The Lost Tomb of Alexander the Great

Archaeologist Pepi Papakosta is on a mission to find Alexander the Great’s lost tomb. Excavating in a public garden in the center of Alexandria, Egypt, the city he founded 2,300 years ago, she has discovered a rare marble statue of Alexander, Greek treasures and secret tunnels. But Pepi’s biggest find is an extraordinary discovery even she was not expecting.

Produced by Blakeway Productions for National Geographic, Past Preservers provided Expert Presenter Classical Archaeologist, Dr. Maria Nilsson.

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Bobby Bray Bray
Bobby Bray Bray
13 April 2019

macedonian NOT GREEK! stop distorting the truth you half breeds

Elbert Hubbard
Elbert Hubbard
5 star

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5 star

I really enjoyed this from beginning to end history at its best

AAH 82
AAH 82
5 star

Very well done documentary.

Chuck Norris
Chuck Norris
5 star

one day a cop pulled Chuck Norris over for speeding, that cop was lucky to leave with a warning

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