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What is the Old Town Road?

"Old Town Road" is a song by American rapper Lil Nas X. It was initially released independently on December 3, 2018, and gained popularity on social video sharing app TikTok. As a result, Lil Nas X was signed to Columbia Records, which now distributes the single. The song was produced by YoungKio and features a sample of the instrumental piece "34 Ghosts IV" by Nine Inch Nails, with the band members receiving songwriting and production credits. It was included alongside its remix on Lil Nas X's debut EP, 7. "Old Town Road" has been officially remixed four times, featuring a different array of guest artists including Billy Ray Cyrus, Diplo, Young Thug, Mason Ramsey and RM.In March 2019, the song reached number 19 on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart before the magazine disqualified it from being included on the chart on grounds that it did not fit the country genre, sparking a debate on the definition of the genre. Though the song was not re-entered onto the overall country charts, both the original version of the song and the remix featuring Cyrus eventually peaked at number one on the flagship Billboard chart, the Hot 100, for a record-breaking nineteen consecutive weeks. The song was the first-ever number-one song on the Rolling Stone Top 100 chart. Internationally, one or more versions of "Old Town Road" have topped the national singles charts in Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Ireland, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom; and charted within the top ten in various other markets...

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