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What is the Igor?

Igor may have the following meanings: PeopleIgor (given name) Igor Stravinsky, 20th-century Russian-born composer Igor Markevitch, 20th-century Ukrainian-born composer and conductorFictional charactersIgor (character) Igor Karkaroff, character in J. K. Rowling's Harry Potter series Igor (Young Frankenstein) Igor (Discworld), set of characters in Terry Pratchett's Discworld series Igor, in the Count Duckula British animated television series Igor, the first enemy character in fighting game Human Killing Machine Igor, a baboon with shape-shifting powers in Marvel comics (see List of fictional monkeys) Igor, a reoccurring character in the Persona SeriesOtherIgor (film), an animated film released in 2008 Igor (walrus), walrus that lived in the Dolfinarium Harderwijk Hurricane Igor, a 2010 Atlantic storm IGOR Pro, a computer program for scientific data analysis Short form for Igor Engraver, a music notation computer program Igor: Objective Uikokahonia, a Spanish MS-DOS PC video game released in 1994 Igor Naming Agency, a naming agency in Sausalito, CA Mighty Igor (1931–2002), former American professional wrestler Igor Volkoff, a professional wrestler from All-Star Wrestling Igorrr, a French musician Igor (album), the fifth studio album by American musician Tyler, the Creator Igor (crater), a tiny crater in the Mare Imbrium region of the Moon..

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