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2011-12 Preferred Silhouettes DeMarcus Cousins 3-Color Patch AUTO /25 PSA 9: $67.00 (12 Bids) End Date: Wednesday J…

BuyMySportsCards (BuyMySportsCard)

@k9_retired: 💥GIVEAWAY💥When we hit 4K followers a random follower will get this rare bottle opener Challange Coin and patch set👍🏼Every 1…


@WJacky101: So you can blow up gas cans now =D ...Crazy new patch for PUBG - video shortly!

福田幸太郎 (kotar0626)

2016 Prime Cuts JOHNNY CUETO 4 Color Game Worn Jersey Patch #1/2 Giants RARE please retweet

#Harley Partman (harleypartsman7)

2010-11 National Treasures John Wall RPA RC Patch /99 PSA 10 PSA/DNA 10 AUTO: $735.59 (26 Bids) End Date: Wednesday…

BuyMySportsCards (BuyMySportsCard)

@WJacky101: So you can blow up gas cans now =D ...Crazy new patch for PUBG - video shortly!

SaifulAnwar | Atok (AtokBaik95)

🥫 LIVE 🥫 Holy moly, this PUBG patch! ✅ New Deagle ✅ Ledge Grabbing ✅ Explodable Gas Cans ✅ Contextual Item Pinging…

El_Funko🍗 (El_Funko)

@Wraithyn1: @SMITEGame Skin Giveaway from this patch! Giving away (2) Pendragon King Arthur and Luminous Bastet Skins! Here's how to ent…

UnkleRatchet (gunzzik)

@_babyjadee fucking sour patch kids😍 but jade, i literally havent seen you in so long yet we live so close😩. you lo…

🛸🥀deja (ogdejarrrr)

@amsmadwoman @NathanHRubin @rcarr57 words were taken out of context, Booker responded & MSM is having a field day.…

cmad (cmadmax)

@patchcprino: patch: sei que não posso sentir seu toque, mas sinto seu amor, nora. lá no fundo. isso significa tudo para mim. eu queria…

aila (sebastmorgenstn)

@Thhhoup @EHConCanada Heads up, all prices are in $CAD - so $1 = about $0.75 USD! Shipping to Australia for shirts…

Peau de Loup (PeauDeLoup)

Going through a sticky patch, reasonably happy with overall stats. Played: 133 /Won: 59 /Lost: 70 /D: 4 Average…

onepotscreamer (onepotscreamer)

Happiness comes when your work and words are of benefit to yourself and others. (Buddha)