Jamestown, Season 1

1619. For 12 years, Jamestown has been populated only by men, but now, the first women, including Alice, Verity, and Jocelyn, land in this breathtaking wilderness, thrust into a new world of love, desire, power, and survival. UK Edition.

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9Bonus: The Making of Jamestown17:08Download
10Bonus: Designing Jamestown05:00Download
11Bonus: Love and Betrayal04:44Download
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The Red Tea Detox
09 December 2018

Thanks for the trailer, will skip this one.

Jen Lott
Jen Lott
24 October 2018

The extended version is one minute??

Murray Gell-Mann
Murray Gell-Mann
5 star

Think how hard physics would be if particles could think.

Kenny Holeater
Kenny Holeater
17 October 2018

Politically correct crap death to the dirty Brown Savages

09 April 2018

Ugh..Modern music, ummm, no. Get creative, dare I say even original, and write music that's more appropriate to the time period!


Donde fuiste tan feliz siempre regresarás Aunque confundas dolor con la felicidad Y ya no seas ni tú mismo pero pie…


@olimpistaodioso: A vos "barra brava" seas de Olimpia o Cerro, dejen de fastidiar a los que van a la cancha. Deja en paz su bandera o su…


@rissoagoos Agostina no seas asiiiiiiii

RedPill Satanist
RedPill Satanist
24 February 2018

Oh Goody. A series that hopefully tells the truth of how the Native Americans were slaughtered by the Pilgrims.

Michael Ryan
Michael Ryan
25 November 2017

I really am looking forward to this show coming to the states. I live in Maryland and some of my ancestors started coming over in the 1680s or so. Colonial American History has always fascinated me for as a child my parents took me to Jamestown and later to Plymouth . I am also interested in seeing how they portray the english settlers who married native american women, remains of native american women's jewelry and cooking pots have been found at the Jamestown sight in large quantities and some written documents have survived telling that some of the men there besides John Rolfe did take native wives.

Chuck Norris
Chuck Norris
5 star

You know that scene in Superman where Superman flies around the Earth to reverse it's spin and send time backwards? If you watch it frame by frame you will see a disappointed Chuck Norris at the North Pole shaking his head when he realizes that Superman is trying to do something impossible for a mere mortal of Krypton. But to help a brother out, Chuck Norris lets Superman get up to speed and roundhouse kicks the Earth to reverse the spin. He never did tell Superman the truth....mostly because he was still banging Lois Lane.

15 May 2017

I am excited for this show, but will be thrilled if my great-uncle Captain Gabriel Archer is at least mentioned in this! haha! But of course he died in the winter of 1609/10, so I doubt it. I want to see this show regardless. #historynerd

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