A Second A Day for a Year | 2016

One second a day for my entire 2016! May have cheated and used more than 1 on some days because I couldn't cut stuff out lol THUMBS UP if you enjoyed & SUBSCRIBE if you are new!
My 1 second a day from sophomore year: youtu.be/PyXIR9WdA8k
Re-watch my Vlogmas vids: tinyurl.com/MorganVlogmas

If you've been watching my videos for a while then you know that something I love to do is put together videos that capture my memories from the preceding year. This is my second time undertaking the 1 second a day goal (see sophomore year for the other). 2016 has been my best year yet and this video captures one second a day of it for the entire year. Cheers to 2017!


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