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When most agents struggle getting people to come to their open houses Kyle Whissel can't get people to leave his open house. Kyle is the number one agent in ...

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Chuck Norris

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Napoleon Hill

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Bulletproofing is the process of making something capable of stopping a bullet or similar high velocity projectiles e.g. shrapnel. The term bullet resistance is often preferred because few, if any, practical materials provide complete protection against all types of bullets, or multiple hits in the same location. . business model, REal Success, Lead Generation, Listing Appointments, real estate, real estate coaching, real estate speaker, real estate scripts, expireds, fsbos, open house, Tom ferry, Real estate coaching, Real estate training, Real estate, Sales training, Marketing, Motivation, Sales skills, Real estate success, Success, Sales tips, Real estate events, Real estate tools, Referrals, Lead generation systems, open houses,

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