Castle, Season 2

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Season 2 of Castle premieres on Monday, September 21st. Don't miss a moment!

Official trailer for "Castle: The Complete First Season" DVD set.

Episode TitleTimePrice
1Deep In Death41:58USD 1.99Download
2The Double Down42:38USD 1.99Download
3Inventing the Girl43:02USD 1.99Download
4Fool Me Once43:25USD 1.99Download
5When the Bough Breaks43:28USD 1.99Download
6Vampire Weekend43:09USD 1.99Download
7Famous Last Words43:40USD 1.99Download
8Kill the Messenger43:08USD 1.99Download
9Love Me Dead41:38USD 1.99Download
10One Man's Treasure43:30USD 1.99Download
11The Fifth Bullet43:27USD 1.99Download
12A Rose for Everafter42:38USD 1.99Download
13Sucker Punch43:22USD 1.99Download
14The Third Man43:17USD 1.99Download
15Suicide Squeeze43:27USD 1.99Download
16The Mistress Always Spanks Twice42:34USD 1.99Download
17Tick Tick Tick42:44USD 1.99Download
18Boom!43:26USD 1.99Download
19Wrapped Up In Death43:14USD 1.99Download
20The Late Shaft43:26USD 1.99Download
21Den of Thieves43:29USD 1.99Download
22Food to Die For43:25USD 1.99Download
23Overkill43:30USD 1.99Download
24A Deadly Game43:30USD 1.99Download

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Perun iz Civljana
Perun iz Civljana
17 June 2014

Stana Katić-Srpkinja iz srpskog sela Koljana u Srpskoj Dalmaciji.

5 star

One of the best shows on right now.

5 star

Great tv show but come on i tunes i forked out the £44.99 for the season only for you to change the price within 24 hours talk about taking the mic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1 star

Why is it almost £15 more to buy the season pass, when you can buy them all individually at a cheaper cost?

emily laing
Emily laing
01 February 2013

"u do know im wearing a gun!"

3 star

The show is great Nathan Fillion's character who keeps the show interesting, but this type of show has been done in the past. BRING BACK FIREFLY!!!!!!

Mr Safety
Mr Safety
5 star

Having enjoyed season 1 of Castle immensely, I downloaded season 2 without hesitation looking forward to new developments. For the first 5 or so episodes, the show continues along the vein of season 1 with a blend of light humour and with the two main characters - Castle and Detective Beckett - bickering and fighting. This bickering grew to be annoying around the 5th episode, as I like both characters - and actors - and I disliked hearing them argue all the time. Well, guess what? Episode 6 (or so) and bam! Problem solved. The show takes on a more serious tone and the characters turn to co-operating instead of sniping one-liners at each other. Fantastic! The remainder of Season 2 continues to surprise and all of the episodes are highly entertaining. Unlike most of what's on TV these days, Castle is one show worth watching. Recommended.

5 star

Recently finished the first two seasons, and I look forward to buying a Season 3 pass as soon as one is available. Great writing, leaving you not knowing who even did it until the last scene.

11 December 2019

Though no one can go back and make a brand new start, anyone can start from now and make a brand new ending.

Marina Vieira Souza
Marina Vieira Souza
25 November 2012

look at them, look how much they've grown <3

5 star

Firstly let me support all those who complain about iTunes lack of service to the Australian public. But I don't expect it - it's an American company at the end of the day, there's not many people in Australia - and America is not about service. Although the time it takes to update Australia can't cost them that much, seriously. But don't expect that Apple is going to give a toss for service to Australia. After saying that Castle is entertaining, sure it's got the standard two story line show, but it's great again for the nice interplay of it's charactors, mix of humour, sleuthing, drama and solid storyline. Really entertaining show.

4 star

Hiya, What is WRONG with the marketing people, Castle?. Why is Season Three not on sale in Aus? I can find crappy illegal copies of the US broadcast for free, but I can't buy a decent version on iTunes because I'm not in the US. I'm sure I'm not the only customer you are losing by not stocking the product they want, nor as far as I can see, any information about when it might show up. When is season 3 coming to Aus ITunes? T.

Haha let's laugh!!
Haha let's laugh!!
5 star

I love this season, accept for the end when becketts about to tell him she loves him and then his stupid ex wife comes and ruins it all

5 star

I ❤️ the show castle

Amber lamby
Amber lamby
5 star

Castle's mysteries always get me hooked. what can i say? I am in officially in love. i think that i have watched every episode of every season at least twice! i am so impatient with a waiting for a new episode to come out every week, but it is defiantly worth it! :) I have been hooked since the first episode. if it was not for this show , well i don't know what i would do. i hope you all enjoy it as much as me (i don't know if that is possible). all i can say is WATCH IT!

Great Hockey
Great Hockey
5 star

This show is the best mystery show ever! I just can't wait till the action-packed killer finding ending!!! Castle and Beckett are so better than Brennan and Booth as some of those fans of Bones would say. I tried to watch an episode but it was just plain disgusting. I like Castle better because at least you don't have to look at decayed bodies. The part about the murder of Beckett's mother 12 years before Castle came in was pretty mysterious. I think Castle really complete's the series because even though he's a mystery novel writer he's funny, charming and has theory's that crack the case WIDE open. Beckett is not happy with Castle in the first episode because he joins and is not professional but he is a great asset to the team. He and Ryan and Esposito are good friends with him and they like to tease Beckett but there pretty good too. For the people who haven't watched this turn your TV to ABC on Monday at 10 and get ready to watch some investigating! My final words are this show is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chuck Norris
Chuck Norris
11 December 2019

Once Chuck Norris played Scary Maze, when he met the scary ghost, she broke out the screen and escaped.

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