37 Secret Police Codes No One Understands

Police-talk! We’ve all wanted to know what cops are saying into their radios, so you’re finally about to find out! That, and all those mysterious сodes you hear over the intercom in stores and airplanes. Did you know, that police use codes to cover almost every situation (even the most bizarre!), and they vary from one jurisdiction to the next?

Hospital codes are a little easier to follow since they aren’t numbered (and there aren’t a bazillion of them). They are usually based on a system of colors. As for airplanes, there are also a lot of codes pilots and flight attendants use to communicate quickly and discreetly to avoid causing a panic.

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- 10-1: Poor reception – unable to copy. 10-2: Good reception. I can hear you. 10-4: Affirmative, message received. A.k.a. – got it! This one might be the most well-known. The opposite would be 10-74: negative or nope!
- 10-9: Could you repeat that? 10-10: Fight in progress. Better break it up! 10-11: Dog case. This could be a lost, found, or problem with a dog. I hope Fido is okay. 10-12: Stop or stand by. I’m waiting. 10-14: Prowler report. Sounds like the synopsis for all those teen horror flicks.
- 10-20: What’s your location? 10-22: Disregard. Guess the neighbors finally turned down their speakers. 10-23: I’ve arrived at the scene.10-28: Requesting vehicle registration information. Highway patrol officers probably use this one right after they pull you over!
- 10-31: Crime in progress. Oh boy. 10-35: Major crime alert. And that’s a big “Oh boy!” 10-39: Turn your lights and sirens on – you need to get to this case fast because it’s very urgent. A silent run (without lights and sirens) is a 10-40.
- 10-94: Drag racing. If they don’t knock it off, they’re gonna run into that 10-93! 10-98: Jailbreak. (Hey, check behind the Rita Hayworth poster!) 10-101: What’s your status? And if it’s secure (you’re okay), that’ll be a 10-106!
- Code Blue: Heart or respiration stop. If someone can’t breathe or their heart has stopped beating. Well that’s not good.
- Code Grey: Combative person. Uh-oh, somebody really doesn’t like getting shots. Code Orange: A hazardous material has been spilled. Grab a mop and a hazmat suit! Code Pink: Pediatric emergency.
- Code Red: Fire. Code Silver: A weapon or hostage situation. Code White: Neonatal or newborn emergency. Amber alert: Abducted child. This one is used universally throughout the U.S., not just in hospitals.
- Mayday!: Certainly you’ve heard this one in movies and TV shows. Let’s just hope you don’t hear it 3 times in a row while mid-flight since this is what a pilot says to signal that the plane is going down.
- Code Blue Juice: It’s about the toilet water on the plane. No you don’t want to lick that popcycle…
- Code 7600: This is a loss of radio communication. It sounds worse than it usually is since most radio issues are just caused by temporary interference, which is a 15 yard penalty.
- Code 7700: Is a bit of a vague one, and it’s meant to be that way. In a nutshell, it signals some kind of urgent issue. If you hear a flight attendant call it, it’s likely an issue with a passenger, be it medical or otherwise.
- Code Red: You may have guessed “fire” again on this one, but on a ship, this code is referring to an outbreak of an illness. Probably should’ve stayed away from those oysters…
- Mr. Skylight or Star Code: A minor incident or medical emergency. Mr. Mob or Code Oscar: Man overboard. Hope he remembered his life preserver. Charlie: There’s a security threat onboard.
- NORA: This simple acronym means “Need Officer Right Away” and is used, well, when an officer is needed… right away.
- Code Adam: Created by Wal-Mart in 1994, this code has been adopted far and wide and is even mandatory in US federal buildings to bring attention to a missing child.

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