Death in Paradise, Season 8

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Detective Jack Mooney is starting to get to know the people and places of Saint Marie. But there’s little time for sightseeing, as there are some fiendishly clever murders to solve. From a local radio DJ murdered while live on air to a zookeeper killed by a poisonous dart, Jack and his team have their work cut out.

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Margaret Wheatley
Margaret Wheatley
09 December 2019

We know from science that nothing in the universe exists as an isolated or independent entity.

1 star

Murder plus too many flashbacks plus cheesy humor plus solutions that have nothing with the the actual dramatized detective work make for a stupid, stupid show.

5 star

They did it again ladies and gents!

Chuck Norris
Chuck Norris
09 December 2019

Chuck Norris puts the FUN in funeral

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