The results of the new DNA tests are in, with big implications for Robin Cho, Byung Song, and the victims of this crime. So, the question is, will justice be served and how? Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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Strangeland Podcast Reviews

Not worth your timeUgh, this one started off well and then just got boring. Also, there's no conclusion. As an avid crime podcast listener, I wouldn't waste time on this. Sorry!.Score: 2/5

ExcellentAn excellent podcast, so well done and presented. Sharon and Ben were very engaging and sensitive to the case. Binged the whole season in a day!.Score: 5/5

RecommendGreat podcast, very well done & informative. Finished it in 2 days! Great job Sharon & Ben..Score: 5/5

GreatGreat podcast and the hosts are great (not annoying like some). One thing I wonder is if they looked at any info regarding the nanny?.Score: 5/5

GabeSounds like Gabe from the office.Score: 3/5

Good bingeListened after they mention this on crime junkie. Started off really well and I was hooked from the first episode. Got a little tedious half way through but overall a worthwhile listen.Score: 4/5

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Great podcastHope there’s a Season 2!!!.Score: 5/5

Hopefully helpful advice! 🤞🏻Hey guys! I think this could be a great podcast! Content is good, storyline is interesting. And I’m only saying this because I think it’s an easy fix, but I would really like to hear Sharon Choi be more natural. I find the way she is speaking is as if she’s reading off a script, which is normal to an extent, but it’s also very “sing song” like. As if she’s reading a children’s story. I am a dedicated pod cast listener and even I found it quiet irritating (I’m sorry), to the point that I wasn’t going to finish the pod cast. Ben is also leaning that way as well. It just seems like you two are playing a part and not yourselves. Would love to get to know and hear the real you’s! Xo.Score: 3/5

Holy Smokes!!This show is so excellent. Such a well organized well balanced and well presented telling..Score: 5/5

Binged Season 1 in 2 daysLove this podcast and how you are actively investigating rather than just telling a story. Great work..Score: 5/5

Meh.Sounds super fake. The hosts sound so scripted and fake. Good story but I had to stop listening because the scriptedness was so grating..Score: 2/5

Great, butThis is a great podcast, but there's an error in it (for me at least) where the tape gets all cut and weird at the end of each episode.Score: 4/5

Irritating Scripted ConversationThe story is interesting and host Ms. Choi is great. But my biggest issue is the scripted and fake conversations between the hosts that keep interrupting the narration. Seriously, why did the makers think it would be good idea to insert fake conversations? Did they think that listeners won’t realize they are fake? Why not just let the natural flow of the show take over?.Score: 2/5

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Don’t waste your timeThe producers were trying to find an interesting case that proves this man was innocent - they failed. You never learn anything groundbreaking and he still seems guilty. Don’t listen. This sucked..Score: 1/5

Great story, REALLY BAD deliveryThe story is interesting and even the script is fine. The delivery is SO BAD. Both the host have terrible delivery and it’s really obvious they are reading. I just couldn’t get past that..Score: 2/5

Interesting podcastStory is magnetic; couldn’t stop listening. Narrators did a decent job, but can get better after seeing all the comments. Keep it up; don’t be demotivated. I wish podcasters don’t twist stories to make someone look better. The guy seems to be guilty as the jury felt although the interrogation and prosecution did a terrible job. It is possible he got played by someone who paid him to kill the wife and walked away because there was no clues/evidence in that conversation. Also possible that nanny stopped paying him stolen money after his bankruptcy and he got mad..Score: 4/5

Fell a little shortI’ve yet to review a podcast but I am an avid listener of many different ones. This one started interesting but lost steam half way through. The hosts need to drop The Daily like cadence, it isn’t a good sound. It comes off fake, surface, unoriginal. There definitely didn’t seem to be as much research done on this story as in other crime podcasts. I did enjoy that they shed light on a crime that didn’t seem to get much attention but also think if a podcast is doing crime reporting, they should stick to facts and less opinion & speculation because that is unfair to both sides of the people involved..Score: 2/5

Future directionI think the killer is someone who knows both cho and the husband. Killer is a mutual acquaintance who though it would confuse the police by leaving a large piece of cho’s glove on purpose. The show should also investigate the husband’s mistresses further as there is very little mention of them other than police did not investigate them. I think the person who typed the letter pretending the give the tip is trying to misdirect the police by purposefully leaving very vague names without giving enough concrete detail to be helpful. Nevertheless the person who typed the letter has some inside knowledge of the home situation of the family prior to the murder and is either the killer or somewhat affiliated /incentivized to muddy the investigation.Score: 5/5

How did this guy get a podcast gig?The guy host sounds like he is having a hard time reading a teleprompter. Sharon Choi should be hosting this alone..Score: 1/5

Good story but hard to listen to-bens voice is rough to listen to, very flat and monotone -lots of ads but appreciate that they tell you when the break is starting so I can skip forward -I feel that sometimes the background music is too loud and distracting that it takes over the words of the story.Score: 2/5

EhInteresting story, no reason to string it out for 10 episodes at all. Feel like there was nothing added after maybe number 3. Ben is ridiculously useless and sounds like he added in lines after it was all recorded..Score: 2/5

Couldn’t stop listeningThis podcast transformed my commute to and from work. I truly couldn’t stop listening. So well done with in-depth, nuanced reporting and narrating. Combing a True Crime podcast with the nuanced lens of an immigrant experience in the criminal justice system was so powerful. I can’t wait for season 2..Score: 5/5

Love audiochuck, this isn’t one of my favoritesFelt very scripted, no very much personality or banter in it. Some of the sentence structure was awkward at times making it hard to follow what they said and forcing me to rewind. Not very attention grabbing and relatively boring. I liked Ben better and though at least he added some context and character. Nothing to write home about.Score: 3/5

Good Work everyone!I really appreciate all the effort and attention to detail that went into this podcast..Score: 5/5

Constructive criticismIt is obvious these episodes are being read directly from a script. Relax. Just “talk” to each other. Use common everyday language tempo. The story is interesting but it’s hard to listen to two people reading to each other. Just talk naturally. Thanks and good luck!!!.Score: 3/5

Interesting Subject but…I really wanted to learn about this crime and learn about a culture I don’t know much about. However, I couldn’t get past the cohosts scripted banter and reporting style. It just sounded so fake and kept throwing me out of the portrait they were trying to build..Score: 3/5

I loved StrangelandThis was really gripping, and definitely left me wanting more. I found Ben Adair to be incredibly useful in breaking down and explaining the complicated info and what it might mean. Sharon Choi was super thorough, and overall this is just one more example of how deeply bias can be embedded in our justice system even when all the players are acting in what they believe are the best interests of justice. I want more!.Score: 5/5

Wants to be great, actually mediocreFirst of all, the heavily scripted writing and banter between the two hosts is incredibly cringe-worthy. For being hosted by a journalist, the writing is incredibly subpar. Not to mention, he has one of the most unpleasant voices and truly has no business podcasting. The other host is some filmmaker and translator with no expertise in the field. It was especially facepalm worthy when they interviewed a former bank robber who “almost became a killer” (read: almost killed someone in self defense) to act as an expert on criminal intent for a wildly different crime. Some of the worst journalism in a true crime podcast in a long while. Also, the whole podcast drags along on a case that’s not that interesting and becomes bloated with useless interviews that go nowhere. If you want tabloid journalism podcast, you’re better off listening to “To Live and Die in LA”.Score: 2/5

Great content, good narration!I really enjoyed this podcast. The case chosen was interesting and I appreciate the way the explored both the layers of evidence and the cultural aspects of the case. The combo of perspectives created a better picture for me to personally understand it, and - regardless of guilt or innocence - is a more complete version of this story in general. A lot of reviewers have commented on the narration. It took me an episode or two to to feel the flow (I was still interested in the case), or maybe they were getting their flow too in the first couple episodes. I’m not sure. Either way, I still really enjoyed it!! It’s scripted well and I like how they break down the episodes. Once I got used to their style it felt more natural. The female narrator speaks more slowly which just feels like her. If you are having trouble with the narration, give it some time. It’s worth the listen!.Score: 5/5

Waste of timeComplete waste of time. The narration is terrible and the host are so biased. Nothing groundbreaking at all. Please Do better Audio chuck!.Score: 1/5

MehhhI really wanted to like this podcast because the story was interesting and compelling. But half of this podcast I could’ve gone without. When it came to the DNA information there were so much in there that was just not necessary. Very anti-climatic ending..Score: 3/5

Just okIt was obvious where the story was going and there were no surprises or shocking turns along the way. Very predictable and not written well enough to make up for it. The story and female host are way too slow..Score: 3/5

My new favorite podcastI really enjoyed this season! It is such an interesting case. It makes me wonder if Robin didn’t do could someone already be wearing a pair of gloves and find his gloves and put them over them. With them being outside they would tear easier but their hands would still be covered because they had the other pair still on..Score: 5/5

Listened from CA to AzThis was a decent podcast but I agree with everyone else… Sharon could 100% host the show on her own. I pretty much continued to listen because 1) I was on the rode lol 2) Sharon can tell a great story similar to Ashley. Can’t wait for next season..Score: 3/5

Loved it!Ben and Sharon made a great team! Loved the deep dive on a VERY fascinating case. Can’t wait for season 2- keep up the good work!.Score: 5/5

A lead to nowhereThe story is interesting however after listening to the whole season I could’ve stopped after episode 2. The investigation literally leads nowhere..Score: 1/5

Cool story, bad deliveryBen’s delivery of lines was comically bad, but the story was interesting so I wanted to listen. I think it could have been two episodes shorter, the pacing was slow at times.Score: 3/5

ThoroughI really enjoyed how these two traced every avenue of inquiry that was available. I felt their reporting was balanced and exhaustive. I liked that each landed in a slightly different place, in terms of their own opinions of the case. Personally, I was left feeling unsatisfied, because the whole story is still incomplete. The central mystery of why these victims were murdered, and brutally, is unanswered and unknowable with our present level of info. I hope this podcast helps to generate interest and potentially new leads to explore, to ensure that justice is truly served for all involved. Thanks, audiochuck!.Score: 5/5

Robotic but informativeHonestly would be so much better if they didn’t sound so robotic and scripted :/ was hoping to continue listening but can’t get over that fact.Score: 3/5

Only listened when I had nothing else to listen toInteresting story. Getting interviews was great. However, WAY too scripted talking between hosts. It drove me nuts. Sounds like n did all the work and was way more natural..Score: 2/5

Robin choThe husband had access to the area in front of cho’s car and motive. Look deeper into that..Score: 5/5

The reading was just so off-putting.It was nice to see a true crime series dedicated to sharing about a historically excluded group. I’d never heard of these murders or the trial. However, the hosts s to work on not reading their script. Sharon is flat and lacking the necessary emotion to tell the story. Ben sounds like he’s trying to ask questions and have a conversation but is still severely lacking. Relax y’all. This is a long-form, verbal storytelling medium which means you have to bring the listeners along for the journey differently than simply reporting. Even the ad reads were rough. I hope that if there’s a second season, they’re able to make some of these necessary improvements..Score: 2/5

Good storyIt was a good story & I really enjoyed listening it. They did a good job explaining everything. Don’t listen to the voice haters. It was a good podcast..Score: 5/5

Pretty goodInteresting review of the case, however, it fails to take into account the numerous studies that have exposed flaws in DNA evidence. They buy into the theory that DNA is infallible and relay exclusively on the expertise of the lab where the tests were conducted to explain the results. By failing to interview experts with knowledge regarding the problems the DNA evidence they have missed an excellent opportunity to booster the case for the defendant’s innocent and to further educate the public..Score: 4/5

DecentBen should stop talking. Very annoying. Sounds like child with the questions he was asking. Other than him. Podcast was great.Score: 3/5

Tough!Interesting story, but Ben’s voice makes it incredibly difficult to continue listening. His voice is just not made for podcasts and is extremely monotone and irritating. Not only that, but the things he says are so unnecessary, makes it feel like this is a podcast for grade schoolers..Score: 2/5

That background musicThat background music made me feel like a haunted goose was standing behind me breathing down my neck. So distracting and unpleasant..Score: 3/5

DecentInteresting murder, but totally scripted. Sounded pre recorded and like it was pieced together, which made it hard to listen to..Score: 2/5

Episode 4; fix the slow talk, better transitions INTERVIEW PRO review saves all the starsNarration between dude & gal — too slow & forced Let us listen to story & have feedback bits for sure.Score: 4/5

Horrible distracting background musicI wish I could even focus on the content of the podcast but not a chance with that disco tec background music. Completely distracting and overbearing..Score: 2/5

Everything seems scriptedMaybe put a little more effort into your work and if you just aren’t feeling it then just don’t put anything out, because this just seems like something you guys put together in an hr and put it out to get money but this is complete steamy garbage..Score: 1/5

AwkwardThis sounds slow and awkward. The story line is and slow and drawn out in typical AudioChuck form..Score: 1/5

Good!!Interesting!.Score: 2/5

Good Story - poor writing/ deliveryI really enjoyed the story and found it very interesting. But often times I felt like I was listening to educational television for first graders. Ben is not made for podcast hosting. He struggles with his script, his voice is nasally and his comments felt very dumbed down when listening to Sharon explain. Sharon carried this podcast and I would love to hear her on more. Ben…not so much..Score: 3/5

Good but not great.I found the two hosts to sound like they’re just reading a script instead of holding a conversation about a murder. The case is interesting but they’re convo felt weirdly forced and unnatural..Score: 3/5

Really got me thinking about true Justice…was it served?Loved this podcast! Working in the medical field all I kept thinking regarding the glove question was “double glove”!!.Score: 5/5

Male Narrator’s voice is awfulThe male narrator sounds so nerdy and forced. He’s not well suited to be a narrator. Too nasally. Also the female narrator talks waaaaaaaay too slow..Score: 2/5

Huge fan!I am a regular listener of any Audio Chuck podcast and this one did not disappoint! Great job and I can’t wait for the next one.Score: 5/5

ScriptedGood story but the forced banter is rough. Soooo many ads and the same ones over and over..Score: 3/5

Emotional tragedy but absolutely not investigative journalism.I think the history they are trying to cover is an interesting piece but there is absolutely no investigative/non bias production here. The storytelling is a bit amateur and this just isn’t… real investigative journalism done right..Score: 2/5

Meh ¯\_(ツ)_/¯There is zero chemistry between the hosts- it sounds like they recorded their responses separately & edited it together to fit the script. Really wanted to like it, but yikes..Score: 1/5

Sharon Makes This Podcast! ✨Five 🌟s for Sharon and definitely not the other guy. He seemed bossy and over explained obvious things. I’d love to listen to more from Sharon!.Score: 5/5

BiasedI really liked this story, however, I felt it was very biased. I want clear objectivity and I didn’t hear that at all, which was disappointing. I like the hosts, and I am still going to follow for next season, but lose the one sided mindset..Score: 3/5

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Well DoneVery well researched. I’m up to E5 and really enjoying the podcast so if you are a true crime fan then this is definitely for you. I must say, the cops involved in the interrogation sound like a couple of numbskulls and I don’t have visuals but it sounds like an innocent man proclaiming so but who knows yet??? I’ve purposely not looked up this story so I don’t know the outcome yet…this is getting interesting 🧐.Score: 5/5

Great content and formatI am loving the style in which these two combine to present really awesome and interesting content. I am from Australia and don’t know the original story but am finding the delivery really excellent, super interesting hearing about interview techniques and info about the background to the story which is seamlessly woven in to the podcast. Congratulations guys. Five stars from me.Score: 5/5

Slam dunkEnjoyable podcast Presenters very good But please the guy lived in the building DNA found in apartment Move on.Score: 5/5

ExcellentFantastic podcast and these 2 work really well together. Just wish we knew the whole story! Keep it coming guys..Score: 5/5

Great content but loss the background music.While I love the content and how it’s delivered the background music makes it hard for you to concentrate on what you are saying. I listen to podcasts on my headphones so the music stands out more than the words!!.Score: 3/5

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Strangeland Podcast Episodes

Ep 10 of 10: The Results

The results of the new DNA tests are in, with big implications for Robin Cho, Byung Song, and the victims of this crime. So, the question is, will justice be served and how? Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

Ep 9 of 10: The DNA

Ben and Sharon visit the lab that did the DNA testing that led to Robin Cho’s conviction. While touring the facility, they learn of DNA from the crime scene that’s never been tested. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

Ep 8 of 10: Holes in the Case (Part 2)

It’s courtroom 101: the prosecution’s trying to make a case, the defense is trying to get their client off, and it’s the jury’s job to figure out the truth. But how much of the science that’s presented at court is actually scientific? Ben and Sharon look closely at specific pieces of evidence presented at trial and find out that some of the bedrock assumptions about evidence and crimes… could be wrong.  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

Ep 7 of 10: Holes in the Case (Part 1)

As part of Strangeland’s reinvestigation, Ben and Sharon have been keeping a list that goes way beyond culture clashes and misunderstandings. It shows that the prosecution’s already-tenuous motive for Cho is even less solid than they thought. At the same time, Cho’s behavior doesn’t do him any favors. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

Ep 6 of 10: We Affirm

After almost eight weeks of trial and deliberations, there’s a verdict. However, though the jury has reached a decision, they don’t seem very confident when it comes to sentencing Robin Cho. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

Ep 5 of 10: The Trial

The man dubbed “The Koreatown Killer” heads to trial, and the prosecution presents its case — with no witnesses, no weapon, and no concrete motive. The jury must decide if one piece of evidence is enough to send Robin Cho to Death Row. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

Ep 4 of 10: The Case Against Robin Cho (Part 2)

LAPD investigators pounce on Cho, interrogating him twice in the same day. After hours of getting nowhere, emotions boil over in the interrogation room. The cops eventually arrest him for murder… but they may have missed their chance to make the case.  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

Ep 3 of 10: The Case Against Robin Cho (Part 1)

LAPD detectives take their first crack at their new suspect. However, things just aren’t adding up for the cops — or for Robin Cho. Afterward, Cho leads the police on a wild ride across Los Angeles and exhibits some very suspicious behavior. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

Ep 2 of 10: Who is Robin Cho?

Who is this new suspect that the LAPD has pegged for the brutal Koreatown triple murder? A modest family man from the South Korean countryside who has some dark secrets — over two-and-a-half million of them. Do they add up to a motive for murder? Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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