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Does Rosetta Stone® work? Rosetta Course® provides speaking, listening, reading and writing exercises and gives you the opportunity to practice grammar, associating sounds and images with new language meaning activities and more.

Rosetta Studio® which provides guided, interactive immersion sessions to practice and refine what you've learned in Rosetta Course.

Rosetta World® which which allows you to interact with other users and engage in games, voice chats and interactive stories in our online environment.

In this video we chat with Rosetta World with Director of Learning, Duane Sider who talks to us about the features and functions within Rosetta Course.

Here are some of the questions he will be answering:

How does Rosetta Stone work and what makes it so effective?
What type of learning methods does Rosetta Stone use?
Does Rosetta Stone teach people about different cultures?
Does Rosetta Stone teach grammar?

If you are interested in learning more about Rosetta Stone or any of these specific details regarding Rosetta Course, be sure to check out this video!

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14 September 2014

thon setha
Thon setha
15 July 2014

Great production. I have spent year to learn with English teacher(not English native)  in my Cambodia, otherwise I live in country so difficult to find good English teacher not like city.I still can not speak English fluently. since I start using Rosetta online class really great. Now I can speak and understand so much. I don't finish yet just level 3 lesson 2....I will finish soon.... I plan to buy more online language like Chinese after finish English.

Luis Arguijo
Luis Arguijo
18 February 2014


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Rosetta (; Arabic: رشيد‎ Rašīd IPA: [ɾɑˈʃiːd]; French: Rosette [ʁo.zɛt]; Coptic: ⲣⲁϣⲓⲧ Rashit) is a port city of the Nile Delta, located 65 km (40 mi) east of Alexandria, in Egypt's Beheira governorate. Founded around in the 9th century, Rosetta boomed with the decline of Alexandria following the Ottoman conquest of Egypt in 1517, only to wane in importance after Alexandria's revival. During the 19th century, it was a popular British tourist destination, known for its charming Ottoman mansions... Rosetta Stone, language, Rosetta Course, learning, software, lesson, education, learn, language software, language learning, learn a language, does rosetta stone work,

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