The Great British Baking Show, Season 5

Follow 12 amateur bakers--Brendan, Cathryn, Danny, James, John, Manisha, Natasha, Peter, Ryan, Sarah-Jane, Stuart, and Victoria--hoping to be named Britain's best. Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood will test their baking creativity and skill.

Official Website: | #PBSBakingShow In a season never before seen in the U.S., join original judges Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood as ...

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a Grefski
A Grefski
04 October 2018

I do love the Great British Baking Show, but I was shocked when I watched the episode, Caramel week. The bakers made stroopwafels. I'm Dutch and I cringed when they mispronounced "stroop". "Stroop" rhymes with "rope", not "stoop". So, it's pronounced "st-rope waffel". The Judges are professionals judging people on perfection? They need to hold then selves to the same standards. Get it right.

21 May 2018

This is the "old" Season (2012, I think), but one of the best. So glad PBS will not be re-airing the 2014-16 seasons over and over again. The "new" BBC season was OK (with new announcers and one new judge) and it would be nice for PBS to eventually show that; but I really enjoyed the 2012 season (as advertised above).

Oscar Wilde
Oscar Wilde
5 star

The smallest act of kindness is worth more than the grandest intention.

Casey P
Casey P
21 May 2018

I'm not interested in your fake b******* Mockingbird MSM f*** off

21 May 2018

Is this a old season or is Mary back! Gosh I hope she is I love watching her and the commentators

2 star

This might be the fifth season shown in the US, but it's actually season 3 from the BBC. The newest season from Channel4 (they changed networks) is not the same as this here. Hopefully they show it soon instead of keep showing old seasons out of order.

Slow talk 1521
Slow talk 1521
5 star

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Snowflake Pride
Snowflake Pride
5 star

FYI, Season 5 of this American broadcast version was created a year before Season 1. For Bake Off nerds, this is Series 3 of the British broadcast.

Chuck Norris
Chuck Norris
5 star

in the movie dodgeball when Chuck Norris gave the thumbs up all bets were off for stiller...... Chuck Norris cannot tell a lie

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