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Sisters build worlds together, worlds that are just for them. Stories about the bonds between sisters and how they get broken and fixed—or not.

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Just love this podcastAlways such a variety of stories. I’m hooked..Score: 5/5

Love this podcast - tune in!Such great topics and really well edited. If you like this also try their spinoff which is Serial and Reply All..Score: 5/5

Nite niteI find listening to The American Life as I get into bed as a good friend as I try to sleep, I listen to their podcast & relax into a short sleep. I like to listen to some over & over, a great friend to have The reviews are on the mark & the team make us feel they are in front of us with their take on life through the stories that have been seen over & over again. Well done William Simpson (mr).Score: 5/5

Gets better and betterI couldn't live without this podcast, it opens my mind and feeds my brain, never stop making this..Score: 5/5

Narcissistic white boy programmeThis used to be great it’s just become a one sided self indulgent show that reveals very insight. Please no more Sean Cole.Score: 3/5

Amazing storiesI find myself looking forward to this every week, the stories are always so engaging and moving.Score: 5/5

CarsOne of my favourites remember it the first time round was really good to hear how the show room is getting on now at the end of the pod.Score: 5/5

Great PodcastIf you love to relax while someone with a golden voice tells you a story, this is the podcast for you! Just listened to The House on Loon Lake, another great example of American Life- crafted story telling. Thank you for it brings me joy and comfort, like those old stories of childhood..Score: 5/5

Essential, no really it’s essential.Brilliantly produced content, wonderfully told stories..Score: 5/5

The mastersWonderful, quirky, sincere this podcast is amongst the best. One small point: missing some of the original voices..Score: 5/5

Golden AppleSuch a good episode Loved it As good as the car salesman piece!! Any recommendations for similar stories ?.Score: 5/5

Amazing storiesI love the stories, entertaining, moving and informative..Score: 5/5

Repetitive contentI’m so mad at this. I’ve been listening since 2015 and now all you are doing is replay old episodes. I am not happy about this as every Monday I look forward to a new episode to find that it is not “new”. Disappointed..Score: 3/5

Mostly repeatsSadly, although this is a great podcast, if you’ve listened for a few years, as I have, you find yourself listening to the same podcasts over and over again. Doesn’t NPR have enough new material to create a new show each week? Great journalists and great stories but so often (eg: this week) I’m left thinking ‘Oh, this story again’. I would give them five stars, but for this annoyance..Score: 3/5

Nothing beats this!I wait eagerly for Monday’s when a new episode of This American Life is released! No podcast is better than this!.Score: 5/5

BritishI’m not even American and I love it x.Score: 5/5

A pillarI love listening to TAL so much that I actually don’t remember how my life was structured before it. TAL is now a central pillar..Score: 5/5

Such an amazing podcastThe topics are so emotive and in these times where sadly minority’s and women’s rights are still a topic that we need to discuss and fight for, this podcast never fails to remind me that there are some people that want to be on the right side of history. I live in London and feel so connected to what so many people are going through at home and around the world. Things will change for the better, I am sure of it. I commend the hard work that you all put in to produce such a fantastic podcast and keep going, we are all behind you. I’m sure I share the same view as so many of your listeners. Thank you again for producing such a great show, which I look forward every week!.Score: 5/5

Life changingThankyou for constantly embracing topics that don’t get a lot of attention. I think the reason I love this podcast is because it constantly presents me with the human experience and I think we all need to be reminded we are all just human, experiencing everything life has to offer. I am forever grateful for this show..Score: 5/5

Couldn’t be betterThis has been the highlight of my lockdown life. Thank you for such consistently excellent journalism..Score: 5/5

Please stop the vocal fry.As above. Perhaps I’m over sensitive but on podcasts the quality of voice is crucial. On this podcast and also The Moth I have noticed an increase in female (younger?) presenters. Okay, maybe needed, but many are just not up to it. I think it’s harder to find a quality female voice. I listen to a lot of podcasts. And that, sadly, is my conclusion. Worse - a hint of lazy vocal ‘fry’ and I’m done. Btw. I’m female..Score: 4/5

CongratulationsSo well deserved - constantly fascinating, insightful and first class journalism into so very many corners of our society that need airing.Score: 5/5

Quality has declined from when it started.Sometimes, often the times when the podcast isn’t focused on the political, it can be fascinating, thought-provoking, and emotional. However, when it focuses on the political, sometimes it can be really good, focusing particularly well on some of the individuals affected - sometimes however, the political feels like white noise News just droning on and can get tiring unfortunately. The shows absolute best moments tend to come about when there’s no political element, when it’s just telling a powerful, interesting story about people. That’s slowed down as of late however, but generally this podcast is great. I’d highly recommend finding the great ones if you can..Score: 4/5

Fantastic storytellingWonderful narrators and tales. As a person who is no particular allegiance to the USA these tales clearly show we are all of the same species doing the best we can on this spinning globe in space..Score: 5/5

Too woke.It used to be balanced but now it’s just virtual signalling BS..Score: 1/5

King of podcastsI love this show. Even though I'm not american and I don't live in the USA, the themes they address are so human and they do it so, so well..Score: 5/5

Golden Apple Episode Is FantasticThe Golden Apple Episode is superb! It’s an old episode now and I hope all those featured (and all involved) are doing ok ❤️.Score: 5/5

PodcastReally great podcast but it would be nice if they could stop bringing back old episodes. Come on guys let’s have some new stuff.Score: 4/5

I ❤️ TALMy go too podcast and love heading to work on a Monday with a new one to listen too. Thanks so much for such a great variety of subject ls covered, always super interesting and immersive.Score: 5/5

Trying too hard to be wokeUsed to be good, but now all the stories are biased, lefty leaning garbage..Score: 1/5

Favourite podcast, but occasional vocal fryI love this podcast but occasionally I can’t listen to a story because of the vocal fry. Why does it annoy me so much?!.Score: 5/5

No longer must listenThe show’s peak seems a long way away..Score: 3/5

Excellent and consistentIra Glass fronts these high quality podcasts, ranging from hilarious to heart breaking. The podcast has a solid following here in Scotland (even when we are mistakenly referred to as England)..Score: 5/5

Great storytelling!Brilliant storytelling which I go back to again and again. So influential on other podcasts that it's almost sounds like a cliche sometimes..Score: 5/5

First rate journalism delivered once a week withoDear all thanks so much for producing such a diverse, informed, intelligent content..Score: 5/5

I love this podcast! Interesting, funny and eye opening storiesI love it.Score: 5/5

Cars!I already knew this is a quality podcast but the episode about the car dealership - amazing! I felt the pressure and the excitement as if I were part of the team. And then Bob’s ending! This story is gold. It makes me wonder about all the things we don’t know about other people. Life is so interesting..Score: 5/5

Great but...Great podcast, have listened through the entire archive, but this is where the problem lays...the rehashing of old episodes is getting annoying. You wait a week for a “new” episode to find out it’s one you’ve already heard from a while back. If you don’t have anything that’s actually new, don’t bother posting one just for the sake of posting an episode. With how big this seems to be, it’s surprising that there is even a need to rehash any old ones..Score: 4/5

They do storytelling really wellOverall, I love this podcast since storytelling shows are my favourites and they do this really well. One star off as I’m not really keen on the fact that they include fictional stories in some of their acts, but that’s fine for me I just usually skip them. I do like that each week’s stories are based around one particular theme. There are episodes that are less compelling for me than others, but hey we can’t all like every topic. I can always skip..Score: 4/5

Thanku 4 making This American LifeReally amazingly told, researched stories. often very moving, look forward to listening to it.Score: 5/5

ExcellentAlways has been, even with the occasional repeat. Truly insightful, sometimes heartbreaking, more often uplifting, but always, without failure ... excellent..Score: 5/5

Listened for yearsThis is the one podcast I’ve really stuck with for years. It’s always interesting and I guess because it’s from the US, it manages to cast my mind off to far and distant places. I just love the dispatches from everyday folk on the ordinary and the mundane. It’s heartwarming and familiar. Just love it..Score: 5/5

Always enjoyableAs above.Score: 5/5

My favourite podcast everThe podcast that got me into podcasts. Should have rated years ago. Favourite podcast EVER.Score: 5/5

Pls stop cutting old stories into ‘new’ episodesI love TAL and look forward each week to a new episode. I don’t mind when they replay an old show, but increasingly they are cutting old stories into ‘new’ episodes which is really frustrating because it’s not often until part way through a segment that you realise you’ve heard it before. They don’t even introduce the old segments by explaining that they’re from older episodes. Also there has been so much focus on electrical American politics for the past couple of years — it’s very Resistance FM. Party politics is not the only way to be political: stick with the grassroots stories and you will necessarily produce political work..Score: 3/5

Uplifting and enjoyableI just discovered this show and the stories are my favourite was to start my morning. Restarted my love for public radio.Score: 5/5

My favourite by farI love this podcast. Ira Glass is a hero of mine. The production is also superb. It may sound odd but just hearing ‘it’s WBEZ, I’m Ira Glass’ is comforting to me Also, just to let you know that in the U.K. it comes across as ‘W.. Be easy’ and it confused me for years..Score: 5/5

His voice is infuriatingHe speaks way too fast it’s annoying.Score: 1/5

The bestIndividual episodes or stories from this podcast stay with me in a way that not many others do. Consistently brilliant..Score: 5/5

172:Life in the Golden AppleMarvellous journalism. Gives you a real slice of life. Thanks..Score: 5/5

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585 episodeThis episode really made me feel... so touched. Especially the story is stated from the perspective of a granddaughter..Score: 5/5

Problems with archivesStarting about a year ago, I can no longer listen to episodes from the archives without it constantly cutting out. I restart it and then it cuts out again. I have emailed TAL for advice numerous times and received no response. Anyone else have this issue?.Score: 4/5

Amazing storiesAmazing stories, I’ve learned so much about different perspectives and different lived experiences from this show! Thank you This American Life!!.Score: 5/5

Past episodesHow do I access past episodes from past years?.Score: 3/5

The Original PodcastI’ve literally grown up with This American Life, and I listen religiously. I look forward to it every week. Unfortunately for other podcasts, it’s my reference for everything else. Always thoughtful, personal, funny or moving. Thank you for your hard work. It shows in every show..Score: 5/5

A relief from insanityThank you, Preet! Listening to your thoughts and insights into what a properly run justice system ought to look like is like therapy that helps me cope with the brazen madness that’s become the norm. Knowing that people like you are still able to speak out and maintain a large audience is a sign that America, as the founding fathers had conceived it, still exists and there is hope yet. But if things don’t work out in the almighty USA, please know that Canada is a great place to live and I would personally sponsor you if you ever needed asylum, and I’m not even rich. I just think that people like you are essential to have a civilized and functioning country and with the US in decline Canada and the rest of the free and open societies will need the best people to help protect ourselves from the same fate. I hope it’ll never come to that though..Score: 5/5

Wonderful podcastI adore this podcast. Thanks to Ira for the shout out to the single folks in the Perils of Intimacy episode!! 😊.Score: 5/5

Hey Raul! Episode 694How does that Karma feel? How could a guy like you become a Border Guard, and then expect sympathy. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander, and you’re the gander in this fable. Back to Mexico you go pal. Maybe if you’re stayed out of the enforcement of human beings based on the arbitrary point on earth hey were born on, you wouldn’t be in this situation at all. Acab, including Raul..Score: 5/5

One of my favesI love this podcast! It’s intelligent and fun. Can’t get enough and look forward to each episode. Thank you for the entertainment and stuff to think about!.Score: 5/5

Greatest of all timeThis is the Citizen Kane of podcasts. No other podcast come close. Ira 4eva..Score: 5/5

Lighten Up A LittleI’ve always liked this podcast but it’s become less and less entertaining and more and more preachy and serious. Variety used to be the spice of This American Life - where did your imaginations go?.Score: 3/5

Would be great except politicsSuch a well done show...except everything comes back to far left Marxist propaganda. But hey, NPR is funded by Bill Gates, what else can you expect?.Score: 1/5

One-sidedUsed to really enjoy this podcast but it’s so one sided now. In episode 695, a black woman complains about white people watching her at church. She does not know their intention yet presumes they are touristic visitors. Why don’t we get their side? Why is it okay to profile these observers by their skin colour? Seems every episode now has people being profiled by skin colour. The show is not as informative or open-minded as it used to be..Score: 3/5

Thanks I needed thatTAL has long been my Sunday night highlight and this episode was particularly appreciated given what we all are facing these days. I loved the phone calls that were shared and the list of questions segment— what a brilliant young girl. Phone calls and conversations. What a concept. Be well and stay safe dear Ira and team..Score: 5/5

717 and 716Amazing episodes!.Score: 5/5

5 starsSuch an amazing show, I have recommended it to many people and will continue to do so. Thank you for bringing us so many different perspectives and interesting humans. Plus Ira, you have the best laugh!.Score: 5/5

Had to turn off Empty Chair episodeWhy not move away from the agitation or give the dog to someone in the country. you decide to kill a living creature that was a fine creature before all the delivery and you don’t think to remove that variable?.Score: 3/5

Stephen A. SmithThis podcast has left me speechless we have been bamboozled, hoodwinked, run amok and quite literally been led astray!.Score: 5/5

Loved this.Beautiful to the mind and heart..Score: 5/5

Great job IraI love this podcast. It has been my highlight every week, when I have gone through a tough week, I can remember that there is a episode waiting for me. It’s open minded and soothing. Keep up the good work all. Can’t wait for the next episode!!!.Score: 5/5

Serial repeaterThis will disappoint your Monday mornings if you like new content. Only about once a month there’s a new episode, everything else is re-runs. They should probably change it to a monthly podcast..Score: 3/5

692: The Show of DelightsLoved this episode soooo much! I didn’t want it to I immediately listened to it all over again! Great podcast!.Score: 5/5

Warriors in the gardenI love this podcast, but I cannot stand the guest host of this episode! She has a speaking style that just irritates..Score: 5/5

Always EntertainingI look forward to every episode because these real stories are so heartwarming and authentic. These podcasts have helped me to understand that we are all connected in our fears, our hopes and our humanity..Score: 5/5

Delightful!I’ve long described this Podcast as delightful when trying to get everyone in my life to subscribe. Then you released an episode about delights at a time that the world feels particularly un-delightful. I only wish I could get episodes daily..Score: 5/5

Best podcast everI just can’t stop listening, episode to episode, beautiful stories..Score: 5/5

April 26 podcastThanks for this one in particular. Although a rerun it included my two favourite episodes of all time (including JG Heavyweight which I love)..Score: 5/5

Show of Delights is the BEST episode ever!I’ve been a fan of TAL for years, but never have I been as inspired and yes, delighted by an episode as “The Show of Delights”. Truly a masterpiece of podcasting. I think it may have changed my life forever. Thank you!.Score: 5/5

Very, very goodThis podcast is an example of doing something with PASSION and with EXCELLENCE. It is thought provoking, full of variety, and informative..Score: 5/5

Too many repeatsI used to love TAL. I’ve been listening since I was a teenager, so about 15 years. Now, It’s just rerun after rerun. They may change the intro to make it sound like a new one, but the rest of the episode is just a repeat of an old one. These days, it feels like they are resting on their laurels or counting on having so many new listeners who are hearing all of these repeat episodes for the first time..Score: 3/5

This is my favourite PodcastAs a Canadian, I don’t always get American culture. It confounds me sometimes. This podcast however is so accessible. The beautiful stories told about people in America serve to connect us all. It’s simply beautiful..Score: 5/5

Best podcast ever except mineI have a podcast that has 2k listens. This teenage life. With a black cover image with purple, orange and green..Score: 4/5

If you dont want reruns go to the archives over 700 hoursThe archives are made for this stuff the world isn’t a good place right now lay off please your being harsh i dont want this to change its perfect so please lay off.Score: 5/5

Seemingly LimitlessSo many topics, never gets boring!.Score: 5/5

One of the best!Very well chosen and informing topics , with an interesting layout. the podcast allows different points of views without attempting to sway you a certain way but for the story to unfold itself. Love it..Score: 5/5

BrilliantMy Sunday is not complete if I miss this show..Score: 5/5

Love!Good stuff!.Score: 4/5

Great when it’s new, which is sadly rare.I love TAL, but agree with a previous reviewer. Soooo many are repeats. I must have heard the one where they talk to the dead relatives on the phone 10 times. It’s so disappointing to get excited for a new episode and then play it to discover it’s all reruns. This happens waay more with this podcast than any other I listen to..Score: 3/5

Love thisThis is one of my top 3 picks for podcasts. Always a great story and well produced and edited..Score: 5/5

EpsHave really enjoyed the podcasts. Some Great stories and telling of them. Where are all the episodes ?.Score: 5/5

Consistently interesting and enjoyableBeen a fan for 15 years. Thanks for all the great stories and reporting..Score: 5/5

Hong-kong podcastThe show about the protestations in Hong-Kong was really really well done, thanks!.Score: 5/5

BestTAL is as good as audio storytelling and journalism gets. The recent ep. “729: Making The Cut” was a gem..Score: 5/5

Why why why can’t media be fair anymore?I used to love this show. But now the show and NPR in general is far too liberal. I’m not a righty; I just want to know both sides of the story..Score: 1/5

Still good -but too much identity politicsI used to love this podcast back when it had a more objective journalistic viewpoint, and would make efforts to present multiple sides of a complicated issue. I remember one really excellent episode that looked at the issue of race and law enforcement through the eyes of a police department. It lent a lot of nuance to a topic that is often presented as overly simplified rhetoric. But I guess these days, you have to pick a side, and TAL seems to have picked the side of the intolerant hard-line liberal. It leaves those of us who identify as more moderate liberal without much in the way of intelligent media to consume..Score: 3/5

Great StorytellingGreat stories and super entertaining.Score: 5/5

The Original PodcastTAL has a leg up on all other podcasts. Years before everyone was making podcasts, Ira Glass and staff created a show style that was perfect for that future medium. And now, everyone tries to copy it. Some do a pretty good job of it. But this is the original..Score: 5/5

Top notch story telling & journalismI love how the stories are told in this podcast, and I like that there are breaks or sections within a story, or alternatively, multiple stories about the same subject in each podcast episode. It makes the entire podcast easier to listen to I think..Score: 5/5

Lost interestShows are too political. I get enough of that everywhere else. No thanks..Score: 1/5

Nice white parents is my lifeI am a black parent and this podcast is causing me to reflect on my own lack of empathy when I interact with others who are different than me. Help me not to do this!!.Score: 5/5

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A true gemAbsolutely a delightful...I commute daily and look forward to each and every episode. It’s a mind and heart opening experience.... followed often by laughs out loud and tears pouring down. My kind a podcast experience in every way! Thank you for all the work you do!.Score: 5/5

Still great after all these yearsFor those who want to trash talk this show, maybe work on making a better world to tell stories about and we all wouldn’t have to keep talking about politics, the virus, and how both have disrupted our lives. If your feelings are hurt, maybe it’s because the truth hurts, and it’s time to sit and be humble and self reflective for a while. I will always love this show for its honest storytelling, and the respect and care with which they treat the people they interview, and their curious approach to the lives we all lead. Ira and the crew he’s surrounded himself with are endearing. Nothing and no one is perfect, and this show is no exception, but it’s humble whimsy is delightful and poignant..Score: 5/5

Nicci us y$$9 goBy hi vh.Score: 5/5

DisruptiveThe music has become so disruptive and makes it hard to listen the actual content. Why is it even necessary?!.Score: 3/5

This show fell way offI was a huge fan for several years but now that they moved away from meaningful, heavy-hitting stories every episode feels pretentious and empty..Score: 1/5

Not sure what’s up with these reviewsWhat exactly is “Whiny” about this show? While it’s impossible to avoid politics today, i do like the show’s mix of fun and random to balance the heavy. What does “overproduced” even mean? It’s mostly people’s voices, with a bit of music here and there. “Squishy”? We’re not writing about eggs at breakfast! Last, whenever someone complains about art being “woke,” that just tells me you don’t have the ability to empathize with people who aren’t like or disagree with you. Stay asleep if you’d like, but don’t crap on someone else’s work because of your failure of imagination..Score: 5/5

Thank you!All I can say is thank you so much for making this episode ❤️.Score: 5/5

Five starAt best this podcast is moving and powerful, like this last episode, the daily. At worst, it’s beautifully told stories. I always learn something and have my vision of the world broadened. Especially in the current times, I feel closer to others as a whole..Score: 5/5

Looooove!Top shelf.Score: 5/5

Move on to other topicsWhen I first started this podcast, I enjoyed it, looking forward to the next episode. But the most recent episodes, (post-pandemic) have gone downhill. It’s like they forgot there are other topics besides the virus & politics. Every episode ties back to one or the other. I know you skim your reviews...move on with other topics..Score: 2/5

Ep736 The HerdWhen the lady said “I’m a pharmacist and this made me realize I should separate my feelings against the govt and start following the science” — I literally screamed. I can’t with these people..Score: 5/5

This American LifeI love this show! I binge the episodes. I listen to a lot of podcasts. This is my very favorite..Score: 5/5

The DailyI've loved this show for years, this episode got me in sooo many ways. The last 5 mins had me grinning and then crying. Thank you Ira and the team for putting together this show!.Score: 5/5

Absolutely loveI’ve been listening for way too long without rating!! Everyone knows about this podcast already but I just LOVE it. Even the most mundane stories can be told so entertainingly. I absolutely love hearing stories from people that we would NEVER hear about if it weren’t for this podcast.Score: 5/5

More pseudo intellectual hogwashThis took 10 minutes to stoop to the usual sobbing, mush mouthed liberal simplemindedness where race always takes center stage. Easy to unsubscribe this..Score: 1/5

Used to love this showThis show has gotten too political and obviously one sided. No thanks..Score: 1/5

A must listenEasily my favorite podcast. Ira is brilliant..Score: 5/5

Episode 588: Mind GamesI was blown away by how disgusting and awful some people are. However, this podcast is great!.Score: 5/5

All the FeelsThe stories. I guffaw. I smile. I cry. I get angry. I’m left in awe. The amazing stories told of the American Life are not only enlightening, but inspiring. Keep ‘em coming..Score: 5/5

Excellent storytellingMy lengthy review was accidentally deleted so… - Ome of my favorites - Different angles on a single topic - Seemingly simple production keeps you in the moment - Ira sounds deadpan but never aloof.Score: 5/5

Can’t listen because of vocal fryMore and more people with vocal fry are appearing on podcasts. TAL is no exception. This horrible trend has to end. Update: The female narrator on ep #706 has to go. Or let someone else without vocal fry to narrate for her..Score: 1/5

Trash RadioFor trash people. The first in a long line of squishy, affected, overproduced, and generally lame radio programs.Score: 1/5

The Herd - Thank youI work in public health on the COVID response and this episode was so wonderful. Thank you thank you thank you for telling our story. We are civil servants and didn’t sign up for this political firestorm - we are just trying to use the science we learn to protect our communities. The 2nd half of the episode was also incredibly insightful and amazing. Did I already say thank you?? Thank you..Score: 5/5

ReviewBeen a long time listener! Love you Ira! Your stories and staff! Just love it!.Score: 5/5

👍Great!.Score: 5/5

Thank youWell done, Ira. I look forward to learning from you each week..Score: 5/5

The HerdI have been listening to this show for years and never once read a review but I recently became curious. The majority of these reviews were written shortly after the above titled episode was released so I feel like I have a pretty good idea on why they were written. Anyone saying things like, “used to listen but they’re too divisive or biased now” is just..lying. TAL has never been shy about where they stand on their reporting and that’s why I love them. This episode was the perfect mix of anecdotes and actual data and they’re very clear with which is which. If you don’t like, well, it’s probably because they’re making you out to sound as silly as you are..Score: 5/5

Unabashedly DirectLove the stories that truly show some of the dimmer corners of our country. Stories are unabashedly direct, unapologetic, and honest. Always shows a sympathetic side of the players..Score: 4/5

Played OutHost tries too hard.Score: 1/5

Ira and his crew have accomplished something special hereI’ve been listening to this show for years and I have always loved the heartfelt stories especially. Ira’s curiosity for others and how he reports on things that may not necessarily align with his own beliefs has always impressed me. He often approaches beliefs with a genuine curiosity that doesn’t come off as judgmental but an interest to try and understand and as a result, produces a show that seems to really focus on people and their stories and care for humankind. This latest episode on grief has been particularly impressive and the shows ability to dive into the grief of those who have passed from COVID, when most outlets are just trying to forget and move on from such a hard time has been so cool in my humble opinion. I’m not sure how you make it work but please keep producing this content it’s so important and makes an impact!.Score: 5/5

Slow down!You have great topics but the narrators talk much too fast. I give up each time. It’s like listening to a beehive..Score: 1/5

Charlie is a Sociopath Hipster JerkI’m sorry to hear Improv Everywhere still exists..Score: 5/5

Tired of liberal jabs and vocal fry!Sometimes the topics are interesting, even light and fun but you still never cease to put your liberal spin on every topic. Newsflash - Some of us still believe in God, and that America is intrinsically good. And the vocal fry!!!! Girls, please stop this madness and find your true voice. I’m out. Unsubscribed.Score: 2/5

Best radio out thereConsistently delivering great stories that are interesting, quirky at times, detailed, alternative, thought provoking, and so well produced. I’ve listened to every single episode since the beginning. I don’t know what I’d do without TAL. The best!!!.Score: 5/5

Too PoliticalUsed to love this show, now they throw there politics at you every time. Hurts my feelings, I’m gone..Score: 1/5

Stop getting political!Used to love this show.. used to tell the truth.. if I wanted fake news I’d turn on CNN.. very disappointed Mr. Glass..Score: 1/5

Best stories, created with empathyThe best mix of entertainment, learning, and kindness. This is the podcast that I recommend to literally everyone!.Score: 5/5

Back to story telling pleaseI am so sick of every episode being about Trump or the right or far right..Score: 1/5

I’m outI keep hoping each week when I listen that they will have listened to the many reviews complaining about them being biased, but It seems to be the new norm. Can’t please everyone I know, so I hope whoever this is working for continues to enjoy, but I’m out..Score: 1/5

We Love You!We love you, Ira! ❤️.Score: 5/5

Sad to Say GoodbyeThis was the very first podcast I’d ever listened to. I can remember my first episode (the raccoon with rabies) and I absolutely fell in love. I run practically everyday and for at least a year I think I listen to only this podcast. The stories were amazing, interesting, funny (I’d be running and laughing) and none that I’d heard before. I enjoyed every minute of them. Unfortunately, the stories are no longer enjoyable. I feel a hidden agenda. I can no longer listen to an episode without “one part”having a political reference. I no longer can get my runners high and escape the world and have a good laugh with this podcast. I am truly sad to say goodbye but I have to unsubscribe..Score: 1/5

One sided podcast that only further dividesThis podcast used to be good now it only pushes Democratic views and talks about Republicans like we are a plague. Maybe empathy & understanding from the writers and creators would be nice..Score: 1/5

Best of the bestWhenever someone asks me for a podcast recommendation, This American Life is always at the top of the list. The quality of the storytelling is so strong week after week. As well, Ira is excellent. Like I could listen to him all day. I love how they cover such an array of topics in such interesting ways. Thanks podcast is excellent!.Score: 5/5

A true gem!I have been listening to this podcast since the beginning. I even have a double cassette tape of favorite episodes that I got as a gift for donating to NPR. “The Apology Line” is on it and it is such a powerful episode, I’m not sure if it is available in the archives. The other episode that left a big impact on me is “Conventions”. Specifically the story told by John Perry Barlow.... I listened to it when it was first released years ago. His story is something that has stayed with me for years. I was thrilled that this episode was replayed this week. I just love this podcast so much, thank you Ira!!!.Score: 5/5

If Ira narrated my life...I would say the best compliment I could give this podcast is that whenever I listen I find myself fantasizing about how the story of my life would sound coming out in Ira Glass’s voice. Wouldn’t that be so cool? He has a gift. I’m so happy he keeps sharing it..Score: 5/5

AwfulSuch nasty, divisive content. I would place myself far left of centre, and I think the picture they are painting here is just straight up unfair. The way the speak about our fellow human beings is gross. Claiming that anyone who is skeptical of the vaccines are “trump supporters” or “anti vaxxersl is just brazenly false. These are human people, our neighbours, parents, loved ones. Not just the “other”. Used to love this show, too bad..Score: 1/5

Dr. Yes ma’am thanks CBC seeDoes that t try asking Daisy’s I really dare t try tofftg Duf.Score: 3/5

Too politicalI used to love this podcast. Listened to every episode. It’s too political now though, and I’m just about finished with it..Score: 1/5

Love all of itDo not pass over this one. Excellent..Score: 5/5

I love them allMy favorite podcast for the past 10+ years I’ve been listening to. Consistently awesome..Score: 5/5

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No other in comparisonI legitimately wait for every Monday (Australia based) for this podcast to come out. I have never been disappointed, I have always learnt. Thank you for your work..Score: 5/5

Slow downIra speaks way to fast. English is my mother tongue, but in the episode where he talks with Esther Perel, it’s hard to keep up with what he’s saying when he describes her podcast..Score: 3/5

Hard to understandA fast talker.Score: 2/5

EclecticGreat podcast, when it works, it’s brilliant.Will depend how interested you are in all things American..Score: 5/5

One of the best but one small flawThis is a great podcast. Always interesting and entertaining. My one gripe is the presenters’ speaking style. They have a habit of losing a lot of volume at the end of sentences meaning you miss what they’re saying if you’re in the car. Please keep your voices nice and clear for the whole sentence. Cheers.Score: 4/5

Having the archive on Apple podcasts would be a huge improvementLove This American Life. It would be great if the archive was available on Apple podcast app, not just the lastest couple of episodes. Going to the website on your phone and scrolling back in time is clumpy and not very phone use/user friendly.Score: 5/5

Well researchedI always look forward to this podcast dropping.Score: 5/5

The Empty ChairSuch a moving episode, that goes to the heart of what this pandemic has meant for many. And picks up the unexpected..Score: 5/5

Where are the archives?This would be a 4-5 star review but as I am working my way through This American Life episodes from the first to the latest and I can’t find any before 2020 my disappointment is reflects in the grudging 3. BTW download via mobile isn’t viable in much of regional Australia. All the Best. Digby.Score: 3/5

Love this program!This was the best episode ever! Made me laugh so hard while I sat in my car cafinating myself before I tackled my day at work.Score: 5/5

This is the benchmark for all podcasts.Only this American life could make me invested in the plight of a used car salesman. I never miss an episode of my favourite show..Score: 5/5

Access to the good old daysI’m disappointed to not be able to access older episodes through apple podcasts. Having to download a separate app is not ideal..Score: 1/5

The best podcast ever!I love this show, I’ve been listening for 5 years now. It never gets boring and it’s always a wonderful adventure to listen. Thank you for your wonderful work 😍😍.Score: 5/5

Best ever podcastBeen listening for years, beautifully curated & craftily edited - always a pleasure to listen to & I still look forward to each week's new release after so many years.Score: 5/5

Love these stories so muchI look forward to them and can’t wait for new releases. I love the topics and the way they are explored. Thought provoking. Enlightening. Interesting..Score: 5/5

Globally applicableThis American Life explores themes and values that are applicable anywhere in the world, not just America. Really, it’s a podcast about people and their stories, and how they tie in to the larger forces that shape our world. Highly recommend..Score: 5/5

Brilliant.Love it. I’m enjoying the long interview format far more than the ted talks podcast. Fascinating topics. Thoughtful interviewing style. 10/10.Score: 5/5

Love, love, LOVE!This is such a great podcast! My only constructive feedback would be that it would be great to make it a little more international, the stories about American politics are not my favourite. Also, international ads would be a good way to use the international audience to attract more funding. Keep up the good work I love being able to peek into other people’s lives....Score: 5/5

This show has gone downhillRepetitive dross.Score: 1/5

“Hi, I’m Ira Glass...” Iconic.Always enjoy listening to TAL with my husband in the car. Every episode is informative and entertaining (also love the archive on their website). One of the highlights of our week. Listening to Ira is like scratching a hard to reach itch. He’s a great narrator/journalist..Score: 5/5

Five stars every timeJust post House on Loon Lake every week - five stars every time!.Score: 5/5

Quite possibly my all time faveThis has to be podcasting at its best. Love the structure, the humour, the human element, the story telling, the music.... what’s not to love? Lucky the back catalogue is so big I am covered for the foreseeable future 🎧.Score: 5/5

My fave podcastI just adore this show. It’s my regular companion as I walk my dog along the beach here in Australia. Such amazing stories to get lost in. Inspiring fascinating always thought provoking. And Ira’s dulcet tones are like butter melting on whole-wheat toast. Thank you for making such an amazing show..Score: 5/5

Earlier episodes anyone???Awesome stories and tops podcast but cannot access episodes pre-715! Have tried 3 different podcast apps all with the same result. Website has all eps but use ability is terrible. Solutions??.Score: 5/5

Too politicalPleeeeease stop constantly talking about politics. Ever since trumped got elected you used him as an excuse to turn this podcast which was good into political propaganda. Which isn’t changing my mind on politics but making me listen less and less. You’re an entertainment podcast, not Hilary Clinton’s campaign staff.Score: 1/5

My favourite podcastExtremely well produced and engaging. Ted radio hour is almost as good ..Score: 5/5

One of the bestAn OG podcast..Score: 5/5

One of the Twin Pillars of Great American PodcastingIt's basically this and Radiolab..Score: 5/5

WonderfulAgain and again I am smitten and swept away by the stories and HOW they are told here. Wonderful. We have just started the investigations in the all too human condition of normal people in Germany, my country of origin, with a longer breath, sometimes over several episodes. But the admirable start was Ira Glass for me - the utmost curiosity and openness to the human being I admire. Plus talent of course to keep going and telling things beautifully. Thank you..Score: 5/5

Constantly inspiring & informing - love it!!Seriously my favourite podcast ever, of everything. The other day I was talking with my sisters and found myself saying “I just heard on This American Life....” about so many various topics. I’m Australian and wish we had something similar about our country..Score: 5/5

UftRuhym.Score: 3/5

Anatomy of doubtI watched Unbelievable on Netflix not realising it was based on a true story, I cried at the conclusion of Marie’s story and to hear the truth of her terrible experience in her own words on my favourite podcast This American Life was incredibly powerful. Excellent journalism; stories thoughtfully told, this team always leaves me thinking..Score: 5/5

No access to episodes pre 717A friend recommended this podcast and I’m disappointed that I can’t access any episodes before ep 717..Score: 2/5

I always come back to this podcastAs I’m an Aussie, a lot of the American content doesn’t directly relate to me. However I absolutely LOVE Ira’s radio voice and the podcasts are always so interesting and entertaining that I can’t help but drift in and out between other shows. Highly recommend to all!.Score: 5/5

Just BrilliantThe most awe inspiring, insightful, poignant, funny, interesting, beautiful, eye opening podcast/radio show ever..Score: 5/5

Interesting Subjects.This podcast is one of my favourites, constantly changing topics with in-depth analysis of a variety of subjects , always relevant . There’s a real commitment to the listener in this podcast . Love It ..Score: 5/5

Life issuesI hate life pls stab me.Score: 3/5

The quintessentialMy first & still the best podcast Julie Sydney.Score: 5/5

Love love love love!One of my all time fave podcasts!!!.Score: 5/5

Weekly Must-ListenI have listened to TAL for the last 3 years every week. Every episode is beautifully produced. I’m so grateful that it exists!.Score: 5/5

Cate from australiaThis is hands down the best podcast, it has no peer. it’s sad, funny, moving, inspiring, quirky, downright fun, it celebrates everything beautiful about being human, the people are so generous and open.. the acts are cleverly linked to a theme, so many wonderful stories... it’s not about Americans! , it’s about all of us and i love all the journos, they each have their own style. great job TAL and thankyou Ira! we are listening hear at the bottom of the world!!.Score: 5/5

Such a fantastic showI look forward to this program every week - when the news here in Australia gives us every reason to think the US is just crazy, the intelligent, authentic and nuanced segments here give a ray of hope. Love your work - it makes me think! Don’t stop being fabulous 😁.Score: 5/5

Moving and life changing always insightfulJust listening to episode 713, Jerome with the speech impediment has verbalised things that I could never. Every week I’m hanging out for Monday morning when the podcast reaches me it connects, teaches and inspires me..Score: 5/5

Great!This podcast is awesome I enjoy it every week.Score: 4/5

Perfect - uplifting, moving and all about lifeI love This American Life - journalism and stories to inspire, uplift, move to tears, connect, ponder, and put life in perspective. It’s one of the first podcasts I started listening to on my podcast explorations - it always exceeds my expectations and usually makes me smile. For those who are wondering about accessing earlier episodes - all episodes are available on the This American Life website (with option to download). Podcasts are only available for 10 weeks via podcast apps..Score: 5/5

5 StarsThe best podcast ever. Nothing is as good as This American Life !!.Score: 5/5

GreatThank you for such and interesting podcast..Score: 5/5

Fascinating & InsightfulTAL encourages my curiosity & promotes my interest in all subject matter. I have an inherent drive to always learn a solid foundation of knowledge on an infinite amount of subjects that interest me , cross my path or impact my life. Researched with diligence & thoughtfully curated each episode is an enjoyable educational opportunity. They can contain concepts that we are aware of, but yet rarely spoken about. Topics that once excavated can trigger deep reflection. The exposure to human thought & behaviour provides fascinating insights. A well produced show that walks you down the complexities & colour of life. Highly recommended ! 9/10 Suggestions : It would be nice to have more episodes available on the Apple podcast app not just the website - as mentioned in other reviews. Though I too would appreciate more on subjects that have a cross cultural, international appeal, listeners must acknowledge the show is called ‘This American Life’. Perhaps you should franchise this show’s concept & promote the creation of others like : ‘This Australian Life’. Food for thought..Score: 5/5

👏Such a great show. Thank you from Tasmania Australia 😃.Score: 5/5

Changed my lifeI had listened to podcasts here and there. This podcast is the best entertainment I’ve ever come across. If I was stranded on a desert island, I’d take the back catalog of this one show. The stories are incredible and like nothing I’d ever listened to. Because of this podcasts I now listen to audiobooks and many other podcasts. I mean this when I say, This Am Life, changed MY life! 11/10..Score: 5/5

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TheodorasuttonCG was an attempt to “return” to nature, the primitive, and to the rhythms of ancient human life 🌿 In my first find… .Score: 5/5

MoreMovies4U LyndonMytton: I broke into pieces when this amazing American died. Steve was only 50 years old! He was given such a shit-stick in life….Score: 5/5

RavioliFries20) What is a k drama 21) b United American north 22) there are no random facts about me because I’m uninteresting… .Score: 5/5

RuthymunozMeet the young man in New Zealand with blood type so rare, his blood donation is being shipped to the USA to save a… .Score: 5/5

Just1JournalistExNY cop #TraitorThomasWebster should go2 prison 4the rest of his life. He's a cancer2humanity, a violent offender… .Score: 5/5

Jeffbeller4Emolclause LeaderMcConnell Sen_JoeManchin SenatorSinema This guy is not going to do anything to help the Americ… .Score: 5/5

Pavel_VabCaioBrighenti This American Life, Freakonomics, Radiolab are my three go to podcasts.Score: 5/5

Elcarpo hildabast: Lilolilium yoghurt35189292 ernestorr guirlab This is just not true. Except that of course people register patents in the….Score: 5/5

Michellevanloon BarnabasPiper: This thread is absolute gold. Like This American Life but funny and non pretentious. .Score: 5/5

Tsubi TheAtlantic: 1/ This morning we launched the first chapter of “Inheritance,” a project about American history, Black life, and the resi….Score: 5/5

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This American Life Podcast Episodes

739: Sisters

Sisters build worlds together, worlds that are just for them. Stories about the bonds between sisters and how they get broken and fixed—or not.

74: Conventions

Remember conventions, before the pandemic? When people with one common interest gather in monstrous, fluorescent-lit halls for the weekend. Sometimes they drive each other crazy, sometimes they fall in love.

738: Good Grief!

So many of us, we don’t want to think about death. We avoid grieving when we lose someone, distract ourselves, look away. In this episode, at a moment when so many families are mourning, we have stories of people figuring out how they’ll grieve, and doing a pretty good job of it.

706: A Mess to Be Reckoned With

Lissa Yellow Bird searches for missing people. Cold cases, mostly. People no one else is looking for. It’s not her job, but a lot of Native Americans go missing and their cases remain unsolved, so families often ask Lissa for help. But then, Lissa’s own niece goes missing. 

737: The Daily

An ode to life's daily practices, and what you learn from doing a thing every single day.

736: The Herd

What happens when your own community suddenly turns on you?

735: Bloody Feelings

Stories about the power of blood.

734: The Campus Tour Has Been Cancelled

How the pandemic has thrown college admissions process into a kind of slow-motion chaos. One of the biggest changes: most colleges have stopped requiring the SAT. For decades, there’s been a debate over whether schools should drop the test. What’s it mean that it finally happened?

733: Warriors in the Garden

This week, three men who came together to protest the murder of George Floyd. They were unified, loud, and impressive, but over time these three friends end up in three very different places.

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