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Down The Hill: The Delphi Murders

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Nearly four years after the murders of Abby & Libby, HLN returns to Delphi with new questions and learns new exclusive information about the video on Libby’s phone, and new information about the case’s path forward.  To learn more about how HLN protects listener privacy, visit

Down The Hill: The Delphi Murders Podcast Comments

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Down The Hill: The Delphi Murders Podcast Reviews

Could be great...presenters need much less airtimeThis is a great story and could have been told well by Wondery or a better production house. The interviews are good and would be enough to move the story along and keep the interest and suspense. Sadly for this podcast the presenters seem to think we want to hear their opinions and their repetitive, boring dronings’s totally unnecessary, detracts from the story and starts to feel like a vanity project rather than them telling an important story. With editing (removal of all “writers room” rubbish) and less repetition this could be great as the interviewees are so heartfelt and comprehensive that the story is really brought to life!.Score: 4/5

Deep diveThis case has bugged me for ages the info that is in the podcast may be slow paced for those who like the one hour and it’s done CI ID Oxygen style documentaries. However, as someone who has consumed as much media as I can on this case this is priceless. I would consider this a deep dive into every detail and there is very good presentation and am looking forward to the next episodes. I really hope Libby and Abby get their justice soon. Heartbreaking.Score: 5/5

Don’t listen to the criticismI don’t understand why this podcast has had bad reviews. I found it really informative and the presenters were easy to listen to and didn’t dramatise it in any way. I would highly recommend listening and I only hope there will be more episodes in the future as the case develops..Score: 5/5

Interesting case but not suitable for a podcastThe case itself is interesting, albeit obviously tragic. The issue is that for some inexplicable reason the police have released very little information about the crime to the public, so the production team spend the majority of the episodes either pointlessly speculating or repeating themselves. If I were the family or friends of the deceased, I would be incredibly frustrated at the local police and their chosen strategy. At which point will they release everything they have. Unsurprisingly their plans ‘A’ and ‘B’ haven’t worked at all..Score: 2/5

Great but Doug is offGreat podcast, the presenters told the story well and their interviews and theories were interesting. I cannot stand the police guy Doug Carter. Extremely dramatic and makes himself the centre of everything. Too much speaking from him. Why’s he like this?.Score: 5/5

Chilling,infuriating,interestingThe case is fascinating but heartbreaking this pod captures both feeling expertly.Score: 5/5

Repetitive, over-long and ultimately pointlessThis is a disturbing and intriguing murder that deserves to be investigated and sensitively reported. Unfortunately this podcast does a very poor attempt at doing that. Basic facts are repeated throughput the episodes, often presented as if they are new when the listener has already heard them. The presenters don’t appear to be following a script; they just state whatever comes to mind with no apparent insight or reflection. At one point, they just straight up guess what they think has happened. As a listener, you don’t feel that they offer any viewpoint or knowledge that you couldn’t get yourself. A couple of times, the questions to the law enforcement officers border on offensive. Asking them why the didn’t seal the crime scene or didn’t find the girls on the first night are pointless questions. It’s obvious that their main concern was trying to find the girls alive and that it was a large, dense area. The officers were more polite than I would have been when answering those questions. Ultimately I listened to all episodes out of respect for the victims, their families and the law enforcement officers. They all deserved a better podcast than this one..Score: 1/5

SlowI am waiting for the next episode or is there only 4 ?.Score: 5/5

InterestingThis had lots of negative reviews but I liked it, I found it very interesting and it was nice to hear from the families, friends and police.Score: 5/5

Not great, give it a miss.I wanted to know more about the case and the investigation but the way the podcast is structured makes it hard to listen to as there is no flow to it. I listened to 2 episodes and learnt nothing about the case other than what was already mentioned in the trailer..Score: 1/5

RegurgitateI think the podcast was alright, but why do they have to say the same 6 lines every 20 minutes. It’s just endless repetition of the same information over and over again. Found myself being incredibly irritated and bored by this..Score: 3/5

Self indulgent and repetitiveI’ve listened to a lot of true crime podcasts and this one is the worst one so far. It feels like it could have been done in two episodes, but the presenters were desperate to make it into a series, so just repeat themselves and ask the same questions etc over and over. Am stopping after 4 episodes. They also go on and on about the police not revealing more information and it feels like they’re more concerned about their podcast content rather than the crime actually getting solved. Very self indulgent..Score: 2/5

RepetitiveInteresting story but it’s very repetitive and slow at times. I can zone out for 15 minutes and have missed nothing vital. I have listened to the first episodes so far and feel like I learned most of what I know about the case from the trailer, so to drag it out across 3 episodes seems unnecessary. The story is very interesting though so I’m hoping it picks up..Score: 3/5

Excellent subject matter - slow paceSo very very slow. And I love podcasts but I felt it wasn’t going anywhere and needs some heavy editing..Score: 2/5

Gripping podcastFrom the first episode, I was hooked. Brilliant presenters who appear to well informed and go through every minute detail of the case - I reccomend..Score: 5/5

Boring, Repetitive RubbishI stuck with this til half way through episode 7, just background noise while I worked. Everything you heard in episode one is repeated through all the other episodes, nothing new, it’s just waffle. As a one off 40 minute podcast it might have been OK but it really is just regurgitating the same meal over and over again..Score: 1/5

Too many episodes!This could probably have been a good 'one-off', hour long podcast, but to try and s-t-r-e-t-c-h a case with so few details, and barely any physical evidence, into eight episodes is being overly ambitious, and it inevitably becomes tedious to hear the same thing repeated over and over! There are also far too many 'voices' taking part, making it difficult to keep track of who's who..Score: 1/5

Awful. Fire the presenters.This is AWFUL. The presenters are AWFUL. They act as if they are these super-smart, super-intuitive investigative journalists but they just keep repeating the information that a first-hand witness has just said. They dissect things like they’re going to reveal something new to us and never do, because it’s just repetitive. They keep going on about the police not revealing certain things and yet they know - as all of us do by now in the True Crime World - that there are certain things that the police can’t say or it will compromise the investigation. Or even COULD - surely that isn’t what they want! To pry some information out as a scoop that could then jeopardise them ever being able to prosecute someone? There are tons of reviews of this podcast and most of them concur - this is terrible. What a shame. If it had been edited differently, had a narration rather than this faux discussion between the presenters, then it would be heartfelt, decent and interesting. I can’t believe I’ve got to episode 8. I’m done. And if you’ve not started it yet, I’d advise you don’t waste your time. Or just listen to episode 1 and know that you’re getting this same information in the same annoying way week after week and it’s just not worth your while. These presenters shouldn't be allowed near a microphone and I can just imagine how bad their other journalism is. How are they working for such a prestigious news outlet? Jeez..Score: 1/5

A tragic crime described in a well produced podcastA fantastic, in depth podcast. Really enjoying listening to this on my drive to work. Lots of information and it is very well produced. Really focuses in on the impact on the family and community, which I feel is very important. The story is mainly told through the stories of the people who lived the experience. It is good that they get to tell their story in their own words..Score: 5/5

Down the HillI was hooked straight away because of the reporting and contributions made by the families and law enforcement. It’s a tragic and intriguing story told very sensitively..Score: 5/5

Poor reporting and interviews of officers...I found myself getting irritated by the reporting and interviewing of the police officers in this podcast and the officers themselves. The reporters had an opportunity to probe deeper into the investigation and to critique their subjects post interview and they didn’t, as it is all very sensitive and the officers play up this fact as they are clearly not adept at coping with this type of crime. It sounds like the town of Delphi hasn’t had a lot of pre-meditated murders, with the officers stating the suspect must feel remorse for what he has done, I honestly don’t think the officer has a clue about the psychology behind a pre planned murder, people have remorse for running someone over or a crime of passion but not this. The suspect is clearly in his late 40s to 50s, it appears his right hand is raised in his pocket which tells me he is holding a gun concealed within his pocket. He would have used that to threaten the poor girls to go down the hill. The age range of between 18-40 shows how lacking in skill this police department is. How the poor girls died had been discovered and put on the internet, it also should have been released early in the investigation as the weapon used in the strangulation could have been seen in the suspects home by someone. This could have also been committed by two men, just because one is in the video doesn’t mean there wasn’t another actually down the hill. I am glad this podcast has been made to put the story out there but it’s poorly done, but at least for the family’s sake it will draw more attention and more people who have a knack for investigative journalism..Score: 1/5

Teasing is not true crime podcastingIn fact it’s not right, is it? More empathy from the very start less story telling, why resort to all that suspense if it is not to sound more sensational?.Score: 1/5

Too repetitiveThe potential to be good but far too drawn out. Each episode is just rehashing stuff from previous episodes.Score: 2/5

Tragic, fascinating and respectfulFirstly, my prayers and thoughts go out to the families of Abby and Libby and also to law enforcement officers that have to deal with this crime. I think this podcast is amazing and very respectful to everyone involved in this horrendous crime. The case is fascinating as well as tragic. It is clear that everyone involved has been so truly moved by this case. I believe the fact that no further details of the crime have been released, shows respect to the victims and the families. I pray for the day that this man is caught. Also, the accompanying music is so clever. Good job..Score: 5/5

The most repetitive podcast I’ve listened to!This Podcast focuses on a truly appalling case. The subject matter is shocking, but interesting due to the lack of progress that the Police have made, considering the evidence that they have! However, every episode is almost the same. The same police new conferences, recordings and interviews are played over and over and over! Very frustrating as you can essentially listen to the first two episodes, as nothing new comes to light in the remaining episodes!.Score: 1/5

InterestingLove the podcast so much but I am finding it a bit slow? They focus on the same thing for far too long.Score: 4/5

Fascinating, but...Haven't you worked out that you should be focusing on Doug Carter? Hidden in plain sight. Thank me later..Score: 4/5

Seems very self-servingThe only reason I can think of that these people have made this podcast is so that they have their foot in the door for when the perpetrator is caught, if ever..Score: 1/5

No need to be this long... they love themselvesA very sad story, but told by people who LOVE the sound of their own voice... after a while you realise they are just regurgitating same material and talking amongst themselves. You’re boring guys... just tell the story and cut the number of episodes..Score: 2/5

RepetitiveI listened after deciding to ignore the bad reviews. After the initial laying out of the crime the remainder is conjecture which they manage to stretch for the rest of the series by talking about unusual crime scene details which are never revealed. As another reviewer mentioned I suspect they’re setting their place in case the crime is solved..Score: 1/5

Overly long already?!The story is intriguing and they have 8 episodes planned but the pacing and repetitive telling of the incident is odd. It’s going to be a long haul as we already know there is no closure to this case. There are also too many narrators/presenters; and the different roles they play are not clear (is one the host? One the expert? What is the third guy for?) so it’s just pointless recaps/introductions of things you already have heard about and they know as much as each other so it’s not incremental..Score: 3/5

Slow with no focusStarted listening to understand what happened to these girls. Found myself in a downward spiral of everyone just describing their feelings. I understand it’s a very tragic and profound event for such a small community, but even so, I more focus should be given to the technical details. To me it’s obvious that everyone would be upset so give it lip service and move on..Score: 2/5

Short on storytelling, even shorter on infoReally tried to stick with this in hope it might tell me the story, but realised by ep 4 that I had learned virtually nothing about Abby and Libby and had no sense of the crime or the crime scene. It goes round and round in repetitious circles and no depth of story or awareness of how to provide a narrative. Gave up by ep4 as there are so many great podcasts out there. Shame for a lost opportunity, as it had good access..Score: 1/5

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Ok want more topicsSo it’s a very good podcast In all I just think there should be more than just one cases because there are a lot other good unsolved cases!.Score: 4/5

Sad story. Needs better execution.Very sad story but could have been reported on so much better. This is like the podcast version of one of the 90’s true crime tv shows. It has no new info real and keeps repeating itself..Score: 3/5

So slowStory had potential... had to shut it off because (no offence to the victims and their families) it was SO boring. I kept waiting for the pace to pick up or for something to happen... nope. Ah well, maybe someone else will cover it well in the future....Score: 1/5

No detailsThis story is important. The killer is still on the loose. BUT unfortunately this podcast is unorganized and premature. The authorities haven’t released any details or evidence relating to the crimes, other than the photos and voice recording. Until there is evidence released for the public this story could have been summarized in 1 episode. They have indicated several times that the goal of the podcast isn’t to “solve the crime” - they just keep repeating the same few details over and over..Score: 1/5

Down The Hill The Delphi Murders.Dragging things out. To repetitive. Also there were four words not three words. “Guys down the hill.” Not down the hill..Score: 1/5

Stopping to chatDuring each episode, you stop to have a chat. It’s quite annoying haha just keep the story going. No music needed..Score: 2/5

So emotionalI had tears in my eyes throughout the first couple of episodes. So well done. Thank you for sharing the voices of Abby and Libby's friends and families. I pray for justice..Score: 5/5

Boring, too longI find this story fascinating, but there’s just not enough information for a 7 episode (and counting!) podcast. After episode 2, it’s repeating information, just in different words. Disappointed..Score: 2/5

Mediocre narrationI couldn’t focus, I had to rewind every 30 sec because I would ponder on something else. Also, the narration is anchor-ish? It’s a really interesting case it should not be that boring to listen to..Score: 2/5

How did they manage to make this uninteresting?Lots of blathering on by the hosts and too much repetition. Sad story, but you’d be better off googling the info than sitting through hours of this podcast. Sorry..Score: 1/5

Didn’t do justice to what happenedSuch a tragic incident, and my heart breaks for the families. I wish the commentators could have taken more of a backseat, and they could have shared more firsthand accounts. It feels like they’re drawing out the story just to fill time..Score: 2/5

Good for newbiesI really enjoyed this podcast and that seems to be because I had no prior knowledge about this case. So if you haven’t already done extensive digging, the hosts do a really good job of presenting and breaking down what happened and what LE has..Score: 5/5

Too much fillerThe case is really interesting, but the podcast is loaded with unnecessary filler. It is interesting to hear from friends and family of the victims, and interesting to hear actual facts and details about the case. However, it is not interesting to listen to 40 minutes (per episode!) of banter by the reporters, speculating about the crime and repeating the same information over. and. over. I don’t care how it felt for the reporters while they were in the press conference with the police. I don’t care about the reporters’ unfounded theories. I don’t care about the text message the reporters got telling them to get to a press conference ASAP. If they could have taken the actual information of this case and put it into a tight, 3 episode podcast, that would’ve been an excellent show..Score: 1/5

Good but ALOT of unnecessary fillerThis was a good podcast, I liked hearing the stories of the girls and hearing the police chief. However I felt like there was a lot of unnecessary talk between the two hosts that seemed to just be that, filler..Score: 3/5

Interesting story, just poorly toldThe hosts repeat themselves, layer way too much useless commentary, and include filler content. They should’ve let the ppl of Delphi tell the story. Ask them the right questions, you’ll get the right content. Gripping case, heartbreaking story but a poorly done podcast..Score: 3/5

Too much commentaryThis podcast would be more interesting if there was less commentary..Score: 2/5

Zero information to talk aboutNo details released by police so nothing to talk about in this podcast..Score: 1/5

Poorly DoneThis podcast is very long and drawn out. Many episodes are repetitive and are broken up frequently by the host stopping to chat which is distracting. The story is not fluid and very choppy because of this. Many interviews were not needed. I found myself fighting to stay engaged with the episodes but overall this podcast is not very well done. There are much better podcasts out there that cover this tragic story (i.e. Casefile).Score: 1/5

A lot host chatterIf they had 30 hours of interviews why is there so much host chatter. Sad story that needs to be shared. I enjoyed it but honestly I skipped 30 seconds ahead though the banter..Score: 3/5

No substanceThey keep telling you about things that were found out without actually saying what those things are. They go into excessive detail about things that are not very important, playing full press conferences. The hosts jump in and discuss it like it's sports commentary. It jumps around to different voices without reminding you who they are (and there are a lot of people)..Score: 1/5

Awful executionI’m not sure if they were trying too hard or not trying hard enough, but the “chatty” format of the hosts interspersed throughout is so frustrating. The interviews are in terrible need of an edit. I found it impossible to get through. I feel bad for the family and loved ones who poured their hearts out to this failed project..Score: 1/5

Drawn outThis podcast was really difficult to get through. It is very repetitive with no new information episode to episode. I really wanted to like it, but wouldn’t recommend it..Score: 1/5

TerribleBasically just people talking about their feelings and describing the town. Almost no details or interesting facts whatsoever. No closure. No descriptions of crime scenes. No tips. No leads. Nothing..Score: 1/5

Too much redundant talkingOkay so can we actually just hear what happened? There’s just way too much speculative talking and i couldn’t even make it through two episodes. Also the hosts always stop the story and repeat every statement over and over again. So much redundant information. The story needs to move along and the hosts need to tell it instead of just repeating the obvious statements about the situation over and over..Score: 1/5

Excellent podcastExcellent podcast on a very sad story, hope something comes from this podcast with new leads..Score: 5/5

Needs more than a case1 case drawn out over too many hours will not be enough to keep anyone’s attention..Score: 2/5

Interesting caseBut repetitive. Long time to find out what happened. To many unnecessary interviews.Score: 4/5

DisappointingIt’s too bad this podcast is so uninteresting because the story of these girls really should be told. The podcast just seems to go around in circles. With hardly any information released to the public there just isn’t enough to discuss. I gave up listening after 6 episodes..Score: 2/5

Chapter 2 is missingYou should verify the availability of chapter 2..Score: 5/5

Too much repetition.Too much of the same info over and over. Very little factual information provided..Score: 2/5

A New Segment Made into a PodcastThis is the most confusing podcast I’ve ever listened too. It’s disorganized, lots of info is repeated or shoved in for extra (read unnecessary) content, and it plays like a Dateline: NBC special but in your ears. I can hardly figure out who is talking half of the time. The two hosts are unnecessary (1 would suffice) and only add to confusion. The female host also speaks every word with a capital letter (/s) which makes the whole podcast sound like a news report. I would not be surprised if this was a filmed segment and the tapes were lost in a fire leaving us only with audio. The story is interesting and important but this is just poorly executed..Score: 2/5

A true crime podcast in support of the investigationLove this podcast. You can follow the investigation as it unravel to the public. It really shows how everyone involved slowly did their due diligence and how carefully this case was handled. The family and the victims are put in the high respect they deserve. True. Honest. Transparent. Moving. My heart goes to the family and friends..Score: 5/5

SkipI skipped more of this than I listened to..Score: 2/5

Poorly done.I feel badly giving this a bad review - The story deserves to be talked about especially in the hopes of catching the person responsible. As far as podcasts go ... I could not bring myself to finish it - so much repeating or saying the same thing in multiple ways. The narrative of the journalists took Away from the true impact of the story. I have listened to many podcasts and this one really fell short. Perhaps could have been better if it was cut in half and eliminated all the filler..Score: 2/5

Heartbreaking story, poorly told.This podcast jumps around too much and is kind of, a little more sensational than others I’ve listened to on the story. Heartbreaking story so I hope it helps create that final tip they need but it’s not as well done as someone with these kinds of resources should be capable of. The Scene of the Crime season about this case is infinitely better. The hosts talk way less about themselves too. Also not a fan of weekly releases, especially in a situation like this where there is so much bouncing around, it makes it hard to remember what happened last episode and limits the listeners from sinking their teeth into the full story and its many elements. Ultimately just poorly executed..Score: 2/5

Goes nowhereI don’t want to undermine the importance of the story of these girls horrible murders but this podcast is repeating itself over and over again, I’m sure they meant well but honestly 26 minutes of repeating the same things over and over even some of the same quotes and interviews, not very well done at all. Scene of the crime: Delphi is a much better telling of the story of these two girls..Score: 1/5

SmutI felt they butchered the podcast. I feel like I’m listening to smut. They could do a way better job using their platform to help aid in the investigation. I feel for the families and hopefully they get justice.Score: 1/5

UnlistenableThis story is told so poorly. I tried to keep listening by skipping over any of the parts where the two hosts just rhyme off random thoughts and questions, but there’s more and more of that as things progress..Score: 1/5

UnfortunateUnfortunate. Unfortunate story, unfortunate repetition of commentary, unfortunate editing. Heartbreaking death, of two young girls. This podcast could learn from the lesson “less is more”, especially from the commentators..Score: 2/5

I hope they get their answers to who did this!I have a connection to this case. My sister in law is close to the parents of Abby and Libby! I hope this podcast helps get them the answers they desperately need. Justice for Abby & Libby!!.Score: 5/5

Too badI stopped listening and then was angry that I wasted so much time listening to the journalists just ramble on and on.... I’m not getting their purpose of this podcast.Score: 1/5

Look forward to it every episodeThe story is so gripping. I think their coverage of it is well done. I appreciate their style of telling the sorry and the inclusion of person accounts of the girls..Score: 5/5

12 minutes of infoWhen you make a podcast before anybody knows anything, or is allowed to reveal information, but strike while the poker is hot!.Score: 1/5

I lost interestI stopped listening after episode 5 which contained an interview with the now retired prosecutor who couldn’t disclose anything and an expert on “signature killings” who simply spoke in generalities. This entire series of an unsolved case could have been wrapped up in one episode..Score: 2/5

All filler...You’re stretching this out for no reason and filling it with unnecessary commentary and rhetorical conversation..Score: 1/5

DisappointingWay too slow and drawn out. It was so frustrating to listen to. Asked the most pointless and unnecessary questions to the family and friends. It was borderline offensive. My god..Score: 1/5

Manipulative ...I wish the narrative was more straightforward. It is loaded with digressions and information that is not important to the listener. And it’s an important story that needs to be told. Disappointing..Score: 2/5

Podcast about nothingDon’t know why anyone would choose to make a podcast on a double murder for which zero details have been released. There is no material to talk about. Very frustrating to listen to, although I’m sure they tried hard and meant well..Score: 3/5

These Hosts Are So BadThe family interviews are great and interesting. The police interviews show how incompetent they really are. Buffoons. But the worst part is the rambling hosts and their in studio guests. Holy talk about running around in circles and trying to make the most minute detail seem like a bombshell. It’s painful..Score: 2/5

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In-Depth Extra ReportingThis is a famous case around which there are a gamut of resources where one could get the basics. What this podcast uniquely does is embed you vicariously “on the ground” in the place, with the people, and amid law enforcement’s and the media’s dispatches since day 1. Like a “200 level” aspect on the case. Listeners looking for a concise overview should probably bone up elsewhere first..Score: 5/5

InterestingI mean with a lot of these unsolved crimes, ofc it’s going to seem anti climatic but I think this show presented the information in an informative and insightful way..Score: 5/5

It’s not a podcastI’ve never reviewed a podcast before but I just had to - this was NOT well done. Simply put, this isn’t a podcast - it’s a news show and it feels like a couple of journalists trying to grow their career in a medium that they don’t understand. I also don’t appreciate their reasoning for why this case stands out to them “it’s the imagery” so makes for a good news story because you have an image to put on the screen while you talk?.Score: 1/5

Not worth itFocuses too much on the wrong details and is 95% filler. They could tell this story in one episode. I listened to a 20 min YouTube video that told me everything I wanted to know about this case..Score: 1/5

So soGreat story but story telling was awful big swing and a miss.Score: 2/5

Way too long for very little informationProduction seemed high but fell well short..Score: 1/5

Great podcastGreat podcast.Score: 5/5

No in depth investigation.I don’t write reviews usually but felt like this needs one. Don’t bother way too long. The police have not released much on the case so CNN has nothing to say and they don’t do any real investigation at all or being in any real experts. There are just broad generalization. This could have been one episode. They talk to some local people who really don’t know anything specific or helpful either. The story and victims deserve much better..Score: 2/5

Over producedI don’t wanna hear the news, give me a thrilling unsolved or solved mystery. This podcast was over produced and kind of boring..Score: 3/5

SolidPretty good podcast.Score: 4/5

CNN gloms without clueI gave a five star review. For the girls; who’s story needs to be told. CNN producing is troublesome. Hate giving that bereft, soulless, lying network a high rating. They know nothing of people who don’t live in a coastal city, yet they love the stories from the middle. CNN hates religion. All people of faith. I don’t go, but don’t hate or find suspect people who rely on a church..Score: 5/5

Disappointing.Unfortunately, there is nothing in this podcast that grabs the listener. I hope one day this case is solved however, I’m 5 episodes in and at this point it feels like a bad’re staying with it out of familiarity...not because you want to..Score: 2/5

Binge-worthy!The Delphi murders has always intrigued me & I've tried to keep up with the case hoping one day to see where the killer has been arrested. This podcast dives deep into the lives of the family members and first responders who worked this case in the first few hours of the girls being missing. You will no doubt have FULL BODY CHILLS listening to this..Score: 5/5

It’s the sheriff!!!I just connected it when the intro played his voice from the press conference right before the audio from the evidence clip. They sound so similar and if you compare them physically, they easily match up. Has anyone considered this as a possibility ??.Score: 5/5

Intriguing case, poorly told storyThere are 2 main reporters and neither is a good interviewer or storyteller. But worst of all, they are 2 people who don’t fit well together. They put a lot of time into collecting first-person audio, but the presentation does not flow at all. Boring. 3 episodes in, it’s like Groundhog Day, as the hosts keep saying the same things over and over, and in way too many instances, they are trying to tell the viewers what to take from a segment before playing it. Boring..Score: 1/5

Good story, bad reportingI think I can speak for any normal person when I say, I hope this is solved. Interesting story that wasn’t covered well. The first two episodes and the last 2 are terrible. I would suggest starting the podcast with a foundation or something to pull the listener in..Score: 3/5

Waste of timeThis could have been condensed to four hours easily. The female from CNN is boarder-line almost making this about HER and her theories. I was constantly fast forwarding through HER opinions and wanting to hear the actual authorities theories..Score: 1/5

I Don’t Wanna But Jesus the red flags with the older sister and the familyDynamic is all off. It’s hard to follow from the start and the inconsistency with the older sister story is very UNSETTLING! Like I would never think the sister but not even one episode in and I have a weird feeling about the sister . Toooo many synchronicities! #Period #NotStrangerDanger! These girls KNEW their killer ! 💯.Score: 2/5

Just the facts pleaseI’m a few episodes in and I’m annoyed. I’m begging you to tell me the story without all this commentary. What’s the physical evidence show? What about the search on that home? What other information is there? So far? Way too slow.Score: 2/5

Fascinating story, but...The case that this podcast covers has all of the makings of a great true crime mystery, the interviews with the family of the victims and investigators are great. If they had stuck with those interviews and filled in the gaps with scripted narration, this could be a 5 star podcast. But for some reason the hosts feel the need to jump in and add off the cuff conversation about what they think about the case and what it was like to cover it. It immediately takes you out of the story and rarely adds any relevant information. The male host actually asks “what was the vibe of the press conference” at one point to the other host. They should have saved all these interstitial conversations for a bonus episode. It’s a shame because the story itself is fascinating and tragic. I still listened all the way through and enjoyed it, minus all of the “writers room” conversations.Score: 3/5

Nothing new hereThis 9 episode series offers nothing! No on-site as to why, how, who, nothing. One of the best produced and worst executed. There are so many good true crime podcasts out there don’t waste your time with this one. At the end of episode 9 you know no more than from the end of episode one..Score: 1/5

Great Start Then PlateausI originally watched the 2 hr special on HLN a few days ago and was intrigued enought to start the podcast... the first 3 episodes are on point and had same momentum as the special but after that, its repeated information (due to the lack of it) and I agree with some other reviews that the hosts are putting themselves too much on their opinonated pedestals with the unnecessary, dramatic commentary. This could have been 4 well quality episodes. Its good to hear more family interviews and did appreciate some insight from the people of Delphi and LE on the case that you dont see in the special. OTHERWISE, its clear why they made a 2 hour special of this.. intriguing story but needed some editing to create a full captivating picture not an empty net of story. Debunking some theories along the way could have carried this whole podcast to not plateau in circles. Like, if they were searching in that area all night how were they not found sooner only a Quarter mile away? What kind of rumors did Delphi start believing to be true about the case? What did schools/parents do to start protecting the students? Did they ever start surveillance on the bridge after this tragedy? So many questions that could have given this story more life!.Score: 2/5

A lot of fluffI feel like I fast forwarded A LOT when talking to the local yokels- especially the sister. LONG WINDED. I wanna hear about the case!.Score: 3/5

Well doneI had heard of this case through the podcast MFM, it seems so solvable! This podcast gave great information on the town, family, evidence, police, and FBI involvement. I learned a lot. I hope it gets solved and soon!.Score: 5/5

Very little contentSo much drama, very little content. It’s a report, not an investigation like many other great true crime podcasts are. 5 episodes in and only a half an episode worth of actual content..Score: 2/5

Super low midsThis is not pref. half the time I think I’m listening to an old episode but they repeat the same stuff over and over and over and over.Score: 1/5

Boring.While the story initially is intriguing, there isn’t much to it. There are no suspects, no details on what happened to the girls, nothing much of anything happening other than the replaying of police press events and family/police interviews. The hosts “big” theory reveal (after sitting thru 8 episodes....) is a 2 minute step by step narrative of the victims the day of the murder and them guessing where the murderer may have stood, what he may have thought, etc. While I completely hope with all my heart that the victims families see the arrest of the killer and hopefully find peace in that, I have no idea why anyone thought this story would make a good podcast..Score: 2/5

Not well doneBoring this could have been covered in an hour.Score: 1/5

Redundant, BoringI appreciate that they gathered all info that was out at this time, it’s nothing more than you can find on your own. A lot of it is repetitive information and speculation. I expected more based on the trailer..Score: 2/5

Ground Breaking!Hands down the best podcast on this case!! Your work is making a difference!.Score: 5/5

Painfully slow. Just read one article instead.I’ve literally never left a review for anything before this, but this podcast made me so angry and frustrated that i had to leave a warning to other potential listeners.. While this story is heartbreaking and tragic.. the podcast is excruciatingly slow. The level of detail that they go into is impressive.. but completely unnecessary and uninteresting. We became increasingly annoyed listening waiting for something to be said that was worth hanging on for.. but it never came. There is absolutely nothing said that cannot be summarized in two paragraphs. Just read an article about the murder and listen to ANYTHING else..Score: 1/5

Horrible Storytelling!I rarely review podcasts but this one is horrible. They repeat the same info over and over again. It’s like they’re trying to create huge drama but it just gets drawn out episode upon episode. Could have done half the amount of episodes. I couldn’t even listen to the entire series..Score: 1/5

Ever coming back on?I miss this show, will you be airing anymore?.Score: 5/5

Beautifully doneOk so normally I don’t write a review, I first heard of this case back in 2019, and recently heard more about it in the past few weeks. Heard of this podcast from true crime daily podcast. I have to say it was beautifully put together, the music, the accounts from family members. I truly enjoyed listening to this podcast and hope that Libby and Abby get justice soon.Score: 5/5

EhhhThis podcast starts out mediocre and spirals toward painful. They create metaphors and proceed to squeeze every drop out of them. It’s frustrating to listen to the host say something multiple times in different ways, as if they want to make sure we are throughly stunned by their thoughts. Ultimately this feels like listening to the news on a no news day, they’re just trying to stretch out the little bit of information they have. I didn’t even listen to the last episode..Score: 2/5

Sad storyPodcast is really redundant and drawn out..Score: 2/5

Tragic story, Terrible podcastTragic story and I will continue to follow this case in hopes that they will find who is responsible, however this podcast does nothing for me except make me look for a better podcast. Overly dramatic story telling at times. I felt like I was watching two people toss a ball back and forth.... Saying the same thing 8 different ways does not make it more interesting. They said they had 30 hours of stuff to go through... and this is what they come up with???.Score: 1/5

Is it just me?This is a very good podcast. Every time they introduce a person I usually google them and see what I find. Is it just me or does Fire Chief Darrell Sterrett sound just like the Bridge Guy when he is speaking in this episode? Another curious observation is that Curtis Borden (also fire department) looks very similar to the Bridge Guy image photo/video (untucked shirt, size, shape,etc). I am no detective and not making accusations but just stating obvious observations. I am sure the detectives have already looked at those similarities..Score: 4/5

Need an update showI would love to hear an update on the case..Score: 5/5

GreatI loved listening to this podcast I remember when it happened.Score: 5/5

2/8/21 updateSo what was the update on this 20 minute episode?.Score: 5/5

A whole bunch of nothingI don’t understand why this is even a podcast. there is nothing substantive that comes from this. it could be summarized in one episode..Score: 1/5

ThoughtfulI love all the detail that this podcast goes into. If you want something wrapped up quickly, then I would stay away from this one instead of giving it 1 or 2 stars due to the pace of the show. I love that it told the story of not just the victims but the entire town..Score: 5/5

Hard to followI really really wanted to like this podcast because i’ve followed this story since the beginning and did a case study on it while in school. but the way the information is delivered in this podcast is super confusing and hard to follow. couldn’t get past the second episode.Score: 2/5

Interesting but drawn out way too muchWhy do 10 episodes of only content for 4? I get trying to create suspense, but honestly there comes a point when you just need to cut to the chase. Too much repetition and unnecessary content. Very interesting case though and very sad for the people involved..Score: 2/5

HauntingThis podcast in my opinion did a very good job retelling the story. The victims, victim’s family, and people of the town were respected. I really appreciate how they had family and friends talk about Abby and Libby separate from just being victims..Score: 5/5

Confusing at timesThe podcast does a good job of respecting the victims of this horrible crime. However, they say that there is video and maps on their website which I haven’t seen at all. Would be nice to have a video go along with their walk through the woods episode. It’s very confusing to only hear this and not see it..Score: 3/5

Wonderful coverageGreat production quality and loved hearing all of the interviews with family and law enforcement.Score: 5/5

LazyThis podcast takes no steps to bring any news insight, details, or clarity to this case. They literally say “we aren’t trying to solve” the case. In my opinion this is nothing more than a mouth piece for the police who have done little to actually communicate with the public openly about this case..Score: 1/5

ExcellentCaptivating and extremely well done..Score: 5/5

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Great podcastI loved how you kept reminding us of whose voices we were hearing and how they fit into it. Made it much easier to follow along..Score: 5/5

An Okay PodcastThe “back in studio” discussions sound speculative and almost gossipy. They don’t add anything to the podcast. Classic narration would serve the podcast better..Score: 2/5

BoringGreat story and well produced- but they spend 1 entire episode on one detail. Boring.Score: 2/5

An excellent podcast well done guysReally enjoyed this podcast, & I have read/heard a lot on this case. The format was respectful & well thought out, & it was good to hear more from the family members. It was so sad to hear Anna (Abbys mum) getting emotional as she seems fairly stiff upper lip in other interviews. Can’t even imagine what these families have experienced & continue to live through. I hope whoever did this evil crime is brought to justice sooner rather than later..Score: 5/5

Too repetitiveI’ve persevered as long as I can. Seem to be listening to the same episode over and over again every week. One or two episodes would’ve been enough. Maybe a little too early to try and do an in depth podcast when so little info is available. Possibly caused more harm then good to public interest..Score: 2/5

Slow and speculativeAwful case, awful podcast..Score: 1/5

Interesting case, terrible podcastIt’s such an interesting case that deserves attention and I did appreciate some of the interviews with the people involved and discussion of who the girls where. But the podcast format is awful, it jumps around like a bad tv show, the commentary from the podcasters is boring, everything is drawn out and repetitive. At times it even made me feel a bit uncomfortable with how sensationalised it was. Could’ve been 1 episode and much better done..Score: 1/5

The Hosts Are Ruining This PodcastWe do not care for your speculation or commentary. Let’s just hear the facts of the case. You are both killing this podcast..Score: 2/5

Great, but needs to be condensedGreat podcast, but far too many comments from far too many people. It’s great to get a sense of how the community felt, and how small the community is, but not an entire episode of peripheral people talking about the tragedy. Condense the episodes further to only include the immediate family and relevant people to the actual case, and stick to the facts (I personally love long episodes but only if they’re full of pertinent information to the actual case)..Score: 5/5

Painfully slow and boringI kept persisting and listened to the entire thing thinking that there’d be some information but there wasn’t..Score: 1/5

Interesting, but lacked discursiveness.I mostly enjoyed this podcast, appreciating the blend of details regarding the case with the perspectives and personal insights of the people involved in the case - I personally felt it gave the presentation of the case more emotion and connection to those who experienced it. I wasn’t a fan of the presenters personal inputs and discussion, especially with the last episode, which came off as a bit tasteless and unnecessary. The discussion can be expected, but I feel for this case it was out of place and felt uncomfortable. But overall, this podcast is good for a bit of background noise/multitasking, as with all of the details being broken down episode by episode, it was easy to stay on track and not loose any information..Score: 3/5

Well intended, but a bit emptyThis is such a chilling and compelling case. Hearing from family members was valuable in connecting to the events. However the content tended to be repetitive and I found the hosts to be slightly amateurish... sorry! While not a lot of facts are known about the case, it would have been great to cover the persons of interest in a lot more detail. Commentary from the professionals was informative - Finding out about the multiple ‘signatures’ was a great detail that I hadn’t heard before. While it was clear that some hard work went into this, it unfortunately doesn’t have enough momentum to stay engaged. Extremely hopeful that they catch this cowardly creep soon, for the peace of those poor girls and their families..Score: 2/5

BoringSo so slow and not enough facts, what is the point? Are these ratings fake?.Score: 1/5

A comprehensive look at this fascinating caseA well researched and comprehensive view of the case, yet somehow it is not cold and clinical. The segment each episode about remembering the girls is beautiful, the memory of those poor girls is not lost in this podcast..Score: 5/5

Too repetitiveIt is tragic but too repetitive in its telling of the story, it’s just too drawn out. Lost interest listening to the same thing over and over..Score: 2/5

Repetitive and speculativeThe studio chats are awful and drawn out. Could have been 1 episode. I’ve listened to 4 and can’t do anymore.Score: 1/5

Very poorTo call this investigative podcast is a complete joke . Just look this case up on Wikipedia and you will get all you need re info this doesn’t add anything to that many how do you feels.. to many fillers ...shame as they seem to have access to many involved in the case but absolutely no critical analysis of the case at all speak to lots of LE and not put critical pertinent questions to them is a travesty after all case is a few years old now unsolved why not ask them why they won’t release more audio or video from abbys phone there is obviously more surely it will only help the investigation..anyway do yourself a favour and give this podcast a miss.Score: 1/5

DelphiThis is a very in depth look at the Delphi Indiana murders of two young girls that made world headlines. This is one of the 2 really great podcasts on these murders. I highly recommend it..Score: 5/5

Too SlowFar too much time spent making these poor people relive the horror .. “tell us how you felt when ..” .. give it a rest and present the evidence..Score: 1/5

Just- wow.Hearing the first hand recollections of relatives and friends in chapter two was gut wrenching. I cried for these people, hearing the pain they are living with.... I am so very sorry for you all. I hope this monster is caught and held to account for his abhorrent crimes..Score: 5/5

Too slowEpisode 1 was excruciating. Too many voices - too many interviews. So boring it was a struggle to get through it. I won’t be coming back for episode 2..Score: 2/5

I’m so conflictedIntriguing story but listening to the hosts talk endlessly is annoying. No offence but I’m really not interested in chit chat or the hosts’ opinions I just want to get on with the story!! Otherwise it would be a five-star!.Score: 3/5

Lots of fluffNot enough detail on the actual crime and too much time spent on interviewing people on how they heard the news or felt about it etc. got boring very quickly.Score: 2/5

EnjoyableI had never heard of this case and found this podcast to be very interesting..Score: 4/5

Podcast with empathyThis podcast is so well done. The empathy and voice given to the victims is particularly moving. It’s made this horrific crime much more real and scary..Score: 5/5

Heart wrenchingI like the way they’ve done this podcast. It makes me feel like I knew these girls, it makes you feel like they are real people and not just the crime that was committed against them, I’m just not a fan of the people making the podcast, they kind of pop up every now and then and tell us what we just herd the people say.Score: 4/5

IntriguingI had never heard of this case and found it very intriguing and felt they gave us a real feel for the people involved and the effect on the them and the town..Score: 5/5

Could’ve been condensedInterested to hear the core facts but not interested in vague opinions of the presenters. It’s clear they didn’t have enough and are trying to stretch what they have.Score: 2/5

Big case, worldwide interest, poor deliveryWas really looking forward to hearing new facts about this case. But everything considered so far could’ve been 1 introductory episode. Feels like it is being dragged out and diluted. Hope the families and police get answers anyway..Score: 3/5

Defeat from jaws of victoryA compelling storyline ruined with endless tales of people’s feelings and faith. Could have been done in 2 episodes..Score: 2/5

FantasticReally loved this podcast. It well researched and very well executed. Highly recommend. Really creepy case. I feel sure they will find this killer..Score: 5/5

BoringDidn’t get to the details quick enough, I get people close to the girls were devastated, but isn’t that always the case..Score: 1/5

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KatestorsvedDoubtingfrances Down the Hill: The Delphi Murders.Score: 5/5

SDavld2011_Rhonda DeannaG33 I'm gonna watch Down the Hill: The Delphi Murders tonight...2 part documentary on HLN....Score: 5/5

AmySandak PodFluencee: This past weekend marked the 4th anniversary of the tragic events that took place in Delphi, Indiana. To help bring attent….Score: 5/5

OlliietollieDown the hill: the Delphi murders.Score: 5/5

JenniferJordyn1 HLNTV: BRAND NEW #TrueCrime only HLN in 2021: Lies Crimes & Video, #VeryScaryPeople with DonnieWahlberg, How it Really Happened, Real….Score: 5/5

Lenniearizona HLNTV: Somebody knows something... while you watch "Down the Hill: The Delphi. Murders" right now on HLN. #JusticeForAbbyAndLibby ht….Score: 5/5

ImcoolL1kethat Justice4Jess_: I just got done watching both episodes of Down the Hill: The Delphi Murders. I can't stop crying for those beautiful gir….Score: 5/5

Hanley2349Truecrimegarage I’m watching “Down the Hill”, the Delphi murders. You guys have done such a great job covering th… .Score: 5/5

J9_colbertRexthetvterrier Watching the 2nd part of Down the Hill: The Delphi Murders on HLN.Score: 5/5

313Doll PodFluencee: This past weekend marked the 4th anniversary of the tragic events that took place in Delphi, Indiana. To help bring attent….Score: 5/5

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Down The Hill: The Delphi Murders Podcast Episodes

Chapter 10: Four Years

Nearly four years after the murders of Abby & Libby, HLN returns to Delphi with new questions and learns new exclusive information about the video on Libby’s phone, and new information about the case’s path forward.  To learn more about how HLN protects listener privacy, visit

Chapter 9: Three Februaries

Three years removed from the murders of Abby Williams and Libby German, the team travels back to Delphi for new conversations, new questions and their own thoughts about what happened out there that day. To learn more about how HLN protects listener privacy, visit

Chapter 8: A New Direction

For the first time in nearly two years, police release information about their investigation. It will change everything in the search for the Delphi killer. It will also leave the families and residents of Delphi looking over their shoulders. To learn more about how HLN protects listener privacy, visit

Chapter 7: Madness

When a sketch of a suspect is released, conspiracy theories spread. The families, looking for an arrest, take their case to the national media. As the investigation goes quiet, the noise of speculation grows louder. To learn more about how HLN protects listener privacy, visit

Chapter 6: A Walk In The Woods

To get a better understanding of what happened that day, the team goes to Delphi to walk the trail, stand at the bridge, and explore where - and how - it all happened. To learn more about how HLN protects listener privacy, visit

Chapter 5: Signatures

In February 2017, Robert Ives was the prosecuting attorney in Carroll County, IN. His perspective of the crime scene, and understanding of what happened, casts some brand new light on the murders of Abby & Libby. To learn more about how HLN protects listener privacy, visit

Chapter 4: Three Words

More than a week after the murders, police hold a news conference that offers up new information and new evidence. But information designed to help, only deepens the mystery of what happened, and spooks everyone. To learn more about how HLN protects listener privacy, visit

Chapter 3: A Picture & A Search Warrant

As the investigation forges ahead, two pictures emerge from the day of the murders: one of Abby on the bridge, taken shortly before the crime, and another of an unidentified man on the bridge, who police say they'd like to talk to. All while law enforcement swarms a property outside of town. To learn more about how HLN protects listener privacy, visit

Introducing Down The Hill: The Delphi Murders

Abby and Libby - Two young girls murdered. Investigators are searching for the killer using their biggest clue: a recording of his voice from one of the victims' phones ordering the girls Down the Hill. Almost three years later, it's a mystery that still haunts the small town of Delphi, Indiana while police say the killer may walk among them. To learn more about how HLN protects listener privacy, visit

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