3.8 star

The Official Street League Skateboarding Mobile Game. #1 game in 80 countries. Loved by skaters all over the world. Touch Arcade review - 4.5/5 - "True skate is clearly something special" Note: True Skate comes with a single skate park and contains additional content only available by In-App purchase. See below. Features: - Realistic touch based physics. - Flick the board to make it react exactly how you would expect. - Drag your finger on the ground to push. - A beautiful skate park to get lost in including ledges, stairs, grind rails plus a bowl, half pipe and quarter pipes. (Additional skate parks are now available as an In-App Purchase) - Slow motion. - User challenges - Replay sharing - Global leaderboards. Available by IN-APP PURCHASE only: - Additional skateparks and locations. - Street League Skateboarding courses. Optional IN-APP PURCHASES: (The same content is also available for free by spending True Credits earned by doing tricks and finishing missions) - Unlock all missions. - Unlimited slow motion. - Unlimited board image changes. - Unlimited wheel color changes. - Unlock lists. Trick Possibilities: 50 50 grind, 5 0 grind, boardslide, rail slide, tail slide, nose slide, darkslide, dark 50 50, suski grind, smith grind, feeble grind, salad grind, nose grind, crooked grind, lazy grind, overcrook, losi grind, bluntslide, noseblunt, kickflip, heelflip, pop shove-it, 360 pop shove-it, backside 180, frontside 180, ollie, nollie, impossible, hard flip, 360 hard flip, inward heelflip,360 inward heelflip, varial kickflip, nightmare flip, 360 flip, varial heelflip, laser flip, late tricks and more, or what ever else you can make the board do.

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Weird controls & kind of a scamI saw an AD for this game and thought it looked amazing, I bought it & downloaded it. I soon realised that the only think your paying for is an ad block, you don’t get anything in the game for free... you want a new park? £1.99, you want a new board? £1.99, you want new tricks? £1.99! You learn how to kickflip, Ollie and Pop Shuv but that’s it. If you want a good skating experience I recommend Touchgrind Skate 2 it’s so much better and it’s free!.Score: 3/5

ScamScam scam scam scam scsma.Score: 1/5

Great game but annoying bugLove this game but recent update stripped me of all my 60,000 coins. Hopefully they can fix this....Score: 4/5

Still the best, getting betterFor me this is the best skateboarding game ever made. I play with two fingers on the board and it really feels true to life, the legs update makes this great. In the future I’d like the game to consider a blank canvas for skatepark building through the DIY, this would really elevate the game further..Score: 5/5

PLEASE READBruv love this game I play it the whole time without even realising it. So please please can we have a skate park that we can customise and then people can share them and if they like the park they can give some credits to the person who made it 🤩thanks for reading really recommend the game!!!.Score: 5/5

Purchase errorTried to buy map and I got a message saying : An error was encountered processing a purchase.Score: 2/5

To app creatorsI have an iphone xs max thats fully up to date and the app doesnt open, it tries to, make the background go blurry and then closes please fix this i quite enjoyed playing this on my old phone Thanks.Score: 3/5

Actually goodI don’t know why people are saying it’s trash cause it’s actually great like yea there are a few glitches but it isn’t major would recommend 8/10 but best skateboarding game I’ve ever played.Score: 4/5

Can you please helpHey developers I have recently bought in game map alley but not because I thought it was the best one but because it’s the only one I could for some reason every time I try to purchase any other map in the true skate section it wouldn’t let me do you think you could swap it for factory my account Id is 103321223.Score: 4/5

No saveToday I deleted the game and I hat a costume skateboard with a picture and two skate park and I downloaded it again I was in my account when I opened it but I didn’t have anything my skateboards and skateparks where gone and I’m really mad about it because I spend money on it I want it fixed now.Score: 1/5

Suggestion:This is an excellent game, which I’ve owned for 4-5 years. I have a suggestion that would greatly improve the game. Can you please add a detailed map creator, allowing us to create maps to the depth and detail of your base maps. Add a price tag for £9.99 and I’d buy it 100%.Score: 5/5

Brilliant game!!!This is one of the best games I have played, yes ok it is expensive but in my opinion worth every penny. I love this game. I go to it every time I get bored. It is very free with you controlling every thing. I also really like the fact that when you do tricks you get coins and then you can buy grips and decks, also the fact when you use the grips or decks more they get more worn out which is really cool!! But seriously anyone who is thinking about getting this game... do it!!!.Score: 5/5

Nothing wrongNothing wrong at all.Score: 5/5

AMAZINGThis game i worth every single penny, the mechanics are good, the graphics and everything else. But the thing is that if you’re going to pay for a game, maybe add more free maps. Other than that, amazing!.Score: 5/5

Great and all...Love the game and all just wish you could add a free option to select restart position otherwise game is great.Score: 5/5

ScamI can’t understand how this game has any favourable reviews. It seems that it exists purely to part tweens from their cash. Clearly not designed with player experience in mind, providing the bare minimum of a game for the most possible £££. -Super buggy, broken physics, the board rockets into the air at the slightest touch then bounces around on the ground. -Controls are very unresponsive, landing tricks and having the game register them is basically entirely down to luck. The only way to do varial/360 flips etc. is effectively just to do a shuv-it late flip, looks terrible and feels unrealistic. Why not tilt controls for steering? - £1.99 gets you one board and one of the worst video game skateparks ever conceived. The rest of the game (including the trick list!) is hidden behind paywalls. - The developers know how terrible the missions are so they offer real world money to skip them, the only reward for this being the ability to play more terrible missions. -There is no decent game to be found anywhere in this experience , no matter how much cash you spend. Oh and also it will erase your progress every time you close the app, making all of the above completely pointless anyway. Seems I’m not the only one to have had this problem, this is a HUGE bug which appears to have existed for a while, in my mind it’s immoral to charge for this game until it’s fixed. No idea why this game is ranked so highly. Can only assume it’s down to the corporate sponsorship..Score: 1/5

Great game, been playing foreverThe best skateboarding game on IOS easily, been playing since about 2013 and the updates since then have improved the game incredibly. Definitely worth a few quid, i’ve probably spent 10x that on in purchases (maps) but it goes right back to the developers so I don’t mind. Minor bug: In the new update, when playing with legs on: the animation for ‘flicking’ a trick isn’t replicated in the replay tab like it is in normal gameplay..Score: 5/5

Not very goodGood game nice graphics and all but after about 2 months of playing I lost all my coins and it said I had 40 coins when I should of had 20,000 it also glitches out my boards that I bought and said I only had the original true skate deck, this really annoys me.Score: 5/5

It’s got worseThe game was good (except for the pay walls and the sudden pulling to the ground when playing realistic mode) until the most recent most recent update. It has brought nothing but pointless feature and laggy game play which makes the game feel really bad compared to what it was before..Score: 3/5

Lost all progress from update.After updating the game to the newest update I lost all progress, grip tapes, skateboard designs, coins..Score: 1/5

AnnoyingWhen the board flips over it takes ages to get it to the right side again and it’s incredibly hard to land things without the board falling for no reason.Score: 3/5

Wish I could refund thisIt’s absolute horrible don’t buy it. I WANT A REFUND!.Score: 1/5

HorribleI would rate zero if I could, I am not able to restore my purchase money lost pay to win you have to pay for so many features absolute trash never playing again hope this game gets removed from AppStore.Score: 1/5

Dead gameIt’s honestly a dying game that doesn’t get updated, it’s good but I came across a review from a year ago and I’m having the same problem they were having. From what I know it definitely hasn’t been updated in a year and my progression keeps getting wiped and I have to start back at the first mission 👎.Score: 3/5

Very goodGreat game.Score: 5/5

Great game, won’t take my money though...I’m really enjoying flicking around a few parks and pulling off tricks. It’s actually pretty rewarding. However, I’ve tried to buy a few things (boards, grips) and the game crashes every time. It’s a shame because, other than that, I can’t fault it..Score: 3/5

Wasted 6 hours of my timeI spent all day yesterday on this game to get all missions done only to lose it all and get sent back to 1% today, waste of my time.Score: 1/5

It’s crapI hate the game because 7 of the missions took 1 hour and it was a waist of time because I GOT NOTHING and to do any thing it’s £1 each park.Score: 1/5

UnplayableI installed the game again after a while of not playing and i thought it would be fun to get on it again. I was very disappointed to see that the game has one of the worst glitches in the world. So i went to the in-game settings and glitch mode was off but my board seemed to have moon gravity. Whenever i went down a ramp, not doing any tricks, the board seemed to stay on its back wheels the whole way down the ramp. When it gets to the bottom of the ramp i try and stop it. I did stop it, sort of, the board did a weird rocking motion when the board was completely stationary and it seemed to do it very slowly. Sometimes my board would go upside down so i would swipe left to get it back up but it did around 6 spins all on its own moved a little bit and started the rocking motion again. All from one swipe to the left..Score: 1/5

Epic!Fantastic game, love it. Although had something changed recently as I can’t seem to impossible anymore?!.Score: 5/5

Great game but...With the newest update the inbound and schoolyard skateparks have been removed and after lots of grinding it is quite disappointing that it is all lost.Score: 4/5

I love this gameEveryone I suggest you buy it because you can go on so many different adventures and do many cool new tricks.Score: 5/5

GameThe game is pretty good but can be a bit frustrating..Score: 5/5

ScamIt’s a scam now give me my money back now !!! Give it back now ur scamming everyone.Score: 1/5

BadI lost all my money interested are used to have 20,000 now I just have 2956.Score: 1/5

BEST GAME EVERThis is the best skateboarding game on the App Store!It is so fun and addicting worth more than it is!!!!.Score: 5/5

My favourite app everThe title says it all^.Score: 5/5

Like the game alot, its good.But getting sick of having my progress reset, has happened multiple times. Yet it still remembers my in app purchases. Why is the progress not saved to your apple id in the same way?? Seems like a simple and silly oversight..Score: 1/5

Sorry, but no.I wasted 2 Pounds on this game, I can’t even pass a certain level cause the tutorials are horrible, too many glitches, no easier way to do tricks and the early challenges are too hard. I am requesting a refund.Score: 1/5

Good butIt wont let me complete the mission ‘shove’ to ‘flip’ and it is annoying me.Score: 4/5

Such an enjoyable game!Great, so fun, I spend hours on this everyday!.Score: 5/5

Can u fix this bugI have got the new ‘bug fixing’ update. But I have a problem. On community for all skate parks I have it says my best line is farrr lower than it actually is. For example in mondo ramp my real best line is over 30,000 but on the leaderboard it says my best line is 991. It is like this for all parks. Please respond.Score: 3/5

This game is okay 😐Love this game soo much and is really good if you are bored around the house. Like any other game this one has issues,you are stuck on the same world for ages and if you want to change your skatepark you have to PAY MONEY 💰. That really dissapointed me because I thought it was like an actual level game. But I was wrong. Would recommend this game to anyone who loves endless games..Score: 4/5

CrashesAwesome game runs well but when I go to the ‘me’ section of settings it instantly crashes :(.Score: 4/5

F uI bought 2 skateparks and then they disappeared.Score: 1/5

Where is the sound?Hey guys! Love the game, never realised that I didn’t have sound until I came across the videos on Instagram though! I’ve checked all my volume sliders and everything is turned up, are you able to advise what this issue might be? It’s taken me like two weeks to realise there’s no noise at all (shows the game is good) but now I know it exists I’m bummed I can’t hear it, please help :).Score: 4/5

So addictiveI am addicted to this game it’s really fun and worth the money please make maybe another free park.Score: 5/5

Botched Sign in with AppleVery disappointing how they botched introducing Sign In with Apple. If you weren’t registered and you opened the app before they supposedly fixed it then you lost everything..Score: 4/5

Very goodThis game is amazing for whenever you can play it on the bus or on the sofa. The one downside is the price, you have to pay for everything a park, a new deck and much more..Score: 4/5

ReviewI got this game about 3 days ago and was playing it and yesterday and today I saved up for 10,000 coins to get a new board and I finally got it and today it deleted it? I’m really annoyed now is there anything you can do?.Score: 4/5

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😎Am pro skater 😎😎😎.Score: 5/5

True skate!!By far the best skateboarding game!! Super fun!0 problems with the game..Score: 5/5

Am I supposed to get this for free?Am I supposed to get this for free?.Score: 5/5

Good game!Honestly this is just a fun and great game to play when your bored or waiting for something or someone somewhere.Score: 5/5

More maps please that are for less coinsGreat game defiantly worth the money but there is a limited amount of maps 2 for 200.000 coins and a couple for irl money can u add more maps and and lower the price of them to at least maybe 100k.Score: 4/5

AWESOME..... but,It’s a great game and it feels great and all, but does everything have to cost money?? Like I’m stuck on the same map and you just get board isn’t the game already to much money? Anyways, I love the game..Score: 4/5

Really good game but a lot of micro transactionsThe gameplay is pretty smooth tricks are somewhat easy to pull off, missions are not so easy. However if you want to unlock a new park you have to pay for it but other than that this is a really good game.Score: 4/5

Add another free parkWe need another free skatepark.Score: 4/5

#newtrueskatemaps#releasethemap.Score: 1/5

To expensiveGreat game just think that for a game that cost money it should be easier to get other maps and isn’t 200 000 coins it’s like you pay for a game and then you pay even more for it to be fun and not repetitive.Score: 3/5

5 starI think true skate is amazing I give it a 100/10. The only thing that makes me so mad is that when you buy something the next day it like disappears. And I can’t see any skate parks besides the original one. Around a year ago I bought a few skate boards and parks and there all gone now😔.Score: 5/5

Good gameIts a really good game but I paid for some skateparks and have trouble using them I also paid for board customization and just didnt get it. Please fix that.Score: 3/5

TOO BIG HIT BOX!!!When your doing mission and you have to follow a path I don’t even touch the arrows and it still keeps making them red!!!.Score: 2/5

Gravity ControlIt’s a great game been playing it since I was about 9 and I’m 15 now and still play everyday, but I’ve been playing in hardcore recently and I found that i dont like how the ollie height in either mode feels so I thought maybe if you could change how gravity affects the board it would be a great addition!.Score: 5/5

Could be improvedGood game but the wheels I but aren’t showing up.Score: 4/5

Amazing but could use other thingsThe game is amazing but can easily get boring and mistakes can also happen when customizing your board. make a refund button for your board in case players make a mistake and make getting coins easier. if i can do a very high score on a line and only get 100 coins and the maps are worth 200,000 makes it just not worth it. keep up the great work.Score: 5/5

Great gameThis is a great game i love it♥️♥️♥️.Score: 5/5

Good gameI really love the game but It would be awesome if the developers added longboards in the game.Score: 4/5

QuintuplesAdd a few more tricks, some things arent noticed, such as quintuples. I have landed several quintuple kick flips and they never register as a quintuple, often it says I doesnt even do a trick..Score: 4/5

Good game but...This game is really good great everything but here is what I would really appreciate if you added in the game I just want to play with my friends in the same skatepark. So if two or three people could go into one skatepark Thanks.Score: 5/5

OofI didn’t get a tutorial plz help.Score: 2/5

Fun game but with problemsI bought a skatepark(the mondo ramp)and now if I try to play it it says the content is on the phone but it will not restore.Score: 2/5

GAME CRASHESMy game was great until the last update which made it crash every time I pressed the setting button/3 dots and now I can access the skatepark selection screen or customize my board👎.Score: 1/5

Fun but needs a bit more customizationIt’s fun overall and I found myself getting 40,000 nuts on just the free map and needed more maps so I bought some and some new skateboards and wheels but noticed that there is no such thing as truck customization which I’d like to see because my board looks kinda plain when the wheels are black or red and my trucks are plain silver so please add that..Score: 4/5


AMAZINGIt’s one f the best games I’ve Played. I love the phisycs the graphic... The only thing that I would want added it would be multiplayer so like you and your friend can play together, and also if you do make a multiplayer mode could you make it so it’s still offline. So like one mode online with random people and the offline would be like a code to share to your friends But other then that PERFECT GAME.Score: 5/5

Shop brokenThe shop is completely useless to me. I can’t buy any custom boards or graphics. Also wheel colours aren’t showing up.Score: 2/5

CoolFor me it’s just a time waster while waiting for friends or family.Score: 5/5

Dont buyI paid 3$ for this crap please Dont buy waste of your time you get one small map and you have to pay for any other map..Score: 1/5

Great poo gamePerfect while pooing.Score: 5/5

Free parksThe game is fun, but the prices for parks is ridiculous. The prices should be reduced and some parks should be free. All round fun game though..Score: 4/5

AlrightI can work with this but I think that they should lower the prices for the board accessories.Score: 4/5

Canada board brokenI bought the Canada deck for 20,000 tc and then when I went to get the free Tampa board it didn’t let me change back to the canada board and it made me lose 20,000tc hate this game fix this bug.Score: 1/5

IncredibleHow a mobile game can also be one of the best skateboarding games we’ve ever had is beyond me.Score: 5/5

MeFavourite game I love it.Score: 5/5

GreatI have been playing for about 4 close to 5 years now and I love it favourite game on my phone thanks for the fun 🙂.Score: 5/5

True skateI love the game but 360s in transition isn’t working properly anymore the camera doesn’t follow through and you just do a 360 shuv instead.Score: 5/5

RefundThe game isn’t worth it, you have to pay for stuff ingame, barely every play it, requesting refund..Score: 1/5

Well it was goodIt was good 2 years ago but now it doesn’t save my data..Score: 3/5

SadRestoring app purchases did nothing I lost half my maps and ability to customize grip tape I am extremely displeased.Score: 1/5

Lost everythingI was very ubsessed with this game and got a deck and a park next time I logged on it was all gone including my coins.Score: 1/5

Stole my moneyDecent game but i restored my purchases but they aren’t giving me my money back.Score: 3/5

The game doesn’t saveThe game doesn’t save my progress when I activate visible legs but it is a good game overall...........Score: 3/5

IdeaCan you make more skateboarding games.Score: 5/5

True Skate Team!! The Legs!!This game feels good. I love that the game isn’t stiff and strictly realism. The legs are a nice touch and feels rewarding once you land a steezy trick. However, when I pop a big spin, the legs don’t move with me. It feels wrong. (I’m riding goofy) It be awesome if you guys could update the legs and move how they should! Great game!.Score: 4/5

Pay to winI personally love this game it’s so addictive and fun! But it is pretty pay to win. If you could change that I would love it even more! I understand if you don’t want to change that..Score: 4/5

To add into gameLove the game but could you improve -Make Manuals nose manuals easier -make it easier to pop out on rails while grinding -make a switch mode easier to see objects infront of you - add Casper flip as well as ghetto birds -make it easier skating bowl locking in without popping, make kick turns easier exc -add some freestyle tricks Thank you.Score: 5/5

GreatGreat love the game some ideas: more diy features in each park would be really fun Also it doesn’t matter how many spins you do it only ever registers as a 720 if you could add 1080 that would be sweet.Score: 4/5

GoodThis game is very realistic i love being able to do a 360 dolphin quad heel on flatground lmao.Score: 5/5

But 25$ worth of stuff and now it’s goneI bought so much stuff and it dissolved scam scam scam scam scam trash crap.Score: 1/5

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Very fun butThis is really fun. i play this the most out of like all the games on my phone. however, theres this one glitch where my wheel color resets to white everytime i switch out of the app and come back. it is super annoying to have to earn enough bolts to get the wheel color, just to lose it again. it does not affect gameplay really, it is just a bummer when my wheel color disappears. pls fix.Score: 4/5

What is the gameThe game is not really great when you have no account on it, it deletes all your work like every hour and how and the tutorial makes no sense also how do I do the 50 50 Grind if the board is not centered? And every try when I try to do a flip it locks on a Pop-Shuvit and I am not able to do grinds because it locks in a Boardslide. So I don’t recommend anyone to waste $1.99 for a game that isn’t even great this was a waste of my time so that is my review..Score: 1/5

Don’t like itDon’t like it at all.Score: 1/5

The game is a scamI purchased stuff in the shop with my hard earned bolts and when I wanted to put it on it didn’t let me. It shows on the shop but not on the board. It’s a scam don’t waste your money on this awful game..Score: 1/5

WhyI love true skate, it is a good game to play when you’re bored. i’ve had it for around three years, and as i got better at the game it took me a good 2 or 3 months to be able to have enough to saved for a 200,000$ skatepark which i’m pretty sure there are only two non in-app purchase parks, but they updated the game and made them actually cost money now and have taken away that skatepark from every player who did actually put hours into this phone game and earned it. Why? This is just a kick in the face to people who enjoy this game every now and then and wanna play a park they worked for instead of grinding one small default map..Score: 2/5

Love the game, but the new update makes the camera angle very annoying.Yes, the game is pretty fun to play, but the camera angle update is pretty annoying. When I am going to do a trick, or just riding auround, the camera just decides to face backwards and I cannot do a trick. Please fix this. Thanks!.Score: 3/5

Really good but....Great game, surprisingly good physics, ability to have certain objects be movable or addable is a big plus. Everything makes me feel like a kid fingerboarding all over again. That being said my main reason for 3 stars instead of 5 is that irritatingly annoying pop up that shows up after playing for 3 or so minutes and completely ruins my play Bc no matter what I’m up to; from moving something or doing a cool line. Gets screwed over Bc the pop up decided to show its ugly head to show me the same news I just read the last time I opened the app up and it ruined one of my trick lines. So to me it’s a great game with one really annoying event list pop up every time I opened the app ; that keeps me from giving it the stars the game deserves.Score: 3/5

FantasticI’ve literally never left A review on a game on any platform. But I absolutely love this game. Yes, there are micro transactions but that’s everything you play..Score: 5/5

5.1Smaaackkkkss!!!!!!.Score: 5/5

Great game worth the moneyI play this sometimes in my free time, usually during my breaks at work. The game really shines for doing realistic-somewhat unrealistic tricks/lines, of course you can do random 720 quad flips but that isnt fun, realistic mode is a great addition. Theres a very high skill ceiling, honestly i enjoy it more than skater xl or session just because im really doing my tricks, and not just pressing buttons and seeing a premade animation. Nollie tricks are actually a lot harder to get down like they should be. If you play it this way, every park is worth the dollar or two they cost, and the board customization/wear is pretty great along with diy..Score: 5/5

A wonderful game but..This game is amazing. I’ve had this since I was a kid and now. But I discovered something not to long ago. When you do tricks, you earn coins. But when you go out of the game and to your Home Screen and hours or days later you come back then all the money from your trucks are gone. It’s frustrating because I really wanna buy a new skate park. But this is still an amazing game!.Score: 5/5

New update is garbageThey made it so you can’t even ride down the big rail because you restart at the end of it and when you go on a big jump you have to restart after you land it’s so annoying it’s not even a good game anymore.Score: 1/5

BadI accidentally bought this game and now my dad is mad at me and I am mad because the game is not Evan good it is not worth the money and apple does not give refund what a bummer.Score: 1/5

Really fun but,Really fun but, the game costs money for only one map. You have to spend even more money to play more maps. I also wish they made more play updates or had like an item shop where stuff comes every day and costs less bolts then in the normal shop. There’s bugs that need fixing such as choosing the goofy setting, you need to do regular tricks for missions and achievements. Also, dark slides don’t always count as tricks, sometimes they just say “fail”. There’s more bugs that I hope get fixing..Score: 4/5

I love the game but….I love the game but already saying that you have to pay to play it at first but then just any other content than the first map you have to pay for it is just because it’s behind a paywall!.Score: 3/5

Can’t get my maps backI love your game I’ve had it for a while I even bought all the extra maps but I recently switched from an android to an iPhone and I logged into my account but when I try to restore the purchases and get my maps back it says nothing is found. If you could please help me fix this that would be awesome because I’m definitely not rebuying the maps and I’d hate to get rid of the game..Score: 1/5

Great gameBest game ever so fun.Score: 5/5

Please add auto spin camI like spin cam it’s amazing to me but if you can add auto that would be cool if you could do it thanks.Score: 5/5

Used to be betterFor whatever reason this game feels like I am pushing, and popping through sand now. I have my sensitivity all the way up, with realistic mode off but nothing feels smooth like it used to. I wish the sensitivity and speed of the skating in this game could be improved...Also, the speedometer at the bottom right seems pointless, it just blocks the screen? If they could just improve the mechanics of the game I would be a lot happier with it. Oh, and please improve the manual function, it doesn’t feel consistent..Score: 3/5

Game is fun, but some stuff ruins itThis game is honestly a really fun way to kill some time, and I appreciate the little things in it like your board deck scratching over time and the grip tape wearing out in the places where you often grind or pop the board. Tricks are done great, this is a mobile game that actually uses touch screen and makes it unique. Realism mode is good too. However, some things just kinda ruin the vibe of this game. First of all, custom boards are done pretty wrong. All the pre made decks in this game look clean and vibrant, but custom boards look way too dull, and that weird obvious wood like layer over it makes it worse. Also, why can’t we crop a image to see what it would look like, and possibly even get at least a minute to skate around with it to see if we want it or not? This is 10,000 TC we’re spending: we don’t want to waste it. Also, why is it that when we buy a wheel color, we have to buy it again if we take it off? That makes no sense. It doesn’t help when you realize that with custom boards, colored wheels will eventually glitch back to the default white, either. Also... why do we only get one map? Please at least gives us one other map..Score: 3/5

MapsTricks are cool and all but,I bought some maps with my money and a couple days later it deleted them for some reason and now I’m stuck with the first boring map.Score: 2/5

Great gameExcellent game. The physics are awesome and the parks are plentiful. The developers blocked me on Instagram for no reason however, and I’ve never even commented on their posts..Score: 3/5

Love the gameI love this game and have played it for years. I just wish they’d either add a multiplayer mode or like a downhill longboard mode where you can go to different locations and what not..Score: 4/5

Game was great then the update happened...Ok so I love this game, but it costs money and to get new skate parks it costs money. There are 2 parks that cost 200,000 coins which took me a long time to get to but I did it and got a park called inbound. When I got in yesterday there was an update that’s not even too cool and they changed it so the 2 parks that cost 200,000 coins now cost real money AND they made it so I didn’t have the park I bought with coins which btw took me like a month to get. I already tried to press the restore purchase thing and it didn’t work. I just want there to be the parks to buy with coins, considering deleting game..Score: 3/5

I don’t understand thisThey game really cool but if I pay for it I don’t understand why I should have to pay more get more of the game more parks seems like game just looking for money.Score: 1/5

It’s awsome and there’s a mini gameIt’s awsome and there’s a mini game in the skate park factory if you go up to the game and Ollie on to the wheel of the car game you can play. I also recommend getting skate park Havasu!.Score: 5/5

I accidentally bought thisI found this game and accidentally pressed it and then I was trying to click out of the App Store and my finger print was used and I got it. Now I have this game I have no intention of using and no more money😭I’m struggling trying to use this.Score: 1/5

Great game, but a few issuesI love this game and always feel nostalgic playing it. The controls are very satisfying, the environments are realistic and filled with tons of good spots, tricks are fun and have a high upper curling, maps have a good variety of missions, etc. If you like skateboarding, True Skate is definitely worth a download. A couple pieces of feedback- 1. I don’t think you can unlock the “Crash into an invisible wall” achievement anymore. All invisible walls seem to have been removed and replaced with out of bounds boundaries. This is annoying because I can’t 100% the achievements. 2. Some of the maps have weird scaling. For example, the grandstands in the mega ramp map are oddly big, it feels like the skateboard is tiny. Same with the alley map, for some reason the environment is really large in certain places. You feel like you’re playing with a tek deck more than an actual skateboard. 3. The UI is really laggy. Scrolling around in the menu is super glitchy. The old UI was buttery smooth. Not a big deal since it doesn’t affect gameplay..Score: 4/5

Great appSeriously I’m a ten year old and this game to me is so much fun. Trust me the 2$ Is worth it even if you in quarrentine this is a great app but I do wish there were free skate parks just a suggestion Over all great app❤️❤️😊.Score: 5/5

TrashDeleted all of my skateparks..Score: 1/5

UThis app is completely filled to the brim with bugs.Score: 1/5

Great game but why this?So i have been playing this game since it was a game that came out as the free game of the week when apple used to have that and ever since then i’ve been on and off grinding this game. In later updates they added more skateparks and I saw that there were 2 skateparks that you could purchase with the in game currency (schoolyard and inbound) that you earned for doing tricks around the map. I eventually saved up enough of the in game currency to purchase the inbound skatepark and was really excited to try a new skatepark and needless to say it made the game more fun because i had a new area to try. The problem here is that in the most recent update on February 1st i believe that it came out, they switched those two maps to only purchasable with money and because of that they took away the map that i grinded for so long to get and and i don’t even get any of that in game currency back and they also have no maps that are purchasable with the in game currency anymore. It makes me sad to see that just get taken away from me and I really hope that they change that back in the near future. :(.Score: 4/5

Give me my map backOk so me and my friend grinned for a long time to get the map compound and with this new update we lost our map so I was wondering if you could fix this and make it where we get our map back.Score: 3/5

Cant playThe game looks great and im sure i would love it but i've tried downloading it many times before and everytime i try to open the app it crashes immediately makes me sad.Score: 5/5

EhIts a good game but you just do the same things over and over again plus you have to pay for other maps it was better free than for 1.99$.Score: 3/5

Not worth the moneyI had this game for a while with the intent to only spend the initial 2$. But once you get in the game you have to spend more money. It is ridiculous. There were to parks that you can buy for 200,000 coins and I bought both. It took me a long time so I had a little bit of hard time finding that I have to pay to play on them now. This game is just a money guzzling peice of junk I want my money back..Score: 2/5

Love The Game But.....PLEASE make it easier to find the decks and grips you’ve already bought make a tab that says “My Grips” or “My decks” it’s just difficult to search around.Score: 5/5

Good game besides a few bugsThis game is amazing, even without buying any other parks the default one is really cool. They dont have every truck in the book but most of them are in game. One thing that I hate is that when you are buying a custom board it doesn’t show you what the graphic looks like on the board so u have to spend 10,000 bolts and just hope it looks good..Score: 4/5

MapsTook my maps away that I grinded hours for.Score: 1/5

Best mobile game everI have had this game since i was a kid and it still hasn’t gotten old. it’s very fun to just pass time and it goes great while listening to music or a podcast. no regrets. definitely worth the purchase 100%..Score: 5/5

Fun but lacking.This game just gets boring. Once you play on the map for an hour, what more is there to do. You could play missions, but those just aren't any fun at all. It has the potential for easter eggs and secrets but its lacking in the hook. I recommend playing this game for an hour and then never playing it again..Score: 3/5

I WISH I COULD GIVE MORE STARS ⭐️ ⭐️⭐️THIS IS SUCH A FREAKING GOOD APP ITS SO FUN!!!!! DOWNLOAD RIGHT NOW!!! 💯💯😵😵👍👍👌👌👌👌👌👌😁😁😁😁😁💯💯💯💯💯😎😎😎😎😎😎😎👌👌👌👌💯💯👌👌👌❤️❤️❤️👌👌👍👍😵⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️.Score: 5/5

ThingsI like the game but I lost All my maps and I paid money for then so I don’t give the game any stars.Score: 5/5

Amazing performanceThis is a truly stunning game for only 2 dollars, not to mention the realistic movement of the board, HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT!.Score: 5/5

Camera angleI updated and the old camera is no longer available. Is there anyway to bring this feature back on the next update?.Score: 4/5

CRASHINGThe game is good but after I put a custom skin on my board I crash when I open the app. I have the most recent update of the game and I tried resetting my phone and everything..Score: 2/5

Fun, but I have one problemThe game itself is super entertaining, but there’s one that bugs me a lot. The board feels really slippery on the ground, and turning too sharply results in you sliding around in circles. I don’t want the sliding to completely go away, I just was it to be less sensitive..Score: 4/5

Not goodTerrible skate game, offers no consistency or control over tricks.Score: 1/5

Good game except 1 thingThere is only one thing they need to fix. I have played this game for years they have great levels/maps and great skate decks. But when you buy a skate deck and want to switch your deck back to the original or you saved enough tc to get a new deck it makes you re purchase your previous decks that you already bought in the pass. So if they fixed that 100% great game..Score: 3/5

Worth the moneyThis game is a great skateboarding game. It’s really realistic and fun to play. One thing I would like to ask is if you can put some BAKER boards on there because I really like BAKER boards and last time I checked they are pretty good..Score: 5/5

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Spin Cam issueI play this game at least half an hour a day, it’s one of my favourite things to do in my spare time. The new update unfortunately has disappointed me a lot and many others too, the spin cam needs to be put back to its original way or at least fixed when going up quarter pipes or landing on rails..Score: 3/5

CharactersI love this app so much it is the best but it need to be changed you don’t have any girl characters and you need to make every thing for less money and pls do it pls pls pls pls pls or no one will like it pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls I really recommend for thees changes to happen but this is still my favourite game.Score: 4/5

Remove the community pop up please!I play this game every day and every time it randomly pops up with the community announcements while playing. Frustrating.Score: 2/5

WowThis is one of those games that you cant stop playing, you just never delete it and it never gets old..Score: 5/5

Hell yeah!Dude, love this game! It always gets me hyped to go an actually skate! Can we get a daily challenges type of thing happening? Or even weekly challenges? I think that would be sick! Even an open world kind of thing where you can sesh with other users would be cool. Overall, 5/5!.Score: 5/5

Good gameOverall good game just having a glitch with my wheels not changing to my desired colour.Score: 4/5

True ScootMake a true scoot game, it would be good as if pay money for that.Score: 5/5

Great gameBrilliant game really well designed definitely worth the money.Score: 5/5

One of a kindTrue skate is a great and fun to play a game whether if it’s a long session or a quick one, however the more I played the more I learnt about the game I spent quite a lot of money and had some issues transferring and downloading my purchases after I finally fixed this issue another issue popped up which I’m currently stuck on. The game does not let me access my skateboard rip or decks or even the entire “me” section of the game so after all these purchases I can’t even use them I am highly disappointed and upset.Just to 1 future please do not spend money on this game because it can result very badly and the creators do not respond back for example I have sent various emails with no responses my mind can be changed about this game but it doesn’t look like that is going to happen any time soon overall true skate is a easy and quick game with some unique maps I do recommend this game but it needs to be fixed.Score: 3/5

Great and realisticHi true axis, the game you have made is amazing and I have been playing it for almost 5 years now. I just wish that you could make skate parks for free and have street skating free roam. But me being a skater, I think the game is a rippa..Score: 5/5

PleasePlease take out the loss of true skate money it is so annoying.Score: 4/5

Scooters and bmxGreat game I would give it 20 stars if I could. But there is one thing I think u should add in to the game, scooters and bikes..Score: 5/5

I paid three whole dollars!I got this cool game becuase it was reccomended to me by a friend and every time i go in to it it stays on one screen. i tried everything to fix it but it did not work. i am not saying that the game is bad but the game IS BAD..Score: 2/5

StupidEvery time I go down the mondo ramp it puts me in manuals and nose manuals.Score: 2/5

Continued loss of game money earnedI just wanted to know if a creator could get in touch with me. When I initially purchased this game, I could return to it after exiting and my money earned from tricks would continue to increase but now any time I leave the game and return the money previously earned is lost and I have to start at 0 funds. This is disappointing as in the past I’ve spent a lot of time and effort building these funds only to continually loose it. I would really appreciate if some one could advise if this is a glitch? Thank you..Score: 1/5

IncredibleAbsolutely a incredible game doing all sort of tricks. There are a bunch of skateboarding games. This by far is the best..Score: 5/5

Umm...Look it’s a good game but it just has a lack of free maps and it’s been like this for years..Score: 2/5

Needs more open worldThis game needs to remove out of bounds.Score: 4/5

Scooters?When are you guys gonna make a scooter game Like you have true skate But what about true scoot Or true scooter And true scooters.Score: 5/5

Bad animationsWhen I do a board slide it says it’s a lazy grind and when ever, if you are reading this you can do better for your money :).Score: 1/5

Great game but...This is a great game, I really love it! It’s so fun! But there’s one thing I would love for you to add, maybe a mode like the skater legs but you can see the whole body, and maybe some funny ragdoll physics if you fall as well!.Score: 5/5

It did not let me buy mondo rampSo I just could not wait for mondo ramp and it took all my money.Score: 3/5

True skate complainsWhenever I leave the app I lose all my true credits and lose all my changes to the deck..Score: 1/5

HelpHey True Skate, I don’t know if this is common but my game keep resetting when ever I close the app. This means I loss all of my in game currency and progress in challenges. Also I have lost all parks and costumes skateboard that I brought with real money because of this. So if I could get a refund for my losses that would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.Score: 1/5

HelpI cannot seem to be able to bye any deck packs. Every time I try to bye any deck pack I get automatically kicked from the game. I’ve tried deleting the game and re installing but it hasn’t fixed the problem. Please help?.Score: 1/5

Don’t spend money on true skateGreat game but I paid almost $10 for board customisation and every time I loaded the game it would reset my board and remove all my coins. Wasted money..Score: 1/5

It is not goodIt is not good.Score: 1/5

Skate decks don’t load and..I can’t apply any decks or grips because half of them don’t load. Also every time I go to buy something it takes me back to my home screen. Other wise great game, please fix this.Score: 4/5

A bugThere is one problem that happens to me over and over. Sometime when I go onto the game all of my progress gets lost. I have to keep redoing missions and I lose all of my credits. This bug NEEDS to be fixed.Score: 3/5

I would rate it 5 stars but......the skate parks are too expensive and it takes too long to get money in the game.Score: 4/5

Please add more featuresFirst off this is the best game in the whole mobile skate universe but I wish there could be like online features as like you can invite friends and vs them or just join a free skate match. Please take your time to look at this review and think about it thank you..Score: 5/5

Great gameHey guys great game but i just purchased the Santa Cruz pack and I got nothing.Score: 5/5

Scam!!I payed for an in game purchase and it took my money and didn’t give me the items I paid for!!!.Score: 3/5

Great game, just one problemOk every time I get on and off my gaps reset as well as all my tricks and missions. The pole jam you guys have set up as a live event has reset and now I have to do all the missions, wait half a day and then do it again. Please do something about this because I didn’t put effort into the game just to lose my hard work..Score: 3/5

AlrightThe gameplay is great but you only get 1 skatepark after paying $2.00 for the game. The map gets repetitive and I can’t bother grinding to get enough coins to buy anything and I don’t wanna buy with real money cause this gives the devs support for ripping people off..Score: 2/5

Good game but a problemThis is an enjoyable game but I have a few problems that I would like to express. Firstly I was also someone who lost their account with almost 100k true credits which extremely disappointing and I’m glad that it is supposedly fixed although this does not help me now. Secondly my biggest feedback is I love the new option to have your riders feet showing although there is one problem with it, if you rider is “regular” stance the feet are shown in the “goofy” stance which is the opposite therefore the tricks that are displayed are wrong and vice versa and as a real life skateboarder this is quite annoying for me, so if this problem could be fixed that would much appreciated. Although overall this is a good game and fun to play..Score: 4/5

Paid money on new skate parks never got themGood game tho just not happy about not getting what I paid for.Score: 1/5

Good game but should make more parks freeThe game is amazing and generally a good game but the fact that it costs (in Australia) 2.99$ and you only have one park and you have to pay for more. It’s a good game but it think they should a least make the game free and make the parks cost money or make the game cost money and give more parks for free.Score: 4/5

App store disabled?I bought some maps and i cannot get to them because it says App Store disabled and i have tried to enable it so many times and i feel like it just stole my money..Score: 4/5

BadDon’t buy this game. It is a waste of money. You are better off buying touchgrind skate 2 and using the money you saved to buy a second map..Score: 1/5

Very niceGreat everything what else could I say.Score: 4/5

Solid gameTrue skate is such a great game that I play myself for hours a week. The mechanics are great that map variety is great but unfortunately there’s one suggestion that I would like to make. The custom board. 1. When I get custom wheels, as soon as I reopen the game they’re gone 2. When I make a custom deck please make a feature where I can move the image on the board to fit it well as it’s immeasurably hard to get it to fit perfectly having to constantly crop the image. Thx.Score: 4/5

Pls helpPlease ad a setting were you can change your Avatar to any gender because my friend is really annoyed of being a boy in this game.Score: 5/5

Lost coinsI love this game but I started it up today and I’d lost my almost 200 thousand coins I’d saved up forever I’m very upset about this pls respond.Score: 1/5

I just got scammed and would like a refundI just purchased the 6 park pack for $2.99 and the maps just stopped downloading i didn’t exit the app and my wifi is fine i would like to be refunded asap. great game though.Score: 2/5

It doesnt let me play the gameEvery time I open the app the app closes. I had it on my old phone and it is really fun but on this phone i cant even play it.Score: 3/5

I lost my stuffI’m the game every time I exit the enter the app a new time, my stuff is reset. My coins, custom boards, mission achievements, and the movable objects are no longer there. It’s like staring from the start. But the only thing I didn’t lose was the scratches on my board.Score: 1/5

GreatGreat, just absolutely great. Skateparks are cheap, no inapp purchases for decks and griptapes and wheels and stuff, and perfect controlls. Just great..Score: 5/5

AMAZING GAMEI love this game I recommend it to anyone it is really really fun it is 100% worth the price!.Score: 5/5

Best game ever!This is an outstanding game! I love the fact that you can buy tracks and do live challenges! But could you please add Skatepark Creator?.Score: 5/5

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