Team Knight Rider, Season 1

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Building on one of television’s most successful franchises, Team Knight Rider introduced five hot young actors (Brixton Karnes, Christine Steel, Duane Davis, Kathy Trageser, and Nick Wechsler) and their sleek, futuristic, super-intelligent vehicles (voiced by Andrea Beutner, Tom Kane, John Kassir, Kerrigan Mahan, and Nia Vardalos). The elite group of specially trained undercover government operatives is called upon when conventional law enforcement and national security agencies have tried and failed. Team Knight Rider requires the combined efforts of five unique individuals and their futuristic cars, computerized extensions of their own personalities.

Episode TitleTimePrice
1Fallen Nation44:22USD 1.99Download
2The Magnificent T.K.R.43:32USD 1.99Download
3The A List44:26USD 1.99Download
4K.R.O.43:23USD 1.99Download
5Inside Traitor43:30USD 1.99Download
6Choctaw L-943:27USD 1.99Download
7Everything to Fear43:10USD 1.99Download
8SkyOne43:28USD 1.99Download
9The Iron Maiden42:57USD 1.99Download
10Oil and Water42:53USD 1.99Download
11Et Tu, Dante?43:29USD 1.99Download
12The Bad Seed42:57USD 1.99Download
13Out of the Past43:28USD 1.99Download
14The Return of Megaman43:25USD 1.99Download
15Angels In Chains43:29USD 1.99Download
16The Blonde Woman43:12USD 1.99Download
17The Ixtafa Affair42:56USD 1.99Download
18A Home Away from Home43:27USD 1.99Download
19E.M.P.43:12USD 1.99Download
20Apocolypse Maybe42:58USD 1.99Download
21Spy Girls43:00USD 1.99Download
22Legion of Doom42:45USD 1.99Download

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2 star

This episode was a real disappointment after growing up with the original Knight Rider. My 10 year old son said the effects look like a cartoon, the individual cars displays are in a toaster-sized box, and the Beasts windshield/screen shattered when Duke landed on it- yet soon after, Beast drove through a wall??? My son fell asleep 5 minutes before the end and I wasn't far behind- the attention grabber at the end was the security clearance denial for subject "Michael Knight" on the Sky-one computer (not affiliated to B Sky B) I know that season openers have a lot to establish in those precious 44 minutes, but Christ-on-a-bike, this was one SLOW episode. I'll give a few episodes a try-out- as i remember seeing the odd episode on ITV in the 90s (KRO, and some western thing), and think i liked them. So i'll end it there but, just to keep you- the browser, interested..............MICHAEL KNIGHT !




Ella Fitzgerald
Ella Fitzgerald
07 December 2019

It isn't where you come from, it's where you're going that counts.




Joseph Z in VA
Joseph Z in VA
3 star

Not knowing why Universal cancelled the show. I thought it was off to a shady but good start. Despite the show cancelled after it's 22nd episode, I'd like to see the show reborn to Season 2.

5 star

this show is awful!

Chuck Norris
Chuck Norris
07 December 2019

God is Chuck Norris 3rd cousin

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