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He is one of America’s least understood and most underestimated Founding Fathers, the second President of the United States, John Adams. From HBO Films comes this sprawling seven-part miniseries event that depicts the extraordinary life of one of the primary shapers of our independence and government. Starring Paul Giamatti as Adams and Laura Linney as his wife Abigail, the miniseries chronicles the man who played a pivotal role in fostering the American Revolution and laying the building blocks of a republic—but whose legacy has often been eclipsed by more flamboyant contemporaries like George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Alexander Hamilton and Benjamin Franklin. Also with Tom Wilkinson, Stephen Dillane, David Morse, Danny Huston, Rufus Sewell, Sarah Polley, Justin Theroux and Guy Henry.

Learn more about the American founding father John Adams and his portrayal in the HBO Films' Miniseries Event 'John Adams. For more information about ...

Episode TitleTimePrice
1Join or Die 1:10:44USD 3.99Download
2Independence 1:31:50USD 3.99Download
3Don't Tread On Me 1:08:55USD 3.99Download
4Reunion 1:05:57USD 3.99Download
5Unite or Die 1:03:35USD 3.99Download
6Unnecessary War 1:19:22USD 3.99Download
7Peacefield 1:02:20USD 3.99Download
8David McCullough: Painting With Words39:12Download
9Making 'John Adams'29:11Download

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The Red Tea Detox
Joshua Waltz
Joshua Waltz
31 January 2019

Paul Giamatti owned this role of John Adams the look in his eye and intensity.

billybob lillybob
Billybob lillybob
30 January 2019

David Morse being cast as George Washington was masterful. There are countless adaptations of stories that include George Washington that all contain, at best, passable actors portraying Washington. Morse is simply stunning in the Washington role.




Doris Day
Doris Day
5 star

Gratitude is riches. Complaint is poverty.

24 January 2019

I take issue with Tom Hanks saying the soldiers were "responsible" for the Boston Massacre. If you attack men armed with guns and put them in fear of their lives, they're "responsible" if they defend themselves? Excuse me, sir, I think not.

5 star

Anybody remotely interested in democratic history must watch this excellent series.

23 January 2019

Now we have a criminal Police State that kills it's people on 9/11 and Mandalay Bay. Fuck USA. Fuck the Fed Reserve and Fuck DC.

Heavy Jay
Heavy Jay
15 November 2018

Washington was right when it came to political parties were seeing that today

Thomas G O'Neill Jr
Thomas G O'Neill Jr
06 October 2018

Abigail Adams is an American Hero!!!!

5 star

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5 star

Bravo on this one iTunes

3 star

For Yvonne

Chuck Norris
Chuck Norris
5 star

Chuck Norris uses a violin bow as a toothpick.

Arna G. Smith
Arna G. Smith
15 September 2018

I am so proud of Tom Hanks!

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John is a common English name and surname: John (given name) John (surname), including a list of people with the name JohnJohn may also refer to:. HBO, John, Adams, Tom, Hanks, Films, David, McCollough, Paul, Giamatti, Laura, Linney,

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