The Big Bang Theory, Season 12

Leonard and Sheldon are brilliant physicists – geniuses in the laboratory but socially challenged everywhere else. Enter beautiful, street-smart neighbor Penny, who aims to teach them a thing or two about life. Despite their on-again, off-again relationship in the past, Leonard and Penny have finally gotten married. Even Sheldon has found a female companion, entering into a “relationship agreement” with neurobiologist Amy Farrah Fowler, and he recently took their relationship to the next level by marrying her after a long courtship. In their free time, Leonard and Sheldon enjoy fantasy role-playing games with their ever-expanding universe of friends, including fellow scientists Raj, Howard and Howard’s adorable microbiologist wife, Bernadette, who is adjusting to life with their two children.

The Big Bang Theory 12x01 "The Conjugal Conjecture" Season 12 Episode 1 All Sneak Peeks - Sheldon and Amy's honeymoon runs aground in New York, ...

Episode TitleTimePrice
1The Conjugal Configuration20:30USD 1.99Download
2The Wedding Gift Wormhole21:06USD 1.99Download
3The Procreation Calculation20:22USD 1.99Download
4The Tam Turbulence18:56USD 1.99Download
5The Planetarium Collision18:51USD 1.99Download
6The Imitation Perturbation19:13USD 1.99Download
7The Grant Allocation Derivation19:13USD 1.99Download
8The Consummation Deviation21:01USD 1.99Download
9The Citation Negation20:19USD 1.99Download
10The VCR Illumination20:46USD 1.99Download
11The Paintball Scattering19:16USD 1.99Download
12The Propagation Proposition19:51USD 1.99Download
13The Confirmation Polarization20:06USD 1.99Download
14The Meteorite Manifestation19:26USD 1.99Download
15The Donation Oscillation21:06USD 1.99Download
16The D & D Vortex20:01USD 1.99Download
17The Conference Valuation19:31USD 1.99Download
18The Big Bang Theory Season 11 Recap04:29FreeDownload
19Best of The Big Bang Theory Comic-Con 2039:26Download

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nadjet belmihoub
Nadjet belmihoub
18 December 2018

ohh the final season............i don't want it to end at all

Eva Dahlén
Eva Dahlén
13 October 2018

Am sure the elevation get fix same time all of them move out of the building

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
5 star

Difficulties increase the nearer we get to the goal.

Jeff Shearer
Jeff Shearer
04 October 2018

Fix the elavator then blow it up again.

Bilal Abbaci
Bilal Abbaci
03 October 2018

you can watch the bbt s12 episode free at fmovies

29 September 2018

To quote Leonard from Season 2, " She said shush. I should have shushed." When will he ever learn? 🙄

28 September 2018

0:47 Penny was right to be disappointed as the newscast consisted of Raj taking a shot at Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson and afterwards starting a Twitter feud.

Chuck Norris
Chuck Norris
5 star

the reason nobody can find bigfoot is because is because Chuck Norris found him first.

cathey laksort
Cathey laksort
28 September 2018

RAJ'S finale girl friend ... that will be something.

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