Survivor, Season 38: Edge of Extinction

The Emmy Award-winning series returns for its 38th season, themed "Edge of Extinction.” This edition features 18 castaways divided into two equal tribes, The Manu Tribe and The Kama Tribe. Four returning players join the 14 castaways who are competing for the first time. The returning castaways are Joe Anglim (“Worlds Apart,” “Second Chance”), Aubry Bracco (“Kaoh Rong,” “Game Changers”), Kelley Wentworth (“Second Chance,” “San Juan del Sur”) and David Wright (“Millennials vs. Gen-X”). This season presents a new layer to the game with the introduction of the island known as “Edge of Extinction,” which severely tests the will of the castaways to be the Sole Survivor and what they are willing to endure to make that happen. Those who can withstand the emotionally and physically difficult challenge will be afforded a shot at one of them to get back in the game and continue their quest for $1 million.

A first look at the next season of Survivor: Edge of Extinction premiering Wednesday, February 20, 2019. Subscribe to the "Survivor" Channel HERE: ...

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The Red Tea Detox
Eduardo Martinez
Eduardo Martinez
15 February 2019

Fuck yeah David is here 😄😄😄

Ryker Irontooth
Ryker Irontooth
09 February 2019

Will this be the season that saves the 4 seasons of hell?

5 star

Peace of mind is not the absence of conflict from life, but the ability to cope with it.

red hazel
Red hazel
09 February 2019

Ouh Wendy get my vote

normie disguised in a meme account
Normie disguised in a meme account
04 February 2019

The lower your expectations, the better it'll be if it's a good season.

Chad Henderson
Chad Henderson
02 February 2019

I like Wendy from what I’ve seen so far and I’m really exited for joe returning along with kelley!

01 February 2019

I guess the man bun is not extinct.

Chuck Norris
Chuck Norris
5 star

Chuck Norris has the eyes of an angel and the soul of a saint. He keeps them in a footlocker under his bed. "

Marcell Moradel
Marcell Moradel
30 January 2019

No cast yet? I thought it was going to be today

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  • CBS Announces the 18 Castaways Competing on the Next Edition of "Survivor," Premiering Wednesday, Feb. 20 - This edition, themed "Edge of Extinction," features 18 castaways divided into two equal tribes, the Manu Tribe and the Kama Tribe.
  • Joe Anglim of 'Survivor' explains why he turned down 'Game Changers' - Joey Amazing is back! After becoming a fan favorite in his first two Survivor stints (Worlds Apart, Second Chance), Joe Anglim his hoping the third time is the charm for him in terms of finally taking home the million-dollar check and title of Sole Survivor. …

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