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Have fun challenging your friends and enemies in the hottest trivia game! Let our friendly spinner wheel, Willy, select which questions you’ll answer from six different categories. Be the first to get the six crowns to win, but watch out for the rematch! Reasons you should be playing Trivia Crack right this second: -Hundreds of thousands of exciting questions -You can create your own questions in the Factory -Over 20 game languages -Chat with your opponents -Collectable card collection Need more? No problem: -Prove how smart you are -Learn something new while having fun -Make your mother proud So what are you waiting for? Let’s go! Download the game! Warning: this game may cause an excess of fun. Please consult a professional if you notice your knowledge growing at an unusual rate. Visit for more information. Questions? Concerns? Find the solution to all your problems here: Be a social being, follow us!: Facebook: Twitter: @triviacrack Instagram: YouTube:

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Killing timeTime going by.Score: 5/5

Game has become a money grabA while back I bought the ad free version so I could just run the app, play the game and then be done without any hassle. However over the last few months the developers are putting in more and more in game purchase pop ups, and it greatly interferes with the ability to play the game. It’s very disappointing to know that the developers no longer seem to care about the game they’ve made, and instead are focused on trying to squeeze as much money out of the public as possible. I understand the fact that people create apps for the purpose of making money, however buying the ‘ad-free’ version of the game means I don’t want to be interrupted by this sort of thing, and a pop up for in game currency is still an ad..Score: 1/5

Love the game, love the app, but...I’m giving you two stars because at the end of every single turn I accidentally spend coins on a second chance because YOU SUPERIMPOSE THE SECOND CHANCE BUTTON ON TOP OF THE “CONTINUE” BUTTON. Who does that?? Not only that, but the second chance button doesn’t immediately appear, it comes up like a half second later so I’m already pressing the continue button and it just slips in. I hate it..Score: 2/5

Paid app gets greedyPlease stop asking me to buy stuff - your in game ads are just as bad as regular ads. I paid for this game and don’t want to continually be asked if I want to spend more. It’s become less about knowledge and more about how deep your pocket is. Losing a game? Pay to win! Don’t bother with this game.Score: 1/5

Great game but way too many Harry Potter questionsInformative and educational as well as fun 👍.Score: 5/5

ChallengesGreat game but sad to see the group challenges go..Score: 5/5

New game setupWhat’ve u done?????? Ridiculous, change it back!!!.Score: 1/5

Wrong languageThe game is fun I guess, though I dislike that you have hidden the cards that give you free items as much as you can. Also, in your new Survival mode, I only seem to get questions in Spanish with no way to change it, so I can’t really play..Score: 3/5

“No ads” but loaded with micro transactionsIt used to be a fun game but it’s gone downhill. The app claims to be “no ads”, but it’s overrun with pop ups and “special offers” for microtransactions. Some of them pop up quickly on top of a screen where you were about to press a ‘Continue’ button to proceed to the next screen, with the “accept microtransaction” button strategically aligned with where the Continue button was so that you‘re more likely to accidentally hit it. I’m deleting the game because of the constant ads to buy in-game content..Score: 1/5

New update has ruined my fav game! 😫Gone from the best game ever to clunky takes forever to load at times freezes between turns and the new update has made it worse!!.Score: 1/5

Not happyThe last 2 updates have not fixed bugs ... my games continue to freeze ... it’s getting beyond a joke.Score: 1/5

Too many picture questionsI’ve played this game for years, and I would have given it 5 stars till recently. However, over the past 6 weeks or so, all of a sudden, there has been an influx of picture questions. I don’t mind a few picture questions, but I feel like I’m answering 1/3 picture questions. Most of them are far too difficult and specific. For example, “which Kpop group is this person a member of?”, Who knows! Please reduce the influx of picture questions and I will change this rating to 5 star..Score: 5/5

Purchasing no ads DOES NOT MEAN no more bull dustIn purchasing the no as version you will be continually hounded with non desirable options including: Feed able pet with notifications Multiple offers to spin a wheel after every change of turns continued pop ups to purchase consumables. Expectations were not met on this one and the app is much worse off for it..Score: 1/5

AnnoyedLove the game but you purposely put the retry button where the continue button is so I keep accidentally hitting it and spending coins. If it happens again I’m just gonna delete the app..Score: 1/5

Please get rid of the need a second chance pagePLS I’ve used coins by accident!!! This is annoying apart from all the money buy to win stuff, it’s a great game.Score: 3/5

Great gameGreat game but lately the game has been closing down, I hate the picture questions!!.Score: 3/5

The newest version of treasure mine I hate, go back to just the pics version please please pleaseAs above.Score: 5/5

Survival mode not workingSurvival mode is telling me I got the question wrong when I didn’t, but continues to the next round. Twice I won but didn’t get paid.Score: 4/5

No regard for privacyNo regard for privacy. I began playing this game against friends. Now am caught up in public tournaments that I can’t get out of - my details on display. Have emailed developer. Lazy, disinterested response. Developer not interested in individual’s privacy. Recommend boycott until privacy concerns are addressed..Score: 1/5

Card machines costing more gemsVery disappointed that it now costs 9 gems per card for the VIP machine rather than 6 with no warning.. not happy at all.Score: 1/5

LivesWhy on earth does this game need lives? By not being able to start a new game because of not having any lives left just makes me want to delete the app. Please get rid of the lives system and just let us play some trivia. Regards Every annoyed user.Score: 1/5

Trivia CrackHave played this for years but am now sick of it because there are so many pop ups and I have the purchased version I enjoy the trivia but not all the stupid and unexplained rewards, they seem to be mean nothing it has been cumbersome and tedious to play four friends play and all feel the same game is now ruined.Score: 5/5

This game is a’s too addictive! But I lurve it😜😊.Score: 5/5

Love it!Fun game!.Score: 5/5

Please get rid of the Piggy bankI love Trivia Crack.... I have learned a lot! But can we get rid of the piggy bank from the front screen? Pretty please..Score: 5/5

Trivia crackCrown league didn’t give me a crown in my performance!! 😫. Very disappointed. Also way too many boring American sitcom show Friends and football questions!!.Score: 2/5

RatingDaily question always rewards with useless gift, i.e 2 hearts or 800 coins. Gems are totally USELESS. ALL THE MACHINES ARE FULL AND THE REWARDS ARE PATHETIC.My mission is not working , why?.Score: 5/5

Used to be a 5 star gameI have played this for a few years now and always enjoy it and until the last update, I would have given it 5 stars. Last night more than half of my questions (and I answered at least 100), were dreadful picture questions. Pictures that show a city with just some boring buildings and no stand-out monuments etc, and then to be asked what city it is is ridiculous- could be anywhere in the world. It doesn’t even say what country or even hemisphere to give some clue. I had many of these, on top of pictures of teenage “stars” with just a “who is this?” question. Please limit the amount of picture questions. It is making me not want to play and I usually play about an hour each night..Score: 1/5

Not compatible with iPhone 11Had no issues until I got the new iPhone. Now I can’t play the crown league or the daily question or any missions as it is no longer on the screen..Score: 4/5

Latest version has issuesEvery time I get on the game lately it's frozen, I have to close and re-enter for it to work. Then this week I used a card from my album to earn 3750 coins over a 7 day period... I go to see it come out after this wait only to find the card switched out for a 500 coin reward. Very annoying. Very glitchy issues which I've not seen before this version. Please fix!.Score: 2/5

Increase.I have been playing TRIVIA CRACK for about 6 years and reached a score of 102. I suspect they raise the hardness of the questions as I rarely get the month completely correct. Does this mean I am I am going backwards in my knowledge - probably. But I really like the game, I am learning while enjoying the cut and thrust that is going on in my memory. Jabaroo.Score: 5/5

Crackalacking TriviaAwesome trivia game, with a diverse variety of questions. Play continuously with one opponent or select a variety. Love this game..Score: 5/5

CarmenGreat game, would prefer the trivia to be broader and not predominantly American..Score: 4/5

Maeve AustraliaGood game but the survival questions are too American to be fair to all..Score: 4/5

Piggy Bank.Please get rid of the piggy bank.Score: 5/5

Pretty good - needs improvementPurple segment on free spin should be 10 diamonds, not another life. I have lives coming out the wahzoo, and you’re charging me 30 diamonds to get a card! User submitted questions need a system to speed up the process. It’s just stalled, and there’s nothing one can do to move it along. An unacceptable number of questions need to be edited to read correctly. Do you even have an editor on staff? Other than that, the game is fun and good to keep the mind active..Score: 4/5

It used to be goodNow it is overly complicated with too many pop ups and add ons.Now not worth playing. I am (was) a long time player..Score: 1/5

Survival....I love playing this game, your Survival challenge, I have to say there are too many American based questions. Sorry, but I don’t live in the USA so I have no idea about Baseball, American Football, Hockey, and your History. Can you make it fair and perhaps delete these questions???.Score: 3/5

Love the gameEnjoy playing the game very much. Only thing that I don’t like is the piggy bank. It doesn’t allow you to gain anything without spending money..Score: 5/5

I just want triviaYo, firstly every time I open the game I don’t need that annoying pop up asking if I want to start a new game. Secondly when I get a question wrong, don’t put the pop up to spend coins to try again right on top of the button to quit that game, it’s blatantly obvious you’re making people waste coins here (just don’t make it pop up at all!). Thirdly, I just want trivia, I don’t care much for these coins, diamond and hearts (whatever they do), and there are too many pop ups and things asking me to spend them, or to spin a wheel to get more. Whoopty do. If my friend didn’t ask me to play this with her it would not be on my phone that’s for sure, and I deeply regret giving you money to remove advertisements. P.S. I forgot the main reason I went to write a review, I keep getting notifications to open the app but there’s no game to play, it’s just the app making me open the game for no reason. Go figure. Probably hoping I’ll spend more money, good luck with that..Score: 1/5

How much I like this appVery addictive game, I have learnt so many things about sport, the world and people playing this game.....Score: 5/5

GoodGameIt’s a good game but some of the games, the questions are aimed at Americans such as the Survivor game which makes it unfair when competing.Score: 3/5

AwesomeGreat educational game.. Bring back the Crown tho.... Please!.Score: 5/5

Don’t waste your moneyCrappest trivia game ever. Waste of time & money..Score: 1/5

Stop the adsI like the game although there are some annoying glitches that causes drop outs, and errors in questions. But the annoying thing is that despite paying for a no ads version, I keep getting ads from trivia crack! An ad is an ad regardless of who is advertising! Stop with the ads!!!.Score: 1/5

I would like a refund....Not at all what I expected. Appears to be designed to encourage player to spend more money on ‘coins’ etc..Score: 1/5

Good game, annoying pop upsKeeps asking me to buy this and that, frustrating! That’s still advertising!.Score: 3/5

Trivia CrackAbsolutely love Trivia Crack. Best trivia game out there!!.Score: 5/5

Annoying pigLove the game but get rid of the pig ... Please it’s annoying.Score: 5/5

FrustratedI have been enjoying this game until the last few days! The game only allows me to answer a few questions and then stops loading. Very disappointing 😡.Score: 1/5

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