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Rule based proxy utility client for iPhone/iPad. - Capture all HTTP/HTTPS/TCP traffic from any applications on your device, and redirect to the proxy server. - Record and display HTTP, HTTPS, DNS requests from your iOS devices. - Configure rules using domain match, domain suffix, domain keyword, CIDR IP range, and/or GeoIP lookup. - Measure traffic usage and network speed on WiFi, cellular, direct and proxy connections. - Import rule files from URL or iCloud Drive. - Block ads by domain, user agent rules. - Local DNS Mapping. - Work on cellular networks. - Decrypt HTTPS traffic. - Perform URL rewrite. - Fully IPv6 supports. - Script filter supports. - Multi-level forward proxy. - Support kcptun, cloak, gost, v2ray plugins. - Support DoH, DoT.

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Free International Money Transfer 💸Enjoy high maximum transfers into more than 20 currencies while saving up to 90% over local banks! The cheap, fast way to send money abroad. Free transfer up to 500 USD!AdvertorialScore: 5/5

更新后Trojan无法使用最近一版更新发生了什么,希望尽快修复.Score: 1/5

开启小火箭网络自动切换到4g更新版本后.Score: 4/5

功能更新太慢太慢能用,但是收费app, 功能更新还没免费的v2rayNG快,v2和xray 新功能都没有。.Score: 3/5

打不开了更新后打不开.Score: 4/5

每个月切加拿大区更新。。虽然有tf但是还能更新我就要用这个办法。。。.Score: 5/5

So usefulMan this is so useful helps me connect to internet so fast.Score: 5/5

打开ss时WiFi 变成4GIOS 11.1 beta3一开vpn WiFi 就变成4G。 请尽快修复。.Score: 3/5

下载后根本翻不出去我付完款下载后根本翻不出去啊? 需要什么操作吗难道??!.Score: 2/5

So difficult to set upSo many steps and no instructions to teach how to set up.Score: 1/5

成功转区前来留名😬.Score: 5/5

蹦溃了#小火箭iPhone6P系统11.1.2有时候出现蹦溃了。以前没有出现过这样的,是系统升级后就这样了.Score: 5/5

何时更新http/2?好急.Score: 3/5

经常无端端自启动App内关掉,后台都杀了,过一会一解锁又是自动开了VPN,出现很多次了。app内关和设施里关都会自启.Score: 3/5

收费软件不推荐仟佰星云上说不收费,结果还是扣费了。骗子.Score: 1/5

Works wonders!I live in China right now and obviously as a Westerner, that presents a lot of problems in regards to... Well, life. This works just as well if not better than the Shadowsocks client on macOS. Great work!.Score: 5/5

实在太慢了同样的ssr我用在pc和安卓客户端上都能流畅看YouTube1080p,可这个连三分之一的速度都达不到,这付费软件做的比免费的都烂是什么心态????.Score: 1/5

很好用,作者继续加油!加油( ¯ᒡ̱¯ )و.Score: 5/5

速度奇慢同一个服务器,tls+ws在pc上速度12mbps,actinium也是差不多的速度,shadowrocket里1mbps不到而且网页经常打不开,而这里………什么都打不开,约300kbps的连接速度。确定不是我的服务器或者本地网络有问题,因为同一vps的ssr在shadowrocket速度都在10mbps以上.Score: 3/5

没有tw旗帜竟然去掉了tw旗帜???.Score: 1/5

Mkcp & 微信视频流混淆 for vmess please!!!It seems a good way for avoid blocking, just as you know.Score: 5/5

下载不了为什么点下载了没有反应不会下载了.Score: 5/5

自定义规则如何删除自己从github下载了一些规则,但是还有些不想用的,可以应用内不能删除这些多余的,请提供支持.Score: 4/5

Trojan 更新后变慢在最近的一次更新后,本来没有速度问题的vmess和trojan突然间变的非常慢。之前以为是服务器问题,但用Android和mac测试一切正常。非常好的app,不知道这次更新怎么了。.Score: 3/5

继续支持希望一直好用.Score: 5/5

求kcp支持Rtrtrt.Score: 5/5

10月24日升级以后完全用不了连扫描二维码的窗口都打不开.Score: 1/5

WIDGETS PLSIs it possible to have widget (not the Today one), could be really handy to have one on Home screen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.Score: 5/5

感谢最近更新后发现 Dashboard 小插件的开关按钮做了一个很棒的调整。感受到开发者的用心了。特意过来留言感谢。 一个小建议。在每一个连接的设置里面,上方的导航栏按钮一个是取消返回,一个是保存返回。其实这个逻辑和 iOS 和 macOS 的使用习惯的不相符的。我试过几次做好了调整,但因为直接按取消返回丢失了调整设置。个人建议做成一个按钮就行。.Score: 5/5

速度慢,感觉不是很稳定首先感谢作者出了这样一款应用,确实造福iOS用户。但是如上面的评论所说,vps的速度慢了好多,而且总会时不时的连不上。同样的vps在pc下和android下用ss就非常快,希望能够改善.Score: 3/5

AwesomeThis is s terrific Safari app.Score: 5/5

不通用在iphone上买了以后还需要在ipad上再买一遍.Score: 2/5

厉害了我的哥Vmess模式还挺稳定的.Score: 5/5

啥情况啊昨天开始所有节点都显示超时,电脑手机都这样,能不能解决一下.Score: 3/5

无法安装更新后无法连接,删除后一直显示无法安装。.Score: 1/5

嘘 别说出去Shhhh dont tell others. You know what this is for..Score: 5/5

好用好用.Score: 5/5

2.1.27版本看不了油管了但别的如fb、ig、tw等都可以上,就是油管突然上不去了…….Score: 5/5

AccessibilityNice app, dude! When vpn is on, is it possible to switch among those three global route modes directly from the Notification centre without reopening the app every time? Plz consider this feature in future upgrades. Thank you..Score: 5/5

我怎么搞服务器怎么搞.Score: 1/5

耗电快Iphone 11 pro max ios13.1.3打开代理后,温度喜人啊.Score: 4/5

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Will support ios new widget?Will support ios new widget?.Score: 4/5

Bug of decode config of plugin kcptunBug of decode config with kcptun from qrcode when config contains field “nocomp”.Score: 5/5

太多订阅更新的时候提示太多http重定向是怎么回事啊谁能解答一下,用不了啊.Score: 5/5

It does support on iOS 14?Hello I am using iPhone 11 and installed latest version of Shadowrocket, it can’t connect to the vpn server,it alway reported timeout. but I can connect the same vpn server with same url through my iPad and iPhone 8 which iOS version is 12. The iOS version of iPhone 11 is 14. I want to know is there any issue on iOS 14 for latest shadowrocket version?.Score: 3/5

Great appGreat app.Score: 5/5

更新到2.1.83无法使用更新到最新版后手机不管是在4G还是Wi-Fi下都无法使用,没更新时候是可以正常使用,模式是trojan-go.Score: 2/5

大佬6sp,ios14.3用2.1.83版本会非常闪退假死请修复谢谢。订阅内容base64是vm***开头不会识别订阅失败。可能我本身问题。如已解决请忽略本issues.Score: 2/5

It is not convenient to delete multiple severs except subscriptionIt is not convenient to delete multiple severs except subscription.Score: 4/5

It can’t use! What happens?Payback.Score: 1/5

为什么购买后不能切换到中国区下载?同上,在美区购买后,换到中国区去已购项目里面不见了,找不到下载,必须得把账号换到美国区以后才能重新下载?怎么解决?.Score: 5/5

Protocol ✨5✨.Score: 5/5

新版本后台耗电好像更严重了?新版本后台耗电好像更严重了?.Score: 4/5

希望更新功能就算按条件连接时也可以通过主开关开启和关闭连接希望更新功能就算按条件连接时也可以通过主开关开启和关闭连接.Score: 5/5

A suggestionHi guys This tool is so great, and I have a suggestion that it could try to connect directly at first, if it fail then go to proxy path, it maybe more helpful if there is an option..Score: 5/5

真良心软件!价格便宜量又足,第一时间支持vless xtls 牛!ios 平台最好的xx 软件,没有之一!为作者点赞!.Score: 5/5

Seems that any vpn app can't work on iPhone 12 miniI don't know if it has something to do with iOS, but vpn works fine on my iPhone SE (1st gen) with iOS14, and my iPhone 12 mini encounters this problem. Can you help?.Score: 4/5

About today departmentWhen I use the today tools, always crash,and I cannot use the Notification Center!.Score: 3/5

Important important important!!For some countries with network blockade, breaking through the blockade is risky. I hope developers can pay attention to the privacy of users and prevent them from being tracked and monitored..Score: 5/5

PerfectThe right tool for the job..Score: 5/5

能不能解决一下发热问题新版本又发热了 直接手机取暖.Score: 1/5

WiFi issueKeep shutting down proxy for no reason.Score: 5/5

It's available on mac m1!Surprisingly it is on mac m1 app store..Score: 5/5

Widget PLEASE!Please please design a simple switch on and of widget, so that we can put you on home screen!.Score: 4/5

会擅自切换节点已经把启用回退取消了还是会莫名其妙的切换节点。.Score: 1/5

Socks4Please Support Add Socks4.Score: 5/5

小组件最近无法载入希望适配.Score: 5/5

Nice app in the fuxking China !Nice !.Score: 5/5

Bug?Woke up this morning and found all my servers are pining well but can’t connect with internet. Deleted the app and re-installed it, added a subscription but the servers are not shown on the list..Score: 4/5

Didn’t workPlease fix it I really want alight motion premium 😔 and please don’t tell me I wasted my money on a app that doesn’t even work 😔🙏.Score: 1/5

老哥 Apple TV有没有可能整一个上架呀国内用这个方便看Netflix.Score: 5/5

更新以后手机变的费电 发热新版本手机发热.Score: 1/5

怎么退出账号我用了你们的[email protected] 登录手机下载了这个VPN软件,但现在无法退出,说该账号已被封。请问怎么才能退出?.Score: 5/5

使用情况比较适合大部分人群~界面设计很好看,使用起来非常方便!.Score: 5/5

好用,非常喜欢用起来相当不错.不过只能用美区ID 才可以下载..Score: 5/5

AwesomeThis software is amazing!.Score: 5/5

GoodVery good.Score: 5/5

BugBug为毛这么多时不时抽风不能连.Score: 1/5

请添加iOS 14小组件IOS 最棒的 proxy app! 非常怀念之前的小组件, iOS 14 升级后没法添加了。如果能添加iOS 14的小组件就完美了:).Score: 4/5

Worst experience ever!I followed every step they listed but it just couldn’t work. Then I texted their customer service and the service was AWFUL! I only asked one question and the service guy told me that I should go learn how to use a MacBook first, and he said it is not his duty to teach me how to use a MacBook. I was super shocked about the way he talked and his attitude really annoyed me. I don’t know how they trained their workers..Score: 1/5

IssueLatest version 2.1.82 for iphone is not working.Score: 5/5

Super super awesome!!!The latest version has updated some ui details, which is the icing on the cake..Score: 5/5

Today widget and autorotate issuesI keep getting an “Unable to load” error on the Today Widget. I think this happens when Shadowrocket does not quickly reload servers and the old VPN has been blocked by the GFW. I wish Shadowrocket had an option to more frequently check if servers are being blocked and autorotate faster to keep trying to find one. The autorotate doesn’t seem to work well enough..Score: 3/5

出现了界面卡顿问题Ios14.6 and iOS14.7,只要界面联网绝对卡顿好几秒钟!.Score: 3/5

感恩感恩团队.Score: 5/5

坚持坚持一直支持你.Score: 5/5

请求添加xray支持!万分感谢!请求添加xray支持!万分感谢!.Score: 5/5

Some apps can‘t connect to internet if turn off the VPNKeep VPN switched off, If change to use another WiFi, the app can connect to internet again. The app doesn’t need to use VPN. Please find the reason..Score: 5/5

Ss + v2ray plugin cannot workAs title, same configuration does work in other app.Score: 5/5

可以做个桌面小插件吗把现在在通知中心的插件直接移植到桌面上就好了,非常方便,希望作者可以考虑下相关的需求。.Score: 4/5

It’s the best for iPhoneThis app should also have payload generator and please fix the issue where I have to open my social apps before knowing I have messages.Score: 5/5

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