What We Do in the Shadows, Season 1

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What We Do in the Shadows follows four vampires who’ve “lived” together for hundreds of years. After an unexpected visit from their dark lord and leader, they're reminded of what they were initially tasked with upon their arrival in Staten Island over a hundred years ago – total and complete domination of the New World. But what exactly is the best way to go about achieving said domination?

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Episode TitleTimePrice
1Pilot30:23USD 1.99Download
2City Council24:07USD 1.99Download
3Werewolf Feud25:18USD 1.99Download
4Manhattan Night Club23:37USD 1.99Download
5Animal Control23:11USD 1.99Download
6Baron's Night Out21:47USD 1.99Download
7The Trial26:07USD 1.99Download
8Citizenship25:08USD 1.99Download
9The Orgy22:57USD 1.99Download
10Ancestry23:45USD 1.99Download
11What We Do In the Shadows – First Look03:45FreeDownload

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30 September 2019

After watching the first season of the show I noticed they show some scenes in this clip that did not make it to the show.

03 September 2019

Bloody funny......!

Walter Scott
Walter Scott
24 October 2019

To the timid and hesitating everything is impossible because it seems so.

kaczynski S
Kaczynski S
02 September 2019

Colin Robinson is not a vampire. He is just middle management.

03 August 2019

The movie was amazing. Turning into a knock off tv show is just embarrassing. Come on Taika don't blemish your career like this.

philip japitana
Philip japitana
01 August 2019

Sparkles 🤣🤣🤣🤣

Kristopher Miller
Kristopher Miller
25 July 2019

Nandor and Lazlo look too much alike.

Travis f. Nelson
Travis f. Nelson
1 star

In this episode, Guillermo helps Nandor get his citizenship (which isn’t an issue) and later on Nandor states that “all I wanted to do as a U.S. citizen is buy a gun” to which Guillermo ignorantly responds “You don’t need to be a citizen to buy a gun” and some other bs about how “easy” it is to buy a gun. It’s to bad these shows always have to put in these jabs at things they obviously don’t understand about guns. I liked this show too but now I won’t be watching. Too bad!

E Diddy Shizzle
E Diddy Shizzle
3 star

I want to watch the show I paid for NOT SEE ADS FOR OTHER SHOWS before it gets in to what I want to see. Absolutely ridiculous. If I want to see ads I will watch YouTube, WHEN I PAY FOR CONTENT LEAVE THE F****** ADS OUT!

Zap B.
Zap B.
5 star

Makes me think of classic shows like Fawlty Towers and Police Squad. This show should take its place with some of the best ever. It’s really good.

Chuck Norris
Chuck Norris
24 October 2019

If you see Chuck Norris kick someone out of a window, you just know he's gonna land on a conveniently-placed spike.

Robin Gilliver
Robin Gilliver
15 July 2019

They are not stupid.

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