Movie Theater Popcorn Taste Test

Which movie theater chain pops the best corn? We put Pacific Theatres, Regal, AMC, Arclight, Cinemark, and Laemmle side-by-side for an Oscar-worthy taste test!  GMM #1485

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Albino Cadillac
Albino Cadillac
20 March 2019

I only have a Cinemark and I love their popcorn

ciara wright
Ciara wright
19 March 2019

i work at cinemark, i watched the end just to see what rank we got 😂

Jcking9 G&V
Jcking9 G&V
18 March 2019

The amc popcorn flavor is different depending on where you get it

Chuck Norris
Chuck Norris
5 star

The Chuck Norris-approved Chucknopoly is the world's only board game that is potentially fatal.

astronomic danny
Astronomic danny
18 March 2019


16 March 2019

I used to work at Cinemark. I have to say after eating their popcorn for an entire year every single shift, and even bringing home large quantities of the leftover popcorn at night, I freakin love their popcorn

Siena Schettino
Siena Schettino
14 March 2019

Y was bohemian rhapsody the worst movie that movie was amazing

13 March 2019

Nothing beats Kernels popcorn.

H. Jackson Browne
H. Jackson Browne
5 star

Don't be afraid to go out on a limb. That's where the fruit is.

Kayley Baker (Student)
Kayley Baker (Student)
12 March 2019

4:22 Link tried to put the popcorn on top of the other one! Hahaha

Michelle C
Michelle C
12 March 2019

Please do microwave popcorn.

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  • Duration11:43
  • Date18 February 2019
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