Russian Rulers History Podcast podcast

Russian Rulers History Podcast

4 star

Today we cover the time between Vladimir's time as prince of Novgorod to his death, presenting newly found information.

Russian Rulers History Podcast Podcast Comments

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Russian Rulers History Podcast Podcast Reviews

EnchantingBrilliant. Thank you for your hard work in putting this together and making Russian history so accessible and easily digestible..Score: 5/5

GreatI listen to this on my train jorney most days- I love Russian history and this podcast is great. Mark has a very relaxing voice too- like a good radio announcer..Score: 5/5

Absolutely ExceptionalAbsolutely exceptional. Schauss' passion for Russian history is gripping throughout. Beautiful combination of sources and insights. This was an absolute life-saver in terms of a revision source and an entertaining alternative to anything else I've ever come across. I'm a big fan of the Overdrive podcasts throughout the Soviet Era. Thank you so much!.Score: 5/5

A real gem!I am so glad Russian history is Mark's passion as all his hard work and research have resulted in this facinating and warmly presented podcast. I listened to a Stalin episode out of curiosity and then when straight to number one to work my through. Currenly in the mid thirties and looking forward to my new episode on the walk to and from work every day. Thank you Mark..Score: 5/5

In Communist Russia, iTunes Rates YouFound this while looking for history podcasts which iTunes seems to hide. Fools. A great perspective on Russian history across the ages, easy to listen to but fills in loads of details. Recommended listening..Score: 5/5

Great informative podcastThis is a great podcast which has lots of in depth information which is told in an engaging way by an enthusiastic and knowledgable host.Score: 5/5

Thanks for a great podcastFantastic podcast. I have listened to 65% of these during long days in the laboratory working on my PhD. I appreciate the time you have spent on these. Many thanks.Score: 5/5

Well-research and entertainingly presented podcastThe podcast covers Russian history from its start to end, in a manner that neither bores you with fastidious detail, but still leaves you with what feels like a proper understanding of Russian history. The main narrative, which covers the rulers and politics (i.e. conventional history) of the Russian lands from the 9th century until its present day is conveyed in easily digestible parts, and linked together nicely into a big tapestry. The numerous ‘overdrive’ and thematic episodes are however excellent supplements to this, which provide insights into everything from diaries of famous Russians, the life of serfs, and folk stories. Highly recommended to any history or Russia enthusiast!.Score: 5/5

One of the bestMark Schauss has made this podcast so interesting - no other podcast covers what is really quite an unknown as far as history is concerned. Each episode is just the right lenght. Not too long so you find it hard to fit in and not too short so a lot of detail is missed. I have enjoyed this so much I am visiting St Petersburg in August. I would like to see so much more but there is always a next time... Please keep going. It is so interesting and really well put together..Score: 5/5

Russian rulers podcastThis is excellent - best podcast available and incredible addictive. Well written, excellently narrated, informative and very engaging..Score: 5/5

A wonderful surpriseI found this podcast by accident and thought I would give it a go. Turns out it is a wonderful podcast with a host passionate about the subject..Score: 5/5

Informative, entertainingExcellent. really well researched, fun, interesting and I'm so impressed that one man does so much work for no money, truly a labour of love..Score: 5/5

An excellent podcast-highly recommendedThis podcast is excellent. The audio quality is a little poor on the first few episodes but the quality of the content easily makes up for it. The pace of the podcast is perfect and the level of detail makes it engaging and not overwhelming. An excellent podcast- highly recommended..Score: 5/5

Great podcastA fantastic series please keep the episodes coming 👏👏👏.Score: 5/5

SuperbA poscast that rjvals Duncan's History of Rome. One of the best, well researched and delivered.Score: 5/5

Really interestingI think this podcast is really good. It's really informative and makes a lot of russia's history easy to understand. I would recommend this to anybody. I didn't really know much about russia but after listening to these I've learnt loads. :).Score: 5/5

BrilliantFaultless in content and format. Well researched, concise and entertaining delivery, podcasts always an appropriate length to the events covered..Score: 5/5

One of the bestThank You , one of my favorites. Thank You.Score: 5/5

Informative and entertainingI've just managed to catch up with previous episodes through all the leaders (I know where have I been all this time....) to the point where I'm now waiting for the next podcast. Really enjoy listening whilst driving to/from work. Thanks for all your efforts..Score: 5/5

Recommend thisThis podcast is very good and highly recommended as a great insight into the history of Russia, have been listening and catching up with the episodes over the last few weeks and it gets better and better…..Score: 5/5

Enjoyable and InformativeAn excellent, well researched podcast which more often looks at the disastrous decisions of the Russian rulers rather than glorify them. Comprehensive yet precise. Would recommend!.Score: 5/5

Excellent, and very informative. A must for anyone with an interest in Russia.I really enjoy this podcast, and love being able to listen to chunks of Russian history as and when I want to. This is a fantastically informative and interesting podcast, well produced. If you have any interest in Russia, please subscribe!.Score: 5/5

Best historical podcastHave listened to all the episodes after i came across it a few months ago - it is absosuletly astonishing. Pitched just right. Thanks..Score: 5/5

Invaluable ResourceIndispensable for any student desiring a greater understanding of the Russian history curriculum.Score: 5/5

Content is ok, production and presentation could be betterI've listened to over 80 episodes, and learned a lot, and there are a lot more left, which I'm afraid I won't be listening to. This is obviously a labour of love for Mark Schauss, as the production of this podcast has spanned several years, and he's produced them on a regular basis. So why am I giving up? There are a number of issues with the production that have just worn me down over time. Mark often struggles with the pronunciation of Russian and other foreign names, stumbling through the reading of them, sometimes taking several attempts, not always leaving the listener clear as to what the name is. If it were me, I'd be practicing saying the name, and editing out the stumbles. And there are other stumbles that would be edited out in other podcasts. Mark is clearly reading from a script, and this results sometimes in unclear parsing of a sentence, as he pauses in places which can obfuscate the meaing, such as 'so and so didn't do something again [pause] for several weeks'. The brain has to catch up and make allowance for the pauses. Sometimes just the wrong English word is used 'disenfranshised' instead of 'disenchanted', as well as others I can't now recall. When Mark wants to add some emphasis, this results in a rather odd breathless style, which is unnecessary, and the prose and some more subtle variation of tone could communicate the meaning in a less distracting way. East and West sometimes get mixed up, and Albert was never King of England. The final straw for me then was when Stalin appeared in the story, and the style ended up painting him as something of a pantomime villain, with constant repetition and reference to Stalin's 'friends' in an ironic tone, and constant looking ahead to how things would turn out, rather than an occasional reference to make the point, whilst telling the current story for what it is. In most good history podcasts that I listen to, the author will reference the original sources, and have occasional and informative brief digressions to discuss the context in which they were written, and how it could affect our interpretation. Mark's presentation here is given as a single factual narrative, with little indication as to which 'facts' of history are open to interpretation, or in dispute. Having said all that, Mark has put the effort in to produce this podcast, which is more than I've done, and it's apparent that the issues that have put me off aren't significant for many other people, given the ratings. So listen, and decide for yourself..Score: 3/5

J.K ReviewAs preparatory step towards the A2 British History syllabus in the forthcoming academic year, I somehow stumbled across this gem of a series. Not only is the content highly informative and detailed, but credit should be given to the quite fluidic delivery Mr Schauss provides. I've found myself deterred from my regular, slobbish pastimes to listen to this podcast. I recommend this podcast on an academic and a recreational basis. 5*.Score: 5/5

Awesome!What a fantastic series of podcasts,I've learnt so much through listening to them. Thank you for taking the time to do them and letting them be accessed for free. Spasibo bolshaya!.Score: 5/5

Very EntertainingGreat podcast, good story line. Nice work Mark even with the occasional pause and stumble. Thanks.Score: 5/5

Just What I NeededI'm a second year history student who's been studying Russia history from 1848-1991 and this has been an invaluable source for me, great to listen to since it has been made with passion and a great knowledge. I used it extensively for revision and it worked a treat for my exam. I have recommended to several of my friends who also enjoyed it and found it just as informative..Score: 5/5

FantasticA well presented informative podcast. The host is clearly well read and committed to the subject, I look forward to the new episodes when they come. I'm a secondary school teacher, and regularly recommend this to my students..Score: 5/5

ExcellentFascinating and very well done, a true gem of podcasts..Score: 5/5

FantasticUsually a podcast all about Russian rulers should not grab your attention or so you would think! But listening to it it is so fascinating and the commentary is so easy to listen to. Dedicated podcaster as you don't need to wait too long for the next one. Stalin episodes were so gripping. Well done!!!.Score: 5/5

Great PodcastUsed this for my A Level Russian Exam which is today and it’s been a massive help. Thanks for everything..Score: 5/5

Interestingly and compassionately toldVery entertaining coverage of the Soviet leaders, especially Stalin..Score: 4/5

Great podcastThis is really helpful for my A Level Russian Rulers exam! Thanks :).Score: 5/5

Addictive podcastsThankfully I've come to this podcast after it ended. I say that because I can binge on it to my hearts content, no waiting impatiently for the next episode to hit my in tray. Mark tells the story of the vast sprawl of human history from the earliest stirrings of Russia all the way to Putin. Expertly recounted with great knowledge but never losing the human aspect. It's a wonderful journey..Score: 5/5

BrilliantVery interesting , great research done Thanks Murray.Score: 5/5

ExcellentI look forward to every episode..Score: 5/5

Brilliant, entertaining and very informativeI thoroughly recommend, it’s like listening to an incredibly well-informed guest at a dinner party.Score: 5/5

Fantastic and informative.I subscribed to this podcast a few years ago but was only able to listen to episodes sporadically. However, recently my situation changed and I have to drive a lot further to work, giving me a lot more time to listen to it - I get through a few episodes per day, and really appreciate what a great piece of work it is. It is absolutely fantastic. It’s informative, entertaining, amusing and engaging. I wrote my dissertation at university on the Russian Civil War (and the Allied intervention), and developed an interest in general Russian history at school. The RRHP is an easy to get a great way to understand the key events in Russian history, plus the host (Mark) always mentions his sources and further reading where useful. He changes the styles of podcasts, so some will be extracts from memoirs or ‘ancient’ documents, some are purely chronological recounts, some are focused purely one one element (like the lives of the serfs), and all are interspersed with biographies and timelines. He also brings in his own personal experiences - and those of his family - and anecdotes, which really add to the listen. Mark is a credit to podcasting, doing this with no advertising, regular publishing, extremely high research standards and has clearly given a lot to the podcast. I’m well past episode 100 and am dreading the stage when I have to listen in ‘real-time’..Score: 5/5

Best podcast EVER!!!I LOVE this podcast I listen to it every night and when ever I can it has reached me a lot but would of been even better if there was more on anastasia and her family.Score: 5/5

A great rideI came accross this podcast when it was well over 100 episodes. I gobbled it all up in a few weeks. Fantastic ride. I really liked the podcast up to the October revolution. Mark's passionate anti-Communism makes the 20th century account sound a bit less reliable. Looking forward to the new focus..Score: 5/5

MissI'm Russian and I absolutely love this podcast! I don't think history lessons in my school were that interesting! Thank you!!.Score: 5/5

Great stuff!Finding these podcasts were like finding a gold mine to me! They are brilliant! Very informative and cover Russian history in quite some depth. Particularly useful for AS History.Score: 4/5

Great PodcastThis is a hard task that is dealt with in a thorough and interesting manner. The focus is on the leaders and what happened, and I have been through them all one after the other. One issue (and this is being picky, don't let it put you off) is that you really can't understand Soviet history without knowing Engels and Lenin's 'scientific socialism'..Score: 5/5

Top PodcastVery interesting and hugely informative series on Russian history. Has been fantastic for revision for history A-Level as well..Score: 5/5

BrilliantThis is a great podcast. Very informative and holds your attention. Russian History comes alive as you listen to Mark. Well done Mark, keep up the good work. Thanks.Score: 5/5

Thankyou!Im studying Russian rulers for my history a level course and this is fabulous!!! thankyou so so much.Score: 5/5

The factThe fact I can get it right away is good.Score: 5/5

What have the Russians ever done for us?I've heard a fair few history podcasts, and this one stacks up nicely to those of Lars Brownworth, Mike Duncan and Bob Packett. Mark has a connection with his audience, and never seems to forget that he is reading to people and not just to a microphone. That is primarily what he has in common with the three gentlemen already mentioned. I had no real interest in Russian history. "Russians? They make vodka and dance a lot, jumping up and down with arms crossed." That was about all I was interested to know. Mark, however, sparked my interest and fanned the flames, carrying me along with him for about 74 episodes now. Just listen to one podcast. I think it will leave you wanting to listen to a second. Oh, and they still make good vodka..Score: 5/5

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Fascinating HistoryI'm more interested in general history than Russian in particular, but it's an interesting story and it's told in manageable doses. I really like the length of the podcasts and the quality is there too. I've listened to a lot of history podcasts and this one ranks right up there. Especially gets interesting as the Romanov reign draws to a close..Score: 5/5

Great ListeningI discovered this podcast only recently and have been enjoying getting caught up. Mark does a great job as an amateur historian--he clearly relishes his subject!.Score: 4/5

Great ListenVery enjoyable! You will not regret downloading..Score: 5/5

Amazing PodcastI am just coming to the end of the Russian Rulers part of the podcast and I have loved every minute of it. Looking forward to many more. I have always been interested in Russian History, since I studied it in University. I feel (even as a Canadian), that it is vital that we understand this nation that wreaks havoc on our world..Score: 5/5

Well researched and presentedMr. Schauss does a brilliant job as an amateur historian surveying Russian history. This podcast is eerily similar to the second year History of Russia course that I took 20 years ago. I find it particularly engaging when Mr. Schauss introduces issues that are currently being debated or his personal opinion on the historical facts. This demonstrates not only the depth of his research, but it also shows his confidence with the subject matter. My only minor criticism is his pronunciation and intonation of Russian words. Honestly, it can make my skin crawl at times. BUT I endured years of teachers harping on me for my pronunciation and intonation. It's no easy feat. I can appreciate the struggle. The saving grace is his sign off; "До свидания и спасибо большое". It's well done every time. For anyone with an interest in Russian history, I couldn't recommend this podcast any stronger..Score: 5/5

Top notchReally great podcast and has really changed my view if Russians. Wow have they been through a lot..Score: 5/5

ExcellentGreat way to present and interesting comments..Score: 5/5

Worth a listenThe research is excellent but the delivery can still be improved. It sounds a bit too staged/overdone sometimes. You can tell when Mark has gone off script and it's much easier to listen to those bits. I like the slapshot episodes - the timing and content is always very appropriate to what's going on in the regular episodes. Not a fan of "this week in Russian history." It's too hard for me to follow, I turn the podcast off when it starts and I'll be looking forward to when the year is done and this segment goes away. Its a good idea, just not for me..Score: 4/5

Very BiasedThe first 70 episodes of this podcast series, which cover Russian history up until the revolution are excellent. As are the podcasts which were done after the fall of communism, with excellent series on Leo Tolstoy and other figures. The reason for the poor review is the biased coverage of 1917-1991. It is unfortunately pure American propaganda. His review of the aftermath of the revolution, the Molotov-Ribbentrop pact, the Yalta conference, the role of Roosevelt, the Cuban missile crisis among other events are one sided and spew out the American government party line. It is very unfortunate that a student and admirer of history such as Mr. Schauss should not to try to treat these topics in a more balanced way. Saying that Americans and capitalism is good and soviets and communism is evil doesn't help in understanding the past or developing empathy for other peoples or ideas. The point of history is trying to understand past events. It is to realize that there is no black or white, just gray. It doesn't help anybody to demonize communism and its leaders. If you want to go down that rabbit hole we can easily discuss all of the faults of the west and getting into an endless shouting match. Very disappointed in you Mr. Schauss..Score: 1/5

Bonne imitationQuoiqu’une oeuvre d,amateur, la recherche effectuée est solide. Le ton de l’animateur est quelque fois incertain mais cela ne devrait pas nous détourner de la qualité de la préparation. J’ai commencé à écouter cette baladdiffusion parce que je connaissais peu l’histoire de la Russie. Sans être comblé, j’en connais pas mal plus..Score: 5/5

One of the Great History LessonsI highly recommend this podcasts. It is one is one of the best. Mark gives a concise portrait of each ruler and their time. He brings great insight and objectivity I got a much better understanding of the history of Russia from the early days to the Revolution to the 80s which is where he is up to now. I have listened to it many times over..Score: 5/5

Great podcastMy favourite podcast - thorough and informative, yet light and very enjoyable..Score: 5/5

You’re back!!!I am THRILLED you are back! I love this podcast. Please keep up the good work..Score: 5/5

Very interestingI found this podcast thoroughly interesting to listen to and very informative, well researched and interestingly narrated. I’m not a history expert so I cannot critique the objectivity of the podcast, but it seems to me that it is more fact based than opinion based..Score: 5/5

GreatA very informative look at over 1000 years of Russian history. Gives a great perspective on an ancient peoples..Score: 5/5

Excellent!I've really enjoyed this podcast. Very nicely done..Score: 5/5

ExcellentExcellent podcast!.Score: 5/5

If you love Russian history ...Then this is the podcast for you. I find it fascinating and enjoy it..Score: 5/5

Terribly biasedAwful podcast, the host isn't any better then those awful computerized google voice read outs. He is also terribly biased, during the Cuban Missle Crisis he lays all of the blame on Kruschev, barely mentioning Kennedy's insane decision to build missle sites on Russia's border, only shrugging and saying "Military Industrial Complex" as if having a government controlled by war profiteers isn't somehow just as crazy. Boring..Score: 1/5

EnlighteningI started listening to this podcast because of recent events in Crimea and Eastern Ukraine. I believe there is always more than one view to a story and I have enjoyed Mark Schauss understanding of Russia’s past, which has enlighten if not changed my views on current happenings. I do detect some basis in his view of history; however every historian, writer, and even students of history appear to suffer from this. He is obviously passionate about this subject and I personal believe that’s why it is really good. I recommend the Russian Rulers History Podcast to anyone interested in learning about Russia or just wanting to continue the study of History from the view of the Third Rome..Score: 5/5

It's ok; needs to be a bit tighterWhile the subject matter is very interesting and fascinating, I do find that Mark is a bit halting at times and find that at times he doesn't complete a thought and it drives me nutty at times; offering one's opinion while telling a story sometimes isn't a good idea while in the middle of a sentence. I also don't like the sound of the pages being turned as he does the podcast; it can be irritating at times and most of the other history podcasts that I listen to, you can never hear the sound of pages..Score: 4/5

BrilliantPremium stuff. Very clear, very fun and in order. Loved it..Score: 5/5

The best history podcastI found this podcast 2 years ago when I was taking and undergraduate history class on 19th century Russia. I had very little prior knowledge on Russia, so I was looking for context. What happened is, beyond helping me for my class, the podcast really got me interested in Russian history. It really is fascinating, and Mark Schauss has an interesting way to build the narrative. I hope he keeps making new episodes for a long time..Score: 5/5

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Great Podcast!Superb and wonderful voice.Score: 5/5

Cool PodcastGreat in depth history of Russia.Score: 5/5

Interesting, engaging, and smartI’m about 130 episodes in and I love it. Lots of info, sometimes hard to follow, but Mark Schauss does a fantastic job of reminding you what has already been discussed and to keep the narrative comprehensive. Big fan. Very impressed with this guy. If you like Russian history, this is an invaluable podcast. Highly recommend..Score: 5/5

LoveI love this podcast very good !.Score: 5/5

Gold standard of history podcastsThis is the best history podcast, among many, many good ones out there. Perfect blend of simplicity, length, lucidity, passion, knowledge..Score: 5/5

5 stars on content, but I want to subtract for deliveryThis overall is an excellent and informative podcast on a complex subject. I have learned so much about the early Rus and how being a frontier country has influenced its history. But I have to subtract half a star just for delivery. Mark has to practice his names so that he doesn't pause over them. If another podcase can get a name like Ashurbanipal to roll of the tongue, Mark can do it with Russian names! Keep at it, thought, because it's worth listening to..Score: 5/5

Great PodcastThe best podcast I have ever discovered on this topic! Great details, interesting, easy to understand. Easily 5 stars!.Score: 5/5

If you love history, this is for you!Great show, I love the information and brief format of the episodes. I am still in the earlier episodes but can’t wait to listen to more!.Score: 5/5

Every minute is worth listening! Keep up the great work!A podcast done in great detail, knowledge and passion for Russian history. Amazing podcast to understand russian history with great topics and amazing overview of all rulers..Score: 5/5

Great Russian history podcastThe first 100-something episodes are Russian history told in increments per ruler. The second part of the podcast features more opinion and history told through highlighting time periods and historically relevant events, or subjects like enserfments of peasants or Chechnya/Russia history. Comprehensive and informative in detail and in categorization..Score: 5/5

He is back!!Welcome back! And we hope your daughter gets better!!.Score: 5/5

Russian RulersGreat podcast , having hard time stopping after each episodes . Very interesting you are in the medical field , I am too , but Russian history has captivated me for very long time . 5 stars Lenny and Bubzy Stalin Great épisode on Stalin and ur totally right about saying he is the number one murdere in history . , I think American should study Russian history especially Stalin period and understand what it means to have a monstrous dictator who has no emotion or remorse beyond keeping his own power in any way he can including bullying , putting fear in the heart of his surrounding people , lying and taking down anybody who doesn’t bow to him ..... Thank you for your episodes I am still finishing the rest of your episodes 4 stars Episode 101 Great episode , moving and opening my eyes to the possibility of some form of denouncing a président without another blood bath which had defined so far the restless empire of Russia . I guess changing decades of a system that is built on dictatorship, blood shed, killing and murdering whoever the head of the state wants and the power of the stars and what followed , take more decades to undo if ever ... Can’t wait to listen to your next episodes 5 stars.Score: 5/5

Awesome show!!Tons of great info about Russian/soviet history. Listened to 5 pods in one day and can’t wait to listen to more. Highly recommend!!!.Score: 5/5

Good but sometimes opinionated vs dispassionateI enjoy the Russian Rulers History Podcast quite a bit. I've spent some time in Russia and Ukraine plus have a degree in history so this is enjoyable. A few caveats; Schauss sometimes gets a bit opinionated when there's a disagreement between historians he's often takes a side so be aware of that. There's a whiff of anti-Catholicism whenever he menitons their encounter with Orthodoxy is part of the story [he is Orthodox himself]. It's not terrible but it's kind of there, if that's important to you..Score: 4/5

Great OverviewThis podcast series gives a good overview of Russian history. It gives perspective so I can understand and appreciate Russia today..Score: 5/5

If If you want to learn about Russia, don’t pass on this!Outstanding! This podcast is one of the best history podcasts that I have listened to. The narrator not only prepares well, but he is passionate about Russian culture and history!!.Score: 5/5

Great podcast!Mark does a great job. I'm over 100 episodes in, have learned an incredible amount about Russia, its rulers, its politics history and people. Glad I found this podcast..Score: 5/5

Love itGreat concise history, Thanks.Score: 5/5

You rockLove this podcast keep it going.Score: 5/5

A great way to start Russian historyI'd been looking for a way to get a decent overview of Russian history, without getting in the weeds. This has been a wonderful series, handling Russian history, ruler by ruler. The author doesn't claim to be an expert, but has an easy-going and accessible manner about a field he is passionate about. By the time he gets to modern leaders, we are given great detail, and it's completely fascinating. A wonderful series..Score: 5/5

...but somebody should do it betterFirst of all, the style of the podcast at times can be really rough. The host doesn't have a ton of flash or charisma, and the editng likewise is mediocre. I would have given it less stars, but I'm far more concerned about the susbstance, not the style. Some of my favorite history podcasts are not particularly well-produced, but the content is so good that it doesn't matter. I learned a ton from this podcast, and I think it's a shame that there is so little on the history of Russia. The podcast is much more focused on the elites and geopolitics, but their is plenty of empathy for the average people in the background. They just aren't actually talked about or studied in any disciplined way. I would love to hear more about the social and cultural history or Russia. I appreciate that the host is very clear about his biases, but my least favorite part is the in-script editorializing. The actions of leaders are "wonderful" or "awful" or "disgusting," and these aren't primary source quotes—that's how the script is written. Especially when more modern topics come up (anything after Catherine the Great), I'm not sure I can entirely trust this podcast because the host appears to be incapable of examining all the figures in an unbiased way. That being said, I did learn a lot about topics I had never heard. Think of this podcast like a high school American history text book from the US — incredibly biased to the point of being inaccurate at times with an uneven presentation, but at least there will be lists of names and events that you can go look up professional-level treatments of elsewhere, whereas before you hadn't even been aware of some of those names and events..Score: 3/5

The best!Love this podcast and its hours of fascinating topics..Score: 5/5

HypocrisyThe narrator goes out of his way to condemn the United States for having a “problem” with minorities, yet two minutes later he describes how Michael Romanov condemned his entire country to serfdom without so much as a comment..Score: 2/5

Terrific podcast on a facinating subjectI was looking for information about Belarus, Russia and the Slavic people's and came across this podcast. It is very detailed and seems well researched. I also find the Mark to be an entertaining speaker who adds a bit of his own perspective to things and ties in bts of history to current events. So far I am at #150 of the almost 200 that have been released and am looking forward to catching up with the current releases. Here is to hoping that this podcast continues for many more episodes as we can learn more about this fascinating, huge and ancient country..Score: 5/5

Good StuffThis guy does his homework. He quotes many sources and recommends further reading material. He also has an interesting personal family history that may explain his passion for this subject. Is that Shostakovich in the opening segment?.Score: 5/5

Topics come aliveGreat podcast I originally got this podcast for something to listen to to help me fall asleep! It's so interesting I had to turn it off the first night. Since then I have learned so much and been entertained. With all the current talk of Russia in the news today it is a great way to become better informed..Score: 5/5

MrsI started listening to this podcast because we are going on a cruise to Russia. I love this podcast. Mark has done a great job of telling Russian History and it's Rulers in short very informative podcasts..Score: 5/5

Podcast or audiobook?I love Russian history but the narrator seems to be reading right out of a textbook, using vocabulary such as “alas” and other “big” words that are usually meant to be written, but not necessarily spoken. This is a podcast, and I was hoping that the host would narrate in his own words rather than attempting to act out someone else’s (and unfortunately mispronouncing even basic English words while over-annunciating the Russian names and places). Very hard to listen to.....Score: 1/5

I've learned so muchThis podcast has taught me so much - quick and easy listens packed with information. Definitely recommend it for anyone interested in Russian history. Wish Mark would expand and add another country, would be great!.Score: 5/5

Excellent & Delightful!This podcast presents the history of Russian rulers in a very engaging and informative way! I always learn something new after having listened, so I highly recommend this show! Well worth your time!.Score: 5/5

ClumsyThe organization of the content is reasonable, but the delivery is bad. His use of language is clumsy and the way he speaks is very awkward. The quality of the performance doesn’t matter so much to me, but the poor word choices and lack of precise language were too off putting for me to continue listening..Score: 2/5

Inconsistent and heavily biasedWhen I went to cross Russia on the Trans-Siberian Railroad, I wanted to listen to a good podcast on Russian history due to my audible subscription being abruptly canceled. This was the only podcast on the subject, and it had decent reviews, so I figured it would be a good way to pass the time on the train. I was wrong. This podcast is wildly inconsistent. The topics range from in-depth to a quick summary, which is fair given the ambitious scope of the podcast – after all, all of Russian history is a difficult subject to cover. But this seems to be far more of a feature to the podcast than a quirk, and it grew more and more distracting as I listened around. However, the worst problem is that the presenter's personal opinions jut in and create a very obvious bias that severely detracts from the podcast. This is isn't the "Russian Rulers History Podcast," it's the "Mark Strauss Thinks Poorly of XYZ" podcast. I'm not arguing this as someone with strong feelings on the USSR or Russia in general – that is NEVER a valid reason to outiight reject something, and more often than not I found myself agreeing with Schauss on a lot of points. But the problem is that in a history podcast, the goal is to present things in an informative and unbiased way, and this podcast utterly fails at doing so. I have a similar problem with Dan Carlin, but his work has the content to make up for it. Not so with this podcast. Mark clearly likes what he does and has been doing it for a long time, but I honestly just can't consider this podcast a good use of time. It's much better to read a history book or listen to an audiobook on the same subject. Thank god I had a copy of Quiet Flows the Don with me for that ride. I look forward to the day when a more consistent podcast comes out on this subject..Score: 1/5

In depthMark doesn’t spend much time on analysis. Instead, he focuses on detail. This is the best Russian history podcast I’ve found so far. Hope to hear more soon..Score: 5/5

Absolutely fantasticGreat delivery, well researched-- my favorite podcast. Period..Score: 5/5

AmazingMark Schauss has provided me with endless hours of a fascinating pastime in this podcast. I would also like to thank him for some of his recommendations on further reading. He has turned me on to Simon Sebag Montefiore who's books I have enjoyed immensely..Score: 5/5

Refreshingly HonestI am used to the high sound quality and editing in most tech podcasts(and most history ones as well). None of that here,what you do get is a lot of short episodes done in rough and ready style with seemingly no editing done after the fact. At first I chuckled at the sound of rustling paper as the delivery is deadpanned. Russian names are tongue twisters and mispronunciations were common. Now I find the lack of polish combined with the obvious earnestness of the narrator endearing. He actually cares. Who cares what microphone he's using. I am now a fan. Makes me realize that if you have substance outword polish is not necessary..Score: 4/5

An intimate, no frills, and absolutely addictive seriesI am addicted to this series! The host and producer, Mark, delivers his thoroughly-researched episodes in a way that feels intimate/personal, occasionally humorous, always compelling, and easy-to-follow. The content is fascinating and well-structured, going in chronological order, with a quick recap of the last episode up front and an “up-next” at the end. Episodes are short enough (10-15 mins avg) to get at least one or two in while on the subway. Thank you for undertaking this great effort, Mark! I learned a lot!.Score: 5/5

Здравствуете, Михаил. И спасибо большое!!This is really long overdue. Just wanted to send my sincerest thanks for all the time you continue to pore into this project. Gosh, how lucky we all are that one day you decided to commit to this project. Thank you. I am Latvian mom of 3. Living in USA for close to 29 years. I have a question for you, Mike.. since you are 3rd generation American do you feel Russian in you at all. Do you have any patriotic feelings left or emotional - sentimental connection to Russia. Of course , I still do. I thought my kids Russian and still feel emotionally connected to Russian culture ( not the land) Thank you fo answering..Score: 5/5

Great showThe host is wonderful and shares his love for Russian history..Score: 5/5

ExcellentWell thought out presentation of a subject not often covered.Score: 5/5

Very uniqueThis is very unique in its short but clear presentation of each ruler in Russian history. I find this way of learning about Russian history much easier than reading a book. Well done in carving out your niche in the Podcast world!.Score: 5/5

Very good PodcastI really like how Mark presents his passion of this subject.Score: 5/5

Interesting and informativeVery interesting review of Russian history, first focusing on the history of Russia’s rulers, then more social/political/religious focuses in later episodes (so far). Very informative!.Score: 5/5

Спасибо для самой подкаст !Я изучаю русский язык. В следующем году я буду ездить на велосипеде из Одессы в Санкт-Петербург. Этот подкаст дал мне большое понимание истории земли я буду ездить..Score: 5/5

MehI found the coverage of the soviet era too biased. I just want history that isn't like reading a robert service "book".... It doesn't need to be pro soviet... Just unbiased..Score: 2/5

Mark Schauss will make you love Russian HistoryAfter exhausting the catalogues of Dan Carlin (Hardcore History) & Mike Duncan (History of Rome, Revolutions), I went in search of something new and found this excellent and engrossing podcast. I am now on episode 170 and am beginning to be sad thinking of the approaching time when I'll be completely caught up! Mark Schauss is, in my opinion, a humble giant of the history podcast genre: he is an earnest and excited storyteller who provides exhaustively researched accounts of Russian history. I also love that he uses no production noises, background music, etcetera - which, to me, are always a pointless distraction. I am so appreciative of you sharing your love of Russian history. I now can say that I, too, have a genuine love and appreciation of it because of your top-notch podcast. -Rachel in Louisville, KY.Score: 5/5

Genius5 stars Period..Score: 5/5

Love it!Excellent podcast! Highly recommend..Score: 5/5

Solid basis and good innovationMark Schauss does a good job filling the analogous shoes of speakers like Michael Duncan from the History of Rome while making a few innovations of his own. The podcast is structured so that the first hundred and a few are a chronological history of Russian rulers and then the rest are more free-style bits and pieces that sometimes follow a loose arc or stand alone. Mark also has “overdrive” episodes where he reads primary sources which are usually well selected and insightful. Also, he inserts his own opinions from time to time, but is very up-front about it and well informed. As others have noted, his delivery occasionally falters and his editing could be better, but it never seriously derails an episode. Would recommend in the evening with a stiff glass of vodka or on a trip (perhaps on the trans-siberian railway). Enjoy.Score: 5/5

Outstanding!One of the best history podcast out there..Score: 5/5

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Great stuffThis is a slow burning podcast, stick with it past the first 20 episodes and it'll be your favourite ever.Score: 5/5

Excellent Podcast"A very interesting podcast. Highly recommended." That was my first review and still appies! This is a balanced and detailed account of Russian rulers and political and social history. Also very fluid and easy to listen to. Continues to be highly recommended. Well done Mark!.Score: 5/5

I love this podcastI listen to it over and over. In fact, I don’t play any other podcasts. Thank you so much Mark..Score: 5/5

GreatGreat.Score: 5/5

Well worth it!Very well paced, clear and informative. For those who have ever had an interest in Russian history this is the podcast for you..Score: 4/5

100th PodcastI have enjoyed these very entertaining and educational podcasts. Congratulations Mark on your 100th podcast..Score: 5/5

Great podcastFantastic work..Score: 5/5

Thanks Mark.Enjoy your work and the fact that you have taken the time to do it. Enjoy reading the Facebook group comments al;so..Score: 5/5

Worth listening every episodeMark you make Russian history come alive and it is enjoyable to learn from a people that I personally had little knowledge of. Just going through the revolution and was shocked of the back stabbing in the communist party at the time. I guess history hasn't change that much in that aspect. Looking forward to future podcast from you..Score: 5/5

Fantastic PodcastI stumbled across this podcast and so glad I did. Very informative, very easy listening. Clearly Mark is passionate about his subject. Strongly recommend!.Score: 5/5

BiasedHorribly biased, bags on Lenin but treats the patriarchs like gods among men.Score: 1/5

Mark is great and I can't wait for more to comeWhat a nice podcast, I have learned so much and want to get more!.Score: 5/5

Russian Rulers podcastThis is an excellent history series. Very interesting and informative..Score: 5/5

A very good podcastI find this podcast very easy to listen to while doing a number of different activities, very interesting & very engaging..Score: 5/5

Great WorkA totally enjoyable walk through Russian history. For the scholar or someone who is simply interested in Russia alike. Highly recomended..Score: 5/5

Excellent PodcastGreat work Mark, your Narratives are insightful and thorough. A joy to listen to. regards from Melbourne Australia.Score: 5/5

Excellent workA great podcast covering an area of history almost entirely unknown in this part of the world. It is fantastic that someone has gone to the effort to bring this all together. Only 100 years left to go - good luck!.Score: 5/5

Russian rulers history podcastFantastic podcast with an excellent delivery. Highly recommended!!!.Score: 5/5

Excellent Podcast!!Very interesting and well presented. A must for anyone interested in History.....Score: 5/5

Get. ThisGreat podcast one of the best going. You will not be disappointed although can be graphic.Score: 5/5

Russian Rulers Rocks !This was a podcast I found while cruising itunes, it's brilliant. This has opened up Russian history in an easily accessible way. Do your brain a favour & subscribe..Score: 5/5

Excellent Information and PresentationsThis is a great podcast about Russian rulers and Russia history. I get tremendous enjoyment out of it. Highly recommended to all history buffs or just for listening before sleep..Score: 5/5

Great listeningI'm really enjoying this podcast and learning the history of a country I knew almost nothing about. Well written with great flow. Highly recommended.Score: 5/5

Brilliant stuffGreat podcast, well thought out, well written, well delivered.Score: 5/5

Great History PodcastClear, informative, and interesting. I have used this personally as a research tool..Score: 4/5

Fantastic resourceThis podcast is an excellent way to learn about Russian history. Informative, interesting and well presented..Score: 5/5

Amazing!!!!Such a vast knowledge of Russian history! Absolutely love this podcast, can’t recommend enough. Thanks you for your years of dedication to this podcast, it is appreciated so much.Score: 5/5

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Russian Rulers History Podcast Podcast Episodes

Episode 209 - Revisiting Vladimir the Great - Part Two

Today we cover the time between Vladimir's time as prince of Novgorod to his death, presenting newly found information.

Episode 208 - Revisiting Vladimir the Great

Today's episode adds to the story of one of ancient Russia's most important leaders, Vladimir the Great.

Episode 207 - Back to the Beginning

Today, I will be returning to the beginning of the podcast with a rerun of episode 1, but with lots more new history to share about Russian before there were Russians.

Episode 206 - The History of Ukraine - Part Two

Today, we finish up the history of Ukraine and its relationship with Russia.

A Book Review - Russian Fiction

Today, I'm sharing a book review I did for my Patreon podcast. It is on three books of Russian fiction. I hope you enjoy it!

Episode 205 - The History of Ukraine and its Relationship to Russia - Part One

Today, we begin a new series with an overview of the history of Ukraine and its relationship to Russia.

Episode 204 - Siberia - Women and Children

In our final look at Siberia, we focus on the lives of both women and children in the gulag system developed by the Soviets.

Episode 203 - Siberia - Opportunity, Torment, and Captivity

Today, we recount the harsh life living in Siberian prisons and gulags.

Episode 202 - Siberia - Part One

Siberia is a mythical, magical, and intimidating place. Discover the mystery of this part of Russia.

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