Former Stanford University undergraduate dean Julie Lythcott-Haims' new book, 'Your Turn: How to Be an Adult,' is a handbook on adulthood, offering insights and strategies on education and career choices, building friendships and coping with setbacks. Her 2017 memoir, 'Real American,' is the story of her coming to terms with her biracial identity. Her father was a successful African American physician, her mother a white British woman. We talk about both books and her upbringing.Also John Powers reviews the first English translation of Kaoru Takamura's 'Lady Joker,' a crime novel that sold a million copies and spawned a movie and TV series in Japan.

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Fresh Air Podcast Reviews

Factual, informative and CreativeI love Fresh Air and the way Terri interviews, I’m from the UK and listen with interest to topics that are globally relevant and learn so much about people and subjects that surprise and enlighten me.Score: 5/5

Love fresh airThey managed to do celeb and real news journalism with the same integrity and desire to tell the human story.Score: 5/5

It is definitely fresh airI used to live near a forest and would run whilst listening to either this or Serial, and most recently 2 Dope Queens (Terry deffo should interview those fantastic women!) Her presidential honour is well deserved.Score: 5/5

Thank God.Long suffering Terry Gross aficionado's and American ex-pats finally get all the Fresh Air they've been missing for so long. Consistently the best program on radio..Score: 5/5

It’s prioritising ideology over truth and losing meI used to love this show, because Terri used to ask questions to find out the answer no matter what, now she asks questions designed to, and has guests on who, provide what increasingly feel like pre-ordained conclusions.And consequently it feels like it’s shrinking my world viewmore than it is expanding it..Score: 2/5

Why delete old podcasts?Why has NPR deleted old podcasts, really unhappy about that..Score: 1/5

Terry is an American GemIf she was in UK she would be given a knighthood. Her interview skills are legend, her ability to draw out a guest is awesome, uncanny, genius..Score: 5/5

Best of the BestTerri Gross is an amazing interviewer who makes it all about her guest and does her homework on them as well..Score: 5/5

Best Arts and Culture podcast out thereLOVE the diversity of topics - always great interviews!.Score: 5/5

ExcellentFresh Air educates, informs, entertains and challenges the listener. The range of subjects is amazing and superbly dealt with the wonderful Terry Gross. A must-have podcast of consistently high standard..Score: 5/5

QualityA fantastic podcast with a great host and excellent interviews. One of my favourites..Score: 5/5

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Thank you!I enjoy the interviews and the excellent listening skills that many interviewers just don't have! Bravo and thanks! - LW.Score: 5/5

Best of the bestI stan for Terry Gross 🙌🏾.Score: 5/5

HiHi.Score: 2/5

Marry me TGTerry, I’m in love with you. Please marry me and we will have wonderful conversations daily..Score: 5/5

Great Podcasts.....I really enjoy listening to your podcasts. Thank you.Score: 4/5

It’s a good podcast brantGreat.Score: 5/5

Lacks ObjectivityInteresting stories and more balanced than Canadian journalism however the lack of objectivity gets tiring. The subtle bias and one-sided style of commentary employed by Terry Gross is contributing to the polarization of the media and strengthening right wing talk radio. If only we could have an objective and balanced cultural and news commentary. That would be "refreshing"..Score: 2/5

Thoughtful, compelling, even brilliant.Terry Gross is one of the greatest broadcast interviewers of all time. No exaggeration..Score: 5/5

The standard for excellenceTerry Gross sets the standard I wish all interviewers would learn and use. Interesting, empathetic, humorous, insightful, meaningful, entertaining. Fresh Air is my number one!.Score: 5/5

Great Show!Obama pardons drug convicts but the Federal war on drugs continue. They continue to put people in jail for doing something simlar to drinking alcohol. Hypocracy at its finest!.Score: 5/5

The best.Terry is amazing. That’s the review..Score: 5/5

Dou fed yI’m Eric yet but You have Te tree for even Tell her tr the best y to sdii I to see the picture to try t tree is fed Te and I will have yyty it.Score: 4/5

Terry Gross is the best interviewer in radioThe show isn't always amazing, but usually worth the download. The highlight for me is when Terry sits down with an author or artist for 20 minutes or more and just has a conversation with them. She is better than anyone else at drawing out interesting anecdotes or throwing her notes put the window if the discussion leads to more interesting places. The shorter segments are OK, but it's really these feature interviews that make the show..Score: 4/5

Long time listenerLove love love Terry Gross The best interviewer.Score: 5/5

Terry Gross is a treasureTerry Gross will forever be known as one of the greatest interviewers of all time. It’s not an interview, it’s a conversation, and that’s why her guests are more than willing to open up and be real. When it’s just a conversation, there’s no right or wrong answers, despite how a person may feel about one of her guests. Terry has never been judgemental, and I can somehow hear her genuine curiosity through my ears. Also, the respect all her guests have for her shows through. She is not a leader, but THE leader in her field..Score: 5/5

More hit than missIt really depends on the topic for me. The program has turned me onto various writers and music artists. I find the movie star interviews too often try to talk about a person's entire career and, frankly, who cares? Stick with the movie they are promoting or give us some offscreen insight..Score: 4/5

Terry Gross is the BestHer talent to connect with her subjects is unbelievable. She is dedicated & brilliant. So thankful for the podcast..Score: 5/5

Not the Full PodcastTerri Gross and her show are absolutely incredible. I used to look forward to the download each morning on my iPod. Then they changed the format, and the full show is not available. Terrible decision. Bye..Score: 2/5

I'm a huge public radio (NPR, CBC, etc) fan and Fresh Air is hands down the best program out there. I've worked as a producer in other shows and I've yet to come across anyone even remotely close to Terri Gross when it comes to her listening and interview skills. Terri always make the interview about the subject, never about herself. Just pay attention to whenever an interviewee compliments Terri... She always, always says thanks and moves on right away without a single lingering moment of self importance. Another thing is Terri really listens, and seldom misses a good follow up question. Her questions are brief, open ended and has a way of opening up the person rather than antagonizing him/her. Fresh Air is a very high quality program, with what must be a great team of chasers, producers, etc. Thank for doing what you guys do!.Score: 5/5

Terry is incredibleTerry Gross is one of the best interviewers I’ve ever listened to. Every episode is engaging and informative. If only I had time to listen to Fresh Air everyday - episodes are released so frequently!.Score: 5/5

Great!!I enjoy listening to this podcast while I travel to work. Great topics and superb interviews..Score: 5/5

Great Interviews.Terry Gross is one of the best interviewers out there. She puts time and effort into understanding the subjects and issues her guests bring to the show, which benefits all parties involved- host, guest, and audience..Score: 5/5

I live for Fresh AirFresh Air is my link to the world. Between work, family life, the gym FA is how I enjoy varied topics (politics, the Arts, science & nature) at my convenience while riding the subway or working out. I love this podcast!.Score: 5/5

Terry Gross is an institutionIncredible interviews. She is the David Letterman of podcasts ;).Score: 5/5

Terry Gross is the best!!Greatest interview with some of the best guests!.Score: 5/5

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Teri Gross had become unlistenableI have loved Fresh Air for 3 decades but in the last year or so, Gross has decided to politicize every single issue no matter how minute. And even when guests have no desire to do so. It has ruined almost every show in the past few months. The final straw for me was when she was praising the Chinese govt for its “help” on Covid. Dave Davies is an excellent host. She stinks!!!.Score: 3/5

Anthonu Faucci interviewThis was the worst podcast I’ve heard in some time. Faucci wanted to focus on the present and future. Terry Gross was determined to rehash the past in spite of Faucci’s request to not focus on Trump. This was a waste of good time and an opportunity for use to learn about the present and future of the virus..Score: 1/5

Best Interview EverTerry's interview with John Batiste was entertaining, informative and heartwarming. Lifted my spirits and sent me off to watch Soul. Thank you..Score: 5/5

Spike Lee is drunkFresh Air is great! The show deserves every award it earns! It is timely and thought provoking. The recent interview with Spike Lee was great, he did nothing to cause alarm but he had either been drinking or is having some issues. Still a good interview, I just hope he is doing okay and I wish him well! He is a grand talent!.Score: 5/5

Amazing content as alway howeverLove Fresh Air and pretty much anything NPR. However, for whatever reason when Terry is speaking, there is a high pitched noise that drives me insane! Please fix..Score: 4/5

Far leftWell I’ve liked the interviews on here about books but recently it’s just Joe Biden and how his plan is so much better than Trumps I’m not right or far right I consider myself neutral I just hate people dissing other candidates that have done great things for our country and I’m not saying Joe Biden isn’t going to do great things I’m saying you can’t just go complain about things Trump hasn’t done he’s been screwed over due to the pandemic. Plans are one thing actions are another we’ll see if Biden sticks to his agenda. Thanks for reading this Best regards Adam K.Score: 1/5

KgvjxsqwHi,bxdew.Score: 1/5

Can’t live with outBest podcast ever. Life changer in so many ways! Nothing but all stars..Score: 5/5

I love this podcast!I love this podcast! Each interview thoroughly enlightening. I feel that I’m really getting to know the interviewees. I especially enjoyed the Stephen King interview. The word that escaped him was savant. He ended up using prodigy. 😊.Score: 5/5

January 22“Best of” from January 23 hit 5 stars for all three segments. Thank you,.Score: 5/5

I’ve been wondering...This topic needs to be expanding. Topic-“Defunding Police” is not a useful term. As author said “It’s complicated.” It’s much more involved. Both sides must be heard clearly and without emotion and preconceived motions. Keep at it Terri..Score: 5/5

CopagandaNormally I’m on board with most of what this show has to offer but twice in the past week or so there have been interviews with two different female pigs. I don’t want to hear anything that humanizes this sort of disgusting human swine. Imagine being so misguided that you’d think there’s ever any place for getting the pig’s point of view. Thumbs down, fresh air. Pigs get enough airtime elsewhere to spin their crimes. Spare us having to hear more.Score: 3/5

Used to be greatFar left these days = self loathing, joyless and boring.Score: 3/5

Pandemic interviewLoved the interview with Lawrence Wright on the handling of the pandemic. I was lucky that my grandmother lived with my family and I had the chance to ask her about the 1918 pandemic when I was in High School in the early 80s. She was 23 in 1918 and shared her experiences with me and my US History class. She was in Tennessee in a rural community that heard about the Pandemic outbreak in Europe and in the Northeast. She said it all seemed so far away and would never come to a small town in Western TN but yet one day the flue arrived and people died. So much more I wish I had asked her or remembered. What always stuck with me was her saying that the danger didn’t seem real or would affect her and then all the sudden it was there..Score: 5/5

A PandemicHow could anyone not openly admit this is Trump administration fault?.Score: 1/5

Grossly biasedI have switched to C-SPAN for accuracy and information. Gross propaganda, not professional, subtle air of superiority, not fresh, but highly scented air. NPR is FOX’s mirror reflection. I’m an independent in political affiliation, neither Republican nor Democrat. Consequently, I feel this is a review apart from our US political polarization. I’m staying with C-SPAN. I leave the listeners to their confirmation bias..Score: 1/5

RefreshingGreat to hear such a wide variety of guests from musicians and artists to journalists and politicos. Terry is a grade A interviewer. Nearly off of the guests come from a certain relatively narrow political philosophy and it might be nice to see a little more diversity there but the show is still great, there’s a reason it’s been on the air so long..Score: 5/5

Fresh Air is the best RSI love Fresh Air, it's my favorite radio show I have listened to Fresh Air since I started my career as a news Anchor in the 90's on channel 13 Telemundo the first newscast in that city. In Spanish Language Fresh Air is a very well produced program, and with an extraordinary content of interest to all. Fresh Air helped me overcome fear in the interviews, I learned a lot about the topics that are touched on the program. I am a Venezuelan American and I listen to Fresh Air🤓 every day!.Score: 5/5

Dr. Anthony Fauci Fresh airI thought this was going to be about science???? It’s was more about another opportunity to bash the former President. Hindsight is 20/20. Disappointing-even Dr Fauci tried to keep it neutral and not blame anyone - the interviewer just couldn’t help herself and bring it back. One thing is for sure Terry is a Trump hater. Had the chance to make it educational- totally missed it.Score: 1/5

Just no...Terri Gross is a terrible interviewer. This show is no better than a stop on the junket for political hacks & “celebs” -writers/actors/directors/ journalists whatever ad nauseum to promote their latest project. Don’t kid yourself about the NPR “pedigree.” The bloom was off the rose a looong time ago..Score: 1/5

We Get It...Orange Man BadThis program has tremendous value when it decides to dive into a wide range of topics. Yet, most recently, it has fallen victim to a severe case of Trump Derangement Syndrome. We get it, NPR is lefty, woke, and progressive, but good Lord, enough with the Trump bashing. Look at the last 20 stories and see how many relate to the GOP. Please return to your old journalism and cover a wide range of topics. A podcast in need of a little “fresh air” indeed..Score: 3/5

Love Terri’s interview with Dr FauciThis is the second interview I have heard with Dr Fauci since leaving the former administration and I was so surprised how there is such an avoidance to speak out against the former president . Terri asked him so kindly, and only as she could do, pointed questions that are important for our American history. Thank you for you’re exceptional journalism !!.Score: 5/5

Don’t speak for me, you have no clue.I just listened to your podcast called, “What racism costs everyone”. I was with you on everything except when you make the assumption on what a white Republican thinks and needs. In one portion, your guest states that the facts of the benefits of public services like universal childcare and universal Medicare goes over our heads and essentially gets blocked by the emotional side of the discussion. This is a false and insulting assumption. It’s not about race, at all. We do not trust the government with our money and to do the right thing. If nothing else, Trump should have proven this to you. Republicans believe in as small a federal government as possible. Over inflating the government to run these programs means there is less money overall to run these programs. There are much better ways to accomplish these goals using Republican values. You see. The big Republican value is to lift the country by providing opportunity for everyone. A value that Trump accomplished with his policies, as proven by reports from organizations such as the Federal reserve. The second issue I have with this piece and many others, you talked about redlineing, draining pools, and systemic racism like it happened this morning. All of these policies were outlawed before I was even born. I’m 45. This means that these practices were outlawed before about 1/3 the country was born. It is ILLEGAL to redline, it is ILLEGAL to use race as a qualifying factor. You took a piece that could have brought us together and chastised me for being a white Republican..Score: 1/5

Kevin Whitehead???????I think Kevin Whitehead just characterized the proof of the sustained reality of lynching as an extrajudicial method of controlling Black people in the American South as “anecdotal” in his review of the Billie Holiday biopic????????????????? Has he ever heard of Ida B. Wells? Maybe he was clumsily trying to point out that societies rarely keep good records on the own atrocities but the records of lynchings, the photographs of lynchings, are not anecdotal. I’m surprised and angry that the producers of fresh air let this by......Score: 1/5

Amazing!This show has the best interviews. Period.Score: 5/5

Great Content; Too Many AdsI love the interview content. I wish they did more author interviews and fewer TV/film star interviews and for Heaven’s sake drop all the commercials and promotions PLEASE..Score: 3/5

OccassionalOften propagandandistic. spewing for the left under the guise of culture.Score: 1/5

Joyful experienceSuch a skillful interview. Terri Gross knows when to get out of the way and let the music and the artist speak. They were both as moved by the music as I was..Score: 5/5

PodGood.Score: 5/5

It’s Terry conversation with intelligent, interesting guests; since the 1970’s. And, she has lost a step..Score: 5/5

SweetBlue Banthas.Score: 5/5

Fresh Air anytime anywhere!!!I travel out of country often and time zone makes it difficult for me to tune in to my local NPR station’s scheduled broadcasting. Now, I can listen to fresh air whenever and wherever I happened to be. I am currently listening from Seoul S. Korea..Score: 5/5

Lovely man, brilliant artistThank you Terry for this amazing conversation w John Batiste. Delightful & profound. I am forwarding this to friends who teach music, language and literature.I feel like I’ve been to a concert, a music workshop, nonviolent protest, writer’s workshop, cross cultural celebration ,a wake and street dance..Score: 5/5

The best...who doesn’t already know this?!We all love Fresh Air!!! Terry Gross is a radio icon..Score: 5/5

Enjoyed it!Really worth the listen!.Score: 5/5

Avid listenerTerry’s great interview style makes even the most boring topics and guests interesting.Score: 5/5

Mr Higgins interview March 2ndI was a little disappointed with this interview Terry because you asked little about u.s. government involvement in helping fund bellingcat. You also seemed unaware of the controversy surrounding the veracity of claims of Syrian culpability for gassing and the role of white helmets being dupes in advancing the u.s. version of events. Could you interview Aaron Mate or his colleagues or the chemical warfare whistleblowers from the u.n.?.Score: 5/5

Fresh AirAdam Jentleson interview was excellent++.Score: 4/5

A+Love fresh air.Score: 5/5

Saidu Tejan-ThomasLoved that interview, please Google his poems or go to YouTube and listen, his poems are really good. Thanks for this interview.Score: 5/5

Good stuff!Thumbs up.Score: 5/5

Five microphones.Terry 4 Prez..Score: 5/5

National Propaganda ReceptacleYou probably think this show is alright, then you come across a topic in which you have expert qualifications. That’s when you realize pretty quick that if it’s this bad then all those other topics you aren’t an expert in were probably covered equally poorly, you just didn’t know enough to notice. That’s when you realize the quality of NPR in general has taken a steep nosedive along with the general deterioration of our culture and society. And I’m just talking about objective technical topics like engineering, science and technology..Score: 1/5

Fresh?Subjects this week so far...racism, the pandemic, police reform...groundbreaking. Gosh, no one in America is discussing those topics on podcasts. What’s the next “fresh” subject, Donald Trump?.Score: 1/5

Biased against PalestiniansTheir episode on the human factor presents a one sided perspective on the Israeli–Palestinian conflict, paints the Palestinians as terrorists instead of victims of apartheid, genocide and dislocation on behalf of the Israeli government’s violent attempts to suppress them and drive families from their homes. They ignore Israeli crimes against humanity and present them as a peace loving nation instead of as a European colonial settlement in the Middle East..Score: 1/5

Middle Eastern FoodI have enjoyed listening to your insightful and informative interviews for several decades. I would like an hour long interview with an Israeli chef to add context to 3000 years of Jews using identical ingredients to those mentioned in the interview with the Palestinian chef/author. Questions about politics should be commensurate with those in this interview..Score: 5/5

Great interviewsTerry has a way to grab your attention and listen..Score: 5/5

Maureen B.I love this program❣️thank you. It’s so important to carefully investigate the other side. This world needs to do more too understand the others, or everyone..Score: 5/5

Kathryn HahnWhat I’d love to know is how Kathryn Hahn gets roles for women with tangled unbrushed mousey brown hair and no makeup. I can’t ask my friends about this because they’ll say I’m sexist. She’s a great actress, but her anxiety level is way off the charts, and she has no shades of mood and presentation. Two speeds, “erupting volcano”and stop..Score: 5/5

So negative!Terry can interview anyone regardless of talent and achievements and manage to dwell on the most negative painful or embarrassing aspects of their life with repeated cringe worthy questions. Too biased and a chronic downer of an interviewer. Please retire!.Score: 2/5

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Terry is simply The Best.I listen from Australia, and have been doing so almost every day for years. She really is the Master of the form. Thank you, Terry..Score: 5/5

Highly recommended for highly in depth interviewsTerry Gross always bags the most interesting guests and then hits them with poignant questions about unexpected topics, it’s easy to see why Fresh Air has been around for so long. Going into some deep topics, interviews always remain interesting and inspiring.Score: 5/5

One of the bestThis programme never fails to impress & entertain me. I'm in awe of the range of knowledge that host Terry Gross displays..Score: 5/5

Podcasted Radio At Its BestDiversity of science-related topics, arts and entertainment plus much more. I listen to 35 different podcasts weekly and Terry Gross is the best interviewer out there..Score: 5/5

Fresh AirFresh Air has become one of my favourite podcasts. Interviews are more like conversations and Terri always seems to get the best out of each guest. Keep it up Terri, you're the best!.Score: 5/5

BrilliantI only got in to this podcast recently. Living in Australia, I wasn't too familiar with NPR and Fresh Air, but I'm glad I found it. It's one of my daily listens and Terry Gross is an outstanding and intelligent interviewer..Score: 5/5

Fantastic podcast !A must ;).Score: 5/5

Intelligent and InterestingLove every episode..Score: 5/5

Worth checking out.Terry gross is undoubtedly one of the most knowledgable and skilled interviewers alive..Score: 5/5

The Feminist take or society and cultureJust listened to ‘The feminist take’, and thought that it was a great point to be made, that of course its going to be shocking to find out where babies come from if it is hidden from children in the first place..Score: 4/5

Was great but now too showbizzyOver the years Teri seems to focus more and more on shoebox stories and the whole “celebrity worship”thing. I loved her interviews in the 90s when I first started listening to her but they have too much fluff now, was great but past her prime..Score: 3/5

BrilliantAfter over a decade of listening, Terry is like family to me now. Always insightful and perpetually asking the questions on the tip of my own tongue. Terry, you're an iconoclast. Thank you for your brilliant career!.Score: 5/5

Still GreatI love this podcast..Score: 5/5

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Drppalazzolo DrRedmile: Again, 10L fresh air per person per second. WHO advice. Is your child getting enough?.Score: 5/5

_s0leyThe fact that I could jus leave work to take a walk and get some fresh air ... the hospital could never 😭 truly.Score: 5/5

Midasthejagaban wepluggoodmusic: UK rising star midasthejagaban is adding some fresh air to the music scene this week, with her creative new videos fo….Score: 5/5

FoxNewsMomGreat footage..of the most sinister con ever. Terrifying people into hiding from fresh air, the sun, and each othe… .Score: 5/5

MatthayRichard_rail RAIL Wow that is huge news. Your reporting of the industry has been a constant breath of fresh air. Best of luck..Score: 5/5

MsAlweynWhat’s a record number of times to sneeze in one day due to seasonal allergies? I’m pretty sure I’m nearing my own… .Score: 5/5

TrashyFuckinRat paleimitatorz: oi need to step outside for a fresh of breath air .Score: 5/5

ClaytonCBoggsCelebrating #EarthDay is being outside and enjoying it! Walking more than driving, picnic bench more than the sofa… .Score: 5/5

MoonBoonsy yunheoni: so we all ignoring how mcdonalds destroys rainforests, exploits their workers, promotes terribly unhealthy food as "nutritiou….Score: 5/5

TripleFireKing greatbutghetto: I find unique people to be so beautiful, they are like a breath of fresh air, when you live in a world of normies..Score: 5/5

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Fresh Air Podcast Episodes

'How To Be An Adult' & 'Real American' Author Julie Lythcott-Haims

Former Stanford University undergraduate dean Julie Lythcott-Haims' new book, 'Your Turn: How to Be an Adult,' is a handbook on adulthood, offering insights and strategies on education and career choices, building friendships and coping with setbacks. Her 2017 memoir, 'Real American,' is the story of her coming to terms with her biracial identity. Her father was a successful African American physician, her mother a white British woman. We talk about both books and her upbringing.Also John Powers reviews the first English translation of Kaoru Takamura's 'Lady Joker,' a crime novel that sold a million copies and spawned a movie and TV series in Japan.

Best Of: Choreographer Twyla Tharp / Henry Louis Gates On 'The Black Church'

'Twyla Moves,' a new documentary by PBS American Masters, tells the story of the legendary choreographer and dancer, who got her start performing on subway platforms and rooftops in the 1960s. "If it was kind of level, it was fair territory," she tells Terry Gross.Kevin Whitehead reviews a newly unearthed album from Hasaan Ibn Ali.'Finding Your Roots' host Henry Louis Gates has a new book and PBS series called 'The Black Church.' Gates describes the Black church as "the cultural cauldron Black people created to combat a system designed in every way to crush their spirit." We'll talk about the bargain Gates made with Jesus when he was 12 in an attempt to save his mother's life.

Native Peoples' 'Long, Brutal Fight For Survival'

Louise Erdrich's novel, 'The Night Watchman,' was inspired by her grandfather, a chairman of the Turtle Mountain Band of Chippewa who fought a Congressional initiative to move indigenous peoples off their land and into cities. Erdrich says the policy amounted to tribal termination. "Termination was a way to finally resolve what Congress thought of as 'the Indian problem,'" she says.David Bianculli reviews HBO's 'Mare of Easttown,' starring Kate Winslet.

'Resistance' Podcast Host On The Fight For Black Lives

Saidu Tejan-Thomas Jr. lost a close friend from college to police violence. His Spotify podcast, 'Resistance,' explores different aspects of the movement for Black lives — including Tejan-Thomas Jr.'s personal history. We talk about his childhood in Sierra Leone, his poetry, and losing his parents at a young age.

The 'Secret History' Of The Sackler Family & The Opioid Crisis

The Sackler family owns Purdue Pharma, which made billions of dollars selling OxyContin, an opiate painkiller stronger than morphine. Introduced in 1996, OxyContin has been largely blamed for the opioid addiction crisis that followed. The Sacklers and the company are currently facing more than 2,500 lawsuits related to its practices. We talk with journalist Patrick Radden Keefe about the development of OxyContin, what the family knew about the danger of the drug, and how they have tried to thwart his reporting. His book is 'Empire of Pain.'

Henry Louis Gates Jr. On The Black Church

The 'Finding Your Roots' host has a new book and PBS series called 'The Black Church.' Gates describes the Black church as "the cultural cauldron Black people created to combat a system designed in every way to crush their spirit." We'll talk about the bargain Gates made with Jesus when he was 12 in an attempt to save his mother's life. He'll tell us how that bargain changed him, and how his relationship to the church has changed over the years. Maureen Corrigan reviews the new novel 'The Final Revival of Opal and Nev,' about a '70s rock duo.

Leslie Odom Jr. / 'Promising Young Woman' Filmmaker Emerald Fennell

Tony and Grammy-winning actor Leslie Odom Jr. is best-known for his role as Aaron Burr in 'Hamilton.' Now he stars as Sam Cooke in Regina King's film 'One Night in Miami,' which imagines a night where Cassius Clay, Malcolm X, Jim Brown and Cooke meet. Odom talks about studying Cooke's voice, hearing Burr's song "Wait for It" for the first time, and how the musical 'Rent' inspired him as a teen. Odom is nominated for two Oscars — for his role as Sam Cooke and for his original song, "Speak Now." In the dark comedy 'Promising Young Woman,' Cassie (Carey Mulligan) works at a coffee shop by day, and hunts sexual predators by night. She goes to bars, pretends to be falling down drunk — and then confronts the men who try to take advantage of her. Cassie is avenging the death of her best friend, who, the movie implies, has died by suicide after being raped at medical school. Writer and director Emerald Fennell says the film was inspired, in part, by the messages other movies send about alcohol and consent. We talk with Fennell about her Oscar-nominated film, her work on 'Killing Eve' and her portrayal of Camilla Parker Bowles on 'The Crown.'

Best Of: Brandi Carlile / Palestinian Cookbook Author Reem Kassis

Six-time Grammy winner Brandi Carlile got her start onstage as a kid, singing backup for an Elvis impersonator. Her new memoir, 'Broken Horses,' is about her early life and the family of misfits she's built. "I think I'm starting to really feel sort of solid and loved in my world. Like maybe I've kind of finally found my place," she says.Maureen Corrigan reviews Kaitlyn Greenidge's novel 'Libertie.' Palestinian cookbook author Reem Kassis began gathering family recipes after the birth of her first child. The recipes, she says, "could be the story of any and every Palestinian family." Her new cookbook is 'The Arabesque Table.'

Prolific Background Singer Merry Clayton

Singer Merry Clayton did the iconic background vocals of the 1969 Rolling Stones song "Gimme Shelter." But despite the fame and success of the record, Clayton remained largely anonymous. Until, that is, she was featured as one of the backup singers in the 2014 Oscar-winning documentary '20 Feet from Stardom.' Over the course of her career, Clayton sang with Ray Charles, Joe Cocker, Carole King and many others. Now she's got a new album — where she's front and center — called 'Beautiful Scars.' She spoke with Terry Gross in 2013. Also, we'll hear some of our 2020 interview with filmmaker Craig Foster. His Netflix documentary 'My Octopus Teacher' is nominated for an Oscar.

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Between The Covers : Conversations with Writers in Fiction, Nonfiction & PoetryDavid Naimon, Tin House Books, KBOO 90.7FM18 April 2021Books195 EpisodesFREE
Comic Book Podcast | Talking Comics podcast
Comic Book Podcast | Talking ComicsTalking Comics16 April 2021Visual Arts597 EpisodesFREE
Aesop's Fables by Aesop podcast
Aesop's Fables by AesopLoyal Books02 January 2021Kids & Family26 EpisodesFREE
3 Books With Neil Pasricha podcast
3 Books With Neil PasrichaNeil Pasricha: Bestselling Author12 April 2021Books84 EpisodesFREE
Out of the Ordinary Books podcast
Out of the Ordinary BooksLisa-Jo Baker & Christie Purifoy14 April 2021Christianity100 EpisodesFREE
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