Counting On, Season 8

Blink at your own risk! The Duggar family is rapidly evolving as John-David, Jessa, Jinger, Joseph, Josiah and Joy-Anna take their relationships to the next level in this season of Counting On. This season will also feature several specials presenting the latest Duggar events, births and weddings soon after they happen in real-time!

TLC's ever-expanding family is back for a fourth season of Counting On, beginning Monday, February 11 at 9/8c and culminating in a two-hour wedding affair!

Episode TitleTimePrice
1It's All Greek to Me! 1:02:29USD 1.99Download
2Make Room for Baby42:33USD 1.99Download
3Unexpected42:33USD 1.99Download
4Jinger and Jeremy's Little Secret42:33USD 1.99Download
5An Explosive Reveal42:33USD 1.99Download
6Josiah Pops the Question42:33USD 1.99Download
7A Birth-day and a Birthday41:43USD 1.99Download
8Thrift Store Date Night42:33USD 1.99Download
9Lauren Finds Her Dress42:33USD 1.99Download
10Jinger's Double Surprise42:32USD 1.99Download
11Kendra Has a Baby42:33USD 1.99Download
12Josiah & Lauren's Prank-less Wedding? 1:25:35USD 1.99Download
13Josiah's Wedding09:47Download

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The Red Tea Detox
Mom M
Mom M
21 February 2019

I live auf in austria

May Long
May Long
16 February 2019

im so exited

5 star

When you are offended at any man's fault, turn to yourself and study your own failings. Then you will forget your anger.

Jessica W
Jessica W
14 February 2019

I love Josie's face at 1:18 <3

Jim Pesmark
Jim Pesmark
11 February 2019

This show is still on ? Will it ever end ?

Savannah Miller
Savannah Miller
10 February 2019

I think the thing of Jana is she is gay

Daddywise Clussy
Daddywise Clussy
10 February 2019

Jana joins the sister wives family lol

6) good
6) good
1 star

The last episode at 1 hour and 13 minutes cuts off. Clearly, there’s an error here that prolly won’t be fixed

Moses' sister
Moses' sister
5 star

Why in the world did we not get the last 10 min of the season finale... its ridiculous I paid for the whole episode and I want to see the rest... where's all the stuff with the kiss, the cake, John and Abbie etc.... I want to see the rest......

3 star

What happened ? The last episode is cut short.

Chuck Norris
Chuck Norris
5 star

Chuck Norris knows where it's at. It's at his house.

Carina Vargas
Carina Vargas
09 February 2019

"A big announcement." Sigh. Same old. Same old.

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