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--------------- ATTRIBUTIONS ---------------
Music (licensed under a Creative Commons license)

By Kevin MacCleod:

Marty Gots A Plan
Hard Boiled
Fast Talkin
Outfoxing The Fox
Covert Affair
Dances and Dames
Constance The Descent
Enter The Maze
Sneaky Snitch

From Epidemic Sound:

Trabant 33 - Domenica Buonanotte
Golden Anchor - Hymn to the Rising Sun
Trabant 33 - Stairs To The Vatican
Kurt Lyndon - Gud Se I Nåd Till Dessa Två
Trabant 33 - Tutto Bene
The Waiting World - Slide on over
The Waiting World - Give Me That Wink
Arthur Benson - Simple Pleasantries
Arthur Benson - Lend a clumsy hand
Arthur Benson - Sneaking into the kitchen
Arthur Benson - How to tango
Arthur Benson - Through Dark Gardens
Cercles Nouvelles - Ancient Rome
Arthur Benson - Minor Indescretions
Grant Newman - Last March Of Heroes
Vanity Street - Do You Want More

From Artlist:

LMOP - The Whisper Man
Maik Thomas - Bonus Track
Otis - Celebration

From YouTube Music Library:

E's Jammy Jams - Bluebird

All images public domain or licensed from Shutterstock and Dreamstime


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01 January 1970

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