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Discord is where you can make a home for your communities and friends. Where you can stay close and have fun over text, voice, and video. Whether you’re part of a school club, a gaming group, a worldwide art community, or just a handful of friends that want to spend time together, Discord makes it easy to talk every day and hang out more often. Create an invite-only place • Discord servers are organized into topic-based channels where you can collaborate, share, and just talk about your day without clogging up a group chat. • Voice channels make hanging out easy. Grab a seat in a voice channel when you’re free. Friends can see you’re around and pop in to talk, without having to call. • Reliable tech for staying close. Low latency voice and video feels like you’re in the same room. STAY CLOSE WITH TEXT, VOICE, AND VIDEO • Wave hello over video, watch friends stream their games, or gather up and have a drawing session with screen share. • Turn any image into your own custom emojis and share them with friends. • Share anything from a funny video to your latest group photos, and pin your favorites to remember later. FOR A FEW OR A FANDOM • Custom moderation tools and permission levels can group up your friends, organize your local book club, or bring together music fans from around the world. • Create moderators, give special members access to private channels, and much more.

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RebrandIt was perfect until they rebranded. Now they’ve got new colours which are harsh on the eyes, and it now highlights pings in an awful colour rather than the dark grey it used to be. I don’t know why they’d make such bad design choices after it being perfect for so long..Score: 2/5


IdkBae.Score: 5/5

New logoI have no issue with the app itself but me,my friends and others on the internet hates the new logo with a passion so we’d love it if you changed it back to the old one also don’t think you’re sneaky I have seen your tik tok xoxoxo.Score: 4/5

Ur mums prolly fat and you need to touch some grassOMG GUYS! THIS NEW LOGO IS SO POOPY! BUT IM NOT GONNA COOMY IN MY PANTYS ABOUT IT! stop being a snowflake🤡.Score: 5/5

Logging back inI put my email but it doesn’t work and it’s annoying because I can’t call my friends anymore and this makes it difficult to log back in if it doesn’t even let me.Score: 1/5

ITS TRASHThe new logo is making me sick get it changed back it looks so bad cba huge it before i sue you and make you get on your knees and say you love you you little minks.Score: 1/5

NotificationsSometimes my notifications stop working, and i never receive any. i normally delete the app for it to start working again, but now it has gone completely. discord is a good app don’t get me wrong, but this does annoy me..Score: 1/5

New update is badChanged the icon colour. The share screen stopped working with the new update..Score: 3/5

NEW UPDATE.I’m disgusted, dark blue really discord? I’m giving it a 2 star, I would give it a 1 but I just saw pretty TikTok girls so that has made me happy. Your lucky I’m not pressing charges. - from, mummy..Score: 2/5

GdGd.Score: 5/5

New design is terribleIt looks like it was made by a fresh intern on their lunchbreak and then approved without anyone even looking at it. The font treatment is pure garbage. It’s all over the place. You should have saved yourself a few bob and just used Comic Sans. The new purple is over the top. Desaturate it a bit. The new logo turns Clyde from a happy wee crab fella into angular, amorphous nonsense. RIP crabchat. Oh and “imagine a place...”? Imagine a tagline not written by a pure charlatan..Score: 1/5

New logo is awful.I enjoy discord thoroughly, I just despise the updates app icon..Score: 4/5

I liked it before the new logo change 😒😒The logo was perfect before why did you feel the need to change it..like now it looks so unpleasant to look at like I wouldn’t even open up discord because I would stare at the logo 5 minutes before opening the app and now I cannot do that because of this horrific new icon update..Score: 2/5

Dark GreenI miss the light green, dark green is disgusting.Score: 1/5

NoYou made your app ugly.Score: 1/5

Notifications wont workI’ve had discord since december now, i use it to talk to my boyfriend and internet friends. after updating it a few days ago it was fine but now my notifications wont work ive tried - vpn - toggling notifs on and off - updated phone - checked for discord update - deleted and reinstalled the app - changing my status or profile picture - deleted servers - left groupchats i love this app but its literally broken for me now lol and i’m really stressed so i’ll probably move to something new. if anyone can help me please lmk (disc : ashtyn ⚣#5203 ).Score: 2/5


New logoUGLY AF.Score: 1/5

Offensive rebrandingWhoever designed this rebrand needs to do some research before they destroy another company’s look. this colour scheme is so garish to the point of distraction, why would you need a bolder purple colour? this is a messaging service with either a bright white theme, or a medium grey theme, WHY would you need to make the purple more bold? it is so unnecessary and genuinely ruins the colour scheme harmony. typing a message is so irritating with that huge bright purple send button distracting my eyes every letter i type, and the colour itself gives a headache if looked at for too long! why why why why why would this ever be necessary???? why would you ever need to take your inoffensive harmonious colour scheme and make it look like the most unnatural grouping ever?? genuinely looks like an emo in the 2000s suggested and pushed for this rebranding.Score: 1/5

Ok change it back nowPlease for the love of god i don’t know who said this logo change was a good idea please change it back rn.Score: 1/5

EhIt is a great app for communication but recently they have made some bold design choices that everyone seems to dislike. Apparently it has harmed the colourblind user base. Used to be great but I’m considering switching platforms..Score: 3/5

DumbStopped getting notifications i checked every setting and asked some friends and they also stopped getting notifications discord what is happening 😃.Score: 1/5

*sadface*Sure it’s perfectly functional but the new icon colour is harsh on the eyes, just disgusting..Score: 1/5


The logo...Why did you change the logo?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! Like istg change it back it’s so ugly like NO. I LOVED THE OLD ONE IT WAS COMFORTING!!!!! Not happy. 😐.Score: 4/5

Logo change + moreI hate it. The font is awful. Its not welcoming. Everything else about the app is great however..Score: 4/5


Love the app! Not the logo change.Not a big fan of the logo and font change, maybe try something different?.Score: 5/5

It’s the logo for meLove discord but the logo 💀 not so much.Score: 5/5

:)Its a good app, dont get me wrong. smoother and better quality calls also but i gave it 4 stars because on my phone it takes a long time to load which is one of my mild concerns.Score: 4/5


WowOk, I love Discord BUT WHATS WITH THE NEW LOGO??.Score: 4/5

TERRIBLEI once used discord a lot but now suddenly and randomly I’m completely unable to use it, once I load into my own server the app freezes and I can’t scroll through anything. I’ve tweeted at them with no response so far. I can use the sever on my laptop but everything freezes once I’m on my phone.Score: 1/5

Woooooooooow-Here me out- I love discord it’s amazing- butttttt I loved the old logo-.Score: 1/5

Problems with the notificationsOverall I personally enjoy using this app and it’s a great way to communicate with people that may be living somewhere else which is far away from you.I’ve also met many new people and enjoyed talking through this app but idk if this only a malfunction or if this is going to be a long term thing but my notifications haven’t been working since yesterday and it’s been annoying having to keep going back on the app since I have to do things and I’m not able to do both texting people on the app and for example using a different app at the same time.If this didn’t happen I’d rate the app a higher rating but until this is sorted out I have to stick to 3..Score: 3/5

Icba we all know yThe logo change its cool if you change it but the new logo isnt up to standard especially one for a brand big as yours its horrible and an eye sour.Score: 1/5

OkThis app is honestly so bad like kid why would you change the pfp of the app like instead of it upgrading it just downgraded it’s so ugly man it wasn’t even a good idea like what was going through your head when you decided to change the logo, who ever made the new logo should go fall down the stairs and break their legs yours sincerely.Score: 1/5

BugSince the update I’ve been lagging out of the app every time I open a dm or server.Score: 1/5

Notifications no longer workI love Discord, it's a great app but today the push notifications have just stopped working properly. I've tried changing the settings on both Discord and iOS, restarting my phone, restarting discord, reinstalling discord.. Nothing works..Score: 3/5

/SRSPut the logo back rn or i’m quitting discord 😶.Score: 1/5

Problem.....Look I love discord and nothing is wrong with it, it runs well and fast but I have one issue, the logo. This logo is not the best logo, it’s too over simplified, I’m not saying go back but at least make a slight change, the font is not creative please lots of people are back lashing.Score: 4/5

Wont be updatingNo.Score: 1/5

Change the logo and the colourChange it..Score: 1/5

Ew.This whole new layout is gross, it isnt iconic its not pretty its not aesthetic and it isnt the moment. go back to the original one, the only thing i liked was how it looks when you react to a message now. that’s the only upgrade. the rest are downgrades. we took 3 steps forward with how it looks when you react to a message, and 30 steps back with everything else..Score: 1/5

HideousThe new look- like bruh it’s awful 👀.Score: 2/5

It’s great, apart from 2 things...Discord is a great app to use! Contact all your friends to make your own private server, or join other servers with people that have similar interests! The calls are great feature, and you can even add fun little robots to do tedious tasks like managing the server, to bots with great dank memes. However, there are 2 extremely frustrating glitch which I know not just me have. And I’ve tried everything in my power to stop them from happening, but nothing works. The first thing: the calls are great apart from this one bug. Out of nowhere, the other callers and any music playing from a bot will suddenly get very loud and really distorted to the point where I have to turn down the volume or take off my headphones all together; it’s completely unbearable. You just have to wait until it’s over, and it happens every 30 minutes or so. It’s very frustrating, as sometimes I can’t hear and/or understand my friends for a good few minutes waiting for the distortion to go away, and during the heat of competitive gameplay, this just simply won’t do. Second thing: after the most recent update, discord no longer gives me any notifications at all. I’ve tried everything, like I said already, to turn them on but they just won’t do it. It’s extremely frustrating and I would like to see this patched. If both of these glitches are patched, it will easily get the 5 stars. Both of these or not very hard things to fix, I imagine, I know you can fix them. But for now, you’ve gotta sort out your priorities, discord..Score: 3/5

LogoUnsatisfied why is it brighter.Score: 1/5

The new look is ugly afHello. I have been using discord for many years, and my experience has been wonderful. However, i dislike the new look with passion. While the new logo is a very small change, and writing a review about it seems moronic, i would just like to say that you didn’t need to change the logo. There are many small flaws on discord that have not been dealt with, and i feel like the logo is not one of them. So please, in the next update, return the logo to its original design. Thanks, a discord user..Score: 5/5

Change colour please dudesPls ur hurting us the new colour is bad pls.Score: 1/5

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BestBest app, use it all the time.Score: 5/5

DM’s not working? Maybe a bug?My friends be dm’ing me but it never shows the notifications, I think it’s a bug in the new update but please try to look into it.Score: 4/5

PLEASE GO BACKDiscord is great but... Please for the love of god- go back to the old version, it’s so ugly and unpleasant to look at. It just looks so gross and reminds of childrens apps. The blue/purple is hideous and hurts to look at, the reaction format is so ugly, the new font is just.. so gross, and the channel # and pings are the worst. Please I beg of you change it back- go back please. Or at least give us an option between this version and the old one. It doesn’t look good!!.Score: 3/5


No notificationsNotifications no longer work on iPhone app.Score: 1/5

Notifications not workingI've been using discord for a long tome and never had this type of issue before. My notifications on discord seem to not be appearing on my screen at all! even when someone pings me. All my discord notifications settings are turned on even on apple settings. Discord please resolve this problem either it's something I did oh its your app. Thank you..Score: 4/5

It doesn’t give me the notifications even though they are on in my settingsMy discord doesn’t give me the notifications for the app even though they are turned on in my device settings. I’ve tried everything to get them to work but it doesn’t seem to work and I still don’t get the notifications.Score: 2/5

Are y’all okHey bro, I don’t know whether you’re going through a tough time or something but this look ain’t it. It looks genuinely horrible and I’m hoping this is some kind of sick joke because what is this? Every time I react there’s a bright blue outer lining when it can just not be there. You guys should do things like making the message pin limit higher or non existent— anything that isn’t this..Score: 4/5

Won’t let me respondI’m on iPad and after I said a suggestion in a channel it won’t let me respond to anything, I can still type but after that it won’t let me respond can you please fix it? But other then that discord is amazing..Score: 4/5

The redesign sucksThe redesign sucks and the bright blue completely ruins the point of a dark theme, not to mention that it looks so clunky now. You could do something like what reddit did when they did their redesign where you make it so you could use old reddit as well.Score: 2/5

Bring back old iconThe new icon is too dark and bright, the old one looked better.Score: 3/5

Being back the old logoDon’t be stupid. No one likes it..Score: 1/5

I’m canceling my nitro subscriptionThis app gives me a headache to use.Score: 1/5

Não é um aplicativo ruim masDepois da atualização, eu com 10 minutos no Photoshop faço algo melhor. Piorou demais, fonte feia, cores tão fortes que parecem nucleares, mascote mudou..... Realmente, as coisas só ficaram muito, muito piores. Vocês não podem fazer algo direito? Acho uma ofensa chamar “isso” de atualização..Score: 1/5

New logo and colours badThe new fonts look bad and the new colour really hurts and strains my eyes..Score: 1/5

Change the icon back!!!Please im begging you the old icon was perfect why have you done this.Score: 1/5

ReviewThe app is great! Free and amazing but it would be better to add voice record to the new update please.Score: 5/5

New color is worse IMO.Bring back the faded color it was special to discord now the color is just blue, Facebook, PlayStation, even hotmail have like the same color..Score: 5/5

New logo ugly.Yall really had to change the logo to something musty as that, whats this?!🤨 It look weird asf, oh yeah other then that its good..Score: 2/5

Notifications Stop WorkingMy notifications stopped. Looked at everything cannot locate the issue. Googled it. Seems like a common problem. Piece of junk. You have an issue that’s over 3 years old and you don’t resolve it? Ridiculous..Score: 1/5

NotificationsHello, After a few days of the new update, I haven’t been getting notifications from this app whenever I get a message. All my notifications are on in Settings, so I don’t know what else to do. The app still is very useful, it’s just that one thing. If anyone has the same problem, do tell. Please fix this problem. Thanks..Score: 4/5

New logo looks horribleI miss the old discord, the new font, logo, and style is very bad. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it discord. I’m uninstalling this app.Score: 1/5

NotisI dont know why it wont send me notifications.Score: 4/5

Push notifications not working ?Ever since the new update I no longer receive push notifications even though I have restarted my phone and uninstalled and reinstalled the app twice prompting me to “allow” push notifications and it has not fixed the problem. Please help !.Score: 1/5

New rebranding is disgusting.The old design was so nice and easy on the eyes. Very slick and modern looking too. This new rebranding looks like if you let a 12 year old go nuts with photoshop..Score: 1/5

What happened to EmmyEmmy was a discord employee and she hasn’t been heard from so I thought I showed ask you guys..Score: 5/5

The new logo and color scheme hurtThe new logo isn’t nearly as iconic or interesting and it seems as though it’s fallen to the simplified logo trend like so many other iconic logos. beyond that though the new colour is far to harsh add doesn’t fit the brand you’ve established and generally hurts my eyes when viewing it..Score: 2/5

HuhWhat is this ugly looking thing in my app library. it looks like a stain on the wall. my god it’s so annoying and i can’t even paint over it because of how bright it is..Score: 1/5

.My notifications for discord on iPhone aren’t working anymore I’ve tried everything all my notifications are on for my phone and the app but it won’t show up.Score: 5/5

Not photosensitive friendlyNot the new colours, please add an option to switch back to the old look at least in app. I’m sensitive to jarring colours and the new blue hurts my eyes and gives me headaches.Score: 2/5

Got to get thisGreat if you love gaming with your friends has way better gifts then a normal message.Score: 5/5

Great app... but there’s an issueSo I love the new look and everything but since the update I can’t screen share on mobile, I’m on an iPhone 6. When I do it in private DMs it works but It just buffers, when I ss in server vc’s I just can’t hear anyone or talk..Score: 4/5

Notifications?I genuinely enjoy the app it’s just the lack of notifications I get on my phone. I’ve done everything to try and fix it and nothing has worked.Score: 4/5

Newest update very inaccessibleI've already submitted a more formal feedback form to get the attention of the discord team, so this is really more for the benefit of other users who have the same needs as i do, but the newest update to the ui is a huge step down from how it was previously and i wouldn't recommend updating it if you already have this app, or downloading it right now if you don't. i'm an autistic user+i'm very sensitive to brightness in general (i find it painful and distracting—i can't even have curtains open if i'm going to be facing a window) and this update has made the app much harder to use for me. discord has turned up the saturation on or otherwise made more visually "busy" various features within the app (badges marking discord bots, @ messages, etc), making these features, as mentioned above, painful and distracting for me to use or have visible when i'm trying to do something else. i'm having a harder time navigating the app now than i used to, which is especially frustrating because nothing was wrong with how the ui used to look. basically, discord has taken their service and made it harder to use for absolutely no reason, other than...a skewed sense of aesthetics? trying to be "trendy"? i'm not going to stop using discord, because #1, i still believe it functions fine as a chat app (i don't have lag, problems with loading, etc) and #2, i don't really have a choice. i've been a user for years, so i already have friend groups and communities set up on here that i can't leave. but i might have to use it much less now, because i just can't spend too long looking at the new ui. i hope other users who might be sensitive to the new update don't have to experience this. even better, i hope the new update is undone or that discord provides a way to toggle it so i can go back to using it as easily as i could before..Score: 2/5

New BlurpleGreat app. The one complaint I have is the new Blurple. Every other change was fine, but can we please have old blurple back? Thanks.Score: 4/5

New look compromises accessibilityThe bright contrast and new font that came with the recent update make discord inaccessible for many users and is just generally unpleasant to look at and difficult to use, and impossible for some former users..Score: 1/5

HhHHHHH.Score: 1/5

CrashIt do be crashing once In a while and it gets very frustrating cause u have to go back few hours later.Score: 1/5

CommandsI can do most of the commands appart from the invite one. I did it in every server I’m in to check if it was just a glitch or if it was the invite thingy down. I’m not the only person one who’s invite command doesn’t work. Otherwise, the app is good..Score: 4/5

New logo makes me wanna throw upChange it back discord it sucks.Score: 1/5

;-;I dont have freinds ;-;.Score: 1/5

Notifications do not come through anymoreMy notifications on my iPhone are broken and I do not know how to reset my notifications. My phone allows notifications but my app isn’t sending them out no matter what I do. It’s updated and I reset my phone twice and I deleted the app twice. Literally nothing is working. Fix it and the other four stars are yours.Score: 1/5

(MUST READ)So I have my discord acc and all that. But when I try to use it I have to verify it with a phone number. So I couldn’t do anything but verify it with a phone number. But the thing is I don’t have a phone number so what do I do..Score: 1/5

I LOVE IT 🤩I use this app every single day! No joke! Although the new look is isn’t as cool, it still let’s me talk to the friends I hate and love! 🤪 I recommend Discord to whoever is reading it! Keep up the great work! 👍.Score: 5/5

NotificationsI’m having major issues with not getting any notifications from servers or private chats :/ i have all the settings that i need on, on, so :/.Score: 1/5

Nice butIt’s a amazing app but theres a lot of bug with the share screen on Iphone.Score: 4/5

What is happeningIt randomly calls people on my friends list at 4am and it does it like 10 times.Score: 2/5

NotificationsI don’t get notifications anymore and it’s not my phone settings or anything i just don’t get them at all and i’m trying.Score: 4/5

Notifications won’t come throughI’ve checked my settings and everything seems fine but my notifications aren’t coming through. Fix..Score: 1/5

AestheticThe old colours were so much better. why would you downgrade the logo… Just why. 🤦‍♂️.Score: 3/5

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NotificationsMy notifications are not popping up for me when I go on a different app it didn’t do that before.Score: 3/5

ConnectionsWhen I connect Spotify with discord on the app the Spotify song doesn't show up in my profile.Score: 2/5

New color is horrificAs technology moves towards dark mode, a bright logo like this almost hurts the eyes. I almost want to turn off discord notifications so it will stop blasting that color..Score: 1/5

UpdateI love discord, i just dont like the new updates the color is too bright and the logo was better before.Score: 2/5

NotificationsDiscord won’t send me any notifications and my notifications are on so i hope you can fix this soon.Score: 3/5

NotificationsJust only reporting here if anyone else has the same issue since the last update came out. I haven’t been able to get pop-up notifications or even notifications in general when someone mentions me or just messages in a group chat etc. I’m curious if this is happening to other people because it recently started happening to me (but only on mobile! Desktop notifications are working fine).Score: 3/5

I love the app but...I love how easy it is to connect with communities online, but I’m frustrated by some key accessibility options that directly hinder my connection. When using voice commands (like with numbers) it takes so much battery my phone dies within half an hour and the app slows considerably. There are no embedded captioning options for streams or voice chat, so if you’re HOH or have auditory processing issues, you’re out of luck. You can’t embed image descriptions, you can’t change font, and the new update...well, frankly it’s ugly and difficult to see. The new purple is eyestrain city, and oh god the font. Why didn’t Discord focus on the dozens of real accessibility issues instead of this rebrand that makes things worse than it already was?.Score: 3/5

I cannot streamI can’t stream, my friends can’t see what im putting on.Score: 1/5

Not Get NotificationsSince the recent update, I’m no longer getting any notifications on my iPhone 11 even after checking all the settings. I’ve deleted the app and downloaded it again, still the same issues. I don’t have it connected to anything but my phone and still nothing is coming through at all….Score: 1/5

Great app but problems with notificationsI have all my things on, but all of a sudden i stopped getting notifications when people text. Overall this app is great but this problem just recently started happening. I enjoy this app, but please help..Score: 4/5

New updateThis new update is not good I don’t care about everything else only the notifications I’m not getting any and it’s annoying I so hope this gets fixed.Score: 2/5

I’m not getting notificationsI love discord in all but I’m not getting any notifications :/ can someone help me? Or is it because of the new update?.Score: 4/5

NotificationsIt was great until my notifications stop coming and I made sure everything was one of them were on it still didn’t work.Score: 3/5

The colors ):I use discord all the time... the new logo is kind of ugly and the text is meh but the colors ): the blue color gives me the worst headache i miss the old color scheme so much.Score: 1/5

Stopped getting notificationsEver since I downloaded the new update I haven’t been getting notifications from any channels/servers. I haven’t changed anything in my settings and this is the only app that’s not giving me notifications. Highly annoying that I have to keep going in manually to see if someone has replied to me..Score: 1/5

Bring back the old oneSomething with the new logo is wrong.Score: 1/5

Trying to look as generic and ugly as possibleLets change from a unique icon that get’s people’s attention to an icon that people actively don’t like looking at. Yeah that’ll be cool. So far every poll I’ve seen on the new icon if people like or dislike it it’s all no’s and I don’t care’s but literally zero people thinking it’s good. Change it back. Looked better in every aspect. Looking generic makes people avoid your product, not pursue it. People avoid generic brand cereal over the names brand because the names brand is usually a better quality. Discord has a good platform, but for some reason they want to package it like it’s Xbrand and everyone is laughing at them. Yes I will actually one star review for this reason. The genericficiation of anything is always the death of that thing. Always has been. Always will be..Score: 1/5

Notification issueI’m unable to see any. notifications outside of discord i’ve tried everything to fix it i myself has never had this problem but a good amount of my friends have.Score: 3/5

NotificationsI’m not sure if anyone else is having this issue. However a few days after this new update I have not been getting notifications from discord, I have checked to see if they were on in the app and on my phone, I'm not sure if anyone else is having this issue. Please can someone help me with this.Score: 4/5

Help.So im not getting notifications from discord anymore and i tried everything the internet told me to do to fix it but im still not getting any notifications and i don’t know how to fix it, please help..Score: 3/5

Update is garbageI can’t even get notifications now.Score: 1/5

Notifications won’t go off for no reasonI didn’t mess with notification settings or anything and now I won’t get any notification sound or pop up at all. I’ve uninstalled the app once and reinstalled it and it didn’t fix it, now I’m trying again, hopefully it fixes it.Score: 2/5

Was great until...Ok. I have a HUGE issue that’s really messed me up. Discord is not showing me any notifications except for friend requests. How do I fix this?! I have tried everything! It’s not my phone bc other apps give notifications. And this started just today. Please find out the problem. It’s really annoying. I love the app I just want the notifications back.Score: 3/5

It’s okayI use to love this app (I still do) personally I dislike how the new look is (no offense) but the thickness and new text bothers me and I’m sure I’m not the only one who dislikes it. The new logo looks not the best but A+ on really trying. One thing you should look into is allowing mobile users make webhooks and other things. The only real issue is just iPhones not being able to do certain things and the new update.Score: 2/5

Great app one problemSo the app is great, but one thing is I’m not getting no notifications from my DM’s. I tried everything I checked my setting, I deleted the app, I peered my phone off and back on nothing worked. So I need some help..Score: 5/5

Notification issueHaven’t gotten any notifications since the app updates, now i’m just missing all my messages.Score: 1/5


New updateThe new update is really ugly tbh. I miss the old color and logo..Score: 1/5

Bring it backBring the old logo back, it looks so bad, you could’ve done something else other than change the logo. And the bolded mentions and the reactions look dumb. Bring the old discord back..Score: 1/5

Not getting notificationsI love discord with all my heart but ever since the updates I’m not receiving my messages! No one is muted and I’m not receiving them! Please fix that!.Score: 3/5

NotificationsAfter the new update for discord , i decided to update my app in my iphone and a day after, my notifications weren’t popping up for anything. it seems others are also having this problem.Score: 4/5

Problem after less updateAfter the last update it stopped notifying my phone.Score: 5/5

No notifications!I’m having a problem, all of my notifications are on but no messages are popping up!?! I have deleted and downloaded it again but nothing has change I tried to reset my phone but it also didn’t work !?! I search up in the internet also and nothing happened. Please help me out.Score: 1/5

Notifications issuesI’ve had discord for a while now and I love it a lot, but recently today I haven’t been getting notifications out of the app at all? I’ve gone to my phone settings and discord settings and it all has discord notifications on. I even searched up on google to see if I could do anything but I just can’t seem to get my notifications? My phone’s up to date and all the notifications for discord are on. Is there a reason as to why it’s not working?.Score: 3/5

Use it constantlySince the update it hasn’t been giving me notifications.Score: 4/5

No notificationsNotifications no longer work for this app.Score: 1/5

Amazing but..I loved the discord design, and how it was before the update. before the update my mobile notifications always worked, and i didnt have any other issue whatsoever, after the update however, my notifications stopped working and i couldn’t reply to messages as fast as i used to. i feel like the new update gave out the discord originality and gave it more bugs, and like its just another copy and paste of modernized logos.Score: 4/5

No NotificationsEver since new update, I haven’t gotten in-app or outside notifications, please fix..Score: 2/5

NOTFCATIONS DONT WORK🤬🤬🤬Im really mad it isnt working.Score: 1/5

One problem.I like discord, it helps me communicate with my online friends.there is this one problem tho, I once had an account with my phone number and it kicked me out cause I had to verify it, so I tried doing it with the phone number option but it didn’t work,I kept re-trying but it still wouldn’t log me back in into my account, I have made a new one.this was a problem cause I kinda lost contact to my other friends.Score: 4/5

UpdateDiscord this is ugly i want u to take this update down admittedly, you are hurting tons of kids and if you don’t remove this i’ll cry and KIM will cry too, we both will not find happiness if you do not fix this. - love mason.😮‍💨.Score: 1/5

WhyLogo is now a part of the “Don't turn me into an oversimplified logo meme”. Color is off, and you might as well have changed the font to comic sans..Score: 1/5

Change the logo back!It was much better before.Score: 4/5

NotificationsMy notifications have been working fine until yesterday. I’ve pushed the notifications on from the app and from my settings and I still don’t receive any messages. I’ve uninstalled the app and restarted my phone and it still didn’t work. Is there a way to fix this?.Score: 4/5

It’s okayI love discord and I use it to talk to most of my friends. But ever since the update it’s been acting weird. I’m not getting any notifications when people are texting me, I’m not on “do not disturb” and my notifications are on for discord on my phone. It’s become a lot more cluttered too..Score: 3/5

Update seems strange…I’ve been using Discord for about two years now. Before now, I’d give it a 5 star rating. However, the newest update seems to lock me out of using it. The TOS says it should be 13+, but now the rating is 17+. I’m not sure if this is a change in the terms of service or what, but it’s very annoying. While this won’t be a problem for me for much longer, I can’t imagine how some age restricted 14 year olds might feel. Not sure if it should be replaced, but it should be said that it is quite odd..Score: 3/5

Notification IssueHi, so I recently upgraded my phone to an iPhone 11 and ever since I did, the notifications were fine until just yesterday they stopped entirely. I flipped the notification settings on and off on both the app settings and my phone settings, and I even logged out of discord, unfriended my friend who I’m not receiving notifications for, and even deleted the app in its entirety. Is there anything else I should do or is this issue permanent?.Score: 3/5


NoChange it back.Score: 1/5


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Discord is where you can make a home for your communities and friends. Where you can stay close and have fun over text, voice, and video. Whether you’re part of a school club, a ...

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