Friday Night Lights: The Complete Series

Expanding on the hit feature film "Friday Night Lights," this poignant series centers on the small rural town of Dillon, Texas, where the coveted state football championship rings are held in the highest regard.

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Episode TitleTimePrice
1Season 1, Episode 1: Pilot45:56Download
2Season 1, Episode 2: Eyes Wide Open44:23Download
3Season 1, Episode 3: Wind Sprints43:36Download
4Season 1, Episode 4: Who's Your Daddy?43:21Download
5Season 1, Episode 5: Git'er Done43:39Download
6Season 1, Episode 6: El Accidente41:54Download
7Season 1, Episode 7: Homecoming43:21Download
8Season 1, Episode 8: Crossing the Line43:19Download
9Season 1, Episode 9: Full Hearts43:20Download
10Season 1, Episode 10: It's Different for43:05Download
11Season 1, Episode 11: Nevermind43:21Download
12Season 1, Episode 12: What to Do While Y43:13Download
13Season 1, Episode 13: Little Girl I Wann43:19Download
14Season 1, Episode 14: Upping the Ante42:58Download
15Season 1, Episode 15: Blinders42:58Download
16Season 1, Episode 16: Black Eyes and Bro43:11Download
17Season 1, Episode 17: I Think We Should 44:52Download
18Season 1, Episode 18: Extended Families43:18Download
19Season 1, Episode 19: Ch-Ch-Ch-Ch-Change43:22Download
20Season 1, Episode 20: Mud Bowl43:19Download
21Season 1, Episode 21: Best Laid Plans43:07Download
22Season 1, Episode 22: State44:07Download
23Season 2, Episode 1: Last Days of Summer44:54Download
24Season 2, Episode 2: Bad Ideas43:10Download
25Season 2, Episode 3: Are You Ready For F43:24Download
26Season 2, Episode 4: Backfire42:55Download
27Season 2, Episode 5: Let's Get It On43:40Download
28Season 2, Episode 6: How Did I Get Here?43:43Download
29Season 2, Episode 7: Pantherama!43:14Download
30Season 2, Episode 8: Seeing Other People43:11Download
31Season 2, Episode 9: The Confession43:16Download
32Season 2, Episode 10: There Goes The Nei43:17Download
33Season 2, Episode 11: Jumping The Gun43:02Download
34Season 2, Episode 12: Who Do You Think Y43:11Download
35Season 2, Episode 13: Humble Pie43:12Download
36Season 2, Episode 14: Leave No One Behin43:12Download
37Season 2, Episode 15: May The Best Man W43:15Download
38Season 3, Episode 1: I Knew You When46:48Download
39Season 3, Episode 2: Tami Knows Best43:12Download
40Season 3, Episode 3: How the Other Half 43:10Download
41Season 3, Episode 4: Hello, Goodbye43:09Download
42Season 3, Episode 5: Every Rose Has Its 43:11Download
43Season 3, Episode 6: It Ain't Easy Being43:10Download
44Season 3, Episode 7: Keeping Up Appearan43:10Download
45Season 3, Episode 8: New York, New York43:14Download
46Season 3, Episode 9: Game Of The Week42:42Download
47Season 3, Episode 10: The Giving Tree43:10Download
48Season 3, Episode 11: A Hard Rain's Gonn43:12Download
49Season 3, Episode 12: Underdogs43:16Download
50Season 3, Episode 13: Tomorrow Blues45:08Download

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Juan Puga
Juan Puga
22 November 2018

This speech is strong man . Played varsity football here in South Texas . Played from 2009-2012 played quarterback for a small town (Rio hondo) Texas football is the greatest ! To all the kids that are still playing high school football . Cherish it man, enjoy the hell out of practice . Wether it’s 2 a days in the 100 degree weather or wether it’s full out sprints. Enjoy it man. Enjoy the struggle as a high school athlete and also play every down like it’s your last man . TORE MY ACL my senior year man. Sucks how I played as a freshman and I couldn’t wait to ball out my senior year . unfortunately didn’t play most of my senior year . I always tell kids play like it’s your last damn down . Never know when it’s your last

20 November 2018

"Babies and memories"

John Lennon
John Lennon
5 star

Reality leaves a lot to the imagination.

Daniel King
Daniel King
19 September 2018

I broke my foot in practice right before sectionals back in 2009. I was a senior. At most I could have played D3. I was a solid starter but not a stand out. Watching the team lose in semis and knowing your last game ever would served in a cast on the sideline hit me hard. Wish I could had one more game

A Viewer
A Viewer
18 September 2018

Kyle Chandler did it better in my humble opinion.

11 September 2018

I’m a freshman I’ve been playing since 8th grade I’m still thinking about when this day will come

05 September 2018

We play them tomorrow, GO FRENSHIP TIGERS WOOOOOOO!

Chuck Norris
Chuck Norris
5 star

Chuck Norris ate tiny the tiger for breakfast and it was GGGRRRREEEAAAT!

Alex Harrison
Alex Harrison
23 August 2018

This and al Pacino speech are the best football movie speeches ever in football

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