14 Magic Tricks That You Can Do

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A good serving of interesting magic tricks hasn't harmed anyone yet, has it? So today we've prepared for you 14 new cool ideas on how to entertain and amaze your friends with new magic tricks!

• Cards
• Phone
• Sucker
• False finger
• Hot gun
• Tape
• Lemon
• Bracelet
• Tablecloth
• Threads
• Boxes
• Knife
• Box cutter
• Balloons
• Sheet of foamiran
• Black screen
• Pen
• Handkerchiefs
• Paper money
• Candle
• Forceps
• Tennis ball
• Sawl
• Magnets
• Felt
• Pompons
• Artificial hair
• Bottle
• Scissors

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Question of the Day: what trick did you like the most? Comment Below!

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sarah gallett
Sarah gallett
20 August 2019

Do some more triks

Chelsie Baker
Chelsie Baker
18 August 2019

Yeah I’m gonna vote this

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Sharktupus t-rex 5000000000
08 August 2019


24 August 2019

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08 August 2019


I Am Legend
I Am Legend
05 August 2019

They where not balls they where balloons

24 August 2019

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Queen diamond 2013
Queen diamond 2013
02 August 2019


Harry Allen
Harry Allen
01 August 2019

You can't f###ing cut your arm into two that easily

01 August 2019

We cannot direct the wind but we can adjust the sails.

Abid Sahir
Abid Sahir
06 July 2019

i almost watched their every vid but didnt try anything ;-;

Srustidhar Nayak
Srustidhar Nayak
04 July 2019

Please talk hindi

malak Ahmed
Malak Ahmed
22 June 2019

How are both of you doing tihis

Chuck Norris
Chuck Norris
24 August 2019

Chuck Norris was selected for jury duty. The judge was immediately sentenced to death.

Lucy YouTube
Lucy YouTube
20 June 2019

9:10 to 9:21 What is the definition of pulling the bracelet “sharply” I am confused Troom Troom: cuts hand with bracelet Okie

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