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WSJ Opinion: Potomac Watch Podcast Comments

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WSJ Opinion: Potomac Watch Podcast Reviews

Nothing ventured...and very little gained. If you want bland regurgitation of Paul-Ryan talking points, this is the show for you. Perhaps because episodes are relatively unstructured, Potomac Watch has essentially ended up belatedly regurgitating the daily apologia for the Trump Administration as received via cable news. Everything is seen through a party-political lense. If you want sensible political commentary from the business press, try the FT..Score: 1/5

Not worthy of the WSJThis is basically Fox & Friends in a podcast. Not worthy of the WSJ. Basically repeating the Trump party line without even trying to have some objectivity. Not all Republicans have to all agree with this quasi end of Roman empire administration. Agreed this is “opinion” but a more objective approach and analysis would be welcome. This is basic and not challenging. The FT is light years ahead..Score: 1/5

Old crusty curmudgeonsApparently an unstructured podcast delivered with long pauses and many vocal stumbles is okay with WSJ if you insult Millennials as idiots. I'm not a millennial but I'm horrified by these opinions of an Organization that I previously had respect for..Score: 1/5

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Skip, hack punditsI can’t believe how these podcasters continue to complain about dems and nit pick when they completely ignore the presidents actions. Partisan hackery and intellectually dishonest echo chamber. I’m a balanced person but this show is not..Score: 1/5

Fair and balancedCommon sense perspective.Score: 5/5

Super insightful analysisI never miss Potomac Watch, it’s essential information from some of the most knowledgeable and experienced political analysts..Score: 5/5

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Kim is a treasureWe seem to get a lot of reviews from people who would be happier at the New York Times. They become upset with unbiased, objective reporting. Some have probably never seen it before.Score: 5/5

Constant sound issues...As someone who works in audio, it surprises me that a paper with a long history and analysts with years of experience would put together a podcast with such shoddy and easily fixable audio annoyances. From explosive p’s and heavy breathing to thumps and knocking of microphones paper rustling, it like no one has ever recorded before. The insights are completely distracted by these interruptions. Is there no sound engineer or technician? I’ll do it for free! Just fix it, please..Score: 3/5

Unsubscribed after listening for yearsI listened for years, but unsubscribed after listening to the first show after the Trump insurrection. The very first thing they discussed was the failure of Capitol Hill Police, which is of course important but it’s like walking in on a murder and the first thing you want to talk about is a broken window in the room. Then they discussed the history of the 25th Amendment. Finally, they discussed whether what happened was really Trump’s fault....and Kimberley Strassal defended Trump. Strassal is on the fringes and dangerously intellectually dishonest, or genuinely has no idea what she’s talking about. Either way, WSJ needs to prove what kind of journalists they are (or are not)..Score: 1/5

Very biasedIt looks like a lot of the usual advertisers have decided to give this biased podcast a pass..Score: 1/5

Hoping for better ...I have been searching for a balance in my news sources between right and left. I was optimistic this was a good place to hear different perspectives. However, I’m resuming my search due to the frequent misrepresentations of facts. Most recently, the claim that renewables are responsible for Texas’ power outage. This is inaccurate and misleading on a serious topic. Disappointed this still gets the WSJ’s endorsement..Score: 2/5

LazyIve been a fan of the WSJ and the Ed board for going on two decades now. I keep giving this podcasts a chance, however, I find the commentary and analysis lazy at best. If you want three people to regurgitating bad talking points from Kevin McCarthy’s office then this podcast is for you! Two stars. Would be one, but I think the show has promise when Kim is absent so I’ll be generous..Score: 2/5

Pretty goodIt’s great and one of the few places to hear intelligent conservative voices, but the show hosts just agree to each other. They need to have a token liberal who at least provides some counter arguments once in a while. The audience would appreciate it and the show would be more lively.Score: 4/5

Well balancedAlways on the side of process and procedures instead of the hysteria found in most media. Effectively use reason and common sense against both parties with their innumerable inconsistencies. Keep up the great work!.Score: 5/5

Did NOT miss Kim today....Really glad to not hear her defending her team today.Score: 4/5

Come on.How can the first thing y’all talk about after 1/6/21 is Capitol security failures, not the person that set the mob on their merry way? While you guys did better than other outlets regarding the non-existent voter fraud, I’d ask that y’all take a listen to the episode you put out on 1/6/21 and respond line by line in light of what happened that day. And you misremember and misunderstand the comparisons to the summer protests. Do better..Score: 1/5

Need Paul Gigot BackWithout Paul Gigot acting as a moderator and offering consistent pushback on point made by Bill McGurn and Kyle Perterson, this pod has turned into a boring morass that is little more than national, macro republican talking points. Need to replace McGurn, he’s awful, and need to bring Gigot back. Peterson is just an awful commentator..Score: 1/5

Trump’s acquittal and gop future terrible takeTerrible take. Bad opinion. Contradicting and spewing nonsense. I’m not even a political journalist and I can tell that what they’re saying is nonsense. Get new hosts..Score: 1/5

Paul GigotPaul Gigot is really needed now. Please bring him back.Score: 3/5

Balance Shown HereYou can hear it in the voices here. You can see it in the fair praise of good when they see it. It is so rare today but it is true balance in reporting. Listen and be refreshed..Score: 5/5

Three people with the same biased opinionI was hoping for a conservative leaning panel show that would have some debates and nuanced discussion on the weeks news. That’s not what this is. It is three people all with the same opinion that hardly differs from the current Republican Party. They always defend Trump, even after the insurrection, and give no benefit of the doubt to Biden. There are liberal podcasts like this too, and I don’t like them either. This is more like Fox News and less like the strong analysis one gets from The Economist, or what I would expect from the WSJ..Score: 1/5

It’s DR Jill BidenUnsubscribing.Score: 1/5

Very disappointed by biasI’ve been trying to find additional news sources and thought the Wall Street Journal had a reputation for being honest if somewhat conservative. The first episode that downloaded was January 15 “impeachment aftermath”. After five minutes I couldn’t listen anymore. First, one person described “so much disregard for normal procedure” in the 2021 impeachment. While I could see his point, there was no mention of all the norms Trump has broken. Then a second person said there was no evidence that Trump incited the riot at the capitol. What about the recordings of Trump telling the crowd to go there? Whether he intended a riot or not he said the words and told the lies that led to it. Then they said that Trump wasn’t responsible because “look at his comments he’s made since then in which he’s actually come out and very firmly said there cannot be more violence”. Are they kidding? That was only after it happened, after saying he loved the rioters, after people were hurt, after a long delay, and after seeing there might be negative repercussions. The final straw was one commentator saying “the Democrats, who’ve never been interested in the Constitution“. That generalization told me these people are completely biased. If you want honest reporting don’t bother with this podcast..Score: 1/5

The best primer for national political issues!The best primer for national political issues! Good conversation and good information!! Kim is great! Bring back the Foreign Edition!!!.Score: 5/5

Three People Agreeing With Each OtherIf you’re interested in 3 questions per podcast in which all three commentators, including the moderator, agree with the first person’s answer, this is your podcast. No diversity of thought. No creative ideas. No disagreement with the talking points. You can get the same information from much better podcasts that actually do some analysis and though provocation. Move on from this one..Score: 2/5

Wow. Alternative Facts Endorsed by WSJI was at stunned to hear these three blaming the wind turbines and praising natural gas in discussing the Texas crisis. There was no effort to stay true to known facts. ALL THREE of the just regurgitating the falsehoods. WSJ editors, where are you?!.Score: 1/5

MixedThey have lost much of thier credibility by defending Trump. Could get that from Fox. Or for more respectable views there are many other sources, like the National Review editors..Score: 3/5

Thank youI absolutely love Kim Strassel. Smart and to the point conversations..Score: 5/5

Disappointedly shallowSpeaking pragmatically of decision to impeach omitted the secstate ga phone conversation.Score: 3/5

I can’t listen anymoreI’ve been listening for over four years and I was absolutely astounded by the first episode after the 1/6 insurrection. Kim Strassel is A Trump apologist and she makes it explicitly in her excuses for the President’s behavior on 1/6. Neither she or Bill McGurn could even attempt to call the president out for his dangerous rhetoric. I feel for Kyle Peterson who does attempt to push back against Bill McGurn and try to bring things a little more right of center, unfortunately he’s always steamrolled. It was unbelievably disappointing to see them blame what we experience at the feet of the Capitol police only and not call out leadership..Score: 1/5

Quasi journalists hiding under The Journal's reputation.WSJ, seriously, how can you allow the likes of Joseph Epstien along with the rest of fake talking head crew from the Potomac Watch to use your platform? A bunch of right wing morons with no credentials. They are no better than Hannity. Disgusting..Score: 1/5

F grade partiality AND ignoranceUpdating rating further, can I rate no stars? Completely ignorant discussion of the blackout energy problems in Texas right now, by all panelists. Just an opportunity to simplistically blab on based on macro assumptions and narratives, based on no informed fact or analysis. The issue is overall grid management and maintenance..Score: 1/5

Biased commentary & not true journalismWow. Tried to give this a shot and thought it would be balanced, not even close. Full of bias commentary. No thank you. I’ll find my new source elsewhere..Score: 1/5

No Gigot = No GoStrassel and McGurn are solid but the show ain’t the same without the old pro, Paul Gigot. I must’ve missed it but would it hurt them to just admit he’s never coming back on this? If so why is his face still on the host picture on this app?.Score: 3/5

Great substantive facts and explanationsKim Strassle is excellent and takes a stance that supports conservative policies more than most. It’s important to give credit to the previous administration and explain history of policies (vaccine development and accomplishments in immigration control) especially when the general media promotes a false narrative and warps people’s minds. Alicia (?) brings the show down..Score: 5/5

So much repetitionShow after show repeating the same points. Frustrating and boring..Score: 2/5

Great podcast!Love listening to the WSJ pod. Great insights from Kyle and co on the issues of the day. Very strong right of center perspective - worth a listen!.Score: 5/5

Most Balanced Political PodcastThis podcast actually makes real effort to present multiple perspectives on issues. No polarizing thinking or speech here. Hallelujah!.Score: 5/5

Good Opposition ResearchDo these guys ever get tired of being evil?.Score: 3/5

So terribly opinionated and misinformedIn an effort to get a broad base of news I have been listening to this podcast, but because of the broad base of news I know the vast amount of information they are omitting. They are infuriatingly privileged and skewed. If you want conservative bubble opinions give it a listen.Score: 1/5

Shamelessly partisan, doing Murdock’s bidding100% disinformation and propaganda... these hosts, esp Paul and Kim, normalizing insanity, should be ashamed of what they’ve become, prostitutes for an immoral admin so they openly lie to their listeners. Don’t trust. Update: after 1/6, more of the same. They’re completely complicit and culpable. Don’t trust these propagandists, seriously ....Score: 1/5

Great commentary !Honest and cogent commentary from the right-center. No demagoguery, which is rare these days!.Score: 5/5

Trump apologistsI couldn’t believe how blasé the discussants were about the MAGA mob that invaded and desecrated the Capital. These people were more concerned about attempts to remove Trump than they were about the Trump insurrection. Unbelievable..Score: 1/5

CitizenI appreciate the perspectives and commentary on current events. Many reviewers seem confused about the nature of an editorial board: it is commentary, i.e., opinion, not an objective presentation of the news. If you don’t like the opinions, go elsewhere, but don’t confuse the commentators with news anchors..Score: 5/5

SelloutsPretty sad journalism around the election fraud committed by the Democrats. Done listening to you..Score: 1/5

Diverting Podcast - with a bit of over the top jingoismSmart, center-right to far-right take on the world and especially US politics. Worth listening to if you bring your own filter and don't take literally everything the talking heads say..Score: 4/5

Texas Electricity ProblemsInteresting (but I guess totally predictable) that Mr McGurn in discussing the Texas electricity shortages took the opportunity to slam wind power and renewable energy in general and said the shortages prove we need more fossil fuel and nuclear. A reading of today’s WSJ (Feb 16) “The grid operator said it lost about 34,000 MW of supply as freezing temperatures forced natural gas and coal operated power plants offline in quick succession. The weather also reduced natural gas supplies and caused wind turbines to freeze in West Texas to freeze”. The problems went way beyond wind turbines but you wouldn’t know it from the podcast. Did Mr. McGurn talk to the reporters or read his own paper? I look forward to an in depth discussion of the serious problems in Texas but it won’t be on Potomac Watch..Score: 2/5

PA VOTER-WHO PROTECTS MEI can always count on you to bring me facts, perspective and have always enjoyed this podcast. I was so mad after I listened to this. In a prior podcast Kim brought up that in PA THEY DID NOT FOLLOW our state constitution. Justice Roberts punted and this disgusts me. In my state they allowed ballots with no signatures or POSTMARKS to roll in. My vote was stolen in my opinion. I happen to have a Dem. Gov. and Dem state supreme court so shocker that this crap was done. Biden in office has a chance to wreck ALOT of us with raised taxes snd oil snd gas future. So the SUPREME court should HAVE HEARD the TX case for all of us who know their state BROKE the law and not because i am a spoiled sport snd don't like the winner. Lastly, you know based on suppression of this story, that this cute little “tax” story was planned and dropped right before Christmas. The fact that CNN is now reporting on this makes u know it was planned. It is B.S. and you know he will never b charged. His laptop was said to have thousands of child porn images on it. Oh that was swept away. He and Joe Biden are going to get away with it all. Nanc - Ripped off PA voter.Score: 1/5

Great podcastGreat analysis and commentary!!!.Score: 5/5

Important Facts through a right-far right lensThey cover interesting and important topics but the talking heads can dive into conspiratorial thinking when it comes to Trump & his cronies..Score: 3/5

Thank youGrateful for the WSJ as one of the few objective voices in a very biased landscape.Score: 5/5

Kyle — Wonderful ModeratorAppears that Paul Gigot has turned over his moderator position to the very capable Kyle Peterson. Peterson has certainly proven his capabilities over the past several months. The trio of Peterson, Strassel and McGurn is very insightful, easy to follow and (for the most part) on point. I look forward to listening to each Potomac Watch podcast..Score: 5/5

Need to get their act togetherThis podcast always had lousy production, but the March 17th Filibuster episode is unlistenable. At 4:30 in, there’s banging in the background, someone pouring a soda, you can barely hear the speaker. Had to turn it off. Hire a producer with a mute button for crying out loud..Score: 1/5

Potomac WatchExcellent podcast.Score: 5/5

Disappointing ChangeUsed to look forward to this show for conservative-leaning dialogue with thoughtful balance and nuance. Not sure when the change came, but the show’s become hardly more than Bill and Paul agreeing with each other’s points and Kim providing takes/opinions that wouldn’t seem out of place on a Tucker Carlson show. I’ll stick with “What’s News” twice a day, but haven’t been coming back to PW with the same frequency..Score: 2/5

Where is Paul Gigot?Why has the host not appeared on the show for four months?.Score: 2/5

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No critical thinking hereAll bias without debate. I thought it was important to listen to an intelligent conservative perspective but these people justify every foolish thing Trump does - and Barr and GOP. Just when you think this time it will be impossible, they find an astonishing way to do it..Score: 1/5

BSPartisan spin. Strassel in latest episode trashing Mueller, Bertrand, Clapper and so on. I heard she was bad but I never understood how bad until I listened to this. Typical Murdoch stooges. I’m not US but follow the politics, so don’t bother accusing me of being some left wing nut job. Absolutely disgusting breakdown of the Mueller report. Diabolical lies..Score: 1/5

FoxishI’ve only listened to four eps. Can’t continue. Not smart enough to understand the bias of the politically motivated lie filled Nunes memo. Trashing the reputation of Christopher Steele who is a consummate professional. He was not fearful of trump election bc he is biased but by the information he saw! Lost me. RIP Republican Party..Score: 1/5

OutstandingThe WSJ Potomac Watch series is by far the best coverage of American politics in the world. Although the guests are more often than not likely to agree with each other — after all, they do write the newspaper’s leaders — they are always sound in style and substance. Required listening for any political tragic. Keep up the great work!.Score: 5/5

The conservative rational view ?In the Trump era the podcast has gone into contortions to ignore / rationalise the behaviour Trump - I guess that is interesting in itself.Score: 4/5

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WSJopinionOpinion Video: Why is the entire cruise industry shut down in the U.S., while Europe and Asia are sailing again? .Score: 5/5

Jciern .Score: 5/5

JillKafka#SchoolChoice #EdChoice WSJ .Score: 5/5

DENNISRBROOKS1WSJ Opinion: Yellow Journalism Turns Blue via WSJ.Score: 5/5

DENNISRBROOKS1WSJ Opinion: Corporate America’s ‘Big Lie’ via WSJ.Score: 5/5

Sali11NChuck Schumer Reimagines a Senate Rule .Score: 5/5

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