly the app was excellent before. As a new parent it was comforting to know “ok is this new behaviour something to expect” by looking at the signs in the app for guidance. Now it takes 3-4 steps to create some journal entry for a particular day to get a list. This redesign is just confusing and tries to be too much. Maybe to improve engagement with the app. Why does this have to be a milestone journal it’s just too much. If I want to simply look up a list of signs I have to go through 6 steps which are extremely confusing. I have to “add a topic” (what does that even mean) with a type set to skills. I hope you’d streamline the UI a bit so we get to the info we’d like to see..Score: 3/5

Waste of time & moneyThis app blows - don’t bother buying it! The « leaps » don’t really make any sense, and the app keeps contradicting itself about when the leap actually is. My baby at 15 weeks is starting leap 4, but the app also tells me there’s 25 days left in the leap, elsewhere says she’ll start the leap in 46 days, but also says that leap 4 starts at week 19.... what?!? Not user friendly. No explanations about how to use. For example, the calendar has little clouds over some weeks - I would love to know what that’s supposed to mean, but it isn’t explained anywhere. I literally can’t use this app (and I have a Masters degree 🤣). Completely useless!.Score: 1/5

RidiculousI am so upset that I spent money on this app. The “leaps” are insane. Basically telling me that my 7 month old should be walking and talking by now. How about making the skills more realistic instead of making mothers stress about their babies not developing on time?? I’ve never seen a more ridiculous time line. Don’t bother with this app unless you want to be worried about your perfectly normal baby..Score: 1/5

Nothing specialI don’t really find any use for this app, the leaps never coincide with anything and I don’t even bother checking the app anymore.Score: 1/5

Old versionThe older version of this app was much easier to read and understand. Do not like the new version..Score: 3/5

Used to love it - now?! Not so muchThe information is great, but the format is trash. I used this app 3 years ago with my first baby and it was very user friendly and easy to follow. This one has you clicking on things to try and find info and then BAM you’re making some useless journal entry when all you wanna know is ARE WE IN A LEAP? No offense to this app but I’m not opening this app when my baby is sunshine and rainbows and trying to make a cutesy mood journal. NO , I’m opening this app to find the light at the end of whining, wailing tunnel of despair. I want my calendar option quick, my typical signs and tips all just one simple page. Kinda like before?! Also, It would be really helpful if the app would tell you how many weeks your baby is. It’s not that I don’t know ... I generally go by months old. For a $5 app this should be cleaner and easier :).Score: 2/5

Waste of MoneyThis talks about developmental leaps which are important to know but for $6 to buy the ap just to have access to the leap info which can easily be googled and found for free on their website and other places in the internet it is not worth it. They also advertise extras you get with buying the app which is a waste as you have to also pay for these after the fact. Don’t waste your time or money just google the information about leaps. Spoiler alert: It is completely vague on when your kid will hit a leap it is +/- 2 weeks timeline based off the due date but My premie baby hit the leaps based on off her birthdate..Score: 1/5

Preferred the old versionI really enjoyed the old version of the app. I find the new version is more complicated and harder to understand. I find the new version not helpful at all..Score: 2/5

Don’t waste your moneyThis app is not user friendly and it’s completely inaccurate. It’s a complete waste of money. Don’t waste your time purchasing, and then trying to figure it out..Score: 1/5

Good Info, Not User FriendlyThis is app is confusing to use. The leap chart is difficult to decipher. The information, once you figure out where your baby is on their chart is great! Tons of info and it’s very helpful. They recently overhauled the whole layout and design, and I’m afraid to say it didn’t improve much. The developer needs to dumb it down a bit for us in the back..Score: 3/5

New layoutThe new layout is less straight forward. I rather just have lists of things to look for.Score: 3/5

Hard to navigateI like the content but find the app hard to navigate and frustrating. Popup screens with confusing checkboxes and force exit screens make no sense to me. Why can’t it follow standard design patterns?.Score: 2/5

It crashes... can't even open it anymore.I was adding pictures and now it won't let me use it. It keeps crashing.... and I spent money on it so you think it wouldn't crash because I am adding pictures like the app says I can do..Score: 1/5

I don’t understand itOn top of things you gotta pay for extra things on the app. it’s not user friendly at all.Score: 1/5

Very poor upgradeI purchased this app when my first baby was two months old and really enjoyed using it as we navigated through all the sleeping progressions/regressions. It was extremely helpful. Then the app went through a complete change of format and now it is absolutely useless to me. Compared to the old version, the newer version is a complete waste of time. I am disappointed as I had a second baby that I am not using this app for. Hopefully the company reads all the feedback and goes back to what works..Score: 1/5

Not worth the purchaseDefinitely not worth the purchase. Google can give you everything AND more than this app can. I am so dissatisfied and disappointed with this app. Very much regret downloading it..Score: 1/5

New version is terribleI loved the old version but since the update it’s horrible. There’s less information, less to read and everything is presented in checklist that makes you think your child is behind every time. A child is not supposed to clap hands at 6 months and it only make pressure/stress on the parent. Please put the old version and information back!.Score: 1/5

Ótimo AplicativoConsigo entender o que está acontecendo com minha filha e como agir a cada salto ❤️.Score: 5/5

Waste of moneyCompletely disappointed that I paid money for this app. It is useless.Score: 1/5

I’m not impressedI wanted ideas and suggestions of activities or things I could do during these “leaps” to help stimulate my baby. I could have downloaded a milestone checklist for free from my government health website. This feels like a waste of money to me..Score: 3/5

Not user friendlyDespite the recent changes to try and make the app more user friendly, it’s simply not. The information is generally good, but the way it’s formatted is not helpful. I know a lot of moms like me who have the app but rarely use it..Score: 2/5

Paid for app and app is not openingI paid for this app and not long after the app is not working anymore. I sent an email for support and am not getting an answer this is super frustrating, what a waste of money..Score: 1/5

Completely useless and waste of moneyNo sure why this costs $5, really useless.Score: 1/5

So ConfusingThis app is super confusing and has the worst UX/UI experience I’ve ever seen. It doesn’t explain when your baby is in a leap or what leap they’re in. The calendar has zero explanation and there is no help menu to explain the app. It’s honestly the least intuitive app I’ve ever used..Score: 1/5

Don’t like the new set upTwo years ago I got this app. It was brilliant. I could buy just what I needed (I.e. ebook) now we have to buy all the other stuff to have access to the ebook. Plus, I had already bought it and I don’t understand why I do t have access any longer. Videos aren’t helpful and very little advice..Score: 1/5

Confusing InterfaceMy wife and I check this App occasionally To see when our baby is going through leaps, but I find the app overly complicated and the interface is not user friendly or intuitive. I also find that the wording is very confusing - for example the wording of the checklists for each leap. I don’t particularly understand why each one starts with “you”. “You are bad tempered, you cry more” - I get that it’s directed at baby but personally it would more sense if it was directed at the baby in third persons. The last item on the checklist is “I’ve noticed that you”, and that’s it - no further explanation on the checklist. I imagine your suppose to edit it and write your own comments but I personally find there is a better way of doing it. Overall I would say that the information is good, and might help put parents at ease, but I wouldn’t recommend it purely on the fact that it’s UI is terrible. I’m much more likely to check google..Score: 2/5

UselessInstantly disappointed in this app. Wish I could get a refund and just delete it. Will never use. I don’t understand the good reviews. Save your money..Score: 1/5

Terrible updateThe new update to this app is horrible. It is so confusing and not user friendly AT ALL! The app used to tell me how many days left in this leap and how many days until the next leap and I was able to fill out a checklist style of milestones. It also gave a checklist of what to expect during each leap. Now I’m SO confused. I have no idea where anything is, it completely changed and there was no new tutorial on how to navigate the new update. I’m glad I had been using it for a while to get my money’s worth because I would never pay for this version or recommend it to anyone..Score: 1/5

Waste of moneyThere are better resources out there. This app is nothing special and I can’t believe I wasted $5 on it..Score: 2/5

Debunked - wouldn’t recommend even if it was freeRegret buying. Recommended by friends but I wouldn’t recommend it even if it was free. Wish I’d done the quick google that showed the admittedly interesting research this app and the book are based on wasn’t replicable and the original authors went after colleagues/former students who did the follow up research… if it helps you to be more empathic and understanding of your baby great - otherwise mostly very vague, contradictory and essentially useless. The most amazing thing about this app is how well it’s done in sales..Score: 1/5

Family Sharing not availableEven though it is stated that Family sharing is able to be done when enabled. It is clearly stated through The Wonder Weeks support that they can not support it as the app is no longer log-in based. Very disappointed by this as I do not want to re-purchase the app to have it available on our family iPad using my husband as the main log-in..Score: 1/5

HorribleSad to say, but really disappointed in this app - especially since I paid for it! I find the UI really bad. The content is overly wordy and poorly written (plus spelling and grammatical errors!). The “leap” structure and timing is hard to follow and inaccurate. There are a number of “dead ends” I the new ovation of the app and it’s sections. This app honestly reminds me of a high schooler’s project that got thrown together at the last minute. Some good intentions and general Ideas, but at the end of the day never got finished properly and never reached its potential. Would not recommend!.Score: 1/5

AnticlimacticI downloaded this app on the recommendation of a friend and at first glance- it was awesome! It literally validated all the things I was already thinking about why my baby was screaming at me. Beyond that, there’s literally no further information than each leap and the diary. Tbh it was a waste of money and I don’t know what else to do with it. I’ve even reviewed the app FAQ to show me how to use it incase I’m missing something..Score: 2/5

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Waste of moneyThis app was recommended to me by a friend however I am not impressed with it at all. The information on here seems a bit redundant and contradictory. For example it says your baby might eat more or less this week. How is that helpful? Is it one or the other? There’s nothing on this app you can just Google online and find..Score: 1/5

DisappointedI am very disappointed with the customer service provided by Wonder Weeks. I purchased the ebook with my 2018 baby. When I retrieved the app from my cloud, it would not let me access my ebook and said I needed to subscribe to the new packages. I reached out to customer service to get this resolved. They sent me a code to use for a free ebook. However the code didn’t work. We have gone back and forth multiple time with different codes and none have worked! My original complaint was on May 29, it’s now August 4th and I still do not have access to what I’ve purchased! They don’t respond to emails unless you pretty much hound them and even then, they don’t solve your problem..Score: 1/5

Disappointed and not worth the moneyWonder weeks from the Lumi Pampers app is so much better and not sure why this paid version is not as good. It doesn’t provide half the things on the Lumi app like how to comfort your baby, how to prep for the leaps, or things to try out (toys, or sounds). So disappointed in this app and not sure why they don’t provide the same content as the Wonder weeks through the Lumi app..Score: 1/5

InterestingI got this app because my labor and delivery nurse received it. Until keep 7 or about 1 year it was dead on. Like almost to the day predicting when our baby would be cranky or sweet. Keep 8 totally jumped the shark. Babies don’t go from putting together a 3 piece puzzle to cleaning a toilet bowl. It says not all babies will do every example, but wow is it off towards the end. Interesting app, but not a necessary one..Score: 3/5

Doesn’t seem to be syncing with my babe.A friend told me about this app so I purchased it! Anything to help navigate parenthood. I have two old children and need all the help I can get!! After tracking I have discovered that my baby is fussier randomly during the easy days and easier on the wonder weeks 🤷🏼‍♀️ So for us, it’s not helped at all..Score: 2/5

Poor quality contentNot sure why this app costs $3.99 it gives you very little for that price. Content is shallow and videos are poor quality. Regret buying it.Score: 1/5

Seriously the best!Some of these reviews say it wasn’t accurate to their baby’s weeks. The app does say to enter your baby’s due date which I did but it seemed a little off. So I just changed it to when my baby was born and it’s spot on!! She was born 3 weeks early if that helps. Every baby is different though. I love this because of the information is gives for each leap. It helps to understand why your baby is extra fussy and what to focus on to help them through each leap..Score: 5/5

Not worth paying forThis should be a free app with in app purchases. Not worth buying just to hate. Not accurate and very confusing to navigate. Just google each week if you’re that interested tbh.Score: 1/5

Basically astrologyI got this app because someone said it was science based. It’s not. It doesn’t have any references to science in it. The first leap didn’t fit my baby at all, and the second leap only fit my baby for a couple of things on the list, which was probably just a coincidence. The app’s texts explaining the leaps are like long rants which are difficult to apply to actual behaviors that my baby has. And, once again, there’s no scientific evidence of any of it. The app also has some pop ups which are annoying to click away when exploring the app. I’m sorry I paid for this app. It’s basically astrology, trying to explain all babies based on due dates. Babies don’t follow the calendar. The worst thing is that the app gives a false sense of “light at the end of the tunnel” and directs attention away from real issues that a baby has..Score: 1/5

Baby Monitor does not work for meThe app itself is okay, it seems to be on track with my baby’s development. However I did pay extra for the baby monitor and tried using it the other day, the code directs me to a disconnected phone number. I’m not mad about it but it would have been nice to have..Score: 3/5

Strange AppI have no idea why this app is rated so highly. There are literally typos throughout and you do not get anything special worth paying for. The skills they say baby should accomplish after a leap are ridiculous. A 6 month old walking after leap 5? Do not buy!.Score: 1/5

Confused…with every leapI also agree that it’s always vague about the leaps but my confusion comes with what my 9 month old should be doing now…talking on the phone, pointing and naming, turning pages. Last leap was putting together a puzzle, play peeka boo with a younger baby, making silly face in the mirror and laughing at 6-7 months old. These skills are so outlandish and actually comical. I come on only to laugh at the outrageous things a baby should be doing. At first it caused worry that my baby was behind which is not right for a parent have to add that worry to their lives. I’ve tried sticking with it and since I paid for it but it’s actually disappointing when I’m actually looking for help..Score: 1/5

Spot onI'm on baby number three and this app has been spot on for all of them, even my two premature babies. I will say that the app makes a point to have you put in their due date, but with my premature children, the mental leaps actually happened at the appropriate age from their actual birth dates. When one of my kids is driving me insane, I look at this app and 100% of the time, it's turned out that they're in a leap and knowing that helps me to be more patient with them..Score: 5/5

Not user friendlyApp should be more user friendly. I see clouds and storm symbols but you can’t click on them nor does it explain it on the app what they mean.. I eventually figured it out but it’s just not direct and very disorganized. My sister loved this with my niece and I remember it being spot on back in 2015. My experience... So/so.. My son is accomplishing these leaps 2-4 weeks ahead of schedule and to a complete T. I asked my friend who uses this and she said the same thing with her daughter. The good thing is it helped me understand why suddenly my son was fussy, more clingy, or usual things aren’t cutting it. So I was more patient understanding he’s going through something and able to prepare. But I wish it would adjust with your personal schedule and use a “smart adjustment” technique to predict your child’s personal track. Therefore less offense with other parents I’m seeing in reviews...Score: 3/5

Very InterestingI was surprised to see how accurate this is in predicting changes in my baby’s behavior and awareness. I love being able to be more aware and empathetic to my son. I also love being able to play with him and stimulate his new skills..Score: 5/5

Love the app- baby monitor purchase stopped workingI ALWAYS used the baby monitor (for about a month) but a couple days ago it stopped working. I’ve tried troubling shooting everything and nothing is working. Really disappointed that I spent the money on the app and the additional money on the monitor for it to quit working all together….Score: 3/5

TerribleNot worth paying for and not very informative. I would give it 0 stars if I could..Score: 1/5

Needs MoreWhile this app is great for tracking when and how long a leap is, it should really include what to expect during the leap. How might baby act? What might be affected (sleep, eating, etc)? I also wish it showed the exact dates for each phase for your specific baby rather than a little line on the calendar. So much needs to be improved with this app..Score: 2/5

Get this appSo helpful. I recommend it to all my mom friends..Score: 5/5

Horrible customer service and misleading infoNot worth the money, get the book from the library.Score: 1/5

Love it but could use a few improvementsThe app content is 10 stars. I have used the leap information loads of times as my babe has grown and it’s usually spot on within a few days. Improvement suggestions: Add actual dates. Looking at the map with only a few dates isn’t helpful. I want to know to the day when the leap is projected to start. Allow the start dates to be flexible. My babe hit her 4th leap early but whenever I went to read up, I got messages saying it hasn’t started yet..Score: 4/5

Not Accurate for Us!Maybe this concept of the Wonder Weeks is spot on for some. We’re currently in the “fussy” phase of Leap 5 and my daughter is the happiest she’s ever been. I’ve never been able to correlate my daughter’s fussy periods to the leaps. Leap 4 is supposed to be the worst and honestly she was fussier immediately after the app said she went through the leap in what was supposed to be the “sunshine phase.” I bought this app before my daughter was born and should have saved my money. Maybe wait until your baby is born and see if the first leap or two makes sense for you before you invest in the app. I’ve heard it works for some, but not us! Good luck!.Score: 1/5

App crash— DIARY gone!!Second time this has happened! I save precious photos and soar entries and then one day the app won’t open and never does again. All lost. The first time I finally have up and reinstalled app hoping to still have my data saved after logging in; but nothing left. No help from support via customer service. So so disappointed. Beware..Score: 1/5

I love/hate this appOkay the wonder weeks part is great. But the journal part is killing me. I have all this beautiful content in there and I can not export it. Nor can I copy paste it without actually going in and hitting the edit button - which brings me dangerously close to accidentally hitting delete. And I can’t login to the app from other devices so I have to do it on my phone. It was a fantastic idea to add a journal to this. Keep going in development. Make it exportable and my goodness make this app accessible from all your devices..Score: 3/5

I cannot restore my purchaseIt says restored successfully, but nothing happens. Still charge me when click into the items I’ve purchased..Score: 2/5

Love the app, but it keeps crashing…This app was great!… the beginning. I’ve been using the app since before my baby was born to write diary entries and add photos as time went on. I als began using it to track his naps and special events that went on in his life. Unfortunately, out of nowhere, the app started crashing. I can’t add a single diary entry or even a nap time because the app crashes whenever I hit save. So disappointed considering I paid for it and I can’t even use it for one of it’s main purposes. Now all I can do is READ about the leaps…i can’t add any signs, signals, pictures, or anything. Very frustrating :(.Score: 3/5

Oh how unrealisticThe book and app have been protested as being a waste. There is no evidence that anything is correct. All it does is make parents anxious that their children aren’t reaching milestones that are WAY beyond their child’s developmental age. It’s pretty unlikely that my 4.5 month old will be pulling things out of cupboards, considering she can’t sit or crawl. I am thrilled that she figured out how to roll over. Get the CDC milestones app. It’s free, realistic, and reassuring..Score: 1/5

So informative!It’s spot on and so informative. All new parents need this app!.Score: 5/5

Needs to be more interactiveFirstly I think it’s good knowledge to share and that’s what they are charging for…. But honestly it is static knowledge that the app provides which I feel can be easily circulated to all without each person having to pay $3.99. Further what is the black dot on the leap chart??? Why isn’t there a legend explaining what the black dot represents! I think the developers are a bit lazy around updating this legacy app to make it more interactive with better visuals!.Score: 3/5

Book is good. The app is greatThis app was so important to the development of my family that I gift this app to every person I ever met with a baby.Score: 5/5

Literally nothing lined upMy son was born 4 weeks early so I thought it was cool that the app asked for his due date not birthdate, but literally nothing has lined up with their expected dates for leaps or what happens during a leap (even though developmentally my son isn’t behind on his official milestones that get checked by his pediatrician). This app has been a complete waste of money..Score: 1/5

Not evidence based, repetitiveVery basic information that’s repetitive from one “leap” to the next. I looked at it for three minutes and was like….this is it?? No refund given when I requested one. Skip this app and save your money!!.Score: 1/5

Worth the $3.99Very helpful! Lord of information.Score: 5/5

DisappointedThe app is great for knowing when leaps are coming. the skills part? not so much. leap 6 skills are things that a baby that young would never be doing like asking to build a block tower, playing peek a boo with a younger baby, showing that they think something is dirty, understanding names of animals. leap 7 skills consist of trying to talk on the phone, imitating cooking, trying to undress themselves, saying “yum” when eating. i doubt any 9 month old would be doing these things. i wish i didn’t pay for this app. there are way better FREE apps that can sum up milestones and skills that your baby should be doing. i feel like i paid money just to know why my daughter is fussy, which could honestly be a number of reasons that don’t have an underlying issue..Score: 2/5

Not worth itThis should be a free app! There is such little information on each leap and the app has calculated the wrong dates for my son. I entered his due date, as told, but he continuously becomes fussy the week after a leap. All of the information the app gives can be found with a quick google search. Wouldn’t recommend. Update due to poor response from developer that does not address the flaws in the app and minimal information. This app leaves so much to be desired. Most of this information can found on the free What to Expect app. I will be sure to advise future moms against this scam..Score: 1/5

UnnecessaryNot sure how this is supposed to help or prepare in any aspect..Score: 1/5

Just not accurateI wanted to like this app, but it just wasn’t accurate for my baby and I. I heard so many great things about it, and I know people love it and it lines up with their babies. Unfortunately, that is not the case for me. There is also no science backed behind this. Plus I mean the likely hood that every baby in the world will go through developmental leaps at the exact same age is probably pretty slim..Score: 1/5

If you can ignore grammar issues, typos, and repeats it’s awesomeIf you can ignore grammar issues, typos, and repeats it’s awesome! I do wish it went to even older. The study this is based on went all the way to college..Score: 4/5

Total WasteDates were all wrong and will not adjust to match your baby. So annoying..Score: 1/5

CoolCool cool..Score: 5/5

Doesn’t work for preemiesUseless if your baby is born premature. It doesn’t take into account adjusted age, so it’s a nice idea but only for full term babies. Sad..Score: 2/5

Latest update renders this uselessAlthough I knew not to put too much stock in this app, I liked having a place to keep track of milestones and look ahead for upcoming skill development. The latest update added so many nonsensical skills that it's not worth even looking any more. I'm sure some 5-month-old somewhere is walking, but that doesn't mean it's appropriate to include "you walk back and forth," "you make a jumping movement" and "you grab a toy from an overhead shelf or table" for Leap 5. You even include "you oppose your thumb and index finger to grasp small objects", though the pincer grasp is typically a skill seen in 9-month-olds. Your app is bound to mislead caregivers and cause undue worry - it's utterly irresponsible to include skills that are not developmentally appropriate..Score: 1/5

More parent inputI think this app would be better with more parent input. Meaning, if my child is experiencing x,y, & z then they would be going through a leap. But this app TELLS you when your child is going through a leap. For my child it has been so inaccurate with the dates. It’s almost the OPPOSITE of what he is experiencing. The one feature I do like about this app is that if my child is fussy for a few days I can look at it and say oh he might like A or B (things the app suggests due to a growth). And it typically helps the situation. However, because it is not lined up with my child’s actual leap schedule. I have to search all around for ideas through different leaps because he’s not coinciding with what the app has him scheduled for. I downloaded it around 2 months for him snd it keeps saying he didn’t ever go through the previous leaps. Which is also so annoying. If it had asked me what he went through and when it could have gotten a better idea of what his schedule is actually like. This is just a generic schedule based on my baby’s conception and birth date. I am disappointed I bought it..Score: 3/5

App Sleep schedule issuesI like the app, Only issue is that when I try to start the sleep schedule the app will automatically shut down on me. I’ve tried restarting my phone and that didn’t seem to help..Score: 2/5

Very InsightfulThis app has definitely helped me better understand what’s going on with my twins..Score: 5/5

Not great for twinsI have twins who are very different in their developmental stages. They obviously share a due date so this app is not very accurate for them. I’m honestly not even sure if it’s accurate for either of them. I guess the info about the stages is helpful, but I definitely don’t have time to log in all of the things they both do throughout the day. Not worth paying for this app for me..Score: 3/5

Dates do not match!!!The app goes based off of due date not birth weight. My baby was born two weeks early and it is exactly two weeks off. What’s even the point of the app then?.Score: 1/5

UselessI started reading and following bc I found that others thought it was helpful and I loved the idea of knowing what’s going on with my baby’s development but from leap 5 on the skills are nonsense. A 6 month old being able to pull things out of cabinets and knowing what animals are which and being able to pull to standing… none of this is correct. I reached out to support and supposedly the app has an issue that they stated would be fixed in mid July. It’s sept and it’s the same nonsense. I want my money back 😢.Score: 1/5

Not worth itDon’t waste your time or money upgrading. The first few “leaps” seem to legitimize any fussiness as a new parent, then after that it’s kind of useless..Score: 3/5

Love it!!!Tons of great information, I absolutely love this app!!!.Score: 5/5

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AwesomeLove this app! Any plans to bring feeding recording to the app? That would make it 6/5 stars ⭐️.Score: 5/5

App is now ruinedI don’t know why you felt the need to change the layout of this app but it’s completely ruined now and I have so many entries I have just wasted I’m so angry.Score: 1/5

A must for all parentsThe information is excellent and something all new parents should know about! However the app can be a little hard to navigate and could use some work to make it more user-friendly..Score: 4/5

Not very customisableInformative guide to leaps and development, but not all babies are exactly the same and there isn’t any customisable sections to add skills and behaviours, everything appears to be a preset view. Not as personal or engaging as I’d expected, could be much better..Score: 3/5

Subscription model screws over previously paying customersHave been trying for weeks to get through to your support team and have now been charged twice for the eBook because of your new subscription model. Not right..Score: 1/5

Several errorsIn the beginning I loved this app, however as we got through to more leaps the app has SO many errors that defeat the purpose of using the app. The skills described in many of the leaps are very inaccurate, not age appropriate and it ends up telling you nothing about what your child has learnt during that period. Extremely annoying since this app is not free, I’ve paid to learn about my child’s development and better understand what they’re going through and I’m not getting it. The timing of the leaps for my child has been accurate..Score: 3/5

ConfusingWhat’s with the update? Where can I find the information I used to? Why would you change a good thing. Useless.Score: 1/5

App tends to freeze up my phoneThe app is too glitchy. Every time I open it or load data into the diary the software closes making it almost impossible to input any information. I’ve had to delete the app and reload from the App Store however all of my photos, stories and milestones are now lost. Not worth the money for me, should have just bought a diary..Score: 1/5

Not worth itNot worth the money. Should be in more detail. Hardy gives you any information.. the internet gives you more and the internet is free. Disappointed really..Score: 2/5

Bring back old setupI hate the new setup I find it hard to work out when the leaps are coming and can use it the way I use too.Score: 1/5

I am a grandmother to two babiesI love wonder weeks as it is so accurate with what each of my grandchildren are doing at each leap.Score: 5/5

Waste of moneyBasically a baby horoscope - save your money.Score: 1/5

Not accurateThe app isn’t accurate and I have other reviews regarding the same thing..Score: 1/5

First time mumMy baby just is between the 8/9 week chart and is super fussy. I downloaded this app to see why and right on cue, it’s a leap! Finally I know why and what to expect. Lovely to know that I’m not alone in this. ♥️.Score: 5/5

This app provides very little besides notifications and a brief description of each leapNot worth the money.Score: 1/5

Dislike the update to appHarder to navigate. Older layout was much more clear and easier to skim over..Score: 1/5

Waste of moneyThis app doesn’t provide anything useful. The list of leap signals is just a list of all possible behaviours (eg. ‘more tantrums’ and also ‘incredibly calm and sweet’), the list of skills is completely unrealistic (eg. my 16 month old doing 7 piece puzzles or being able to direct the route to the supermarket). Literally just talking to any other human mother would beat this app..Score: 1/5

Super disappointedWas convinced by friends of older children that this app would help me navigate new parenthood. The information my friends used to get off this app was super helpful and gave you a lot of well needed information. Since the update I can no longer find the information I was hoping for and am finding the app extremely hard to navigate. Waste of money unfortunately..Score: 1/5

Helped me mentallyThis app really helps me understand when my little babe is really fussy and why he could be fussy. It helped me put this into a positive light, knowing why he is unhappy because of big changes in his brain and that this is a good change!.Score: 5/5

AtualizaçãoAtualização ficou muito ruim porque no gráfico não aparece quando o salto começa, aparece apenas quando termina..Score: 1/5

Prefer the old layoutThis new app is so confusing. The old app and layout was much more straightforward and easier to understand..Score: 1/5

Great but used to be betterAmazing to understand leaps in real time whilst noticing changes in your baby’s behaviour! App used to be better before they really pushed to monetise it further! Also keen to understand when the next installation will be ready as my almost two year old still shows signs of that dreaded (but developmentally necessary) fussy behaviour!.Score: 4/5

It’s handy to haveThe app is handy to have but all the information is very easy to find on google for free..Score: 4/5

Subscribed but don’t have access to any extrasGood app to follow leaps. Very disappointed about subscribing and not gaining any extras though. Waste of money in my opinion. Have tried restoring purchases but still not working.Score: 2/5

Awesome content, navigation design is trickyWhile the content is fantastic, I find this app very difficult to navigate. It be more intuitive. I can never seem to find where my daughter is up to. While I‘m aware this app is all about the "wonder WEEKS", my daughter is 9 months now, and I stopped counting her age in weeks months ago, so calculating her milestones is tricky! I'd love a timeline graphic, where I could easily see where my child is currently positioned and where she is headed..Score: 3/5

Waste of money and timeDidn’t notice any differences from this app..Score: 1/5

Bring back the old layoutWhere have the milestones for each leap gone? I used to love being able to see what my little one will be doing the next leap (eg lifting up rugs to see what’s underneath them)...Score: 1/5

Odd layoutDifficult to follow. Strange layout. Not intuitive at all.Score: 1/5

User interface is difficult since updateAll the info is still there, it’s still a useful app, but I find it so much harder to navigate since the last update.Score: 2/5

Terrible layoutGreat resource but terrible design and layout. Have no idea where to find anything or look up information, feel like I’m constantly just stumbling upon things by accident and can never find them again..Score: 2/5

AmazingThis app is so helpful and to be honest spot on! My baby has gone through the first leap and is currently going through the second and this app has helped to relieve anxiety and inform me about what to expect ect. I love love love this app. Would definitely recommend for all parents..Score: 5/5

Love the New updateReally enjoying the update to the app!! So much more insight in understanding the leaps and development!! A friend of mine recommended getting the app to help understand when my twins would transition and understand the signs of their developmental leaps. The update to the app has proved to be a game changer, with the more user friendly layout, the detailed information and the little videos to help give us adults a visual and more in-depth understanding of what our bubs are going through, it really helps take the guess work out of what bubs behaviour means..Score: 5/5

New update terribleI was using this app almost daily and recording milestones and diary entries which I can look back on fondly. With this new update, the filters don’t even work for any entries made prior to the update. It is clunky and when scrolling down through previous entries the screen “jumps”. Impossible to use now. I have given up. Please revert to old version, and bring back option to export information. When I paid for this app mid last year I was happy with it. Since then it has progressively gotten worse with each update..Score: 1/5

I like it but...I’ve been using this app and have found it helpful, but since the last update there’s no way (I can see) to add extra skills or events like you used to. My baby is saying lots of consonants and sticking out her tongue but there’s no way to actually log these things in the app, unless I make a story. Maybe they’re not part of leaps but it would be great to be able to add when these things start happening.Score: 3/5

Back to the old format - new absolutely terribleThis app used to be so user friendly and helpful. Go back to the old format. It’s now so hard to find any info and the layout is absolutely terrible. Why was it changed? I literally wouldn’t recommend to anyone now as it’s so poorly designed and does not give the info you need. Go back to the old design and people might be able to use it again..Score: 1/5

Default masculinity, mandatory binary genderLike many other parents now, my partner and I made a careful and considered decision to use they/them pronouns for our baby because we don’t want our language to shape the our assumptions about our baby’s gender identity. For us, for trans people and queer parents it’s upsetting and alienating to choose ‘unknown’ for the gender (this is accurate because we won’t know anything about their gender until they tell us) and for the app to then apply he/him pronouns to our baby. It’s incorrect and unnecessary and makes it hard to use the app. Hopefully we can still get something useful out of it but this is really frustrating right off the bat and makes us not want to use it. They/them pronouns would be ideal, but alternating he and her would be better than it currently is. Thanks.Score: 3/5

Poor layout designThe layout design was poor to begin with and now the newest design is even worse and harder to navigate. Disappointed..Score: 2/5

Baby monitor doesn’t work..My partner combined paid $40 to use the baby monitor feature for 6 months but it doesn’t work... we scan the QR code and it just freezes and doesn’t load. How do we get a refund ☹️.Score: 2/5

Old VS NewI absolutely LOVED this app and have been using this since August when my little one arrive. However there has been a recent update in which when I am using white noise (heavy rain) it is no longer a continuous and uninterrupted. There is a clear pause when it loops back which is incredibly annoying since it never did it before. I also used to have to ability to scroll through the Wonder Week app itself and still have the white noise playing, but now it stops. As I said loved the app and if these things were to be rectified and put back to the way they were I would LOVE it again and would give it 5 stars no problem..Score: 1/5

Reasonable appHelpful info and a nice way of recording development as your baby grows. Latest update keeps freezing and not saving when I try to add a picture which is frustrating. Also lost the notes I’d made in the prior version! :( Needs rewording on what you actually get in the app as you can’t read the book as it suggests without paying extra. I would also suggest a chance to trial the extended options- eg the baby monitor- before committing to the spend. I’m interested in trying it, but want to know if it will work for our set up before committing to a 3 month payment!.Score: 4/5

Latest updateNot a fan of the latest update, the information that is needed is no longer easy to see / readily available. I’m thankful my son is in leap 10, I won’t have to hunt around the app for much longer. Really liked the old format, was a lot more user friendly..Score: 2/5

Navigation needs improvementI love the content of this app. But the navigation is terrible..Score: 3/5

Really not worth downloading anymoreThis ap updated from quality a few years ago, to basic and non-intuitive now. All it does is ask questions rather than guide the user through the leap. Yes I have the book. Ap should be free.Score: 1/5

Not worth itNot worth paying for this app. It doesn’t have much information and isn’t very user friendly. I find other free apps much more helpful..Score: 3/5

Dates are off, app hard to navigateThe layout of this app makes it hard to find information, also the leap dates were very wrong for me after about 6 months..Score: 1/5

The old version was betterI loved this app until the version 10 update. Now it is confusing, much harder to navigate and missing the key features of what to look out for. If I wanted a diary I would get a diary app. I loved the previous app because it looked forward and gave me hope. Now it is looking backward and just being a diary. Please revert to the previous version..Score: 1/5

Love!Actually a fantastic app - bought the ebook too which is great!.Score: 5/5

New app version disappointmentNew app is really disappointing in comparison to the old one. It seems to just repeat itself with information and each leap is a copy of the last. The old version was way more helpful and useful..Score: 1/5

Difficulty to use and not very usefulI found the app difficult to use, provided minimal information and at least for us, the timing of the behavioural changes for wonder weeks was not accurate..Score: 2/5

Ok until recent updateWorked well before update. Didn’t need to change anything. New update seemed to over complicate things. I logged in after the update and it was difficult to even track and find the week my baby is in. It was pretty intuitive before. Why change something that’s not broken....Score: 2/5

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The Wonder Weeks app imageThe Wonder Weeks app imageThe Wonder Weeks app imageThe Wonder Weeks app imageThe Wonder Weeks app image

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