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What is the Aventura?

Aventura may refer to: Aventura (band), a bachata music group from the Bronx, New York Aventura (telenovela), a 1970 Mexican telenovela Aventura, Florida, a city on the Florida coast in Miami Aventura Mall, an upscale super-regional shopping mall in Aventura, Florida Aero Adventure Aventura, a home-built aircraft design Aventura (manga), a manga series by Shin Midorikawa Aventuras AD, a Spanish video game producer, active from 1987 to 1992 Aventura Stakes, a Thoroughbred horse race held in Florida Uma Aventura (TV series), a Portuguese TV series, aired from 2000 to 2007 Aventura Technologies, an American technology company accused of selling Chinese goods to the US government yet claiming they were American goods..

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