The Wonder Weeks

The Wonder Weeks worldwide bestselling baby app is a personalized weekly calendar of your baby’s mental development that will keep you informed about the leaps and bounds and the fussy phases of your baby.

• Awarded Coolest App for Moms
• Awarded by Apple as top 10 ‘Best of the year 2016’ in Australia, UK, Netherlands, and a great number of other countries.
• Consumer Choice & Gold Award by MumIi
• AppRx Awards Top 10 Children’s Health App
• NHS (UK) – Best App for parents listing.
• Best App Ever Wards 2013 & 2014 (Health & Fitness)
• Top 25 App in health & fitness is most countries around the world.

Keep track of your baby’s mental development
Learn all about the leaps and bounds and the fussy phases of your baby
Read the bestselling Wonder Weeks book here in this app
Take notes about a range of topics

Think of it as a portable, at-a-glance version of the calendar leap chart in The Wonder Weeks. Where the book describes in-depth and easy-to-understand terms the incredible developmental changes your baby goes through, the app is the perfect leap calendar companion to track your baby’s mental development (during the first 20 months).
By knowing what is going on inside the head of your baby, you can help him to make the leap more easily and stimulate his development.

The Wonder Weeks app helps new parents by:

- Calendar Showing when your baby makes a leap in his mental development

- What your baby can understand & learn after this mental leap

- What your baby can do after this leap

- What you can do to help your baby

This app is also a handy reminder for new parents when their baby’s brain is changing, or “leaping,” the baby is making a significant advance in mental development, and with each step forward comes a drastic change in the way your baby sees the world around him. Because these leaps come so quickly, the “new world” and new abilities can sometimes be scary, and the development can initially manifest in poor sleep, bad appetite, crying, clinging and crankiness – exhausting and frustrating mom and dad.

International experts on The Wonder Weeks:
 “This is a very practical and entertaining window into the baby’s first year and a half. van de Rijt and Plooij have observed and found the vulnerable times in an infant’s development that I independently came to in my book Touchpoints (Perseus Books Group). The authors’ observations and practical suggestions are wonderful.”
 -T. Berry Brazelton, M.D., professor emeritus, Harvard Medical School

"Anyone who deals with infants and young children will want to read The Wonder Weeks. This book will open parents' eyes to aspects of their children's growth, development, changing behavior, and emotional responsiveness that they might otherwise not notice or find puzzling and distressing."
 -Catherine Snow, Ph.D., Shattuck Professor of Education, Harvard Graduate School of Education

This App is developed with the greatest care. Neither the developer nor the author shall nevertheless be liable for any damages arising from any inaccuracies or omissions in this app.

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Rachel Longmann
Rachel Longmann
5 star

What an excellent app! I have the book and the audiobook but I also LOVE the app cause it allows me to read on the bus, when someone is driving me, during lunch breaks and whatnot.. It is a must have for any new parent (especially first timers like myself)!

5 star

This app really helps you understand what’s going on in your child’s development and why their moods have changed or why they are extra fussy

5 star

The wonder weeks has been instrumental in understanding our babies, this resource is just so thorough and just so helpful. Having read the book and used the app has helped me to be more patient, understanding Mama and it has given my little family a window into understanding our babies in a way that has changed our ability to relate and be supportive to the things they were experiencing in such a unique and wonderful way. I’m so impressed with the work done to create the wonder weeks this to me is the most valuable resource I could have been given as a parent. I am very thankful for this!

5 star

Great layout, easy to use. Has a ton of developmental information and perfectly describes the signs to look out for.

5 star

My baby is pretty good.. doesn’t cry much, loves her sleep, and has self settled from 8 weeks. So for us, noticing the changes in her behaviour/mood is quite easy. When I notice these changes... I check the app and it has been 100% accurate for her. I love the peace of mind it offers with its reassuring information, advice, and tips. Highly recommend this app.. especially for new mums.

5 star

I absolutely love this app, really opens my eyes and helps me notice the developmental skills and leaps that my child is going through and experiencing !!

Chuck Norris
Chuck Norris
5 star

The smell of Chuck Norris feet can scare a skunk.

5 star

Ebeveynler için son derece fayda sağlayan bir uygulama kesinlikle tavsiye ediyorum. Aynı zamanda kaliteli bir uygulama çevremde de bu uygulamayı kullanan ve memnun kalan çok fazla. Yalnız ufak tefek iyileştirmelerle güncelleştirmelerle daha da yararlı ve güzel olacağını düşünüyorum.

3 star

Uygulamayı indirdikten sonra kitap içeriğine ulaşmak için her bölüme para ödemeniz gerekiyor. Bilseydim kitabı alırdım açıkçası. Ayrıca e kitap dili İngilizce zaten.

2 star

Satın aldık kullanmaya başladık ama içerik pek iyi değil. Pek faydalı gelmedi ilerde bebek büyükçe daha faydalı açıklamalar olur ama para alıp kullanmaya değer mi pek emin değilim

Lao Tzu
Lao Tzu
5 star

Be the chief but never the lord.

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The Wonder Weeks is the English translation of the Dutch book Oei, ik groei! (literal translation: Ai, I'm growing!) by former professor Frans Plooij, originally published in 1992. It has been republished several times, with an updated version published in 2017. It describes the theory that the cognitive development of babies occurs in predictable jumps. However, a follow-up study by Plooij's PhD student, Carolina de Weerth, failed to find any evidence of predictable leaps. Despite this, the book continues to be popular, and the publisher has produced a mobile app based on the book.. the wonder weeks, the wonder weeks app, wonder weeks app, wonder weeks app review, wonder weeks book, the wonder weeks book review, the wonder weeks app review, wonder weeks book review, review, wonder weeks, the mamas review, leaps, fussy baby, developemental leaps, baby leaps, jacob, morgan seghers, app, itunes, app store, baby apps, baby, wonder,

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