The Carters (Jay-Z & Beyonce) - EVERYTHING IS LOVE - Album Review

For my 973rd review, Jay-Z and Beyonce finally deliver a full collaborative project / victory lap.

Worst Song: '713'


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The Carters (Jay-Z & Beyonce) - EVERYTHING IS LOVE - Hip-Hop/R&B - Album Review

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10 July 2018

Beyonce is one of the least interesting people in pop music. She lacks any personality or humour. I cannot wrap my head around why people worship her. I'm trying to think of five personality traits that she possesses and I honestly can't.

03 July 2018


Manuug Thomas
Manuug Thomas
02 July 2018

Keep MLK outta ya mouth white boy

Chuck Norris
Chuck Norris
5 star

Once, while tooling around in his Delorean, Chuck Norris accidentally went 4.5 billion years into the past. Before returning to the present, he hocked a wad of phlegm out the window. And that is how all life on earth began.

Manuug Thomas
Manuug Thomas
02 July 2018

Why would I listen to some monologueist deusch bag's opinion about hip hop? Gtfoh! This Album is a classic!

Parker Fox
Parker Fox
01 July 2018

Agree with a 6, but I'd say 6.5 lol

Mac Benzo
Mac Benzo
30 June 2018

So riddle me this Why do you think they made the video in the Louvre Museum, hint Black Panther Kilmonger in the museum🤔

Marni Bailey
Marni Bailey
29 June 2018

I don't see how Beehive fans could bash her husband all the dam time what part don't you guys get that's her husband the Father of her children whether people have ill feelings towards him she has forgiven her Husband and that's what matters. Do you think that doesn't hurt her to hear what people think of Jay Z like you can't please everybody. If you don't like the joint album then don't listen too it. If you can't respect the fact their on tour together as HUSBAND/ WIFE then don't go that's not hard to do. Allow her to heal on her own when negative comments are made about her Husband it inflicts pain in the heart they share feelings together, pillow talking and much more. I love Beyoncé music and Jay Z I would never making nasty comments towards her Husband they share a special bond that only the 2 of them know.. Beyoncé nor does Jay Z have to share their martial flaws with anyone. I respect Beyoncé and Jay Z to be willing to save the marriage. Respect her husband and the Man she loves remember your also inflicting pain on the kids after all is said and down that's their Dad

Henry J. Kaiser
Henry J. Kaiser
5 star

Trouble is only opportunity in work clothes.

Ero S.
Ero S.
22 June 2018

after everything u said I expected u to give this album a 3/10 or something but a 6/10 isn't that bad? OK I'll take it

Luca Johnson
Luca Johnson
22 June 2018

“Watch/10 headass

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