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Once gold fever strikes, it’s impossible to give it up. This season of GOLD RUSH marks a decade of digging with all-new claims, crews and challenges. Miners Parker Schnabel, Tony Beets and Rick Ness are back and putting everything on the line in pursuit of the American dream.

NoEpisode TitleTimeHD Download
1The Perfect Storm 1:23:35 Download
2Promised Land 1:23:38 Download
3The Fast and the Furious48:04 Download
4Breaking the Piggy Bank48:04 Download
5It's Alive48:04 Download
6Big Red vs. Sluicifer48:04 Download
7Rick's Sixth Sense48:04 Download
8Lost Gold of Paradise Hill48:05 Download
9Back to Alaska48:04 Download
10Record Breaker 1:23:37 Download
11Frenemies48:04 Download
12Resurrecting Monsters48:04 Download
101Confessions of a Record-Breaking Season48:04 Download
102The Legend of Porcupine Creek48:04 Download
103Paydirt Playbook41:34 Download
104The Dirt: Tough Love41:34 Download
105The Dirt: A New Attitude41:34 Download
106The Dirt: Extracurricular Minetivities41:34 Download
107The Dirt: Miners, Dive-Ins and Drives41:34 Download
108The Dirt: Airing of Grievances41:34 Download
109Jazznastics41:34 Download
110The Dirt: Freddy Gets a Show41:24 Download
111The Dirt: From the Vault41:39 Download

Gold Rush, Season 11 Comments

Gold Rush, Season 11 Reviews

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1 star

Once again like 3 episodes behind.

2 star

Whats taking so long on putting the new episodes your 3 late

Big Nick Obrien
Big Nick Obrien
1 star

Great season but iTunes takes forever to add new episodes. Always weeks behind.

1 star

I have to wait a week and a half in Canada to watch a new episode what a joke lol YouTube gets new episodes faster then iTunes that’s sad But iTunes dose not care about there customers!!!

9234 chains
9234 chains
5 star

This was so amazing

5 star

This is an great series if you like these reality type shows. We record this series directly from Discovery. The biggest reason I will not purchase from iTunes is because they take your money and are "ALWAYS" late posting the episodes. One day late, ok I can live with that. Two weeks late, no that is unaceptable but more and more, iTunes fails to deliver. Awesome show otherwise.

Country Guy4587
Country Guy4587
5 star

So happy the pandemic didn't stop the production of this great show. Best season to date

5 star

It’s going to be great happy they came out with it

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TV Data

  • NameGold Rush
  • Relase Date
  • GenreReality & Nonfiction
  • CountryUSA
  • Episodes23

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