Star Wars Resistance, Season 2

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After saving the residents of the Colossus from the First Order by launching the station into space, Kaz and friends find themselves in peril yet again when they realize they are truly on their own with limited resources. Our heroes try to survive by searching for fuel and food, but the Colossus soon faces myriad dangers across the galaxy – including Commander Pyre and Agent Tierny’s pursuing Star Destroyer. Meanwhile, Tam discovers what it’s like being a new recruit for the First Order.

Episode TitleTimePrice
1Into the Unknown22:07USD 1.99Download
2A Quick Salvage Run22:07USD 1.99Download
3Live Fire22:07USD 1.99Download
4Hunt on Celsor 322:07USD 1.99Download
5The Engineer22:07USD 1.99Download
6From Beneath22:07USD 1.99Download
7The Relic Raiders22:07USD 1.99Download
8Rendezvous Point22:07USD 1.99Download
9The Voxx Vortex 500022:07USD 1.99Download
10Kaz's Curse22:07USD 1.99Download
11Station to Station22:07USD 1.99Download
12The Missing Agent22:07USD 1.99Download
13Breakout22:07USD 1.99Download
14The Mutiny22:07USD 1.99Download
15The New World22:07USD 1.99Download
16No Place Safe22:07USD 1.99Download
17Rebuilding the Resistance22:07USD 1.99Download
18The Escape43:13USD 1.99Download

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25 September 2020

If you seek truth you will not seek victory by dishonourable means, and if you find truth you will become invincible.

5 star

Beautiful animation, especially the backgrounds. Great way to introduce young padawans to SW. And if you have an open mind to adventure, you will love it too.

1 star

I just watched the episode and I couldn’t describe underwhelming even if i tried. This finale is so rushed and there is no tension in ANY of the scenes. This show completely drops any inkling of development of any characters at all that might have been a LITTLE interesting. This show forgot about a 90% of its characters and completely threw them away, leaving SO MANY QUESTIONS!!! What happened to the relationship between Kaz and Synara? Don’t know! They dropped it. What happened to Kaz’s relationship with his father? Don’t know! They dropped it! How did does Kaz development change throughout the show? It doesn’t! They do NOTHING with it, he’s the same old goofy annoying character. What happened to Rücklin, he’s just never shown again. Did he die? Don’t know! They dropped him too!! What happened to Commander Pyre and Agent Tyranny? They just die off screen I guess... they don’t even show it. They don’t even Confirm it! This shows major problem is giving the characters stakes. No one in this show Dies, there are literally NO stakes at all. The only people that die in this show are the bad guys that have no face or character of any type, there never threatening either. They do the same rinse and repeat stuff, over and over. The main characters have to fix something with the colossus or help the resistance, then the first order shows up, and there’s a little battle, then they all escape. It’s the same thing each episode. This show has no difference in anything. The last episode was more so about Tam than anyone else. I would have had less of a problem with this show of they simply didn’t end it like this! What a waste. 1/5 for resistance, my god Disney...

1 star

The art style is extremely jarring to the point after watching for 5 to 10 minutes I have a migraine and the story adds nothing to the Star Wars canon or mythos

Chuck Norris
Chuck Norris
25 September 2020

9/11 wasn't caused by terrorists, Chuck Norris got a toy air plane and GI Joes

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