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Honestly with Bari Weiss by Bari Weiss (Society & Culture) podcast. listen Honestly with Bari Weiss and MP3 download. Honestly with Bari Weiss reviews & comments.

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Honestly with Bari Weiss Podcast Reviews

Fantastic (& depressing) debut episode!Majdi Wadi is a mensch & he doesn’t deserve this. Thank you for bringing this to our attention. If his daughter needs support in London, holler!.Score: 5/5

AmazingIf you want to hear different opinions and thought provoking guests. Just listened to an extremely brave woman, Maud, I was crying by the end as she is so awesome..Score: 5/5

Its greatLoving it.Score: 5/5

From tiny acorns mighty oaks do growWhat I want from broadcasters ( in all formats) is analogous to an “ honest broker”, or a market trader in the realm of ideas who has “honest scales”. I seek understanding, illumination, to be stretched, to be confronted with issues that are not necessarily a part of my day to day life but are for so many others. To be encouraged to be thoughtful and to consider, reconsider, a range of perspectives and this is crucial to me : a wide range of issues, topics, personal stories, with someone as a guide, a pointer, an arbiter. Thus I say thank you, Bari, for being that kind of person. Restoring trust, is going to be your biggest task. I think your making great foundations!.Score: 5/5

Who writes a review before the series has started?If Bari’s independent journalism on Substack is anything to go by, this will be a podcast worth subscribing and listening to. As grand assumptions about the world trumpet the masses into submission, how we need commonsense with intellectual grist to form a more balanced view. As a fellow podcaster (🎙Jonny Gould’s Jewish State) I wish Bari the best of British!.Score: 5/5

Important and entertainingA brilliant, refreshingly sane perspective.Score: 5/5

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The NewsMore than anything else in the podcasting world, this podcast feels very much like listening to a conventional news outlet. It’s very produced, but also very deep and very meta, and it’s non-redundant to a lot of the other podcasts that have already effectively replaced what used to be journalism. Hard to say what the future of news media looks like or what heights this podcast can reach, but for now it’s required listening..Score: 5/5

Amazing!One of the best new Podcasts out there! Frightening but necessary!.Score: 5/5

My new favorite podcastBari’s NYT resignation letter was a clarion call , so I was delighted to see she started a podcast. It’s astonishing that someone like Ms. Weiss - who for all of American history would be considered comfortably liberal (free speech, tolerance, a spirit of inquiry) - had to be purged as a threat to the new media and order. To paraphrase a quote from Ireland’s Easter Rising...there must be something very wrong in the state of things that makes someone like her a rebel. I’ve loved each episode - but I especially enjoy the ones about the dangers of the illiberal and censorious left, and the politicized media. Bari, I know you expressed hesitance at the idea of overkill on the woke topics, but I think it’s so important to confront - it’s only trying to change language and reality, after all!.Score: 5/5

Accurately titledBari Weiss interviews in a way that makes me think I thought up the questions myself … even though I’m not nearly smart enough to have done that independently. It’s my new favorite podcast!.Score: 5/5

Really goodI really appreciate the honest unbiased nature of your dialogues and conversations. No pretenses, your view is your view, your subjects are interesting, and format is great. I loved the episode with the CIA guy and Maud more recently. And having lived in P-burgh for 20+ years until 2018 it’s fun to see another P-burgh contribution to society. Thanks and keep it up!.Score: 5/5

America’s Sex Recession fell shortSome topics are things no one else is talking about or wants to and that presents wonderful and exciting journalism (Apple Daily and Wadi interviews were spectacular). On the recent episode America’s Sex Recession, so many questions went unasked and ideas unchallenged. While America has open and culturally acceptable access to porn, it’s also the largest consumer of/demand for actual sex slaves and child pornography. Talk to Tim Ballard of Operation Underground Railroad. There’s something wrong with the sexual culture here that goes beyond women making money selling arousal on OnlyFans. Aella’s experience only proves there is a societal problem resulting from the divorce of sex and relationship/emotional connection, the unpopularity of monogamy and the rise of “feminism” which is anything but..Score: 5/5

Excellent!I am an old school liberal, which means I dislike the dogmatism of the hard right and woke left. I LOVE this podcast. Bari is a great interviewer and the guests are quite interesting. Two thumbs WAY up!.Score: 5/5

Excellent PodcastI’m a center right person who tries to balance my podcast listening with some voices offering a center left perspective. This is one of the best I’ve come across so far. Excellent topics and nuanced discussion each week. Thanks for your efforts!.Score: 5/5

Breathe of fresh air!If you can only listen to one podcast, make it this one. Bari Weiss interviews some of the most interesting people and actually lets them speak. I can’t wait to hear who she interviews next!.Score: 5/5

Rare gemJust found this podcast & it’s extremely entertaining & enlightening. Thanks for the hard-hitting interview with Mark Cuban & not accepting his “pat” answers. The millionaires & billionaires in the NBA are a disgrace. The interview with the Palestinian store owner still keeps me up at night..Score: 5/5

Skips around a lotThe editing has multiple repeats throughout so lots of things are repeated.Score: 1/5

Thank youWhat happened to Maud is/was wrong. I am grateful for her courage to speak up and for Bari’s willingness to platform these important conversations. This episode alone has made me a dedicated listener. Thank you both..Score: 5/5

Wasn’t familiarBari’s work is something I am new too… wouldn’t say I followed her (although I might have heard about her briefly when she left the times) Her solo work and this podcast is an amazing achievement. Bring on the in depth storytelling and guts that has made me fall in love… Bari, where have you been all my life!.Score: 5/5

If you want a different perspective….….listen to Bari. You won’t always agree but always worth listening to.Score: 5/5

Thoroughly HumanSo balanced, nuanced, and so needed in this season. Spring is coming (SC Chapman.) Thank You Bari!.Score: 5/5

Thank you!One of the most important podcasts, much needed during these times..Score: 5/5

Conservative Christian & I love this PodcastI eagerly wait each week for the new release. Bari you were made to be a podcaster. You ask great questions and you are so genuine. What I love most is you are exposing what’s wrong with this world...the destruction of innocent lives. I cried listening to “A 21st Century Witch Hunt”. Maud Maron and I share different political beliefs, but we are both women and Moms. What she has endured is unbelievable and so wrong. Her courage is to be admired and I hope many will follow in her footsteps. She is now one of my hero’s and I will be praying for her..Score: 5/5

Great PodcastThank you Bari! I really enjoyed your interview with Ryan Holiday..Score: 5/5

How convenientAh, so there is no single definition of critical race theory, says French. Let me translate for non lefties/progressives who don t understand why they always lose : critical race theory is whatever we say it is when confronted to sway the most people, not be backed into a corner, label our opponents as racists, keep winning elections and media narratives, continue to gain power and and promote and cement utterly destructive, racist policies the results of which we will blame on our political enemies while calling them racist, fascists, etc... Extrapolate this to every issue; global warming, immigration, you name it. Notice there are never any goals, for example in the school system to have 80 percent of of students meet a mutually agreed upon standard. In this manner an unfalsifiable narrative can be used in perpetuity to gain, keep and increase power. Wake up..Score: 3/5

Bari Weiss is a prophet. The American Left is Judah.It seems like every week now that I read or hear of a new height the extremest corners of the American ideological left have reached in their pursuit of political and cultural dominance. Once a Bernie Sanders enthusiast, graduate education has left me with a deeper appreciation for intellectual dialogue than the ‘progressive’ tribalism I previously thought the astute vision of American life. Ms. Weiss is the unabashedly proud left-leaning intellectual prophet I’ve been hoping for, and listeners from the commonest among us to those engaged in the high-level discussions that will ultimately determine our nation’s future would be wise to share widely. L’chaim!.Score: 5/5

Shannon in FLThis is the kind of media I love: interesting, informative, surprising and thoughtful. Just listened to Ryan Holiday and now can’t wait to read his books on Stoicism. Thank you 😊.Score: 5/5

Deep dives from both sidesThe critical race theory podcast was so educational and illuminating. Can you PLEASE do the same format for the voting rights acts that all the red states are passing and the federal one sponsored by the Dems? I cannot find reliable information to help me understand whether the Repubs are really attempting to frustrate legitimate voters or whether the Dems are trying to enable illegal voting. Bari - only YOU can provide credible accurate information on this topic!!!.Score: 5/5

Deep, moving, and importantI am blown away. Gratitude..Score: 5/5

So SmartWhy can’t we have more Bari’s in this world. So smart, so thoughtful..Score: 5/5

Amazing!Almost every episode so far has resonated with me to the point of bringing me to tears - I will be sharing the podcast widely with my friends and family!.Score: 5/5

FantasticThe interview with Maud Marin put a human face on cancel culture. Parts were heartbreaking and parts were uplifting. In general Bari is a great conversationalist so even if the topic is not something I think I will be interested in, invariably I am drawn in..Score: 5/5

Honestly is #1I no longer consume any form of cable news and limit online new source reading. The it sources are now podcasts and I value my choices. As a lifelong liberal i have started to and will continue to believe i can no longer embrace that or any political label. I love the name “Honestly” since Bari Weiss strives to keep things so - and with intelligence anyone can understand. I check daily for the next post. Honestly is #1..Score: 5/5

Satisfying honest intercourse with diverse questQuickly becoming one of my most look forward to podcast .The generic PBS audoi post production is a little tiresome ,but thats just me.. It is enjoyable to come away from the conversations reexamining my personal beliefs. Thanks Bari..Score: 5/5

Battling The Left InquisitionThe Trump Cult is not the only threat to our society. The fundamentalists on the Left pose an equal threat. This podcast exposes through discussions with victims of Left institutional ideologies that our society is as much threatened by the doctrinaire Left as it is from the Trump Right Wingnut Republicans. For anyone who appreciates nuance and rational thought this podcast will open your eyes to what is going on in universities and other institutions. Bari herself was a victim. Her podcast voice is very clear and she is very intelligent. Check it out..Score: 5/5

Ideas Do not equal truthDavid French same unable to separate teaching aboutCritical race theory as an idea and teaching critical race theory as the truth..Score: 5/5

Honestly Maud Maron A 21st Century Witch HuntWords are difficult to find to describe this wonderful Podcast. Bari, you are such a great interviewer. The genuine emotions you both felt came crashing through. I can’t wait to read your articles and listen to you each week..Score: 5/5

Always intellectually challenging and inspiringFive stars!.Score: 5/5

ExcellentWow. The quality of this podcast gives me hope for the future of America. It’s that good..Score: 5/5

Bari is the most important voice of our times!The absolute best podcast! It feels like it should be a requirement to listen to Bari! She’s so articulate and bright and courageous and just a bright light in what feels like such dark times that our society is going through! My new hero! After every podcast, I feel like I want to give her a hug!! Thank you Bari!!.Score: 5/5

BravoBravo for getting Chris Rufo on the show!.Score: 5/5

Essential listening!This podcast is FAST becoming one of my favorites. I am a recovering Republican, and am trying to navigate through all of the information available. I was listening to another podcast (Megyn Kelly, I think) when I was introduced to Bari and FAIR. I now know that there are many like me out there: we don’t really have a political “home” because our parties have betrayed their “values”. Thanks, Bari, for listening to your heart and standing up for what’s right. 🙌.Score: 5/5

Excellent!Bari is great and is an essential voice. Great guests so far (except maybe Holiday—I would not say he’s brilliant and his lies and marketing for unsavory clients is a continued ruse in the Stoic field. Marketers have ethics to uphold and should default to not defrauding innocent readers). The way Bari writes and interviews is engaging..Score: 5/5

Fantastic podcastThis podcast has really exceeded my expectations. I was expecting the usual interview format of most podcasts, but this is really well produced and edited. It reminds me a lot of this american life in its prime..Score: 5/5

Honestly the best podcast!!I have been absolutely loving this podcast. I love the interview/conversation format..Score: 5/5

Brilliant“Honestly” is truly one of the brightest podcasts I’ve come across. Bari Weiss hosts wonderfully insightful, timely, and engaging conversations. NYT’s loss is our gain..Score: 5/5

The podcast that makes me a fan of podcastsBari Weiss is a fantastic interviewer and always shows great respect for her guests and the topics presented. If you’re a follower of her Substack or Twitter—this is the icing on the cake. Fair discourse, moderation, and reasonable takes packaged to stimulate curiosity and rational thought..Score: 5/5

Hope for JournalismThank you Bari for Leaving the NYT. You can now reach many more people! Please continue to bring attention to real solid journalism. We really need it and people DO still want it! You often ask about the dilemma of producing for your audience or yourself. Please report stories that YOU feel passionate about. I already know what I think. I want to know what YOU think, Thats why I’m here! 😊 You have already introduced me to a lot of new ideas and new people I might have never known. Thank you!.Score: 5/5

I always look forward to new releasesBari asks compelling questions. Some episodes she hits the ball out of the park (eg Apple Daily.) Sometimes she misses the mark (eg Ryan Holiday) and fails to catch or challenge a guest’s obvious dodging. All in all, a solid addition worth your listening time..Score: 4/5

Breathing betterIn today’s world where you are always on your guard for bias in reporting, Bari Weiss navigates difficult and important issues with ease. It is at the same time informative and mind opening. I am breathing more easily every day I listen. Thank you for engaging thoughtful and energizing inquiries..Score: 5/5

Phenomenal work for a print journalistExcellent podcast, Bari. Please, give us more!!! Bravo!.Score: 5/5

Possibly the most honest voice in America right nowThere are probably few things that I agree with Bari on politically but this podcast has quickly made its way into my “must listen to” file along with The Editors Podcast, Dan Carlin, Megyn Kelly, Ben Shapiro, Russ Roberts, and anything with David Bahnsen. She is an incredibly gifted story teller but there are plenty of those in the podcast world. What sets Bari apart is her honesty and bravery. To be a heterodox liberal today is potentially career suicide… or worse. Thank God there are still platforms for open, critical analysis and people like Bari who are brave enough to engage. How awesome would it be to sit at a table with this group and have a few beers (or club sodas for Ben)?!?.Score: 5/5

ExcellentI listen to a variety of podcast hosts and this is one of the best. So happy you left the NYTimes. It is time for honest reporting..Score: 5/5

Keep it coming!I could listen to your show for hours. Great conversations. Please have on Anna Khachiyan..Score: 5/5

Frank and greatLove this podcast stumbled on it. Awesome. Melissa Brennan.Score: 5/5

Excellent DiscussionI agree with David about banning anti-CRT laws but he is, at best, an imperfect voice for this position. Conversely, Chris is a perfect voice for a bad position. He has never drifted from his course of action. David is too theoretical but his position that compelled speech is already protected and that anything beyond that potentially violates the first amendment is the correct position. In the end I believe that the laws currently being passed are probably not going to survive court challenges intact. Also, the red/blue nature of the passage of these bills limits it to the places where it can most easily be overturned at the local level by parental court challenges..Score: 5/5

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Vitally important workThe Hong Kong story is the one the world doesn’t want to know about (or do anything about)… Thank you for shining a light into the darkness. Looking forward to what’s coming next..Score: 5/5

Beautifully presented and strikingly relevant.From the very first episode Honestly has struck at the very most pertinent issues in contemporary society in a well considered and eye opening way. This has quickly become the podcast I’m most excited for new episodes to land. Well done Bari.Score: 5/5

Brilliant Bari, keep these coming ✌️🙏💪Bari is honest, frank and on point..Score: 5/5

Great pod that fills a vacuumBari is an engaging interviewer and her guests and topics are mostly interesting. Please keep doing what you do!.Score: 5/5

Awesome!What a great story and subject..Score: 5/5

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