My Healthy Morning Routine | Summer 17'

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My HEALTHY Morning Routine for Summer! With new recipes, life hacks, makeup & workout to start the day. (All links below)

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Gwyneth Lewis
Gwyneth Lewis
25 April 2019

like how did you like train your self to get up in the morning so early ?

Katie Collins
Katie Collins
24 April 2019


Boróka Szekeres
Boróka Szekeres
14 April 2019

Very good, I also love doing sports! Virág<3

Chuck Norris
Chuck Norris
5 star

If you see Chuck Norris screwing your mother, DO NOT APPROACH HIM. Just ignore all of the epic music playing, the explosions and the birds trying to fly in the window, and prepare a grave for her.

Chloee Walker
Chloee Walker
11 April 2019

Is anyone gonna talk about how that was definitely not two tablespoons of acv 😂😂

04 April 2019

Do you spray tan???

19 March 2019

First girl ever seen who wear bra when sleeping lol

Lucy Dilworth
Lucy Dilworth
08 March 2019

Excuse me did you just call your hair a mane? XDXDXD

5 star

Most smiles are started by another smile.

ParelHoeven coaching Kim Herlaar
ParelHoeven coaching Kim Herlaar
01 March 2019

WoW. You are just like magic ✨ thank you for sharing your video’s! 🙏🏻☀️✨

shandy rosemary
Shandy rosemary
09 February 2019

Nice watermelon mat. Where do u get it from? 😍 Really enjoyed watching this too❤️

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