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Does Brand Loyalty even mean anything in 2018? The Value of Brands in an ever changing market.

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DO BRANDS MATTER ANYMORE? - Is Gibson, Fender, PRS, NEVE or SSL YOUR Thing? Video Statistics

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DO BRANDS MATTER ANYMORE? - Is Gibson, Fender, PRS, NEVE or SSL YOUR Thing? Comments

DO BRANDS MATTER ANYMORE? - Is Gibson, Fender, PRS, NEVE or SSL YOUR Thing? Reviews

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Kipperbob Sam
Kipperbob Sam
10 October 2019

I've bought several?? ¿? Brand guitars in car boot sales over the past 30 years and have made most of them into instruments just as playable as most of the big companies guitars, it's what started me playing, fixing stuff for friends, it's all wood metal and wire's. 30 years ago, all guitars were rubbish in many parts of the world.

Jim Camp
Jim Camp
09 October 2019

Like what Beato alluded to, they get you with marketing. Who has the coolest names, Fender/Squire are animal names they anchor in. Schecter they like the occult/demon side of naming. The amp example, the Fillmore ? Another perfect example, never heard it in person, yet it evokes this historical & nostalgia mental visualization & expectation. To me, brands still do carry significance. I mean, if I were to say Bigsby Vibrato, the brand I think of first is Gretsch. Yeah, you can put a Bigsby on anything, but go thru the products they all have and all you see are Gretsch Bigsby models. Kinda makes you think Gretsch does Bigsby better than anyone else ? Guess you have to be a Bigsby hardware fan. Just me, but whenever I see arch top, semi-hollow body with the F-holes, I just think classical Cello sized electric guitar instrument and I just don't see the modern Fender Trem bridge & whammy bar, I see the Bigsby mounted tailpiece.

Nathaniel Curtis
Nathaniel Curtis
08 October 2019

Orianthi plays PRS guitars.

14 October 2019

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04 October 2019

Paiste as a brand offers a very consistent cymbal product over time. Other cymbal manufacturers offer more unique characteristics, but it requires more time to choose a replacement whereas if you break a Paiste, it's relatively easy to swap in a near identical cymbal.

alfred ditomasso
Alfred ditomasso
04 October 2019

Brand Shmand !!!

14 October 2019

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Stephen Weade
Stephen Weade
30 September 2019

What a great vid!!...coming from the bluegrass side of things there is still a lot of brand loyalty , however the crack is very noticeable!!.. if Gibson and Martin hadn’t squandered their quality they would still be the kings.. but Collings.. Santa Cruz and Thompson to name a few are producing beautiful sounding instruments...sadly at a price and a half.. so many good instrument companies now.. agreed!!.. GOLDEN AGE OF CHOICE!!

James Frushon
James Frushon
30 September 2019

Guys, the time it gets recorded with distortion and slap and echo....does it matter?

Charlotte  Gilman
Charlotte Gilman
30 September 2019

Let us revere, let us worship, but erect and open-eyed, the highest, not the lowest; the future, not the past!

26 September 2019

First guitar was a Cimar Stratocaster (1982) which I still own today. I stuck with the strat shape because as much as I love the sound of a Les Paul, I find the strat shape much more comfortable. I know own mostly Ibanez Prestige RGs and Ss. I do own a Les Paul Gold Top, and a genuine Fender Strat, but both of those are not my working girls. Amps? This side of things was driven by budgetary constraints. In my country at that time, Marshall and Fender amps were way beyond my means. My parents went on a shopping trip to Hong Kong and returned with a Yamaha G212 100w combo amp that was, super crisp and clean, reliable and louder than I could use. I used it for probably fifteen years. Since then I've had various Marshalls (still have one I use often) and a couple of Mesa Boogies that cost me an arm, a leg and a spleen, but worth every stitch.

Dominic Sinicrope
Dominic Sinicrope
25 September 2019

Rhett also check out the lonestar from Mesa. Super clean and a ton of headroom. It makes a good pedal platform amp, but it also does the dirty really well for rock and blues tones. Andy Timmons used them for quite a few years

22 September 2019

Gear is becoming increasingly irrelevant as millienials write terrible songs, and do bad rehashes of old musical styles, and are somehow incapable of writing good songs within those genres, probably because they are coming to them without background and authenticity. Actually, that can't be it, because lots of big stars in the 60s to 90s were not truly grounded in the styles they played and wrote for. Part of it's the trend Beato outlined with too much major progression writing, which is also a desperation to sell out, and some of it is probably what the horrid corporate overlords support and develop. Regardless, songs suck these days, NOT ALL, but the vast majority. To rationalize modern music as somehow equal to even the late 90s is simply inaccurate, no matter how much millenials protest otherwise. They write maudlin, hyper commercial, nutless, soulless drivel by and large.

Chuck Norris
Chuck Norris
14 October 2019

Tornados jump into a root cellar when they see Chuck Norris approaching.

21 September 2019

I am loyal to Fujigen. Whatever they make fits in my hands like a glove. I do sometimes cheat with other japanese guitars from different manufacturers. Sometimes.

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