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What is the Knockouts?

Knockouts and Knockouts Haircuts for Men are the trade names of a privately held American salon chain (international as of early 2011), Knockouts LLC, based in Irving, Texas. Knockouts are full-service grooming salons with a boxing (and mixed martial arts)/sex appeal theme targeting men seeking an alternative to the cut-rate chain salons. The Today Show (NBC TV), The Big Idea with Donny Deutsch (CNBC) and other media have compared Knockouts to Hooters restaurants for the sex appeal/entertainment angle used to engage customers, labeling Knockouts “the Hooters of Haircutting.” The salons have a gym/warehouse-like decor with faux boxing ring posts and ropes and a brick wall helping to define the space, as well as boxing photos and memorabilia on the walls. There are flat-screen televisions at each grooming station and in the waiting area. These are usually tuned to sports programs, but are individually controlled by the customer.Knockouts employs an attractive all-female staff of licensed hair stylists and massage therapists. The services include haircuts, hair coloring, waxing, manicures, pedicures, and six types of massage therapy. Grooming products are also available for purchase. Some locations also offer hair replacement and facial shaves. Knockouts salons provide a free beverage to customers while they wait, including water, sports drinks and beer (where legally permitted). Knockouts has sold over 500 franchised salons in 29 states. ..

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