Project Blue Book, Season 1

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Based on the true, Top Secret investigations into UFOs and related phenomena conducted by the U.S. Air Force, this thrilling series follows Dr. J. Allen Hynek (Aidan Gillen, Game of Thrones) a brilliant college professor recruited to spearhead operation “Project Blue Book” that researched thousands of cases, many of which were never solved.

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Episode TitleTimePrice
1The Fuller Dogfight44:16USD 1.99Download
2The Flatwoods Monster43:01USD 1.99Download
3The Lubbock Lights43:19USD 1.99Download
4Operation Paperclip43:41USD 1.99Download
5Foo Fighters44:32USD 1.99Download
6The Green Fireballs42:54USD 1.99Download
7The Scoutmaster44:03USD 1.99Download
8War Games42:21USD 1.99Download
9Abduction44:17USD 1.99Download
10The Washington Merry-Go-Round43:09USD 1.99Download
11Project Blue Book Sneak Peek02:02FreeDownload

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5 star

I am enjoying this series. I read Dr. Hynek's books when I was a teenager, back in the days when UFOs were in the news almost daily. Those who are criticizing this series for its lacks of historical accuracy are missing the point. This is fictionalized to a great extent. It's not a documentary. And that mix is in great part the reason for its success. The stories are interesting, the actors are good, the overarching story is engaging. Any UFO nut should enjoy this.

24 August 2019

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Chuck Norris
Chuck Norris
24 August 2019

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